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He kissed her then. She made a soft mewing sound in surprise, but then her body melted into his as she responded to his kiss. Her lips were soft, supple. When he pulled away, she gasped for air.

For all intents and purposes, she was a virgin. He would treat her accordingly, taking it slow. Erasing her bad memories with new ones—possibly she could help him do the same.

He played with the collar around her neck. “You shall be my pet, nothing more.”

She smiled enthusiastically. “Thank you, Master Leon.”

“Are you sure this is acceptable to you?”

She answered by pressing her head against his chest. “Yes.”

“You must obey me in all things, without question.”

She dropped to the floor and bowed to him. “I will,” she answered with open emotion. “I won’t disappoint you again.”

He realized that the night in the barn must have had a greater impact than he hoped. As long as he did not get overly attached, it would be a good pairing. He had much he could teach her, and she would provide a distraction from the loneliness that consumed him.

It was an agreeable arrangement, as long as he kept the distance between them. Hopefully, given time, he would find her a partner and being his pet, she would be obligated to leave at his command. Also, with boundaries in place, he would be better able to field her questions when she began to notice his oddities, as it was only a matter of time…

Her First Flogging

“Our first session will be light.”

He felt Buchanan tremble at his words.

“Are you ready to begin?”

She looked up at him, her chest rising and falling rapidly. “Yes.”

Ryce led her to the barn, his senses heightened. He was intensely aware of her. This session was not about his needs. This was meant to introduce her to sensuality, to open her mind to the wonders of her female body in a safe and nurturing encounter.

He had her stop in front of his wall of ‘tools’ and turned her around. He lifted her chin and kissed her. Gently at first. She became frozen and unresponsive when he parted her lips with his tongue and began exploring the recesses of her mouth.

He pulled away and asked softly, “Have you never kissed?”

She shook her head and looked away.

“Would you like to try again?”

Buchanan nodded shyly.

“A kiss is an exchange, pet. I explore you as you explore me.”

She turned back to him and tilted her head upwards. His mouth landed on hers again, Buchanan’s lips parting willingly for him this time. His tongue grazed her teeth before he tasted more of her. He retreated and was rewarded with her tongue tentatively entering his mouth.

He let her explore him before grasping the back of her neck and darting in more assertively. She moaned, melting into his arms. He held himself back, teasing her, but not invading. That would come later.

This time when he broke away, she sighed contentedly.

He smiled and brushed back the hair from her eyes. “That was nice.”

“Aye… yes,” she said, blushing a lovely shade of pink.

“I want to show you something,” he said smoothly, taking down the flogger from the wall and holding it out to her.

She stared at it with a mixture of anticipation and fear.

“Feel how soft the leather is,” he instructed, taking her hand and placing it on the tails of the whip.

She played with a strand of leather between her two fingers and smiled up at him. “It is soft, Master Leon.”

He bent down and kissed her again. “From now on, you will simply call me Master, pet.”

She beamed. “Yes, Master.”

He held up the flogger, letting the tails swing lazily in the air. “This can be used in several different ways. As a gentle caress, a stimulator, or as punishment.”

He swung it in a flowing eight pattern, hitting a post nearby so she could see the action. “The slower I swing it, the softer the impact. If I want to provide a little more sensation I increase the speed and flick the wrist.” The tails smacked against the post with a resounding thud. “I am always in control and decide the strength of the contact. It does mean you must trust me.”

, Master L… Master,” she said earnestly.

“Today, this will only caress your body.” He laid the flogger on her shoulder, letting her get used to the idea that it would soon be touching her bare skin. Ryce ran his hands seductively down her back and over her buttocks. She was still too thin, but she’d filled out enough for today’s lesson.

“I want you to hold the flogger while I undress you,” he instructed. He took the flogger from her shoulder and placed the handle in her right hand. It would help her to focus, having to hold the instrument of her imminent pleasure. He slowly undid the ties in the back and lifted the tartan over her head carefully, so she would not drop the flogger.

He lifted off the simple dress next and heard a soft intake of breath as he took in her naked chest. Her breasts were small, the areolas a rosy shade of pink and contracted into tight, hard buds, her body announcing how nervous she was.

“You’re lovely,” he murmured, caressing her shoulders as he kissed her neck lightly.

He moved his lips up to her mouth as his hands moved lower and brushed her taut nipples. She whimpered, so he automatically asked, “Are we fine, pet?”

“Yes, Master.”

He began lightly manipulating her breasts as he continued his attention on her mouth. Ryce heard the flogger hit the wooden floor. He pulled back, hiding his amusement with a frown. “Did I not tell you to hold the flogger?”

She scrambled to pick it up and looked at him anxiously. He took it from her and brushed it off, although the floor was clean. “You must treat my tools with respect.”

“I’m soiry.”

“Sorry,” he corrected.

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“I accept your apology, because I trust it won’t happen again.” He handed it back to her and commanded her to turn away from him. He pulled down her last remaining piece of clothing, leaving her completely exposed. Her ass was tiny, but shapely.

He ran his hand over her buttocks in appreciation, murmuring in her ear, “You are a beauty, my pet. I shall enjoy discovering you.”

Her breath was shallow and quick as his hands traveled from her back to her stomach and then lower. She stood rigid as stone as he lightly brushed her red mound. “I won’t be taking you today, but I will be bringing you pleasure.”

With the pressure off the table, he hoped she would be able to concentrate fully on the sensations he was about to provoke.

He was surprised when she asked meekly, “Don’t you want me?”

His lips traveled to her ear and he whispered, “In the worst way.”

Ryce heard her sigh of relief and he smiled to himself. Before long, he would open Buchanan’s eyes to her feminine potential. The newly found confidence would add another layer of beauty to the girl.

“For now, I want you to give me your wrists.”

She held them out to him and he lifted them over her head and tied them loosely. This first time, given her past experience, he wanted her comfortably bound. He trailed the tails of the flogger over her skin, tickling her with it. “This is your instrument of pleasure, pet. Close your eyes and let the sensations carry you. Experience the flogger’s caress.”

He stepped back and began swinging his arm to start a gentle rhythm. Because of her thin frame, he would only be concentrating on her buttocks this session. He hoped the next time, she would have fattened enough for a more complete experience.

He slapped the right cheek with the tails of the flogger with a resounding thud. She let out a soft, “Oh!” The second swing landed on her left cheek, thudding sweetly.

He backed away and asked, “How did that feel, pet?”

“Verra nice, Master.”

, pet.”

“Very nice, Master.”

“Excellent, I shall continue then, gradually building up. If it becomes too much, you can tell me to stop. Otherwise, I am going to have free rein with you.”

“Please, Master,” she purred.

Buchanan looked alluring standing before him, wrists bound, the leather collar around her neck, and that milky white ass begging for his attention. He let the flogger smack gently against her buttocks, slowly warming the skin up for more pronounced strokes.

Soon satisfying thuds filled the air as he found his rhythm and she found her contentment. She panted as he aroused her with well-executed caresses. Each hit sent shockwaves over her skin, building with intensity as he continued. But he did it imperceptibly, so that she would not be overwhelmed. He wanted her to crave it, to
the harder strokes that he would deny her this first time. It was his teasing, the holding back that would mold her into a pet who longed for his unique attention.

He knew that her pussy was wet, he could smell it. With a mischievous grin he stopped. He saw her tense, but she waited patiently in silence.

“Open your legs wider.”

She spread herself open and he lightly slapped her between the legs with the multiple tails.

“Ohh…” she moaned, her whole body trembling on the rope. He continued the light slapping, knowing it was sending waves of sexual energy to her groin. Many of his women came with that simple contact, but Ryce stopped.

He wanted more intimate contact with her this first time. He left her hanging there as he carefully cleaned the flogger and hung it back up. This next step would be trickier given her past.

Ryce untied Buchanan and looked at her fondly. “You survived your first flogging.”

She blushed and smiled.

“Now I will introduce you to something a little more personal. You will need to keep an open mind.”

“Yes, Master,” she said with conviction.

He picked her up in his arms and carried his naked pet back to the cottage. Eventide nickered behind them. “He needs a mare,” Ryce stated.

Buchanan giggled into his chest. He could feel her nervous tension. As much as she wanted this, she was still afraid. He wondered how she would do.

Ryce laid her down on the bed and then undressed in front of her. Her eyes widened as he pulled off his shirt and exposed his chest to her. He took off his boots next, leaving the kilt for last. It was humorous the way her eyes traveled down to his groin area and then immediately back up to his chest before adventuring back down.

He lay beside her and commanded her to touch him. Her small fingers lightly grazed his chest hair, and trailed down to his stomach, but there she stopped. He took her hand and guided it onto his cock. She gasped and then gently rubbed against it. He wrapped her hand around it tightly and showed her the stroking motion he preferred.

Buchanan looked into his eyes as she played with him.

“Harder, pet.”

She licked her lips as she stroked him with more force. He closed his eyes and gave into the pleasure of it. She had a natural touch that was pleasing, despite her lack of experience. He groaned, knowing that it would moisten her already juicy sex.

Keeping his eyes closed, he let his hand wander between her legs to confirm his suspicion. She whimpered and stopped her hand motion when his finger made contact with her womanhood. “Keep playing with me, pet.”

He opened his eyes slightly and saw her swallow hard before she started up again. His hand traveled back up to her face and he stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Open your legs to me.”

She hesitated for a moment before spreading her thighs for him. Complete faith and compliance… exactly what he was looking for from her. “Trust me, pet. This will please you.”

He repositioned his head between her legs. She stared at him, openmouthed, as his tongue came in contact with her sex. She tried to struggle out of his reach, but he held her firm.

“Stay,” he commanded, before treating himself to her taste. He lost himself as he swirled his tongue over her swollen lips and teased her. Tasting a woman allowed him entrance to another facet of her. It was intimate on a primal and exquisite level.

Ryce looked up and asked, “Enjoyable?”

She simply bit her lip and nodded.

“Good. I’m going to touch you the same way I touched Avril,” he growled as he went down on her again. He felt her tense and then relax as he explored the moistness of her inner lips with his fingers. With gentle prodding, he pushed his finger inside her as he sucked on her erect nodule. The distraction of his mouth helped her to accept his exploration without resistance. He knew exactly where he was headed.

“That’s my good pet,” Ryce encouraged as his finger sought deeper access into her warm, velvety depths and found the spongy protuberance he was searching for. She breathed in sharply when he touched it. “Let your Master please you.”

BOOK: His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages
3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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