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Handy in the Bedroom

BOOK: Handy in the Bedroom
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Handy in the Bedroom



Cynna Rein


Kindle Edition

2013 Cynna Rein

Formerly release under the title My Bed Re-Design

Copyright © 2013 Cynna Rein

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A few months ago my life took a dramatic turn, but certainly one I wouldn’t go back and change.  My name is Annabelle but most people just call me
Anna. I live in a small Boston brownstone in a nice neighborhood.  I love the convenience and trendiness but size is always an issue.  How did this all start? My roommate of two years just got engaged and moved out with only a couple weeks’ notice.  Yeah – like that will last.  Just because we are thirty something doesn’t mean we have to settle for someone who isn’t exactly what we want, anyway that led me to my new roommate search before I landed on my butt on the street.

I got a few responses to my roommate ad and I plan to meet them at a coffee shop down the street to screen them
after my phone interview.  The first few I spoke to were a train wreck, a Goth girl who couldn’t hold down a job and then a creepy older guy who seemed more interested in stalking me than being my roommate; just my luck.  I have one more to go this afternoon.  At least on the phone he sounded promising.  I walked a few blocks to the coffee house, Java Hut; I wanted to get in a good spot before this guy Jake arrived.  About fifteen minutes later, this really tall guy walks in.  Seriously he had to be at least 6’ 4”.  I try to look casual and not drool as he whisks his hand through his just rolled out of bed thick brown hair.  It was shorter than I usually like it but there would certainly be more than enough to run my fingers through it and pull him to me.  His ice blue eyes were piercing with a defiant sparkle and his lean muscular body was clear even hidden under his jeans and t-shirt.  Then I get WET as he walks over to see me.  Clearly this was Jake I had worn the t-shirt I described to him.  The way he walked to me with confident grace I may not even charge him to live with me, it would be worth it just to look at him every day. 

I introduce myself
and he confirmed that he was in fact Jake. He grabbed a coffee and we chatted for a while.  Turns out he is an engineer for a new upstart or will be in a few weeks.  He just graduated from college and needs a place to stay that is reasonable and near work.  He seems like a nice guy, well spoken, confidant but not arrogant.  I have always had submissive tendencies, and I totally responded to that part of him, not that I let that show.  Never let them see weakness – that is my motto.

I decided to bring him back to see the place.   He really liked the location and the cost. 
With your engineering background I was hoping you might be able to help me with a project that really needs a man’s touch.  I told him if he could help me out it could be done as barter; I wouldn’t ask him for a security deposit.  He seemed intrigued and asked about the project.

I really like to have a large bed in my room but I need storage and have to accommodate other more personal requirements too.  You see I like tall men and if I want them to stay I hate to have their feet hanging out of my too short bed.  Not to mention I enjoy being tied down or even handcuffed and my current bed just isn’t working for that but the frame was a used furniture shop special and it had a lot of character. 

I explained that
I had attempted to complete the project myself but it just didn’t seem sturdy.  Since I enjoy pieces with some character and tried to combine a headboard from one bed with the drawers and footboard from another.  I told him I was concerned I might break it.  I am not really shy but I did blush when he asked why.  I mean it isn’t something you just blurt out – well I enjoy my lovers to tie me to the bed but I am afraid this bed would break.  He saw me blush and helped me out by asking if I was into bondage.  I nodded yes.  He didn’t seem disturbed – in fact he said he had some great ideas about how we could use parts from this current bed, add storage and make it sturdy enough for anything.  We agreed to a budget since I would pay for supplies.  I would have to temporarily move to the other room but he thought if he could get his buddy Blake to help him out they could finish in about a week.  I agreed to get the material delivered for the next week.  I had him sign the lease; he was going to move in the following weekend.  He was staying at friends for the week so he could work on my bed while I was at work. I just had to stay out of the room until he was done which I reluctantly agreed to. 

I so wanted to peak in my room over the next week.  I did actually try to open the door once but they had managed to lock it. 
I hadn’t even met this Blake guy yet. My curiosity was beginning to get the best of me.

On Saturday morning, I left to do some shopping. I sent the guys a text message, promising to make my famous Lasagna for dinner to celebrate the completion of the project
.  I had even grabbed a couple of bottles of wine.  I opened one bottle while I made the lasagna and I got a text saying that they were almost done.  I was thinking I should go change, I had thrown on a flannel pants and a t-shirt to cook in, when the door cracked open and they told me to come check it out.  I couldn’t resist.  I think my mouth hit the floor.  It was beautiful and well-constructed in sturdy pieces I could take apart if I ever moved.    I ran my fingers over the headboard almost wistfully, as they explained how it had been constructed with plenty of sturdy reinforced slats which had been well sanded and stained.  They had even put the bedding on for me, which I had purchased.  I pulled my hand back when I realized I hadn’t even said thank you or introduced myself to Blake.  I turned around and looked way up at a beautifully sculpted dark haired man with ice blue eyes.  He was toned and had a tight t-shirt on which I could see the outline of his nipple ring through.

Blake came up to me and introduced himself.  He then asked what I thought. 
I stood transfixed but couldn’t look him in the eye directly.  Alpha male oozed from his pores.  I am assuming he meant the bed but I was only looking at him when I said “perfect”.  He laughed.  It was a warm and welcoming laugh that put me at ease. I didn’t notice Jake coming up behind me until he grabbed my hands. He suggested we test the sturdiness of their work since that had been my biggest concern.

He had some rope in his hand and I nodded.  I
thought they would tie the rope to the bed and we would test it for strength.  I was a few years older than the pair of them and I wasn’t expecting the onslaught that hit me but I was so ready for it.  Blake’s mouth was on mine claiming my lips, his hands were on my breasts.  Jake had my hands tied like a pro in a minute and was pressed against me from behind.  I could feel his hard cock pressed into my back, his hands were slipping my t-shirt off.  They managed to lift me onto the bed and tie me to it. I hadn’t bothered with a bra while I cooked, so now I lie topless on the bed; my nipples were rock hard and begging for attention.  This had all happened so fast but I was drowning in the sensations.  This was all new to me; I had never been with two men before.  I hadn’t even noticed but they had slats at the bottom too and now that they had a hold of my flannel pajama bottoms, they were off in a heartbeat and now my legs were being tied down as well.  I must admit Jake was a master at rope work and Blake was great at distracting me.  I probably should be afraid but I was so turned on I couldn’t think about anything else.  Which much to my embarrassment, Jake was now pointing out to Blake, about how my pussy was dripping wet for them, they then both stuck a finger inside my pussy, both using a thumb to rub my clit until I was begging for them not to stop.  Their calloused thumbs were providing delicious friction and the firm but gentle pressure was keeping my mind solely occupied on what they were doing.  I doubt if I would have noticed someone breaking the door down.  Each of them took a nipple into their mouth, lipping and nipping, while still rubbing my clit at the same time.  Their free hands were stroking my body in a soothing way, almost a teasing ticklish sensation.  Blake told me he loved the way my chest and face were flushing; he told me how beautiful it was when a woman was so aroused.  I felt myself shifting my hips trying to get their fingers into ideal placement.  I could feel my pussy starting to clench, there was a quick spurt of heat and then they took me over that edge bringing me into an all-consuming orgasm, the likes of which I had never felt.  My pussy pulsated over and over and even though it was immensely satisfying I was still missing the feel of a cock inside me.  Blake held me, kissing me and caring for me in what I could only call a near boneless state as Jake managed to untie me.  Still fully clothed they both snuggled into me.  I had never felt so completely cared for.  It was decadence. 

Jake asked what I thought of his design.
  I told it was great but it still may require additional testing if they were willing.  All these naughty thoughts were running through my head.  I just wanted to feel their hands on me again, making me feel both sexy and needy at the same time.  Jake laughed and said we could discuss it over the lasagna.  Blake however had other ideas.  He told me he would turn the oven off so we wouldn’t be negligent for the testing process, after all they had promised me a quality product and they wanted me to be completely satisfied.  Jake wanted to reassure me that they were willing but they didn’t want me to feel pressured into anything.  I voted for more testing, who needs food after all. 

Blake came over to me and put his hand gently on my face, rubbing his thumb down my cheek.  I was practically putty in his hands.  I glanced up at him without making direct eye contact.  He told me that he could
tell by the way I never looked him directly in the eyes and didn’t struggle at all when they tied me up that I am submissive and they didn’t want to take advantage of that, They’d rather start this off the right way.  He told me I could tell them stop at any time, all I had to say was the safe word, peppermint.  I agreed.  I looked at Blake but I did not make eye contact, acknowledging his dominance.  I asked if I could return the favor, in a hopeful voice. 

Blake didn’t answer, instead he shimmied out of his jeans openly displaying the fact that he was commando as well as
impressively erect.  I was always a girth girl, finding that more pleasurable than longer length and he certainly had that in spades.  He combed my hair behind my ears with his fingers; it was a soothing gesture to let me know he was pleased.  And he gently pressed me down in the direction where he wanted me to go.  I slowly moved down his chest, and pushed his shirt up revealing a tight six pack. I slowly licked and then nipped at each of his hard nipples, taking my time to tease him and lick around his nipple ring with a gentle pull. He responded by pushing me firmly onto the bed, wanting to show me who was in charge.  I looked over at Jake but he seemed to be enjoying the show.  In fact he started playing with my hair as well.  I reached for Blake’s cock with my hands first and grasping it firmly I licked the tip like a lollipop and then made my way down the ridged underside, as I watched the thin line of his lips relax as the pleasure I was giving him was getting the better of him.  I then licked him base to tip; once I reached the top I surrounded him with my mouth going up and down a few times, creating suction taking him into my mouth further and further down his shaft.  He put his hands on either side of my head urging me lower, I think his exact words were “oh fuck baby” when he was fully in my mouth all the way to the base.  At this point he took control and firmly grabbed my head, and tightly grasped my hair.  He was soon moving my head up and down his shaft with reckless abandon, fucking my mouth.  He told me he was going to cum in my slutty little mouth if I didn’t stop.  I in fact latched on even tighter, wanting to taste him, to please him.  Blake took my hand and moved it so my fingers were behind his balls rubbing up to his anus.  He was now grasping my hair to a point of pain but I was so turned on I didn’t really care.  He exploded down my throat pulling out enough at the end to fill my mouth so I could taste the warm saltiness of his cum.  He was actually cooing at me, telling me I was a good girl, as the last of his spasms ended. 

Blake asked me if I had ever been with two men. 
I shook my head no.  Jake asked if I was ready to try.  I shook my head yes.  Blake reminded me to use the safe word if I needed to for any reason.  He told me I was such a good girl and not to worry they would get me good and ready first. 

Jake brought out two pairs of fur
lined handcuffs, flipped me on my stomach and attached one to each of my wrists then he attached the other end to the headboard around the upper side of the divided slats.  Now I was beginning to understand why there was a dividing bar in the slats.  It kept my arms slightly elevated allowing someone to easily sneak in underneath me later on.  Now that my second arm was attached, Jake scooted my legs up so I was kind of doggy style but with my hands restrained.  Blake began to rub my back in a soothing gesture, while Jake kneaded my bare ass. Suddenly I felt a slap on my butt, which was quickly followed by another. My behind immediately felt sore from the assault, but nothing I couldn’t handle. He did it a few more times, rubbed a minute then another series of faster slaps.  In between every series his fingers would dip inside my pussy and rub my clit showing me just how wet I was for him.  I had no idea being spanked could be such a turn on; I was almost ready to orgasm.  I think Blake could tell because he told Jake “that’s enough.”  In my head I was screaming
no no no no no no don’t stop
.  Then Blake started rubbing my clit for me and I was practically purring at this point.  I then felt something wet and cold at my back entrance.  At first just a finger, then two, it felt different but not painful, which was what I had been mentally worrying about.  He then began to scissor his fingers trying to widen my entrance.  I was beginning to wonder who would take me first.  Blake was rubbing my clit just enough to keep me aroused but not enough to let me climax.  He was certainly a master at torture.  I was begging to cum now.  I tild them they were driving me crazy I can’t wait any longer.  Blake told me that he would tell me when, and it will be so much better if I waited; so much more powerful.  He just said you’ll see. 

BOOK: Handy in the Bedroom
3.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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