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Hex And Kisses (2 page)

BOOK: Hex And Kisses

Liani wasn’t a jealous woman. Nope. Never. But she couldn’t say how one minute she glanced over his shoulder, to see who it was that was talking, and the next anger filled her chest to near bursting. All of a sudden, Belinda was screaming that her chair was on fire.

Seth grinned wider. “Jealous much?”

She grabbed him by the arms and moved them from the bar to his room upstairs. He wasted no time in hauling her up against the door, pressing his erection on her belly and rocking into her. He slid a hand up into her hair, gripping the strands and tugging her head back so he could stare deep into her eyes. “Why are you here?”

She moaned at how good he felt so close to her. “I’m sorry.”

He lowered his head and rubbed his nose up her neck to her ear. Her pussy throbbed and her panties turned moist. “What are you sorry for?”

His breath brushed over her skin in a hot caress. He slid his other hand under the skirt of her dress, cruising it up her leg and stopping to slice through the silky panties she’d worn for him.

“I,” she moaned. “I shouldn’t have left the way I did. I freaked out. We’re not supposed to fraternize.”

He sucked on her earlobe and licked her jaw to her lips. “You’re right. So why are you here? You’re going to get in trouble.” He reared his head back but at the same time moved his hand between her legs to cup her mound. “You were clear about not wanting to get into trouble. You follow the rules, witch.”

She inhaled sharply, her body aching with the tension winding in her core. Gripping the shirt, she tugged his head back down to hers. “Fuck the rules.”

She pressed her mouth to his, ignoring the alarms going off inside her telling her to get the hell away from the dangerous shifter. Instead, she yanked at his shirt, the sound of material tearing one she never got tired of. Who knew that ripping his shirt off would be something that turned her on to no end?

He growled into the kiss, swooping in with his tongue and taking charge. Passion flared bright between them. She groaned as his hand moved to her back, lowering the zipper of her dress and pushing it off her body until it was pooling down by her feet in a cloud of gold. The kiss turned wild. He licked and sucked on her lips and tongue. He jerked the bra off, immediately cupping her tit and thumbing her nipple with enough pressure to make her groan. She pushed her pussy into the hand he brought back down between her legs, wanting his fingers inside.

He glanced down at the tattered shirt and chuckled. “I like this side of you, witch. What else can you do?”

She smiled and visualized him naked. His clothes disappeared before he had a chance to blink. She laughed at his surprised. “I like this better.”

He sucked a breath when she grabbed hold of his cock, pumping him in one hand. “Fuck, Liani. You sure about this? I don’t want to hear what a mistake this is later.”

She pressed a kiss on his chest and sighed. He was so warm and smooth. It should be illegal to have a body like his. So big and sexy with all those muscles calling her to touch. “You taste good.”

“Ah, hell. Don’t say that.” He muttered, slicing the other side of her panties off and pulling the torn material off, leaving her bare for his touch.

“You do,” she whispered, kissing his chest again and pressing her breasts further into his hand. “Do that again.”


“Pinch my nipple. I like it when you do that. My pussy gets really wet.”

He cursed under his breath and kissed her hard, bruising her lips with the harshness of their kiss. Then he lowered his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth while pinching the other with his hand. She groaned and wiggled her hips on his digits. He pressed on her clit, fondling her tight little nub. Sparks blasted in her blood.

She clawed at his arms, not thinking about how hard she dug her nails into him. All she knew was that she wanted more. Needed more.

“Please, Seth. Fuck me. Come inside me.”

He let go of her aching nipple and pulled her forward, pressing her body flush on his. She curled a leg around his waist and clung to his shoulder, waiting for him to get the picture. He didn’t waste time. He lifted her up by her ass, squeezing her cheeks and turned her to the bed.

“No,” she whimpered, brushing her lips over his. “The window. I want you to fuck me by the moonlight.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said and sat her down on the large seat in front of the open window. The blinds were drawn up moonlight shone inside the room, lighting up the space.

She spread her legs wide, and leaned back to push her pelvis forward. He curled his arms around her large thighs and pulled her closer to the edge of the seat until her ass was almost off the seat. She watched his body, bathed in moonlight grow taut with tension. His eyes were bright gold as he stared down her naked body. “You are fucking hot, Liani.”

Chapter Four



She bit her lip and waited as he gripped and jerked himself, lubricating his length with the drops gathered at the head of his cock. “Come inside me, Seth. Slide into me and take me.”

He rubbed his cock between her slick folds. Up and down. Mini explosions went off inside her. Fire burned in her blood and her muscles ached from waiting. She dug her nails into his shoulder, raking them up to the back of his neck. Then he was there, shoving his cock into her, deep. With a hard thrust he was inside her, balls deep.

They both groaned at the feeling of his body invading hers. Her pussy clamped tight around his dick. She gasped and moved closer to press her lips to his. They kissed and he drove in and out of her. Her back arched and wind gusted around them.

He pulled back, fucking her harder, deeper with each thrust. “Fuck!”

She glanced down his body. Perspiration coated his skin. Her gaze became stuck on watching his cock drive in and out of her.

“Do you like that, little witch?” he asked, his voice a low rumble. “Like watching my dick slide in to you and come out wet with your scent?”

“Yes. You feel so good inside me. You rub me all over and I feel like any moment I’m going to burst out of my skin.”

He plunged deep and licked around her neck. “I claimed you, little witch.”

She gasped, her pussy fluttering as the beginning of her orgasm took hold. “I know.”

He thumbed her clit, thrumming the little nerve bundle with quick strokes. “You’re staying mine. I’m going to fuck your curvy body forever, Liani.”

Goddess, yes! She wanted that more than her next breath. “Seth, I’m so close!”

“That’s it, baby. I love fucking your tight little cunt.”

“Oh, Seth...”

“Christ!” He growled. “Your pussy sucks my dick in deep. It feels fucking amazing.”

“Please,” she choked out.

He curled a hand around her neck and thumbed her clit faster. Their gazes met and held. The link between them grew with each thrust, with each sigh, with each moan. “I’m going to come inside you. I’m going to watch my cum slide out of you, dripping down your thighs. You’re mine.”

“Oh, oh, oh Seth!” She groaned, clinging to him, digging her nails deep into the back of his neck.

The tension inside her unraveled so fast she was left breathless. A loud scream tore from her throat as her body shook with the strength of her climax. His cock pulsed inside her. His thrust slowed down until he stood stiff between her legs. He roared her name loud and came, filling her with his seed.

He picked her up off the window seat and carried her to the bed, holding her close to his body. She sighed and grinned. This was where she belonged. In his arms. In his bed.

“What changed your mind?” He asked.

She lifted her head up from his chest and met his gaze. The gold in his eyes dimmed and his features turned less feral. “I missed you. I don’t know how or why, but that night we spent together did something to me.”

He lifted a hand to trace a finger over her lips. “It did something to me too, witch. I’ve been sleeping in the park across from your house every night, wanting to be closer to you.”

She gasped. “Really?”

“Yes. I wanted near you, Liani. You’re my mate. Mine. I don’t want to be away from you.”

Her heart pounded hard in her chest. His words soothed the ache and fear she’d been suffering since she’d left him the last time. “I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“And the rules?” He asked, a slow smile lifting his lips.

“Fuck the rules. I’m mated to a shifter. My mother’s just going to have to learn to deal with it.”

He cupped her cheek and brushed his lips over hers. “I like this bad girl side of you.”

She laughed at the dirty way he said it. “There’s more you don’t know.”

“Is that right?” He pulled her to lay on his chest.

“Yes,” she grinned, flipping them over so he lay between her legs. “But right now all I want is for you to bite me again.”

He licked his lips and pressed the tip of his cock into her pussy. “Not before I get to taste you.”

She moaned and spread her legs wide open. “I’m all yours.”

“That you are, witch. You are mine,” he brought his lip down over hers. “I’m keeping you.”

She sighed into the fluttering kisses he placed over her face. “I’m not going anywhere.”





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