Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) (4 page)

BOOK: Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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At one of the breaks, Purs shut off his mic and leaned into the van. The film crew was checking their batteries and not paying attention to the men.

“You’re a dick, Aidan,” Purs grumbled low enough the crew couldn’t hear.

Aidan looked up in surprise. “What? What’d I do?”

“It’s what you didn’t do, dickhead. You didn’t tell me there was anything in there. A heads-up would have been nice. It’s not strong, but it’s intelligent.”

Aidan blushed, a deep red that set Will to laughing. “He’s a little distracted, Purs.”

“I get that. Get laid so you can get your freaking mind back on your work, dude. Okay?”

“Fuck you, Purs,” Aidan sniped.

“Not in your wildest dreams, buddy. You’re my friend, but not in your wildest dreams.” Purson stomped off.

Will shook his head in amusement. “That’s not like you to miss something.”

Aidan didn’t look at Will, his face still red. “Like you said, I’m a little distracted.”

Will grinned. “Aidan’s in luuurrrrvv.”

“Shut the home up.” But he smiled despite his aggravated tone.


* * * *


Later that evening, Ryan stood in his Atlanta condo and stared out at the skyline. No game tonight, Turner Field lay shrouded in darkness. Then the air shifted
and an obnoxious perfume assaulted his senses.

“Bera,” he said without turning.

“Hello, Ryan,” she purred.

“What do you want?” He wouldn’t give her the courtesy of facing her. She could talk to his back or get the fuck out.

Her hesitation told him she’d expected a warmer greeting. “I was hoping for a little company.”

“Not tonight. I’m not in the mood.” He wanted to be alone with his memories of Kal. He hadn’t slept with Bera in quite a while. Frankly, he never wanted to sleep with her again.

“Aw, don’t give me the cold shoulder tonight, sunshine. Please?”

“Why are you so insistent? You can easily find a man to take care of you. Any man you want.”

“I don’t want any man.” Her voice turned annoyingly petulant. “I want you.”

“Fancy that. A while ago you were devilishly eager to take Will to bed.”

“He’s got a soul mate now. You know he won’t. He was never interested in me like you were.”

“Let’s clarify a critical point, Bera. I never was interested in you and you damn well know it. You were merely a distraction.” Ryan had a thought and turned to her, his gaze narrowing. “Why not another archdemon? There are plenty out there without soul mates who would willingly sleep with you. What is it you really want?”

She looked nervous. With his next flash of insight, Ryan answered his own question. “You want to get pregnant, but because of your unusual parentage
you can’t get pregnant by a human man. So why not another archdemon?” He studied her, her anxiety now washing off her in ever increasing waves. “You are far from mothering material. What is your game, hmm?”

She didn’t answer.

He pressed on. “You have a specific father from a very exclusive group in mind, don’t you? Will’s no longer available, Aidan won’t be interested. I, however, am
fathering a child for you. I told you that already. If that’s the only reason you’ve been sleeping with me, it’s been a waste of your time and mine. If you wish to have a child you can consult with another archdemon
but it will not be me.” He turned away from her again.

“Oh, come on, sunshine—”

“Bera.” His firm, irritated growl stopped her in her Manolo-clad tracks. “I said I’m
in the mood. Get out.”


He waved his hand, sending her away. Only when she was gone did he turn, trying not to breathe through his nose until the odor of her horrible cologne dissipated from the room. He touched his amulet and muttered a phrase, effectively locking her out of the building.

No, he had no stomach for Bera anymore. She’d been an occasional fling for him and the only physical relationship, if you could even call it that, he’d had for a while.

He couldn’t have Kal, yet he had no desire for anyone else, either. Especially not Bera.

Ryan had tired of Bera’s games, of her scheming and conniving. When Abby died, Bera had set her sights firmly on Will. No such luck for her.

Bera was a troublemaker, a typical Tanuki, especially considering she was half demon. Hades and the rest of the Dodekatheon finally gave Ryan permission to take her out if required. Last resort, considering who her father was. From the unconfirmed rumors he’d heard it increasingly looked like it might be necessary to do just that.

It came as no surprise to him that he relished the thought.


* * * *


Aidan volunteered to supervise the shoot wrap-up and equipment packing while Will returned home. Will stripped and slipped into bed with Kal. Even in sleep she immediately molded her body against his.

Part of him wanted to wake her up and gently make love to her. Part of him loathed to disturb her when she was so beautifully asleep. They’d go in late to work anyway, might as well sleep.

He enjoyed sleeping now. Since taking Kal as his soul mate, he no longer had the horrible nightmares about Abby’s last day.

When the smell of coffee awoke him a little after daybreak, Will realized Kal had left their bed. He found her in the kitchen, wearing his robe and nothing else.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. “Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered.

Kal happily turned and threw her arms around his neck. “You snuck in. You didn’t wake me up when you got home.”

He smiled.
“I didn’t have the heart to wake you.” He pulled the robe open and slipped his hands inside, feeling her flesh warm against his. “Why don’t we go back to bed for a while?”

“Only for a while?”

“How about the whole morning?”

“Now you’re talking, mister.”

Will smiled and scooped Kal into his arms as she giggled. He dropped her onto their bed and straddled her, kissing her. This never got boring, making love to her. His lips traced a familiar path from her sweet mouth to the base of her throat, between her breasts and down her tummy to the short, soft nest of down between her legs.
He nuzzled in and parted her labia with his tongue until he found her clit and started flicking it.

She sighed with pleasure. He teased her, not letting her do anything but lie back and enjoy it. He could easily spend eternity between her legs doing this to her
, tasting her, her scent engraved in his lungs
. He craved hearing the sounds she made as she enjoyed his touch.

Then he pushed two fingers inside her slick
and her back arched as she cried out with pleasure. Her muscles grabbed at him as he flicked her clit with his tongue. Only when she lay limp and trembling before him did he relent.

He folded her into his arms and kissed her. “How was that?”

“Wonderful,” she mumbled. He shifted his hips
and his cock easily slid inside her. Instinctively she hooked a leg around his and rocked her hips to take him deep inside her.

“I love you so much,” he whispered.

She pulled his head down and ground her mouth against his
as he slowly fucked her
. Will felt their souls connecting in that familiar way as his release took him
and he climaxed

His soul mate. He could barely remember the agony he’d felt after Abby’s murder. The little ache still remaining in his soul was nothing compared to the love and connection he now had with Kal. He had resigned himself to an eternity of pain when he agreed to take Kal as his soul mate to save her life, never realizing doing so would take away most of his agony.

He didn’t know if that was because she’d been Abby or not.

it even matter?

As he drifted to sleep again with her cradled in his arms, he realized it didn’t matter at all. The only thing in his life that truly mattered to him was safely nuzzled against his side, more than willing to spend her life loving him.


* * * *


Bera tried to contain her rage and miserably failed. She pitched a tantrum, threw any and everything available in her living room. Aidan was totally not interested
in her.
Will was newly bound to Kal
ven Ryan
turned his back on her.
How the fuck
will I
ever get knocked up now?
It had to be one of the top three to give her a line heir, the soul brothers.

hree fucking Stooges.

Dammit, if only those fuckups I’d hired hadn’t screwed up my plans, I’d have a rug
rat now and even Ryan could never kick me out of The Firm.
Goddammit, she never told those hired assholes to kill anyone!

That stupid bitch Will had been married to just had to go and summon Ryan, and the jerks panicked and killed her.

That’s what she got for hiring cheap help. Bera knew Abby would never call Will to her if she thought he was in danger, but she never thought she’d call Ryan. It was supposed to be a simple ransom transaction. Abduct her when she refused to give up Will, then get a little sperm for the return of Will’s soul mate.

Boorman wasn’t pleased in the least, either. What a cluster fuck this had turned into. All so she could get knocked up.

Bera kicked her sofa. She winced, collapsing onto the cushions and rubbing her toes. She had to get pregnant by one of them in the next ten years or so. Time was running out
and her deal would fall through. Dammit, this was
not fair! Fucking Tanuki genes anyway. If one of the Stooges didn’t knock her up by then, she’d only be able to get preggers by another Tanuki.


Not to mention that wouldn’t do her a lick of good in getting a line heir.

This would take more planning.

“Fuck!” She kicked off her shoes and sprawled on the couch. Well, maybe she could take one last stab at the doofus before resorting to drastic measures. It didn’t matter what human form she was in when she got pregnant as long as she got knocked up.

This called for a stakeout.

She knew where Aidan lived. It wouldn’t be hard to figure out the fastest way to his heart. She knew from various scouting runs over the years that the dipwad didn’t date much. Just proved how stupid he truly was considering how cute he was. Any guy would be happy to have him.

Bera placed even money on Aidan having a thing for that guy he worked with. John… Jake… Jeff. That was it, Jeff. She hadn’t gotten a good look at him for risking Aidan sensing her presence, but he would be the type Aidan would fall for. An innocent human without the stink of any kind of darkness on his soul.

Considering how much darkness Aidan had seen throughout the years, it didn’t surprise her. He was the original
wo-shoes, even though he’d done his fair share of bloodletting in the dark and crazy days when Ryan was still active in the field, before the Three Stooges managed to convince others that Earth might not be the greenest pastures out there for them to shit in.

Well, maybe if Ryan was good, she’d let him beg her to spare his life once the tables were turned.

That delicious thought made her grin. She wouldn’t mind donning a strap-on and making him take it up the ass, see how he liked it.

Make him beg for it.

She laughed. Once her plans came together, no one would dare fuck with her anymore and she’d show them all what a mistake they made shitting on her.

The next evening, she followed Aidan when he left his house. He headed for the same condo complex Will lived in, that figured. There he picked up…

Yep. Too bad she couldn’t win money on that bet.

Aidan and Jeff
headed for a restaurant on St. Pete Beach. She waited a few minutes, shifted to look like a girl that had waited on her a few months earlier—like Jeff and Aidan would really pay any attention to her looking like that—and walked inside to get a table. She nearly gagged as she watched the two of them sit and stare at each other with syrupy
sweet love-struck gazes.

Fuck him and get it over with, why don’t you?
she thought.

Finally, they paid their bill and left. She was about to do the same when a large hand clamped around her wrist as she reached for her purse. She started to protest when she realized who the hand belonged to. She stared as the large man, who now looked a little like Michael Caine, sat across from her.

She hoped her voice sounded steady. “Hello, Daddy.”

“Don’t you ‘hello Daddy’ me, you conniving little bitch. I don’t know what your fucking game is, but you’d better cut it out.”

She reddened, fighting back a wave of anger. Getting into a pissing contest with a Demi who had his nose buried so deep up just about every one of the Dodeks’ asses that he might as well be a Dodek, even if he fathered her, was never a wise idea. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He shook his head and lowered his voice as he glanced around the restaurant. “Let me pass on a little fatherly advice, Bera. Ausar has received permission from the higher
ups to remove you from the picture if you keep pissing him off. I don’t know what stupid little half-baked plans are racing through that Tanuki brain of yours, but if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your nose clean and your head down and quit attracting attention to yourself and let things die down.”

BOOK: Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells [Good Will Ghost Hunting 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
11.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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