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Kyle released my hand and rolled his caramel eyes.

"Would you stop!" Kyle said. He looked confused right after he said it. It was like he was surprised himself.

"What the frick?" I asked. It was as if he actually got mad at me! I looked over at Aaronmon who seemed confused as to what had happened.

"I.. I don't know. I just got irritated for a second. I don't know." Kyle smiled weakly.

When I pressed on his feelings, the only thing I could feel was how confused he was about what just happened.

Somehow, I had managed to press irritation into him! Kyle picked up my hand again and smoothed his thumb over my pressure point. He was back to normal, but still confused. Aaronmon was sitting quietly across the table with his lips pursed together.

Could I do it again? I concentrated on Meagan and tried to push this awkwardness I was feeling onto her. It didn't take long. She started shifting in her seat and got quiet.

"Umm, well, okay. I think I might go and see if I can catch the band before they leave." Meagan got up from the table, and Aaronmon darted me a

"Yeah, I think it’s about time to call it a night." Kyle slid out of the booth and stretched.

"Yeah, I guess so," I added.

meet you out in the car." Aaronmon nodded his head towards me. I nodded back.

"Hey, I really don't know what happened back there." Kyle scratched his head.

"I know. Don't worry about it. There are some things, these days, that just go without explanation." I smiled.

"Yeah, I guess so."

I was a little startled to find that Kyle wasn't really surprised by my own inside joke. Things these days had been so strange, I guessed it made sense.

His warm hand caught mine, and he steered me towards the door, slightly brushing his side against mine.

"Night guys." He nodded towards D.J. and the other guys at the door.

"I can't believe we’re almost graduating." He sighed. "It seems like just yesterday I was picking on you at the playground."

"Yeah, well, back then picking on girls was flirting," I teased.

"Yeah, I guess I didn't expect for you to kick my butt either." He laughed.

"Nah, I was just flirting back." I smiled as we reached the car.

"I love you." His words came out as a whisper as his lips brushed mine.

"I love you, too." I leaned the rest of the way in, pressing his soft lips to mine. My heart started to swell with anxiety as I realized how much I’d missed him the past two days. Kyle was always there for me no matter what. I always told him everything, and now my most life changing secret was being kept from him. I now knew that there was only one thing I needed to do. Somehow, someway, sometime soon, I had to tell him what was going on with me. I had to convince him to come with me if they made me leave Earth.

Kyle sat me in the car and shut the door. I felt the purr of Aaronmon's Saab beneath me as we started to pull away.

"Okay, well, now we have something new to try and have you control." Aaronmon sighed. He was discussing the new trick with my empathy from earlier. "I guess you are multi-talented."

"Yeah, that was weird."

"I'm curious to know if you hold any other talents of your kind."

For the rest of the car ride home, Aaronmon was quiet, thinking.


The sun beamed through the window, allowing the rays to warm my body as I stretched out on the bed. It was weird how I looked at the world differently these days. Sure, I didn't
any different, aside from my heightened empathy. But the knowledge I knew, I couldn’t give back. I wondered about what was true and not true in the world. I mean, I guessed I always knew there must be life outside of Earth. Why would we be so special out of the millions of stars in the sky? It just came as a shock to find out I was one of those beings. Still, I seemed human enough, but I wondered if I could ever tell Kyle. Would he see it that way?

Tired of running scenarios in my mind, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I wanted to make a bowl of cereal before Aunt Trish decided to cook something alien. I was about to round the corner, but I stopped when I started to hear some whispers.

"You are going to have to tell her at some point," I heard Aunt Trish say. The pan stirred as she pushed the spatula around.

"Look, I know this is what her father wanted, and at some point we will tell her. You let her get too attached here. She is never going to accept it."

"I just wanted her to live without fear. I didn't think any harm could come out of that." Trish raised her tone just a little bit.

"SHH," Aaronmon hushed her.

What was it that they weren't telling me? I knew I couldn't hide around the corner forever, so I made my appearance.

"What's for breakfast." I smiled, hiding the fact that I’d heard them talking.

"I just made you some of our Emréian eggs." Aunt Trish held up the pan. I was surprised to see normal looking eggs.

"Okay." I shrugged and took a seat.

"I think it might be best if you didn't go to school today." Aaronmon pulled out a chair beside me. "Perhaps, you should stay home and allow me to help you with your powers.”

I really wanted to go to school and see Kyle, but I knew he was right. I couldn't handle the whole school’s teenage hormones, nor would I be able to stop myself from pushing my own onto someone else.

"Yeah, I think I will stay home today." I agreed with him. “But, won’t it be weird that you are missing your second day of school?”

“It’s not like I am here to study,” Aaronmon pointed out.

I quickly pulled out my cell, sending a quick text to Kyle:

I am staying home from school today. I just want to make sure I feel better. I love you.


"You have to concentrate on yourself." Aaron's frustration burned through me. All morning we had been concentrating on controlling my empathy. After last night, I was sure I could not get a handle on this empathy thing.

"Well, I'm sorry! It's hard to concentrate on myself when your frustration is making me more frustrated!"

Aaron sighed to relieve his annoyance. Good thing too, I was about ready to throw a vase at him.

"Can we work on something else?" I flung myself onto the couch and wrapped my arms around a pillow. I couldn't handle my empathy at all. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be cut off. What if I was doomed to lock myself away from people for the rest of my life?

"Carson, all you have is empathy. There really isn't much that I can do for you except help you with it."

I thought about this for a minute. Knowing he was right, I thought of anything else we could possibly do as I nuzzled my nose in to the pillow. After a long two minutes, my mind finally conjured up an idea.

"So, why don't you teach me the Emréian language?" I offered. Anything was better than working on empathy.

Aaron looked as if he’d forgotten a million dollars on a bus.

"Yeah, you should probably know our language before you take the throne."

"I didn't say I was taking the throne. However, learning that there is an alien planet out there is pretty interesting," I admitted. "And, it is part of my heritage. Plus, one day I want to have a conversation with my mother and be able to know what she is saying to me."

"Who else is going to take the throne if you don't?"

"Look, I know everyone is depending on me, but, truth be told, I just want to graduate and figure out exactly who I am now. Nobody asked me if I wanted to be a princess or Lenai, whatever it is. It might have been different if someone could have been straight with me from the beginning, but I've been allowed to grow up in this life. Now, I'm just really confused about everything."

"Understandable." His eyes softened. I felt relieved that he wasn't going to fight me on it.

It was true, every girl wanted to be a princess when they were young, even Trish filled my head with stories of being a princess. I didn't realize she was telling the truth, of course. However, as I grew up and the princess stories seemed like a stretch, I had new goals and new dreams, none of which included Emréiana. I just didn’t know what to think of all this. I was even confused about my mother. Was I happy that she was alive, or was I disappointed that she sent me away? I felt like my whole life had been nothing but a lie, and in some way that scared me.

For hours, Aaron taught me Emréian. I struggled with the memorization, but the pronunciation came quite easily. Animals, clothing, food, verbs, and adjectives were all rolling out of my mouth in Emréian. The language was actually very
beautiful. It almost reminded me of the Romance languages. It really was
something out of this world.

Aaron left me to my studies with the abula, where I could look up any English term and it would translate it into Emréian.

After I got bored with translations, I decided to scam through the abula to look at animals and plants on Emréiana. It was funny how
these creatures were.

There were tiny kitten like creatures; however, they weren’t kittens! They were full
-grown, with huge round eyes, and their claws were poisonous. They were not that dangerous if they were declawed, but apparently, from what I was reading, nobody wanted to run into a wild one. They were worse than a rabid dog.

That was when I found myself going through Helentania's planet. The planet itself was rocky and like a huge desert. The buildings, towering to the skies, were made of black metal to shield them from any attacks. There were small villages of people, suppressed by their government. They didn't get any say in what they wanted to do. Their goals were to please their leader, Vemous. Vemous promised to give Helentania what they believed was rightfully theirs, the universe.  I kept reading. I kept hearing about the Bremoir, but never had anyone explained to me their weaknesses, their strengths, or their reason for wanting to destroy.

I wondered how Aaron learned English. So, after our curianae, a type of pig like animal we ate during lunch, I found myself exploring Aaron's life.

"How did you learn English so quickly in three years? Is it some alien power we have? Do we just learn languages fast?"

"Um, no." He cocked his head to the side. "But I did go to taeu annonun."

I raised my brow.

"It's like college, except you learn about other planet cultures. You can even study on different planets. I went to one on the planet Amara. It is really beautiful there."

"So, you can learn different languages in taeu annonun?"

"Yeah, as many as you please.” He smiled. "Most planets don't have as many languages as Earth does, though. Some might have two or three, but it is rare to find one that has so many."

"Why did you choose English?" I was curious as to why with all the planets in the universe, he would choose Earth English. We had way too many exceptions to the rule. Curse the English grammatical ways. Of course, I hadn't gotten to full length conversations yet in Emréian. So who knew? Perhaps it was a bit more complex. I wondered what type of literature they had there. Leave it to me to wander through more stories when I was living a real life science fiction.

Aaron was silent for a minute, causing Trish's humming in the kitchen, while she washed dishes, to be the only sound that stirred the air.

"For my work," he finally answered.

"You couldn't possibly have known that you were going to be my garnix for that long." My brow rose with suspicion. To my surprise, his cheeks flushed slightly. My empathy stirred a slight embarrassment coming from him. I didn't understand what was so embarrassing about that statement.

"It may not be a bad idea for you to go to taeu annonun after we leave Earth. It will help you learn more about your home planet." Aaron tried to change the subject.

"Unless something happens, I don’t think I am going to be leaving Earth," I stammered.

Aaronmon didn't say anything. I could tell he wasn't convinced. It was funny, because even then I didn't try to convince myself that I wasn't going to leave Earth. After the shock had surpassed, the idea of seeing space and other planets intrigued me. It was even kind of cool that I was a princess; although, I really didn't feel like one with Aaronmon bossing me around. However, the responsibility to make a decision for an entire planet was more than enough to stir me away. Or perhaps it was the thought that if I left Earth, I would also meet my mother. Was I ready to meet her?

Aunt Trish had always told me stories about my mother. When I was a kid, right before bed, I would make Aunt Trish tell me all about her. It did seem kind of odd that she didn't keep any pictures of her; Trish just gave me a good oral rendering of her. She told me how her hair was long and thick like mine, but unlike my hair, it was a shade of red. She told me how her fair complexion complimented her mellow personality. A warm feeling crept over me while I thought about how she would look in person.

But that didn't change the fact that I had a life here on Earth. I couldn't just abandon my friends. I couldn't abandon Kyle.

"Don't worry you won't be leaving just yet." Aaronmon cupped his hand over mine. "Space Flight is extremely dangerous right now, especially for any Elaeye. Even transporting you is going to be a challenge. Anyway, that is why they searched for the perfect Emréian to be your garnix and bring you back home."

"Which reminds me, tell me how you got to be the lucky guy?" I pushed the question with a smile.

At first, it looked like Aaron was going to try and weasel out of another personal question, but then it looked as if something had changed his mind. Aaron started to open his mouth, but Trish came in and interrupted him before he got the chance to speak.

"Carson, Kyle is on the phone."

Irritation shoved its way into my feelings. It wasn't my
irritation though; it was Aaronmon's. I just rolled my eyes at him. He knew I was tired of the little game he and Kyle had going on.

I looked at Aunt Trish and reached out my arm for the phone. Aaron got up and went to the spare bedroom he’d been sleeping in. I sighed and put the phone up to my ear.

"Hey," I said into the phone.

"How are you feeling beautiful?" I heard Kyle's sympathetic voice.

"Better. I would have come to school today, but I thought I could use the rest." It wasn't that much of a lie. I was getting tired of not being able to block people's feelings. Not to mention now I could push feelings upon others. There was no telling what would have happened at school today.

"Yeah, that was probably a good idea. Look, if you’re not feeling up to going to Karlie's, it's okay."

"I'm feeling better. I'll come." I said, trying to hide the fact that I had forgotten about going to Karlie’s.

"Great! Do you want me to pick you up?" he asked quickly.

I thought about it for a while, but decided against it.

"No, I think I’ll drive myself there."

"Are you sure?" he questioned me. It was unlike me not to ride with him.

"Yeah, I'll see you there." I bit my lip.

"Okay." He hesitated. "I love you."

"I love you, too," I said into the phone before hanging it up. I did love him, but I wasn't sure how my secret would impact our relationship. It was a scary thought.

"Going somewhere?" Aunt Trish asked with a raised brow.

"Just over to Karlie's with Kyle," I casually replied. However, I knew circumstances had changed. They were
going to act casually about it.

"Carson, you know you need to learn to control your empathy," Trish pointed out.

"No, it will be okay." Aaron stood up from the couch. "It would be better if she was in a larger crowed. That way she can focus on trying to block them out, or she can emphasize on one person."

"Great. I wanted to hang out with my friends and forget this just for a night, and now I have homework," I muttered.

"Take Aaronmon with you," Trish said with an odd smile.

It wasn'tthat Aaronmon and I weren’t getting along; the problem was I  wanted this evening to be alone with Kyle, like we used to be. Then, there was also how all the girls swooned over Aaronmon. I meant, what was it, some alien hormone? Aaronmon did look
but I didn’t think he was drop dead gorgeous. He had more of a dorky attractiveness to him. It was too weird watching all my girl friends look at him like he was the last piece of steak during an apocalypse. No, I just wanted this one evening to myself, so I could feel somewhat normal.

BOOK: Gemini of Emreiana
9.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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