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Authors: Milly Taiden

Tags: #Erotica, #Humorous, #Romantic Erotica, #Short Stories, #Fantasy Romance, #Paranormal Romance, #Romance, #Shifters, #Werewolfs, #Werewolves

Hex And Kisses

BOOK: Hex And Kisses
Hex And Kisses
Number VII of
Milly Taiden
Latin Goddess Press (2014)
Erotica, Humorous, Romantic Erotica, Short Stories, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Shifters, Werewolfs, Werewolves
Eroticattt Humorousttt Romantic Eroticattt Short Storiesttt Fantasy Romancettt Paranormal Romancettt Romancettt Shiftersttt Werewolfsttt Werewolvesttt

Smut-Shorties: A great on-the-go short to satisfy your craving for smut!

A Naughty BBW Witch + A Growly Wolf =
Hot Lovin’ Under the Moonlight

Liani Azul went to a bar to test a perfect kiss spell and ended up in the arms of a growly shifter. He did things to her she’d never even heard of before and ended up mated with the hot wolf.
But Liani doesn’t break the rules, so she turned away from him.

After several days of thinking, she realizes she wants the sexy shifter and doesn’t care what the council will do to her. Will he be open to taking her back after she rejected their mating?
Giving herself to the wolf in mind and body might be a good start.

Letting him do all kinds of deliciously naughty things to her might help her cause or it might just be a great way to remind him how perfectly matched they are...

Please be aware that this is an Erotica short that contains raw sexual language



















This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are fictitious or have been used fictitiously, and are not to be construed as real in any way. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales, or organizations is entirely coincidental.


Published By

Latin Goddess Press

New York, NY 10456

Hex and Kisses

Copyright © 2014 by Milly Taiden

Cover by Mina Carter

All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Property of Milly Taiden November 2014 



Chapter One

Liani should have known better than to give her heart to a shifter. She knew that. It’s one of the things her mother loved to tell her and her sisters. Shifters are wild animals. Don’t play with wild animals. But had Liani listened? Oh, hell no. Not when said wild animal came with the body of a porn star and the cock to match. She’d allowed her lack of sex and a night of drinking at the local bar convince her she was wonder woman. That nothing she did was wrong. She snorted and slapped her forehead. Idiot.

Staring at her book of spells when she had no idea how to get over the one night with the furry wolf wasn’t going to help her.  All she kept thinking about was how he’d played her body like a musical instrument. All that growling. The passiveness and frickin’ hell, the way he licked her from head to toe wasn’t something she’d soon forget.

She flicked through her book of spells, unsure what to do. She should be working on the perfect kiss spell. Of course the perfect kiss spell was what got her in trouble to begin with.

Her door chimed and she sighed. She left the book on its stand in the middle of the living room to answer the door.

Her cousin stood on the other side. “Hey, Mercy. What’s up? Was I making too much noise?”

She didn’t think she had been, but sometimes when working on spells, she tended to forget and get boisterous. She also did that when getting her freak on, but that was another story.

Mercedes, or Mercy as everyone called her, shook her head and walked in with a covered plate in her hand. “No, you were quiet as a mouse. I just came to drop off some cupcakes.”

“You love me, you really love me.” She grinned, uncovering the plate and taking a bite of a chocolate frosted cupcake.

Mercy grinned. “It’s not so much that I love you, which I do, but for the past week you’ve been so down it has been making me get in the baking mood.”

Mercy, a witch by birth like Liani and her sisters, was an emotional vacuum. She’d channel the emotions into things like cleaning or cooking. And on the occasions she got lucky, she’d channel it all into super hot sex.

“I’m not going to stay long, I only came to drop those off in hopes they’d make you feel better.”

Liani glanced at the second cupcake in her hand. “Where are you going?”

Mercy winked. “I have to go kiss some frogs.”


Mercy picked up one of her own cupcakes and licked off the frosting. “It’s a long story. Let’s just say they’re not really frogs.”

“Alrighty then. I was starting to wonder about you.” Liani sat down on her couch and curled her feet under her. Nothing seemed to help get her out of the funk.

“Why don’t you go back? Find the shifter and tell him that he messed you up for life,” Mercy suggested. “It’s not like you didn’t already break the rules.”

True. She had not only slept with the shifter, she’d allowed him to bite her. Something that was a big no-no for witches of her standing. Shifters were wild and uncontrollable.

Mercy headed back to the front door. Once she got there, she stopped, turned and gave Liani a sad smile. “I’ll come by tomorrow with some pie if you’re still down in the dumps.” 

A few minutes later, Liani couldn’t believe she’d eaten five cupcakes in the blink of an eye. Though she was a big girl, it wasn’t because she ate unhealthy foods. She just had lots of curves in her family. A short, Latina witch with too many curves wasn’t usually the one men sought out, but because of her ability with fire, Liani got a lot of attention.

“Why so sad, little Liani?” Came the voice of her Godmother, Cleopatra.

Liani was getting ready to stand when Cleo made an appearance in her living room. She rushed over and hugged her Godmother. “Check you out, you sexy thang!”

Cleo laughed and patted her shoulder. “How are you doing, darling?”

“Not as good as you? Where are you off to in that?”

Cleo slid a hand down her curvy body and scrunched her nose. “You don’t think it’s too much?”

“You? Dressed as catwoman? That’s never too much!” Liani giggled. “But why are you dressed up?”

Cleo shrugged. “The council is having a costume party.”

“Isn’t it a little late for that? Halloween’s passed.”

Cleo lifted a brow and folded her arms over the low neckline of her leotard, pushing her large breasts up. “Like that matters around here? You know they have these at least once a month.”

True. She flicked a long lock of dark hair over her shoulder and offered Cleo a cupcake. “Wanna wallow in self-pity with me by eating cake?”

“Ah, darling!” Cleo took the cupcake out of her hand and pulled her in for another hug. “Are you not over Seth yet?”

Figured her Godmother would know what was going on with Liani. Her mother was too busy being an elder in the council to care what her daughters did unless they did something to embarrass her. “No. I’m not. He messed me up. Possibly for life.”

“Sex was that good, huh?”

Liani threw herself on the sofa again. “It wasn’t good. It was fucking amazing.”

“That darn furball!”

“Tell me about it. I can’t close my eyes without thinking of him,” she grumbled.

“So go find the shifter and tell him he belongs to you.”

It wasn’t that simple. “I can’t do that.”

“Why the hell not?” Cleo huffed. “I thought he wanted you.”

She scrunched her nose and winced. “He did. He bit me and it was all great until I got out of the sexed up haze and told him what we did was wrong. That I couldn’t be with him.”

“Darling, nothing you do that comes from the heart is wrong.”

Liani shook her head. “You don’t understand. I went there to try the perfect kiss spell. I wasn’t looking to have wild sex with Seth. His pack is known for being dominant males.”

Cleo sat across from her. “Aren’t they also known for being loyal, loving and damn good in bed?”

Yeah, that too. “I panicked. I told him I never wanted to see him again.”

“So? You changed your mind. Go find him. Or do you want another woman to lay claim to your man?”

What? She hadn’t thought of that.  Since she’d rejected him, he could do that. But would he? There was nothing keeping him from finding himself someone who would want him. Her mother had given her a warning when she’d found out about Liani and Seth.

Chapter Two


“Mother said I need to stay away from the shifter. She said she and the council felt it was best that I should keep away from him since I already broke the rules.”

Cleo rolled her gorgeous dark eyes. “Zarai is a stick in the mud. One of these days she’s going to get her own ass in trouble and we’ll see how she likes it.”

Liani snorted. “Wouldn’t that beat all? For mother to hook up with a shifter. I’d pay to see that.”

Cleo cleared her throat. “Well, she’s had her wild days in the past. We all have.”

“Oooh, Cleo! What aren’t you telling me?”

Cleo shook her head. “No. You’re not switching this to me. We’re talking about you and your man.”

“He’s not mine.”

Yes, he was! Her body and brain refused to think otherwise. That gorgeous shifter with those sexy eyes was her man and she had to accept it already. Things were never going to be the same for her again.

Seth was the epitome of growly, sexy and dangerous. The night she’d gone to the bar and decided to try her perfect kiss spell on him, she had been under the influence of her wayward hormones and liquor. And while her sister would argue that made it perfectly acceptable for her to use as an excuse, Liani was a lot more responsible than that. She had never broken the rules. Breaking every single one in a night wasn’t something she had been able to handle once the alcohol had worn off.

“I have to go to that party before I get summoned.” Cleo groaned. “But I will check on you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You will not. Not until you admit you want the shifter and go get him. I know it’s not ideal for you. Especially with your mother, but you have to live your life as you see fit.”

Cleo kissed her and disappeared, leaving Liani thinking about what she should do. It was so simple to say she had to go and find Seth. Seth had been angry when she told him she didn’t want to see him again. He’d promised her she’d come back to him and when she did, she’d be at his mercy.

A hot shudder raced down her spine. The image of his golden eyes popped into her head. His growly voice sounded in her head. “Miss me?”

Goddess, yes. She missed him every damn day since she’d left. She remembered very clearly, his hands hoisting her up and cradling her ass as he carried her to the room up above the bar. His place. Goddess! The way he’d taken her against the wall, on the bed and by the window, uncaring of anyone who watched had tattooed in her brain and would never be forgotten.

Screw it. She had to go find him. But first, she had to make sure she looked tempting enough for him to want to give them another chance.

She showered and stood in the middle of her bedroom, trying to decide on what to wear. All of a sudden, a tiny golden dress showed up on her bed with a note from Cleo.
Get your man, darling. He’ll love you in this. Trust me

She stared at the dress with uncertainty. She was a big girl and she knew it. There was no hiding her curves in anything she wore, but she didn’t make a habit of displaying her body either. Not bothering with perfume due to his sensitive sense of smell, she put on the sexiest pair of panties and bra to go with her dress.

The dress was short, hitting mid-thigh and would definitely show off her ass if she bent over or if a good wind swept through. The neckline was low, giving anyone looking a good view of her breasts. But the golden color went beautifully with the mocha of her skin. She actually felt sexy in it. She slipped on a pair of heels and twirled in front of her full-length mirror.

Her body wasn’t small. Not that she minded. She knew this was who she was and she was more than okay with that. Heck, even Seth had acted as if the many curves on her were the sexiest thing in the world. He didn’t seem to care that she had a belly or large thighs or a wide ass, no. He’d grabbed at her and fondled her and growled telling her how fucking hot she was. It was his words and actions that got her drunk on arousal that night. She’d loved hearing him go on and on about her body. About wanting to keep her for himself and saying she’d always be the one for him.

Chapter Three


The low hum of people talking and spontaneous laughter met her at the entrance to the bar. When she decided to test her perfect kiss spell on Seth, she’d known that the real reason she’d chosen him was because he’d caught her eye from the moment she walked in. Men didn’t normally stare at her as if she were sex on legs. And the way his eyes flashed when she’d smiled at him over the rim of her drink had done all kinds of crazy things to her ability to breathe.

She knew he was in the bar and she was still standing outside the door. There was a connection he’d created between them when he’d bitten her. She should go home and forget all about Seth, but did she? No. Instead, she pushed the bar door open and sauntered in, head held high.

The laughter and talking diminished to soft whispers. She swept her gaze around the bar but didn’t see him. Fuck. She’d sensed he was inside, but where?

She marched to the bar, her gaze locked on the guy behind the counter. One of his pack mates.

“Where is he?”

The bartender lifted a brow and continued filling beer mugs. “Why should I tell you? You left him like he was yesterday’s trash. He doesn’t need someone like you.”

She leaned closer and whispered. “Tell me where he is, or I will make sure the next time you’re with a woman, your boy parts decide to take a nap on you.”

“I’m right here,” came from behind her.

She swung around to face Seth. “Seth.”

He leaned forward, placing his arms to either side of her on the counter and caging her there. “I would appreciate it if you refrained from neutering any of my pack mates, witch.”

She licked her lips and glanced into his bright eyes. The vein on the side of his cheek quivered. She was in deep shit. Funny part was that she didn’t care. In fact, she kind of liked it.

“We need to talk, Seth.” She said, her voice low and unusually husky.

His lips lifted in a sensual grin. “Talk then.”

She glanced around the bar, noticing the number of people outright staring at them with undivided interest. “Somewhere private?”

His golden eyes shone brighter. “Like where, witch? My bed? It didn’t work so well for talking the last time we were there.”

She gulped. Images of them in his bed flittered through her mind raising her temperature. “Seth, I—”

“What?” He leaned in, his face so close she could smell the outdoors on him. He tempted her with his nearness, pushing her to touch him. “I think my customers would like to know why you’re here, Liani.”

“Seth,” said a female voice from across the room, “send her away and come sit with me.”

“Cool it, Belinda. I’m busy right now,” he threw over his shoulder.

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