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Havoc: A MC Romance

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Allyson and I never got our happily ever after. Our perfect life was stolen when I was put in prison for a crime I didn't commit.


The men who framed me wont live for long.


Four years later I walk out a free man, but Ally wants nothing to do with me. She still believes I'm guilty. Those beautiful eyes will never forgive me and it's the hardest thing to swallow.


Nothing will stop me from making her mine again.


Authors Note: This is a standalone novel with a HEA. Contains a BONUS book!

Thank you for reading another of my MC books! I really appreciate all the support.


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Chapter One



Time no longer mattered when I painted. Everything in my mind drifted away out to sea. My vision narrowed to a tunnel as the brush stroked against the blank canvas. Nothing came close to the calming effect of art. It put you on another planet—away from all the stress and distractions of the real world.


But there was no paint on the brush.


My hand made the movements of a conductor, guiding an orchestra, swiping the dry brush along the canvas, hoping for inspiration to strike. The white rectangle was telling me nothing. A faded image came into focus. I quickly dabbed my brush into some yellow and flung it onto the canvas before the image in my head dissolved. After some blue paint, I thought I finally had something.


A beach and an ocean, Ally? That's so amateur. What were you thinking?


I sighed and dropped the brush to the ground. A painting of an ocean wouldn't be good enough for my first art show. I needed a piece that would wow the audience. Something that could evoke an emotion. Get people talking about me.


All that schooling and I couldn't come up with anything. A Bachelor's in Art couldn't help with being creative.


My phone rang. A welcome distraction. “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys boomed out of my vibrating phone. I checked the screen and smiled.


“Hey Samantha!”


“Ally, why the hell haven't you called me?”


Samantha was my roommate freshman year of college. Even though she was also an art major, we couldn't have been more different. Samantha was too preoccupied with boys to really focus on art. Her idea of painting was throwing some streaks of paint on a canvas and calling it a day. I couldn't knock her for it though because she produced some really beautiful pieces. She had natural talent. I on the other hand did not. It took me weeks to produce a somewhat passable painting, sometimes not seeing the sun for days.


“I'm sorry, Samantha, I've been a little busy the past week.”


“Oh the art show is next week! How is the painting coming?”


I looked at the blank canvas and laughed. “Will anybody appreciate a framed white canvas?”


“Paint the words “The Beatles” and it will be just like the White Album.”


That was actually a pretty good idea. There were definitely people out there that loved that lazy approach to art. But it wasn't me.


“That's really good but I won't steal your idea, Samantha. I need to come up with my own.” I walked away from my work station and into the kitchen, glad to be able to breathe in a different room.


“How did you get in this art show again? I heard it's for some pretty big players.”


“My dad got me into it. Said he had to sell an arm and a leg.”


“Of course it was your father, Ally.”


Sam was making me feel guilty for being from a rich family again. Better to just change the subject. “Enough about me. Tell me how it's going with that guy...what was his name?”


“Greg? Oh, we've been done for a week now. I actually have a date with this super hot guy I met at a bar last night.”


Samantha was always neck deep in men. In college, she was known for sleeping around and nothing had changed since.


I rolled my eyes. “What's the new guy's name?”


Samantha couldn't wait to scream out his name. “Walter. He's an engineer or architect. One of those. Doesn't matter. The main thing is he has a brother that he's just as hot. And he's


I already knew where she was heading and I wanted nothing to do with it. “No way, Samantha. I'm not going on a double date with you.”


“Come on, Ally. You've been cooped up in that apartment for too long. You need to get out and see the world.”


She wasn't wrong. I couldn't remember the last time I actually left the apartment other than to get food. “Yeah but remember how the last double date went?”


Samantha huffed. “You're never going to let me live that one down are you?”


I giggled. “Nope.”


Samantha had tricked me into going on a double date with her. Tricked me as in taking me to a bar to “have a couple drinks” and then ambushing me with a guy.


“Just because the guy turned out to be woman didn't mean the date was bad.”


I bent over the kitchen counter and rested on my elbows. “Taylor really was an attractive guy.”


“Well I can promise you this next guy will be one-hundred percent male.”


“No thanks, Sam. You go out and have fun.”


“You're going to have to get over him eventually, Ally.”


Don't say his name. Don't say his name.


Samantha continued. “It's been years since he's been gone. It's time to move on. Find someone who makes you happy. I just want the best for you, Ally.”


“I know. I know. I'm really just not in the mood to date anybody right now. This art show is the only thing on my mind right now. And I barely have any time to finish this painting.”


“I'm kind of glad we're not roommates anymore. I could never get any sleep when you worked for twenty-four hours straight.”


“Oh really? You could never get any sleep? How about the guys you would sneak into your bed every night? Try sleeping through all that moaning.” We sounded like an old married couple arguing.


Samantha laughed. “Sorry, I guess I went a little crazy in college.”


“God bless noise-canceling headphones.”


A knock at the door interrupted our conversation. “Hold on a sec, Sam. There's somebody at the door. Probably my father coming over to teach me how to network or something for the art show.”


I unlocked the front door and opened it to a memory from my past. My jaw dropped and the phone dropped to the floor. I could still hear Sam on the other line trying to talk.


Muscles, tattoos, and that cocky smile.


Kade was back.

BOOK: Havoc: A MC Romance
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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