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Haven from the Storm (Storms of Life #1) (30 page)

BOOK: Haven from the Storm (Storms of Life #1)
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First and foremost I want to thank my family for always putting up with me. Your love and support is what keeps me going. I never would have been able to write such a dysfunctional family relationship without first experiencing your unfaltering love.

To my husband and twins, without you my crazy life would not be worth living. Thank you for still loving me while I was writing this book. I know you think I’m permanently attached to my laptop, but I promise to take a short break from that relationship. Well until I begin my next book…

Thank you, Kate Mathias, my soul sister. There are no words to express what your friendship and love have meant to me. Your daily encouragement was the only thing that kept me going most days. I look forward to the many books we’ll write…

Thank you to The Writers Club, each of you accepted me from the beginning and offered continuous support and knowledge when I had nothing to give in return. Never doubt what our group is capable of accomplishing when we come together without the drama and rivalry seen far too often.

Thank you Jennifer Roberts! You are an editing goddess. I’m sorry that you had to experience my poor grammar skills firsthand, I’m so thankful you didn’t run for the hills.

Thank you Angela McLaurin from Fictional formats for making my mess look beautiful…and for putting up with my numerous changes with nothing but a smile on your face.

Thank you Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations. You took my scattered vision and turned it into a visual work of art.

Thank you to all of my betas, each of you helped save my story in your own way – Mindi (yes, another red headed Mindi) thank you for allowing me to name such a villain after you, Lisa, Kathryn, Jade, Leighta, Steph (Sweets by Steph A.K.A. the BEST cookies you’ll ever eat), Melanie, Paige, Jessica, and Kate. And my very first betas that read this book when it was only a few poorly written chapters and offered nothing but support – Kate, Sharon (my mom), and Katie (my sister).

Thank you to the numerous blogs that have offered me support and encouragement. Without your tireless efforts none of us would have a clue about all the fabulous books being traditionally and self-published daily. You all devote so many hours to what can sometimes be a thankless passion.

Special thanks to: Shh, Mom’s Reading, Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, The Indie Bookshelf, The Book Hookers, Word, Book Crush, First Class Books, Candy Coated Book Blog (I’m saving Ian for you!), The Book Brothel, Madison Says, Into the Night Reviews, Hardcover Therapy, For the Love of Books, Love Between the Sheets, Rude Girl Book Blog, Always a Book Lover, Hooked on Books, Angie’s Dreamy Reads, YA Indie Princess, Autumn Review, Totally Booked, Tough Critic Book Reviews, Elizabeth Gunderson, and Fred LaBaron. I owe you all a big hug when we finally cross paths in person!

Thank you to all the writers that have spent countless hours creating magic. Without your inspiration I would have never attempted this dream.

Thank you to all of YOU that supported me from the beginning and have offered so many words of encouragement and virtual hugs during this process.

Sarah can be found on some form of social media pretty much 24 hours a day and loves connecting with fellow readers.


You can find her at:










BOOK: Haven from the Storm (Storms of Life #1)
4.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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