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Gypsy Hearts

BOOK: Gypsy Hearts
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Lisa Mondello

This title was previously published by Avalon Books; this version
has been reproduced from the Avalon book archive files.


osie Tibbs sat behind the thick glass wall separating
the control room from the studio. She listened to the
same voice-over for the umpteenth time in the last hour
and watched her client, Victor Clyde, owner of Clyde's
Dog Emporium, as his face screwed into a frown.

Darn it, she thought, stifling the groan that was making its way up her throat. She'd rather eat a dog bone
than record one more take of this dog food commercial.

"I don't know," Clyde said yet again. "I don't think it
is quite there. We're spending a lot of money on this ad
campaign and it needs to be perfect."

Well, heck, it was perfect an hour ago. In fact, Josie
would have deemed the whole radio ad perfection after
the first take. It was dog food, for cripes sake!

"What seems to be the problem with this last take?"

"I sound a little flat." Victor Clyde was a stout man
with gray hair thinning at the temples, and a nose that
reminded Josie of a dachshund. He stood in the studio with headphones clamped over his ears, listening as the
tape played again, and waved his arms theatrically. "I
want it to sound exciting."

BOOK: Gypsy Hearts
3.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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