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The University of Gatica Series



Lexy Timms


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The Recruiting Trip

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This is Book 3 of a 5 book series

(with more to come!)


High Jumper Jani Felix is on a full ride at the University of Gatica, a Division One NCAA school. She is determined to make NCAAs and enjoy the year with her new roommate, Aileen Nessa, a hurdler from Ohio. What she is trying not to do, is focus on one of the varsity team’s top swimmers, Carter Daily.

When Jani’s grades begin slipping, she keeps it quiet, afraid to ask for help. When her performance results start dropping, she can’t hide from it anymore. She has to make the decision if she’s going to sink or swim.

* This is NOT erotica* It is a new adult & college sport romance.

For mature readers only. There are sexual situations, but no graphic sex.





The Recruiting Trip










Citius, Altius, Fortius





“The heights of great men

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upwards through the night.”

Author Unknown



Chapter 1


“What do you want to do?” Jani asked Aileen. She glanced back at the door to the townhouse where the tall, dark and handsome Carter Daily stood.
Man, he has the bluest blue eyes I’ve ever seen.
Even in the dark she noticed them. She had seen them before; they did have a bit of history, but no one really knew about it. “Do you want me to drive you home?” She kind of hoped Aileen would say she wanted to go back to the party, not hang out at Carter’s house with her.

Jani was deeply, madly in lust with Carter. The boy had about four, maybe five inches on her. Being five foot ten herself, finding someone taller and attractive made quite the challenge. Now she wanted to see what he looked like with his shirt off. She giggled and quickly covered her mouth so Aileen didn’t notice. Carter swam on the varsity team. She had seen him in his little red speedo a couple times last year at swim meets. Now she wanted to see it up close and personal.

“Would you mind?” Aileen stared at the road where a certain particular Mustang had just disappeared down. “I, uh, don’t really feel like going back to the party.”

Jani watched her roommate. Aileen was trying to hide something. The freshman hurdle-spectacular didn’t know how to lie. She was quiet and sweet, with a little firecracker under her. That was why Jani had asked her to move in with her for the school year. She knew they would get along and be great friends. She didn’t regret it.

Until maybe now. Jani shook her head.
That’s not fair. Stop being so horny
. “I probably shouldn’t drive. I’ve had a few drinks. I’ll ask Carter.” She cleared her throat and quietly added, “Do you mind if I don’t stay?” She glanced back at her tall drink of hotness and waved him over.

Aileen’s gaze shifted over to Carter and then back to Jani. She grinned and answered quickly, “Nope. Don’t mind at all.”

Jani hesitated. Aileen was up to something, she could tell
. Probably Tyler.
Aileen had been hanging out all day with Tyler, the school’s superstar football player. They had spent the afternoon together after the track fundraiser. When Jani had tried to get a hold of her after Zach, UofG’s quarterback, got sucker punched by Drew-the-dickhead, pole vaulter on the track team, Aileen hadn’t picked up her phone. Neither had Tyler when Zach texted and messaged him. The two of them had been up to something.
Each other.
Her slightly messed hair couldn’t hide what Aileen was trying to.

Jani pressed her lips together to keep from smiling. She remembered Aileen had told her Tyler had knocked on her window a while back. Maybe he planned on coming by again tonight after he made sure Zach was all right
. It’s probably best I try and stay away. Give them some privacy
. She raked her eyes hungrily over Carter.
I’m pretty sure that can be arranged.
She shoved her hands in her pocket, trying to appear casual. “Hey, Carter? Aileen needs a ride home. I’ve had a couple of drinks and not too sure I should drive. Do you think you could…” she let her voice trail off.

“Sure.” Carter grinned. “You want to head back with her, or you hanging out here with me for a bit?”

Man, his smile’s gotten sexier!
Like James Dean
Jani shrugged, trying to appear like the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. “My car’s parked around the corner. I’m not quite ready to head back, feels like the evening can just get started now. If we drive Aileen back, I can take my car back later.”
Like in the morning.


Carter’s pickup truck sat parked in front of his townhouse condo. While he ran inside to grab his keys, Jani watched his muscular lean body move in his white shirt and black jeans. She leaned close to Aileen. “He’s got a James Dean kind of look, ‘eh?”

Aileen laughed. “I wasn’t looking.” She nudged Jani. “You be good.”

“I always am.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” They walked toward the truck. “So… How'd things go with Tyler? I take it you’re not mad at him anymore?”

Aileen shook her head. “It’s complicated.”

“It doesn’t have to be. Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl.” She was up for keeping it simple with Carter.

“He’s got a lot of pressure with football.”

Aileen looked so disappointed, Jani hated to see her roommate down after getting to spend an entire day with Tyler. “Just think, football’s over in December. Then in January indoor track season starts and you’ll get to see him every day. That’s only two months. Eight weeks.”

Aileen’s face brightened. “That’s true. Time’s flown since I got here in August. It’ll be January in no time.” She hugged Jani as Carter came out of the house and unlocked his truck with his remote. “Thanks, Jani.”

She opened the truck door and crawled in first so she could sit closer to Carter. His arm brushed against hers as he started the engine.

“You still at the same place?”


“Linda there too?”

“Nope. Had a bit of a fiasco last year and we figured it’d be better if she moved out.” She felt Aileen silently snort beside her. Jani playfully elbowed her.

“She seemed kinda crazy.”

Jani rolled her eyes. “When Aileen was on her recruiting trip, Linda got hammered at Tyler’s party and toppled over his front porch. She dislocated her shoulder and I ended up having to take her to the hospital.”

Carter leaned forward to look at Aileen. “On your recruiting trip?”

Aileen laughed. “Then she started hitting on the doctor at the hospital.”

“You’re joking!” Carter exclaimed.

“She’s not. Coach Anderson was pissed. The whole team got in crap.” Jani didn’t add that Coach Maves had pulled her aside and suggested she stay away from Linda. It was affecting her performance on the track and in school. Coach Maves felt Jani was easily influenced by those around her. That was one of the reasons Jani had asked Aileen to move in. She knew Aileen was sweet. Jani was a junior this year and wanted to break the school record she had set as a freshman and possibly win Canadian Nationals this summer. She needed a good influence.

Carter chuckled. “I’m surprised you signed with us, Aileen. Linda’s, uh, crazy.”

Jani leaned against him, enjoying the thrill his body sent through hers. “You’re one to talk.” Last year, Carter had gotten caught smoking pot. How he managed to talk his way out of not getting kicked off the swim team blew her mind.

Carter lived close to the outdoor track. It didn’t take long before he pulled his truck into the driveway attached to the girl’s yellow house.

Aileen hopped out when Carter stopped. “Thanks for the ride.” She slammed the truck door and jogged up to the house without saying goodbye.

Jani and Carter watched her disappear into the house and the porch light switch on. As Carter pulled out of the driveway, he put his arm on the back of the seat, resting it lightly on Jani’s shoulders. “She seems sweet.”

“I wonder if Tyler Jensen thinks the same thing.”

Carter scoffed. “Jani! She’s your roommate!”

“I don’t mean it like that!” She had no intention of moving over to where Aileen had just been sitting. Instead, she snuggled closer to him. “She is super sweet. I love living with her. She’s smart, athletic. Did you know she won World Juniors this summer? She didn’t tell anyone, like she was embarrassed about it. I made World Juniors four years ago and didn’t even get out of qualifying. I told everyone I went!” She laughed and inhaled his musky cologne. It lingered in her nostrils and teased her to smell it again, like an addiction. “You know how Tyler Jensen’s super athlete, but totally grounded and cool?”

Carter shrugged. “I don’t really know him.” He cocked his head slightly. “Have you slept with him?”

“No!” She punched him lightly in the ribs. “I don’t hang with footballers.” She realized he was just teasing her. “Tyler runs track as well. He’s not cocky like most of the football guys.”

“Neither is Zach.” Carter drove into the complex where his townhouse was. By the amount of cars parked everywhere, the track party had to still be going on. “I think Tyler and Zach live in the giant alumni house.”

Jani nodded. “He does.”

A single, dark eyebrow raised on Carter’s forehead as he looked down at her.

She pressed her lips tight together to stop herself from retorted something sassy back at him. “Anyways,” she exaggerated the word, “Tyler and Aileen are similar. Super athletic. You could tell she had a massive crush on him during her recruiting trip. She didn’t say it, but you could tell.” She didn’t add that Aileen had told her that Tyler had showed up at her hotel before she flew home. Jani figured he was one of the main reasons Aileen had signed with the school. Possibly the only reason. However, Aileen hadn’t said anything when school started and it wasn’t until just a short while ago that she admitted to Jani what had happened on her recruiting trip. Tyler wasn’t a player. He was here to pave his way to the NFL. She hoped Aileen wouldn’t be too heartbroken when things didn’t work out between them. She was a freshman and had another three, if not four, more years at school.

Carter parked his truck in front of his townhouse. He turned the ignition off but didn’t get out of the truck. “I’m sure your roommate can handle her crush. If Tyler’s responding to it, then she’s a lucky girl.” He twirled a lock of Jani’s hair between his fingers. He brought his head down so his lips brushed against her ear. “I’m kinda hoping I might get lucky like that.”

His warm breath and soft lips teasing her ear had her arching her neck to give him better access. Did he just say he was crushing on her? Jani’s eyes closed as Carter kissed her neck. She tried to remember what he had just said but couldn’t seem to concentrate. Her brain could only focus on what his lips were doing to her neck.

Her fingers clutched at the hem of her skirt. She had been here before with Carter. They had a physical link which could be set on fire with just a look or a single touch. His lips pressing against the heartbeat in her neck was her undoing. She gasped, not realizing she had been holding her breath.

Hot air rushed against her damp skin as he pulled his head up. He straightened and looked forward, his muscular upper body heaving as his chest sucked in air. Jani watched his strong, lean muscular arms reach out and grip the steering wheel. “What’s the plan, Jani?”

She shifted over slightly so she could turn her body to face him. He was putting the decision in her hands. She could somehow read him like a magazine. If she wanted to hang out and watch a movie, he wouldn’t say no. If she wanted to go straight to his bedroom, he’d follow right behind her. She smiled. She liked the feeling of having this empowerment over him – at least for the moment. The minute his shirt was off, she’d be the one begging him. She played with the hem of her skirt. “Is your roommate home?”

Carter’s blue eyes flashed bright. “Actually, he’s gone home for the weekend. Sister’s getting married or something.”

Jani dragged her teeth over her lower lip. “Then what the heck are we doing sitting in your truck?” She slid over to the passenger side and opened the door. “You coming?” she teased.

BOOK: Higher (The University of Gatica #3)
3.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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