Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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Good Will Ghost Hunting 2

Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell’s Bells

Kal doesn't just have personal demons—she's marrying one.

Kalyani Martin, a Baptist minister's daughter, intended to save herself for the right guy. She just never realized he would be Will Helloenboek, The Firm's head archdemon. Between producing their popular ghost hunting show and planning her wedding without her parents finding out the truth about Will and The Firm, it's enough to drive a girl crazy.

Ryan Ausar runs The Firm. Will and his cousin, Aidan Faust, are more than just employees—they're joined by an unbreakable bond that ties them to their tragic past. Ryan keeps a secret that goes back to the dark and crazy days…and it's returning to unleash bloody vengeance upon them all.

As Ryan struggles behind the scenes to keep things together, can he preserve the fragile joy finally blessing his friends' lives without revealing the soul-crushing truth that could destroy all they hold dear?

NOTE: This book was previously published with another publisher.

Contemporary, Paranormal
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Good Will Ghost Hunting 2






Tymber Dalton










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Good Will Ghost Hunting 2



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The dark and crazy days…


of the three
men spent hours gathering the stones they needed for their grisly duty. The fact that only one could leave at a time complicated matters.

Right now it was Aidan’s turn to stay. He sat cross-legged on the ground behind his soul brother, Amiago, and kept his hand on the man’s shoulder. Ami had refused to speak other than grief-filled bouts of screaming, punctuated by heart-rending sobs. When he wasn’t doing that, he sat there softly humming the special little tune he used to hum to Chloe.

On the ground before him
the linen shroud encasing her body.

Chloe. Amiago’s soul mate.

Aidan stared at the row of stitching along the side, put there by his own hand. His sweet baby sister…

He closed his eyes and tried to hold back his own grief. Ami needed him now, needed his strength. Ami’s wounds were far from healed, but the worst of the bleeding had ceased since the binding ceremony Hades performed that joined the three men, allowing Ami to draw from their strength.

That would hopefully keep Ami alive and help heal his body.

Aidan suspected nothing would ever heal Ami’s soul.

Arnau returned, his slate gr
y eyes nearly black with emotion. He’d lost the leather thong holding his long
dark hair
and it spilled over his shoulders. He dumped the load of stones with the others for the cairn and knelt beside the men. “How is he?” he asked Aidan.

Amiago wouldn’t look at either of them, just stared at the bundle on the ground before him.

Aidan shook his head.

Arnau changed position, placing his hand on Amiago’s other shoulder. As Aidan moved, Arnau took his place. “Should we summon Hades back?” Arnau asked. Amiago’s father had come and gone three hours earlier.

Aidan sighed. “I don’t think it would do any good. He’s done all he can.” He choked back a sob as he stared into Amiago’s face. At least sitting behind him he didn’t have to view the full force of the other man’s grief. Now not just his brother-in-law, but his soul brother, after Hades bound both him and Arnau to Amiago in an attempt to save Amiago’s life.

Amiago looked as dead as his soul mate on the ground before them.

Arnau scooted closer to Amiago and slipped his other arm around the man’s waist, supporting him, sending him strength.

“Thank you, cousin,” Aidan said. “For doing this for us.” Arnau was far younger than him and Amiago, barely a hundred years old yet. Pure-blooded, he was probably the strongest archdemon available for this task.

Keeping Amiago alive.

Keeping Aidan alive as well. If his baby sister wasn’t alive, life wasn’t really worth living.

Arnau managed a slight smile. “It’s all right. I’m sorry we had not met before this, or under more pleasant circumstances.”

“As am I.” Aidan turned to go, forcing his eyes away from the grim tableau.


* * * *


Aidan swung the sword, neatly lopping off the giant serpent’s head.

“Aha!” He turned to the two men sitting on the nearby rocks. “And you said I couldn’t do it!”

Amiago smiled, but it was a ghost of the broad, beaming expression that used to fill his face with sunshine and laughter. It didn’t even reach his green eyes, which looked dull in comparison to how brightly they used to shine. He pointed behind Aidan. “Not quite finished yet, I should think.”

Aidan turned and immediately raised his sword. Another head had sprouted from the stump of the first. “Gods! I thought you said”—he swung, taking the new head off—“that decapitating it would kill it!”

Arnau looked on with amusement, his slate gr
y eyes twinkling. “No, he specifically said you had to impale the head through the top,
decapitate it.”

Aidan rolled his eyes as a new head sprouted. He stood ready. “How am I supposed to do that when I only have one sword?”

Arnau reached behind him and smoothly drew his from the weathered leather scabbard strapped to his back. “Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll toss you mine.”

Aidan dodged the serpent’s attack, then pinned the head to the ground. “Now!” He spun around, reaching out for the sword. The hilt landed neatly in his palm and he completed his spin, landing a severing blow to the creature’s neck.

An unholy shriek filled the air as the black and green monster shivered, then fell still. No more heads erupted from the stump.

Aidan took a deep breath and stepped back with a grin, exceedingly pleased with himself. “There!”

Applause erupted from the other two men. Arnau pushed himself up and walked over, taking back his sword. After he wiped it clean on the grass he sheathed it. “Excellent. Took you long enough though.” He playfully smiled as he said it.

“To home with you,” Aidan shot back as he yanked his sword free, also wiping it on the grass. Then he turned to where Amiago still perched on the rocks. “You were less than helpful.”

Ami shrugged and walked over. “I had every faith in you, brother. You are a skilled warrior. I certainly wouldn’t wish to anger you.” His quiet voice bore no semblance to the man he’d been, before their world was shattered. Fifty years later and he still looked nearly as sad as he had that day. He never laughed, something unheard of before when their home had been filled with joy.

Before Chloe’s murder.


* * * *


Aidan, Arnau, and Amiago joined hands as they walked through the barrier opened by Hades and crossed over to Tavares. As expected, they immediately encountered the band of s’Galth warriors that had crossed on-Earth and invaded the village, killing most of the inhabitants.

As one, the three men drew their swords and stepped together, back to back, their familiar pattern. They would fight as one.

“Gentlemen,” Aidan said to the s’Galth, “it is a great day for you to die.” Arnau couldn’t see Aidan’s face but knew the man’s usually kind eyes had transformed from amber to dark brown, matching the tiger’s
eye amulet around his neck. Aidan didn’t live to fight
e thrived on it in some ways, an easy outlet for his grief and rage that still lingered even two hundred years after Chloe’s murder.

The reptilian beasts walked on two legs and carried primitive clubs that were no match for the archdemons’ swords. Still, that didn’t stop the marauders from attacking the three men.

Amiago struck the first blow, decapitating one. “Brothers, they have sealed their fate,” he said.

Arnau took another one out. “Agreed.”

After a couple of minutes, Aidan stepped away from the other two men and let his nature and instincts take over. Three s’Galth warriors immediately fell under Aidan’s blade. As another attempted to attack him, he spun and decapitated it, howling with rage as the beast’s head went flying.

BOOK: Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
11.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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