Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More) (6 page)

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
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Tears had started to burn Jenna’s eyes, not as much from the burning radiating through her ass cheeks, more from feeling like she’d disappointed him, and why on earth did that suddenly matter so much to her? Her voice was shaky. “I am being punished because I drank too much, and I hesitated to wear the dress you gave me, and hesitated in my answers and stripping when told to, Sir.”

While her tone wasn’t exactly repentant, it was close enough that Colt decided to move on. “Since this is your first time, I’ll not make you count the strikes. We begin.”

Jenna didn’t even realize he’d spoken before he began landing stinging swats on her already-burning ass. He varied the timing and placement of the strikes, and she found the anticipation of the next one was almost as arousing as the strike itself.
Arousing? Oh hell no! I am so not getting hot from this…Oh my heaven, I will not come, I will not come. Oh come on, get done already, I know if I come he’ll be seven kinds of pissed off.

Colt could tell she was slipping close to subspace. How interesting, it seemed his little princess was totally turned-on by having her ass paddled. Laughing to himself, he picked up the pace, well aware of how close she was to climax, and he really didn’t want to have to punish her again so soon. Immediately after landing the last blow, he plunged his fingers into her soaking-wet heat and said, “Come for me, Jenna.” He kept his fingers working in and out of her tight pussy as he watched her go stiff and then began to tremble. Colt watched as her orgasm quaked from her very center in rapidly building waves. He watched her muscles rippling and had to drop the paddle to the floor to catch her as her knees gave out almost immediately. He was going to have to remember to always have a good hold on her when he fucked her standing up, he smiled to himself when he realized the strength of her climax and its connection to her leg muscles was not something he even wanted to attempt to curb with training. Knowing he could bring her that level of pleasure was quite satisfying.

Jenna didn’t even remember Colt picking her up and moving her to the sofa where he sat and held her on his lap. He’d wrapped a soft blanket around her and was softly praising how well she had taken her punishment and how proud he was of her. She felt like she was floating slowly back to earth, and when she looked up at him, her confusion must have shown in her face because he asked, “Confused, pet? It’s called subspace. It’s a kind of endorphin-driven mind trip that some submissives are able to attain. Most subs require quite a lot more pushing.” He chuckled and then added, “I can’t begin to tell you how very pleased I am to know that you were able to achieve that so quickly. I am not a sadist by any means, Jenna. I like many intense Ds elements, but I don’t particularly like handing out pain for pain’s sake. I’m going to enjoy teaching you the joys of erotic spanking. Oh, don’t frown, sweetness, you’re a natural. You enjoyed this spanking, so I know you’ll really enjoy an erotic session with my hand on your sweet ass. But up you go, let’s get the truck unloaded. And before you even ask, yes, I expect you to go outside just as you are.”

He wouldn’t tell her that he’d know if anyone was within a mile of the cabin, and that their infrared sensor security system was state of the art. And the entire perimeter was surrounded by various cameras, and Grayson would be the only one besides him seeing her sweet body. They’d made sure he would be monitoring those feeds tonight. Colt just wasn’t ready for the rest of the team to be ogling his woman yet.
And oh yeah, baby, you are so very much mine!

Chapter 9

Jenna’s legs felt like they were made out of rubber as she carefully made her way down the stairs. She had declined Colt’s help, she really needed to put some distance between them. If she wasn’t careful she was going to fall for him, and that was a sure way to get her heart broken.
Remember what happened the last time you thought you were in love? Remember how much it hurt? Remember how devastated you felt, how betrayed? That was one of your brother’s friends, too. And if Ted could hurt your brothers, Colt sure as hell would be able to also.
She just had to remember to not let Colt get into her heart. She had kept quiet about what had happened before because the bastard her brothers had trusted to stay in their home had promised her they wouldn’t make it home from their next mission if she told anyone what he’d done. So she’d hidden the bruises from everyone, including Kat, and worked for years to bury the memories of the night everything she thought she knew about love was shredded by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“You’re very quiet, princess. Care to share those thoughts that are making you so melancholy?” Colt had noted that Jenna had been so lost in some abyss of thought that she hadn’t even realized they’d stopped near the truck and he’d been intently watching her worry her bottom lip. Seemed she was a bit like Katarina Lamont in that she also mumbled aloud, but he’d only caught bits and pieces, “betrayal,” “hurt,” “brothers,” and “bruises” were the only words he’d been able to make out. Everything he was seeing was pushing him toward a conclusion he’d tentatively drawn earlier. “Jenna? I’d like to know what you were just thinking. I could make it a demand, but I’d rather you would trust me enough to share.” Colt just waited for her response.

“Um…rain check? Let’s get this stuff moved up top. I know how hungry you said you were.” She gave him one of her patently brilliant smiles. God she was radiant when she smiled.
Well at least she didn’t shut you completely out. Give her time, she’ll come around.

* * * *

They’d made quick work of unloading the truck and were putting the supplies away when Jenna realized she hadn’t even been thinking about the fact that she was naked and he was still fully dressed. “Can I ask you a question, Colt?” She didn’t know exactly how all this Ds stuff worked and figured a polite question couldn’t be considered too unreasonable.

“Sure. And I appreciate your efforts at protocol, but I want you to understand that I will be very, very strict if we are in a scene or in the bedroom, but the rest of the time, basic courtesy and respect will be fine. Also, remember, I told you that for the rest of today, questions were fine.” Smiling at the relieved look on her face, he asked, “So, princess, what’s your question?”

“Why do I have to be naked and you get to have on all your clothes? Doesn’t quite seem fair to me.” She was confused about how it made her feel, like she belonged to him or something, and those feelings would be disastrous. She was really wishing they could level the playing field.

He stopped working and leaned against the black marble countertop. He’d crossed his arms over his massive chest and crossed his ankles above his bare feet. God, the worn, faded jeans and the tight white T-shirt stretched across pecs that looked as if they were rope-covered steel had her dying to see what they looked like without anything hiding them. His hair appeared wind tousled, and his lips were quirked up just enough to show amusement. Oh, he was certainly eye candy of the finest quality.

Colt found himself watching her as her eyes moved up and down him in a slow perusal that had his cock standing up begging for her notice.
Talk about feeling like a piece of meat. Holy fuck, woman, give me a break, or I’m going to be taking you on the kitchen floor and we’ll worry about dinner in a few hours!
“Like what you see, sweetness?” Even though his voice held a note of humor, it was also thick with arousal.

Jerking her eyes up to his, Jenna knew her face had just flushed crimson with embarrassment at being caught lusting after the gorgeous man standing before her. “Um, well, of course. You’re a good-looking man, but you already know that. Oh damn, this is so embarrassing…” Jenna couldn’t believe the mess she’d gotten herself into, and her damned body was giving her away even when she’d stopped the words. She knew without even looking down that her nipples were drawn up into tight buds and her pussy was already wetting the insides of her thighs.

“Well, for obvious reasons, I like to look at what’s mine. You are stunning, Jenna, and I want to have both visual and physical access to you without having to worry about clothing barring my way. And your body tells me even more than your words most of the time. Doms like to think of it as Mother Nature’s lie detector. Let’s hope you don’t ever lie to me so I am able to show you how effectively it works and how serious of an offense I consider lying. And that includes lying by omission, princess, just so we’re clear.” He paused briefly, and just watched her expressions as she processed everything he’d said before continuing. “Your body will tell me more about what it wants than your words can ever hope to convey or hide. I’ll measure your breathing and pulse as easily as I’ll tune in to the soft sighs and breathy moans you make. There won’t be a thing about your body I won’t know, I promise you.” Satisfied when he heard her soft intake of breath, he pushed off from the counter. “Let’s go out on the deck and begin. I’m anxious to start your training.” When she opened her mouth to protest, he silenced her with his finger to her lips. “Think before you speak, pet. Is what you were about to say worth the consequence you are likely to suffer?” When she kept silent and slowly shook her head, he said, “I didn’t think so. Now shall we?” Placing his hand at the small of her back, he led her out the front door.

Thinking to himself about all the little things that he’d be doing to make her feel special and cherished, he had to admit that a gentle hand laid along the low point of a woman’s back, that erogenous zone just above her ass, was one of his favorites. He’d known subs who would begin to cream from that gesture alone, and he’d met very few who didn’t deliberately move at a pace that kept his hand firmly against them. Stroking the side of the face, light touches to the very tender spot just behind the ear, soft caresses on the back of the neck, all of were calculated moves, not to manipulate the woman, but to ensure she knew how special she was to her partner and how valuable her trust was, what a gift her submission was considered by her Dom. He was looking forward to spending the next five or six decades enjoying each and every facet of his chosen lifestyle with Jenna.

Chapter 10

Standing along the railing looking down into the meandering river that was only visible because of the accent lights below the deck, Jenna turned to Colt and was surprised to see him studying her rather than enjoying their beautiful surroundings. She was further shocked by the fierce look on his face, like he wanted to consume her.
She started to take an unconscious step back, but his hand on her arm stopped her. “Don’t move. You never step away from any Dom who is speaking to you, or studying you as you know I was, without express permission. Doing so with me or at The Club will most certainly end in punishment. Remember, you are the sister of the owners of The Club”—
and will be my submissive, and as such you’ll also be a target
—“so there will be Doms and subs alike who will try to trip you up. They’ll relish the idea of showing you how little you know and then will delight in your humiliation at punishment they’ll be justified in seeing meted out. Hell, the Doms will likely feel justified in doing the punishment themselves. Club rules are tricky in this regard, and we’ll only be able to protect you so much. If you interfere in another couple’s scene or are offensive to a Dom or insult his sub, then that Dom would be within his rights to demand your punishment. Most don’t want to personally see to the punishment, but some do. I’m going to try to teach you not only my personal rules, but also The ShadowDance Club rules as we go along this week. Now, I assume you are on some form of birth control?”

It was obvious Jenna had been lost in his words when it took a few seconds to realize he’d ended with a question. “Yes and I have annual physicals, so I know that I am disease free, um, well, I haven’t actually had sex in a long time, but I can provide proof about my health.” Jenna’s voice had gotten so soft, he had barely heard her last sentence, and Colt wondered just how long it had been.

Proceeding in the all-business manner he had adopted, he stated, “I am also clean, I have paperwork for you inside. I trust you about yours, but know you will have to provide copies to The Club before you’ll be allowed to actively participate in any type of play. Now, tell me about your sexual history.”
Jenna’s eyes went wild, her muscles all seemed to contract at once, and she took two steps away from him before she even realized what she’d done.

“Well…oh my God, I can’t do this, I have to go, I can’t, it wouldn’t be safe, I can’t go on, this is just not going to happen, I’ll just get my things and call my brothers to come and pick me up if you’ll just show me where you put my things. Oh, I’m sorry, but this is just too…No, I just can’t.” Her words were stuttered, and he could see she was starting to panic. She was looking everywhere but at him.
Wow, talk about finding a hot button…

“Jenna, stop. Look at me. Now!” When she finally fell silent and looked up at his face, he could see the first tears start to slowly slide down over her cheeks, and he was lost to her in that moment. He’d wanted her for years, but this was a soul-deep yearning to love and protect that he knew he’d always feel toward the woman. He pulled her close and enveloped her in his tight embrace. For long moments he just held her while she sobbed against his chest. He finally leaned down and scooped her up. The he walked to the lounge chair and sat down, pulling a soft blanket from the nearby cabinet and wrapping it around her. Even though he was sure she wasn’t actually chilled, her shaking was starting to concern him. “Jenna, honey, you need to stop before you make yourself sick. I don’t know what about my question triggered this reaction, but as your Dom, this is not something I can let go. We are going to have to talk this out, because anything that affects you either physically or emotionally is of interest and concern to me. I think this is clearly something that is having a profound effect on you in both of those areas. Now, look at me, I want to see those beautiful green eyes while we talk. Come on, princess, that was an order, not a request.”

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Jenna's Submission [The ShadowDance Club 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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