Heavy Metal Heart: A Bad Boy Rock Star Romance (8 page)

BOOK: Heavy Metal Heart: A Bad Boy Rock Star Romance

She tore her mouth from his. “Fuck me, already,” she moaned.

“As you wish, love,” he replied. Looking straight into her eyes, he lunged his hips forward. 

"Ohh my fucking god!" she cried as his massive shaft filled and stretched the aching, needy void inside her. It was almost too much but
oh so fucking good
. The pain felt sweet and the pleasure overwhelmed her like she was drowning in it. She grew closer and closer to climax with each one of Torsten's powerful thrusts. 

His mouth pressed against her ear again as he surged rhythmically in and out of her pussy, and his words drove her almost as wild as his hands and tongue and cock did.

"Is this how you like getting fucked, little sex kitten?" he snarled into her ear. "Your sweet pussy is holding onto my cock so tight and doesn't want to let go. I can feel your whole beautiful body shaking. I know you're about to come. So let go, baby. Let me feel you come. Come for me." 

Helena wailed in ecstasy as he drove deep into her pleasure's core again and again, penetrating into her very soul. 

Chapter 12 

Torsten sat up to watch Helena's orgasm shudder throughout her whole body, never stopping his impaling thrusts into her sweet cunt. She looked absolutely ravishing. Her legs wrapped around him accentuated her shapely hips and inward dip forming her waist. Each thrust made her round, supple tits bounce delicately. Her creamy skin flushed a soft pink. She gripped his tattooed arms with a fierce strength. Her eyes locked onto his and her orgasmic facial expressions just about sent him over the edge. 

“You're too fucking beautiful to handle, Helena,” he said to her. “You're going to make me explode.” 

“Yes, come for me,” she replied, breathlessly. “I want to feel your huge fucking cock explode with come deep inside my pussy.” 

He didn't often meet a woman who could rival his dirty talk. 

Torsten's cock felt hard as stone and he felt an intense ache in his balls. Harder and faster he plunged into Helena’s depths. She clenched down on him with another orgasm, more powerful than the first, which ripped the first rope of come out of him. 

The first eruption knocked him forward onto his forearms. His cock burst forth semen two, three, four more times. The intensity of the release overthrew him and he collapsed on top of Helena. Wrapped in her arms, they shuddered and twitched against each other as they each came down from orgasmic highs. 

Both slick with sweat and panting for air, Helena cradled Torsten's head on her pillowy breasts. She ran her fingers through his hair, which made him feel… something. His scalp tingled and he shuddered again, still oversensitive, but he smiled.

He felt... happy. The realization came slowly, as it was an unfamiliar feeling to him. The feeling went deeper, beyond the satisfaction of a good fuck. Everything about Helena fit him like a puzzle piece and not just her body. Hearing her talk dirty and begging for him took him to a level of passion he never experienced before. It went deeper than lust, it was a true connection. 

In that moment, though, she appeared to think differently. 

“Torsten. Get off me. I have to leave,” she urged, trying to prop herself up from under his muscled form. 

“Mmm, but I'm comfortable,” he protested. He shifted his weight to slide both arms underneath her back and wrap around her, pulling her into his broad chest. Even after all their sweating, she still smelled fantastic. 

“I'm serious. Let go of me,” she demanded but did not push away from him. 

He pulled away just enough to look at her face. Even in their after-sex disheveled, sweaty mess, she looked absolutely angelic. “What's wrong?” he asked. 

” she repeated, with panic in her voice. “You just had sex with me!” 

He cocked an eyebrow suspiciously. “Last I heard, you were a perfectly willing participant.”

Helena sighed. “Yes, I enjoyed it, but it shouldn't have happened.” 

Torsten placed his mouth against her ear again and felt her back arch ever so slightly. “I specifically remember you telling me to fuck you. To make you come. That you wanted my sperm deep in that delicious pussy of yours.” 

She pulled away again.
Fucking hell, Helena. You're breaking my heart here,
 he thought. 

“I'm sorry,” she began. “You just... kissed me and I got carried away... It's been a while,” she added bitterly. 

“Same here. Thanks to you not taking up my offer last night.” 

Helena snorted. “Yeah, right. What's a long time without sex for you, a few hours?” 

“Several weeks,” he answered with a completely serious face. “I mean, sure, it's available. But you could say I'm... picky.” 

Helena rolled her eyes, but Torsten swore he saw the hint of a smile and a faint blush in her cheeks. 

“Anyway,” she said, pulling further away from his embrace. “I did what you suggested after all. I’m the biggest Mjolnir whore now but at least I have a story to sell.”

Torsten narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?” 

She looked at him like he sprouted three heads. “Can’t you see? I finally divorced the band’s junkie drummer, then two days later I fuck the same band’s guitarist!” A dry laugh escaped her throat. “It’s a fucking joke. If I tell this story, I’ll be able to pay my rent but I can never show my face in public again.”

He stroked her arms gently in an attempt to be comforting, but she remained cold and stiff in his arms. “You can not say anything and use the money I gave you.” 

“I told you I don’t take handouts.” Her eyes refocused on his. “I work for my money. It was just stupid of me trying to find a scandal without becoming one.”    

“Jesus fucking Christ, Helena.” He released his arms wrapped around her and sat up on the couch, the frustration dripping in his voice. “So what kind of scandals have you found concerning me? Orgies with hookers? Fights and arrests? Completely fucked up in public like your ex-husband? Have you ever fucking seen me do that?”

“No,” she admitted, but still looked away. Silently, she slid off the couch and began gathering her clothes.

“So what are you so afraid of? This is not an issue if you don’t make it one.” Hesitantly, he added, “Your past doesn’t matter to me.” 

“Well, it
 an issue to me,” Helena muttered as she turned away from him, adjusting her clothes.  

Torsten leaped to his feet with surprising speed and grabbed her arm to make her face him. He was angry for sure, but also another emotion he wasn't used to feeling. His happiness turned into hurt. 

“What's your problem, Helena?” he demanded. “Why does everything have to be a scandal with you? We... enjoyed each other, didn’t we? Why can't you accept that? Why can't we just... continue enjoying each other?” he wasn't sure if his anger or the sting of her rejection caused his loss for words. 

Tears welled in her eyes as she looked back at him. He could see her own emotions fighting demons in those gorgeous irises. He saw a mixture of pain, pleasure, and longing. 

“I’m sorry, but this was wrong. I don’t want a… reputation around your band. I’ll leave you alone. I don’t want any association with Mjolnir anymore. I need to start over new.” 

Before he could protest, she wrenched her arm out of his grip, turned on her heel and started for the exit.

Every cell in his body wanted to chase her, to pull her in and feel her melt into him again. She was that source of pure joy he felt and he ached to feel that again. He also saw that pain in her face and wanted to be the one who took that away.

But he let her go. 

Chapter 13 

Helena gripped the metal bar in the train as if it was the only thing grounding her to reality. As the doors opened and closed to passengers, the coolness of the night air erected goosebumps on her tender flesh. The same flesh that had been teased and tortured deliciously by Tosten less than an hour ago. 

Her mind raced at a mile a minute while her heart sat in her stomach, which flipped and tied in knots. She felt on the verge of a panic attack. 

It still didn't feel real to her, what they just did. She couldn't focus on a single thought, so trying to recall what just happened felt like a hazy memory or a dream. But her thighs and crotch were still slick with sweat and their mixed cocktail of come. Her legs still shook from the intensity of her orgasm. Her vaginal walls ached from the force of his unrelenting cock. 

She'd never been with another man but Lars, but this was no comparison. Orgasms use to be rare but Torsten led her body directly to them, then tormented her at the very edge until she begged him for it. He knew exactly what he was doing and enjoyed every minute of it while she was putty in his hands. 

Of course, he knew what he was doing. He's bagged hundreds of women,
she thought dismissively. 
And yet... he said he hadn't gotten laid in weeks. And claimed to be picky, when he chose me. Is all of that really bullshit?

She recalled the note he left in her mailbox.
I'm a man of my word,
 it read. Brief and to the point. 

Why couldn't she let go of Lars? He never rocked her world like that and he definitely wasn't a man of his word. By the time she initiated the divorce, his lies were too many to count. She couldn't even recall the last time he told her she was beautiful or cared that she got an orgasm. 

We were together so long since we were kids. And until tonight, he was the only man I'd ever kissed, much less slept with. And the next man I sleep with is his ex-boss and friend! Well done, Helena!

But leaving that room was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. Every cell in her body ached for intimacy and comfort. Her heart sang with joy when he held her afterward like he never wanted to let her go. He looked at her and asked what was wrong like he actually cared. 

But I had to get the fuck out of there
, she told herself.
I can't get involved. I can't have that kind reputation.

Torsten’s words echoed in her brain, refusing to leave. “This is not an issue if you don’t make it one. Why can’t we just enjoy each other?” 

It’s not that simple,
 her brain insisted. 

But if it could be, would I have stayed?

She chewed her lower lip, tasting the indents from his teeth there. 

She was afraid of the answer.


Helena made a beeline for the shower as soon as she got home. After removing her shoes and  peeling off her sweat-soaked dress, she glanced in the mirror. She inspected her nude body, trying to see herself as Torsten saw her. He really called her beautiful and told her how badly he wanted her...

Her breasts and hips had red marks from where he handled them, but she was so pale she could get red marks from a gentle hug. She wasn’t sure what he saw. In her own eyes, she looked like every other Scandinavian woman.

She shook her head and broke eye contact with her reflection. Gingerly, she stepped under the scalding water and lathered up her loofah with body wash. She scrubbed her skin vigorously as if to wash off every trace of him that still touched her. 

She barely slept that night. Her body was exhausted, but her mind still raced. Every time she closed her eyes, Torsten's glorious naked body appeared behind her eyelids. Even in her mind, she couldn't get away from him. 

Without thinking, her hand fell to her clitoris and began rubbing as she focused on his image in her mind. His eyes so intensely blue, staring at her with such lust and wanting. His tattooed arms carrying her, setting her down gently, and disappearing under her dress. 

Her recollections felt just as vivid as the real thing. The friction of his short beard against her skin brought shivers up her spine. The agony of her pussy entrance being teased by his swollen cock. She wondered what it tasted like. 

She recalled his hot breath in her ear, commanding her to come as he pounded into her mercilessly. 

"Ugh, Torsten," she whispered and pressed her fingers against her clit to release the small orgasm desperate to come out. She shuddered and sighed from the release. It wasn't nearly as intense as the two from him, which had stolen most of her energy, but her body clearly still wanted him.

Helena caught her breath after a few moments and flipped onto her side for probably the tenth time. She turned her pillow sideways, parallel to her body, and hugged it tightly.

An intense longing came over her like an ocean wave. Tears welled up in her eyes. In the months leading up to her divorce, she felt lonely, but not like this. She got used to loneliness since she felt its presence many times during her marriage too. 

But right then, she needed someone there. It was a hunger that lay dormant for months but suddenly awakened. She yearned for the warmth of a body nearby. A body that could melt against hers, sealing into each other like a key into a lock. 

She knew she was strong enough make it through life alone, but she didn't want to. Maybe some people could be happy not sharing their lives with anyone, but not her. In order to be truly happy, she needed someone at her side. She needed someone to hold her up when she was down and to do the same in return. Her life needed another person to mold the future with her into one worth living. 

This was more than loneliness. She felt incomplete. 

And after struggling internally all night, to the point of driving herself mad, she could finally place a word on how she felt with Torsten. When he kissed her, brought her to the edge of orgasm with his hands and mouth, growled with that inhumanly sexy voice in her ear, and finally fucked her brains out with his tremendous cock, that made her complete. 

I already blew my chance at that. And with my luck, Torsten has ruined me for all other men.


Somewhere around four in the morning, Helena gave up on sleeping. She sat up in bed and tried to decide how she would spend the day. Anything to get her mind off Torsten would be a start.

Well, I’ll never see him again. Out of sight, out of mind, the saying goes.

She dressed in soft lounge pants and a tank top and started a pot of coffee. 

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