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In the box on the passenger seat, the kitten yawned and stretched. It blinked, and then opened its eyes for the first time.


"Good morning," I said. "And welcome to the world."


It stared up at me with big blue eyes, trying to figure out what it was looking at. And I guess that maybe this is the way the world is supposed to work. Some people get the girl, and some people get the guy, and some of us just get the smelly little kitten. I put the car in drive.


"Come on stinky, let's go home."







About the Author


Keith Hartman grew up in Huntsville Alabama, where he was a weird little boy who didn't fit in. He went to Princeton University, where he was supposed to study economics and instead blew all his time on theater courses. He then started a PhD in Finance at Duke, before realizing that he just couldn't spend the rest of his life teaching MBA's how to screw each other. So he ran away to be a writer.


His parents were thrilled.


He sold his first short story to a tiny magazine that went out of business, and his first book to Rutgers University, which did not.


He moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to direct low budget movies. It turns out that everyone in Hollywood is stark raving mad.


And Keith fits right in.




About the Artist


Eric Dunn lives in Downtown Los Angeles. An accomplished artist and animator, in his spare time he can be found chasing mosquitoes around the apartment and/or scouring youtube for videos of tornadoes and earthquakes.




Other Books and Movies by this Author

"Reminds me of the rip-roaring, old-fashioned science fiction I devoured as a kid. A stirring story that I recommend to everyone - from my mystery reading friends to hard-core SF geeks."


--Lyda Morehouse, Shamus Award winning author


Murder under the Buried Sky
did something few books have ever done-- it made me wish I'd written it. It's just that good. There is nothing watered down, no concessions made. This is a gritty, twisting tale told by a man who knows how to drag you into the story and keep you there till you've read the last word."


--Selina Rosen, author of
Black Rage


"A talented author who crafts an entertaining tale from beginning to end. I didn't see the twists coming which is the mark of a clever mystery writer."


--Josh Berman, Executive Producer of


"This movie is flat-out funny, whether you're gay or straight, male or female (or somewhere in between)."


Outword Magazine


"I have never seen another movie in this budget range that is nearly this good."




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