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Morning from Paradise

By Kat Jackson


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my wonderful husband and my beautiful girls for all of your support and
patience xx


Saturday 8

Dear diary,

Ok, I’m going to have to think of some less cheesy ways of
starting my entries but as this is the first time I’ve written a diary, I’ll
stick with tradition.

My name is Ella, I’m 24 years old and I moved
to the USA last Autumn from sunny England. Unlike many others I didn’t move to
seek my fortune, I don’t have the confidence to be an actress or the face to be
a model and my singing voice is terrible. No, I moved to America, San Diego to
be precise, to start a new life, to draw a line under the old life, escape the
crappy hand I had been dealt in England. I’m a nurse so a job like that is
always called for which means I had nothing to lose, if it didn’t work out here
I would just move on. I got a job pretty much straight away at my local clinic
ran by one of the loveliest Doctors I’ve ever met, he is tall, dark,
devastatingly handsome and devastatingly gay. Ha, just my luck. Dr Mike was
hiring because he had just taken over the clinic and had a staff overhaul. We
got on straight away, the working atmosphere is a lot more laid back than the
any of the Doctors surgeries I’ve worked in in England. I suppose that’s why I
love it so much. I’ve worked with Mike for seven months now, just a little
longer than I’ve lived with Brit.

Brit is my best friend. I haven’t known her
that long but it feels like I’ve known her my whole life, I never had a friend
like her. Brit is a rich girl. No sugar coating it she’s just rich. Her Daddy
is a big time business man, although I’m not quite sure which field of business
he’s in. We very rarely see Jonathan, Daddy Big Bucks as he’s known in our
house, he’s one of those father from afar characters, he gives Brit everything
she needs money wise but the love aspect of the relationship is sadly lacking.
We live in his quite substantial house in town, not far from the harbour. Its
big and beautiful and I’m not surprised Brit wanted to share it with someone,
it must get lonely rattling around here on your own so I think she only asked
me to move in with her for the company, and I think she kind of felt sorry for
me too.

I met Brit while I was shopping. I hadn’t
been in town long and I hadn’t brought much with me when I moved so I went
clothes shopping, thought it would be a good way to find my way round the place
while I stocked up on clothes.

After about my eighth shop, and not much luck
on my side, I found an amazing boutique on the high street packed with stuff I
wanted. Not knowing where to start I asked the store assistant for help. The
store assistant was Brit and she was also the store owner and designer of most
of the clothes. We hit it off straight away, bonded over fashion, I would call
in the shop on my breaks and take her coffee, we’d catch up and laugh lots. At
the time I was living in shared accommodation until I found my feet, so to
speak, and Brit offered me a room at her house. It made sense really, it was
closer to work, less crowded and beautiful to boot. I moved in with Brit and
Bud we’ve have been friends since. Bud is our little rescue pooch, Brit adopted
him just before I moved in. Originally Rosebud, until Brit realised he had buds
of his own if you know what I mean, Bud is awesome, he gives the best cuddles,
he’s always glad to see us and he puts up with all our crap without a care. He
goes to work with Brit during the day and has quite a fan club in the fashion
world, after work he comes running with me, he’s amazing, I’m missing him

At this moment I’m on an aeroplane, on my way
to Bali on my own, well, obviously there are other people on the plane, but I
am travelling alone. I couldn’t travel with Brit because I had an extra shift
to throw in for Dr Mike, and I know if I’d asked he would have managed without
me and told me to go but I didn’t want to let him down so I chose to work and
travel out later on my own. Its Brits ‘Birthday Party in Paradise’ which falls
in the middle of a two week break at her Daddy’s new project, a hotel on the
beach. (Told you she was rich!) Honestly, I think Daddy Big Bucks only let us
take over the hotel because its quiet season and he wanted the staff to have a
test run, get them used to having guests before the packed out holiday season
starts, plus if Brit is in Bali for her birthday he doesn’t have to bother with
her. I’m not going to argue, two weeks in paradise is just what I need.

Brits birthday bash will be at the hotel next
weekend which means that the hotel will be filling up with Brits friends over
the week. Once its open properly to the public it will have a wedding package
available so Brit is taking full advantage of ‘test running’ the facilities and
events planner at the expense of Daddy BB. Brit travelled with her boyfriend
Wil yesterday, another reason why I wanted to work, nothing worse than playing
gooseberry to the lovebirds! Wil is great, he’s amazing to Brit and to me
really, I guess he’s just one of life’s lovely people. They make the cutest
couple too, Brit is petite with long blond hair and the bluest eyes, she smiles
a lot and is quite ditsy but funny and caring and lovely. Wil is tall and well
built, I think he plays Lacrosse as a hobby but when Brit talks about it I kind
of zone out because I have no idea what Lacrosse is, aside from running and the
occasional yoga, sport isn’t really my thing. Wil has the kindest nature and
when he picks her up and carries her off my heart melts. They are meant to be
together. Wil is a business man too, not as big as Jonathan, but he’s young and
hard working so there’s every chance he will be bigger than Jonathan one day.
Plus, being with Brit gives him great business connections too so it’s a plus
for him.

Anyway, Brits friends, and a whole group of
Wil’s friends too, will be filling up the hotel throughout the week. I’m looking
forward to meeting a lot of them, some not so much if Brits stories about some
of them are anything to go by. I’m nervous too, I’m the newest member of the
group, everyone else either went to high school or college together or have met
through work. I know a few of them and I suppose it’ll be good for me to meet
new people. Ok, I’m signing off now, my hand hurts from writing and my travel
play list is calling to me!! I’ll pick you up again in paradise,

 Ella xx


arrived safely in paradise. Paradise is an understatement! I’m beginning to
think I didn’t arrive safely at all. Maybe I drifted off to sleep and missed
the plane crashing down and I’m actually in Heaven or a remake of Lost.

place is
. It not so much a Hotel as a series of luxury beach
huts built around a central complex which houses the reception, salons, bars,
café’s, shops and function rooms. I am in a hut which looks out to sea. It is
heavenly. Everything is built to perfection, the minimalistic clean cut design
gives the space a cooling feel which people will appreciate when the
temperature soars. There is an open plan living area complete with sheer glass
frontage which open out onto a porch leading straight to the beach, a stylish
yet comfortable couch and armchair are all that occupy the living space. The
floor is covered in white tiles throughout. The kitchen is small but very high
spec with a high shine finish, I think Daddy Big Bucks has a thing for a shiny
kitchen, the kitchen at Brits house is the same. The fridge and cupboards are
fully stocked with enough food to last me a month and there’s a small patio
area out back with its own barbeque built in. This place is every holiday-
makers dream come true.

bedroom has a huge four poster bed with princess netting around, guess it’ll
keep the flies out at night. There is a floor to ceiling wardrobe with sliding
glass doors, a lot more space than needed to house my small stash of holiday
clothes. Just like the kitchen had been, the bathroom was fully stocked with
every beauty product a girl or guy could need. Wow, I really don’t want to go
home! There are two bedrooms to choose from but I knew I wouldn’t be staying
here on my own for long. Brit had told me I will be sharing with Amber. I know
Amber quite well, she’s a trainee vet and a sweetheart so I’m looking forward
to her arrival on Tuesday. It will be like a girly vacation when she arrives.

climb into the huge Jacuzzi bath and lie in luxury until I feel human again. I
have a good feeling about this holiday, even if I didn’t see anyone for two
weeks I would be happy enough here, in my luxury hut with the bath full and my
kindle on. Perfection.

slept so well, better than I had in a long time, the bed was huge and soft, the
crisp, fresh white linen cradled me and the soothing sound of the water lapping
the shore sang me to sleep like it was my own personal lullaby. I woke just
before 7am, my usual work rising time but here there was no mad rush to get
ready and get out. I perused the contents of the fridge and made the juiciest
tropical fruit medley and coffee for breakfast. I ate on the porch looking out
over the beach. It’s so peaceful. The sand here is almost white against the
most vivid turquoise water and the shore is dotted with traditional Jukung
fishing boats, I think they offer tours or dives, I would love to go out on one
of those at some point, I’ll have to see if Amber is interested.  

ocean looks so inviting, like sitting in it would wash away any troubles in an
instant. I honestly think that patients who struggle with low mood or
depression should be prescribed a holiday here! Maybe it’s something Daddy Big
Bucks would be interested in, making money while looking like you care seems to
be his talent after all. He could advertise it as a therapeutic vacation. Not a
bad idea.

breakfast I looked in my huge wardrobe at my small collection of holiday
clothes to choose something for today. I decided on my white off the shoulder
cotton dress and flip flops, grabbed my sun hat and sun glasses and went to

was still early so it was quiet, a couple of fitness fanatics were running the
length of the beach near the water’s edge, there were a few holiday makers and
locals dotted around but it was quiet season so there wouldn’t be a lot of
tourists while we were here anyway, unless they were here for princess Brits
Birthday. I chuckled to myself at the expense of it all. Birthdays to me were
always spent working or studying and arriving home to see various family
members had posted cards through my letterbox or left a bottle of wine in a
bottle bag on my back door step. My brother Lee would usually force us me to
get dressed up and go clubbing or something. We’d drink far too much and dance,
grab a dodgy looking take away on the way home and spend the next few days
recovering from the hangover. I always returned the favour on his birthdays.
Family tradition, not one I miss at that.

walking so far along the beach I decided to have a look around town, find my
bearings a bit. The streets are quaint and lined with little fishing shops,
café’s, some little clothes and trinkets shops from what I can tell, none of
them are actually open yet and I wonder if that’s a Sunday thing like back home
or if it’s still too early. I pause to look in the window of a pretty little
place selling mainly jewellery, there are some beautiful handmade pieces that
Brit could sell easily in her shop. My eyes are drawn to a shell jewellery box,
it reminded me of something I would have tried to make when I was younger only
it was done properly and wasn’t just a box splattered with PVA glue and winkle
shells. The shells they had used were perfect, white, polished and glistening
set into a silver edged box with a silver clasp with a heart shaped lock. I
know it wasn’t the most expensive item but I just fell in love with it. Maybe
I’d come back and buy it as a gift for Brits Birthday. I had already bought her
a present of course. We’d been out shopping for fabric for Brits latest designs
just before she left for Bali and she had spotted this swivel stool, bright red
seat shaped like lips on a chrome stand. Very retro. Brit had commented that
when she got home she was going to buy it for the shop so she could sit in the
mouth while she designed clothes. Anyway after she left with Wil I took a break
from work and bought it for her birthday, lugged the bloody thing back to the
shop and Melanie, usually the weekend sales assistant but store manager while
Brit is away, helped me wrap it in bright pink paper and stick a stupidly big
bow on top. It’ll be a nice surprise when she gets back. But, obviously that
wasn’t the kind of gift you can put in your hand luggage so I needed something
to actually give Brit on her Birthday, that little box would be perfect.

arrived back at the beach feeling very happy with myself, I hadn’t laid in bed
all day, I’d been exploring without getting lost and I’d found the perfect gift
for Brit. I’m totally winning today! As I approached my luxury hut I could see
Brit and Wil greeting some others who must have just arrived. There were a
couple of guys I didn’t know, I think I recognised one of the girls to be Amber
although I could have sworn Brit said she wasn’t arriving until Tuesday, not
that it matters, it would be really nice to have a roommate. The other girl in
the group was tall, slim and I could tell from the amount of hair, lips and
boob it was Nadia. Urgh! That was my happy bubble burst. Nadia was hard work
but the guys salivated over her. She was perfect eye candy with a sprinkle of high
maintenance and a whole dollop of bitch. I was hoping she wouldn’t turn up
until Friday night, chance would be a fine thing. I painted on a fake smile and
walked up to them.

Ella, where have you been?” Brit hugged me tight.

been looking around the town, it’s beautiful here!” I raised my hand to say Hi
to Wil but a wave wasn’t enough for him instead he hugged the breath out of me.
Brit went around everyone introducing me to her friends one by one. I met
Justin first, Wil’s friend from school and fellow jock, he was tall, blond and
quite lithe but cute. Justin was a boat man. He ran his own business giving
harbour tours on luxury boats. I met Kyle and Dan next, also Wil’s friends
since high school they were now in business together, carpentry and bespoke
furniture design. Kyle wasn’t very tall but he was built like a body builder,
his poor t-shirt was struggling to hold its fibres together stretched over his
chest and arms. He was dark haired and had the most warming smile, I liked him
instantly. Dan was taller than Kyle and not as friendly, in fact he didn’t look
happy at all but it made no difference. He was beautiful. He didn’t have the
body bulk of Kyle but he was broad shouldered and you could tell he worked with
his hands by looking at the muscles on his arms. He had mousy hair and blue
eyes and, and, oh, he was just beautiful, my stomach started fluttering with
the butterfly feeling I hadn’t had for so long only this was stronger than I
can ever remember it being. I could feel it taking over my whole body as he
shook my hand, I felt like I was going to pass out from it. I started to blush,
thankfully it was so hot outside everyone was reddening so I didn’t look too
obvious. The skin on is hands was rough from his work. I imagined them touching
my body, the temperature sored, I tried to hide my body’s reaction to him but
I’m pretty sure he could sense what he was doing to me. As Brit continued with
the introductions I could feel him looking at me. I wanted to know why he looked
so unhappy in such a pretty place? What had happened to him? To be honest, I
don’t even think I’d dare ask, he’s so perfect he’s got my stomach dancing with
nerves from just saying ‘Hi’. Oh help me lord, this could end up sinful! I
wish!! As if he’d look at me anyway when Miss Boobs is standing right there,
and as if on cue Brit brings me back to reality with the words

you’ve met Nadia before so we’re all caught up now. Yey!” Nadia grimaced at me
like I was dog shit and she’d just stood in me. I don’t know what her problem
is, I’ve never actually done anything to warrant the coldness I always get from
her but I can live without her so I’m over it.  

needed to go and unscramble my brain, and put some make up on, before I started
‘hanging out’ with these guys, so I offered to take Amber to our hut and show
her round. Maybe she would have some info on Mr Beautiful moody pants.

so glad you’re here Amber, I wasn’t expecting you until Tuesday.” I said as we
walked up to our hut. Now she was here I was glad she had come early.

me too.” She smiled broadly. “I had been planning on travelling on Tuesday
until Nadia called me on Friday night and told me they had a space to fill
travelling Sunday morning. I already had my time booked at work so I decided to
join them early, beats sitting at home waiting for Tuesday, right? I mean, look
at this pace, who would turn down a few extra days here?!” She was right, I
certainly wouldn’t have hesitated had I known what this place was like before.

way,” she continued. “When I called Nadia to tell her it was all sorted, she
said she was meant to be travelling with Justin, her best friend Rachael,
Rachael’s boyfriend Dan and his friend Kyle only, Rachel had dumped Dan
suddenly and ran off on holiday with some older ‘sugar daddy’ type hence the
space and the crappy mood Dan’s in. Nadia practically begged me to join them so
that she didn’t have to travel with the guys, and Nadia doesn’t beg. Apparently
Kyle had insisted Dan still came because they’ve been friends with Wil for
years and hadn’t seen him for a while. Kyle thought coming away would help Dan
out of the slum he was in because they always have a laugh when they hang out
with Wil.” He is single, literally just been hurt though so that explains the
moody look that made him seriously hot. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend anyway
but the feeling I got when I saw him…well maybe I could have a little flirt and
fun, especially now I know I’m not treading on anyone’s toes.

BOOK: Good Morning from Paradise
9.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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