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Chapter Ten


They were married on a crisp and cool morning on the morning of Christmas Eve. The chapel they were married in was decorated with Christmas greenery and her aunt had added some decorations, namely some Christmas Roses as they were a personal favourite of Caroline’s.

She wore a white silk dress with a cherry red cloak to shield her from the cold when they left the Church, and she had donned the same pearl necklace and earrings that her mother had worn as a young bride. Her welsh gold wedding band Edward
gave her warmed her ring finger on her left hand.

Everything was perfect. Her father had relented, wanting to be a part of his daughter’s wedding day. He’d given her away and as they parted, she could see true happiness in his eyes. He seemed a much more carefree man since he’d told Gertrude to mind her manners.

The church bells started to ring merrily as they celebrated their nuptials.

As they left the Church, fat snowflakes started to fall from the sky. Everything was perfect—they had a divine Christmas wedding!

Her husband stopped and whispered in her ear: “No matter how long I live, I will always think of you as my Christmas Nymph. You own my heart, Caroline.”

“I love you, Edward—my Edward.”

They kissed and this time it was more than just a peck. The crowd around them clapped and cheered. After so much heartbreak, her heart had mended and found a new home.

Christmastide had given her the greatest gift of all—it had given her Edward.

And as they settled into their barouche to return to Whitney Park, she heard her mother and brothers laughing merrily, as their voices exclaimed in unison: “Happy Christmas, Caroline!”  

The End.

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BOOK: His Christmas Nymph
6.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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