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Gemini of Emréiana

by Kristen DaRay

Gemini of Emréiana



Kristen DaRay



All Rights Reserved



Published by: Kristen DaRay


All of the situations and characters in this novel are fictional. Any similarities to actual people or situations are completely coincidental and unintentional.



No Part of this book may be reproduced in any form or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is the reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.



Editing done by: Arielle Jones and MAI Editing Services


Cover Artwork done by: Ana Fagarazzi|



Kristen DaRay


Dreams were not supposed to be like this. It was kind of funny that I’d found myself in a dream. Of course, they’d all started out like this for the past week.

I was just in class, was I not? Yes, I was pretty sure I was in math. Space flew by me. Or was I flying through it? Not even wind brushed against my pale skin. I must have fallen asleep to another one of Professor Deville's boring lectures.

Everything started to slow down. A bright light blinded me, causing my eyes to close tightly. My body felt like it was floating, and then I landed lightly on my feet. I walked around with eyes wide, full of amazement. My eyes took in the oasis full of exotic colorful plants unknown to me.

I looked down noticing the light blue skirt that flowed out in a train, leaving a split for each leg. My chest was covered by an armored bra that covered straight across the top of my chest and right below my ribs, leaving my stomach bare. Hugging my waist was a silvery blue skirt with a high slit on the left. I touched my head, covered in brown wavy hair, and I found a glassy tiara resting atop it.

I took in another breath, soaking in the beauty with longing eyes. A grand
waterfall reached above a clear lake, sparkling like crystals below its roaring rhythm. The grass below my feet was soft and delicate. I turned to see a beautiful crystal castle, causing my breath to still for just a moment. Of course, I wasn't surprised; this had happened every night for a week, but the beauty always caught my attention. I could never shake the goose bumps it gave me. It was like I

I walked around slowly, taking in everything with each glance, breath, and heartbeat.

"So, it's true," a soft male voice spoke into my ear. His breath lingered on my skin.

Startled, I quickly whipped around. My hand flew up in the air as I turned, and I felt a quick smack on the back of it.

"Why did you do that?" I demanded.

Hazel eyes met mine. Gasping, I took a step back to get a full image. A full, thick, chocolate mess of hair brushed his forehead and cut his ear lobe. He had a thin body swathed by an ashy black leather suit and a thin dark silver armor that protected his chest and abdomen.
He had matching metal bracers wrapped around his wrists, bearing the same symbols on both sides: a crescent moon with a ring around it. I stared at the symbol just a second longer, realizing its familiarity. It bore the same sign inside the milky blue stone as the family ring that was given to me years after my mother's death.

"I'm sorry." The words came out kind of squeaky.

"Don't be. I shouldn't have scared you, Lenai." He picked up a stick from the ground and looked at it.

“What?” I didn’t understand what he called me.

“Lenai, it means princess.” He turned and faced me.

"Princess?" I narrowed my eyes in sarcasm.
"Perhaps, in my dreams."

"No, it's true. You are the heir to this beautiful land you see here. Emréiana. It is the planet
on which you were born." He walked over to the lake and traced the water with the stick. "Princess Carsona, with the beauty of Emréiana there is also the destruction of Helentania. Carsona, it's time you learn the truth."

Confused, I stayed mute. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like where this dream was going. He nodded his head towards the water, signaling me to look.

I took a few steps closer and saw the water glisten with light. Colors started to swirl together, and images started to appear in the water. The majestic kingdom painted itself on the water. The city was covered with white stone glass buildings, all more circular or spherical, compared to earth’s blocky buildings.

"You were born into the royal family of Emréiana
. However, a great war between the Emréians and the Bremoir from the planet Helentania caused your parents to send you here, to Earth, to be raised." As he said this, the water showed dark silver ships in the shape of an ellipse swooping down into the city destroying it with... with... I don't even know what. The ships looked towards a building, and it sounded as if they were charging up. Then a loud boom erupted. As if it had been hit by an Earthquake, the building shook and tumbled to the ground.

"I have come to take you home, to Emréiana"

"Isn't this Emréiana?" I asked.

"No Carsona, this is just a memonai."

"A what?" I looked back at him.

"A memonai. It is the Emréian term for when an Emréian pushes into someone's dreams, like I have with you."

"You pushed your way into my dream?" My brow rose in question.

"It's hard to explain. It's just something some of us can do while the other sleeps. However, it's really a talent
, not everyone can do it."

"So, let me get this straight. This really isn't a dream but a memonai? Then the flying purple people eater is going to get me?"

"I'm being serious. And what?" His eyebrow rose, giving me a better look of the gold burst around the inside of his iris.

"Okay, I'll play along. So, why do I need to go home with you?"

"It's not just my home, it's your home as well. Emréiana is your birth planet. You were sent to Earth, as a baby, with your aunt to keep you safe from the Bremoir, children of the planet Helentania. However, it's not safe here anymore. But I wanted to meet you first."

Suddenly, I felt a pull as if I were waking up.

"Wait!" I called out, confused as to what he meant. I felt the pull again. Slowly, everything was drifting away.

"Don't worry, you will be seeing me again." He flashed a smile.

"In your dreams," I smirked.

, in your dreams," was the last thing I heard before everything jolted into darkness.


"Miss Emral!" Professor Deville grumbled angrily, slamming a book onto my desk. I realized I was back in pre-calculus. Apparently, Professor Deville was not too happy about my little nap. The other students around me chuckled slightly as I raised my head from my desk. I wiped my chin for the fear of drool dribbling from my mouth. Luckily, there was none to be found.

"If you plan on graduating in the next month, you'd better know how to do these functions," Professor Deville said, staring down at me over his old freckled nose. His gray hair was slicked back, partially covering the liver spotted, balding sections on the back of his head. Not only was Math my most hated class, but he was also the teacher I dreaded the most. Regardless, we both knew I would be graduating in May. Math may not have been my favorite subject, but that didn’t mean I was unaware of what I was doing. I was even the valedictorian of my class. No pressure there anyways. It came as quite the shock to know that even after the years of hard work I put into my grades, I wouldn’t be leaving this little town. Not a single college had accepted me! Not a single one! I guess even being valedictorian in a small town such as Alice didn't look so impressive to the big guys up there making decisions.

"Sorry." I ducked my head down while the old fart walked his way back to the ancient chalk boards. I'm not even sure why he had a chalk board. Every other classroom was renovated to hold projectors; they didn't even have dry erase boards.  Some students joked that when they did the renovations, he chained himself to the board
, not wanting to learn the ways of technology. Somehow the image of that didn’t surprise me. He still used a little notebook to take roll call and grades rather than a computer. Since he had to include them in the computer system, he typically had his teacher’s pet, Sandra, put them in for him. Not even I, the valedictorian, could get that position.

"Hey sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?" I heard Kyle ask from the desk behind me. Looking back, he sent an air kiss to me. Then he mouthed the words, "I love you." Without any other reaction, I mouthed the words back. Kyle and I had been dating since the ninth grade, but we were the best of friends way before then.

It was the very first day of kindergarten during recess. I was too shy to go up and ask any of the other kids to play, so instead, I found myself alone doing cartwheels on the bleachers, away from everyone else. There were kids playing hopscotch and others trying to use a hula-hoop, but failing. Then there was me, just doing my own thing, staying away from everyone else. That's when someone obnoxious came and poked me. Kyle. Even as a kid, his yellow eyes and chocolate hair attracted me in some way.

"Wanna play?" he had asked me quite nicely. I was a bit nervous since he was the first boy, or any kid for that matter, to have given me any attention.

Hesitating, I gave it some thought before I answered, "Sure".

The next thing I knew I was on my knees, and my new blue skirt Aunt Trish had bought me had dirt all over it.

"Why did you do that?" I had gotten to my feet quickly, facing my culprit.

"Tag you’re it!" He had laughed as if it was all some sort of game.

"That's not funny!" my childish voice huffed at him.

"Come on it's just a game," he said. However, what Kyle didn't know at that time was that Aunt Trish had already put me in tae kwon do, and I learned very fast.

Half an hour later, after I had flipped Kyle on his back and scared the smirk off his face, we were in the elementary principal's office. My Aunt and his parents had already been called and were on their way.

When asked why I done it, I told them, "He had it coming after he pushed me."

Even though it was the truth, I regretted it later. Kyle's dad was outraged that he had shoved a girl. Never had I ever seen a man yell at their child the way I had heard him yell at Kyle. His family, apparently, was very big on male protects female manners, not that I really needed protecting. Angrily, Mr. Whitten took Kyle home. Trish was never really worried about me, but she did make me apologize to Kyle before he left.

The next day, Kyle and I were forced to sit at the silent table during lunch. It was a table set away from all the other students, made for the kids who got into trouble. The awkward thing about it was you were not allowed to talk. So, there Kyle and I were sitting, while all the other kids in the lunch room were laughing and socializing. I remember looking up at him; he was just pushing his food around on his plate. Then, right before lunch ended, he tapped his hand on the table in front of my tray, grabbing my attention. He pushed his tray in my direction. I was a bit confused at first, but then I had noticed that he had pieced together his spaghetti to spell out one word that would change our relationship forever,

Actually, it was more like
, but that was impressive since we had not touched much on spelling at all. I was surprised he could even spell. Regardless, we had been friends ever since and that friendship grew into the love we now possessed for each other.

I sat back in my desk feeling Kyle lightly rub his finger across my back.  His touch alone was enough to tempt my body.

I glanced at my ring. Funny how this one ring could help my imagination dream up a world of wonders. Of course, I should have Aunt Trish to thank for that. I was ten when I was first given the ring. She said it was my mother's, and I should have it as it was destined to be mine. Every night, she told me fairytales about worlds of wonders and, in every fairytale, she told me how my mother and father were queen and king over the majestic lands, making me a princess. No doubt, she was the reason for my wild imagination lately. Every ten year old wished she was a princess of a far away kingdom, but, like all other girls, once we grew up we realized we were just normal and plain.

Suddenly, I felt like I was being watched. I saw something look as if it moved near the huge windows on the left wall. Of course, there was nothing but bushes, but I felt like
was there. My gaze stayed on the window waiting for whatever it was.

The school bell rang, and my heart jumped inside my chest. Startled, I quickly grabbed my backpack and books from off the classroom’s dusty floor. Kyle placed his hand on my back lightly as I led the way out of the class room.

Come on heart, calm down,
I thought to myself.
There was nothing there.

Kyle kissed me on the cheek. "I’ll catch you before the next class begins."

"I'll probably be in the bathroom," I told him and then with a teasing smile added, "Don't keep me waiting."

I thought about going to my locker, but decided against it when I realized I had all the books I needed for my next class. I felt a twinge of pain creep up on my left dimple and found myself walking up to Meagan's locker.

"Please tell me you have an aspirin," I practically begged her. She was brushing her pixie short, light blonde hair.

"Math does that to me too, hun," she said, reaching into her brown leather messenger bag. She snuck the bottle into my hand.

"Go take it before someone sees it and mistakes it for drugs," she joked with me. Only, in many ways, it wasn't a joke. Laws had banned students from even taken a simple aspirin without it being given to them by the school nurse.

"I had the weirdest dream during pre-cal. I'm sure that's what gave me this headache," I mumbled, recalling the dream that seemed too real to have been a dream at all.

"No, I'm pretty sure it's the sound of Professor Deville's squeaky chalk board." Something was telling me she was anxious.

"Well, I am going to the bathroom to go take care of this headache. Oh, and go talk to Nate. You are getting all worked up over one date with him," I said, calling back out to her.

"Gosh! How do you do you do that," she called out to me. Then she grabbed her iphone and started going through it.

"I just know you; that's all." In fact, I had a really good read on how people were feeling period. Their body language and expressions rubbed off on me.

I took a sip of water from the sink and swallowed the pill. I looked into the mirror, checking out any damage the nap may have done to my features. Luckily, my honey brown hair was just as wavy as ever. Not bragging or anything, but it looked really good messy. Unfortunately, my eyeliner had made a slight mess around my round green eyes.

I re-tucked my shirt into my skirt and fixed the leggings. Then, Marrissa walked into the bathroom. Marrissa was not the nicest person in the world. As head cheerleader, she always felt compelled to talk down to anyone she thought was un-cool, not worthy, or anyone she felt was a threat. I
wasn't sure where I fell in her mind, but she never was straight out mean to me; she just had ways of
to me.

"Oh it's you Carson!" she said. "Congratulations on valedictorian."

"Thank you," I replied, grabbing my bag.

"So, what college are you going to? I just bet you are going to some prestigious college with some grand scholarship." One eyebrow rose along with her red stained lips.

That was her ammo used on me. I wasn’t sure if anyone knew that I hadn’t been accepted into a college, other than Kyle and Meagan. Well, not a real college. The community college seemed to be the only winner for me. Although, everyone kept asking, and I always told them the same thing.

"I figure, I might just get a veterinarian assistant’s degree. It's cheaper here at the Alice Community College." I gave with a half-smile. It would be no wonder if people started to question if I had even gotten an acceptance letter. Why would a valedictorian, who has scholarships, stay here in tiny Alice?

“That’s what I have been hearing, but for some reason I’m not buying it,” Marrissa said.

I looked down at the floor.

I called every single college and university asking for an explanation as to why I didn't get an acceptance, only for them to tell me the information was unknown. Then, I would ask if they could look into my application again, only for them to tell me that it was past the deadline. How ridiculous. I had a 4.0 GPA; I participated in many extracurricular activities, such as helping with the animal shelter and even karate. It made no sense. Every day, I would run to the mail box and check the mail. Every time a letter came in from the University, I would hold my breath as I opened the envelopes. My fingers would tremble slightly, afraid that I would be disappointed once more. I was always disappointed. I was disappointed by every university that I applied to. It was unreal! I told Aunt Trish that I would apply for the community college later on next spring, but I would probably just take this semester off. I figured I could work with animals. I always had a connection with them. It was not like I knew what I wanted to do before. As for right now, I couldn't have the entire school thinking that their Valedictorian was a flop. So it would stay a secret.

Marrissa glanced over in the mirror, gave me a quick smile before she put the cap back on her red lipstick, and headed towards the door.

"Well, see you later," her honeyed voice echoed in the room.

There was no doubt in my mind that she knew I wasn't accepted into a college. Why that was of interest to her, I didn’t know. I didn't like that she knew. I never once did anything to her accept date Kyle, but even then she never had a chance. She could take her hurt feelings and leave.

I walked out of the bathroom and was glad to find Kyle waiting for me as promised.

"We’d better hurry if we want to make it to chemistry on time," he said as he grabbed my hand.

"Oh come on! What do we need chemistry for? Surly, you won't need chemistry for community college?" I joked with him.

"Oh, that is harsh!" he said, nudging his shoulder into me. It was not that Kyle didn't get accepted into an actual University, but he didn't get any scholarships. That didn't take away from the fact that his family was loaded, but they weren’t going to send him away for college. So his best option was Alice Community College. It was five minutes from his house, which meant not only would he be staying in Alice, but he would be staying with me. I didn't want to sound selfish, but the thought lightened the mood that I hadn't been accepted into a University.

Our laughing grew silent. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was.

"I still don't understand why your parents won't pay for your tuition at a university," I stated for probably the hundredth time this past month. His family was loaded with money and could have easily paid his costs.

Kyle's jaw tightened like it always did. Somehow, and I was not sure how, I felt like he was hiding something from me.

"You know how my family is. I have to keep to the family business and since I can't get a scholarship to get away, I'm stuck with the family business."

"You've never even sounded remotely interested in running the insurance company.”

“To my family, it doesn’t matter,” Kyle said as we got to the class door.

Kyle’s fate was sealed, along with mine. We would both be stuck here in Alice, whether we wanted to be or not.


The rest of the day ran smoothly. Classes left me with nothing but history and math for homework. I waited outside Titans’ Gym for Kyle to pick me up. I’d taken taw kwon do at this gym since I was four. Since we carpooled together this morning, I had to wait on him to pick me up. Typically, that wouldn't be so bad, except I seemed to have gotten out considerably early.

BOOK: Gemini of Emreiana
12.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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