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medic.” He carefully gathered her into his arms and stood with her cradled tenderly against his chest.

“Sam, put me dow—” Her demand was cut off by his kiss.

“Don’t argue with your man. I’m carrying you. You’re getting checked over by a medic. Even if

you’re merely bruised, your wound needs to be cleaned and bandaged.”

Her Marine’s temper was on shaky ground. Time to humor him and let him care for her.

“Okay, luv.” She snuggled her head on his shoulder. “Can I get something to drink? Taking out

arseholes is thirsty work.”

“A drink coming right up.” He rubbed his cheek over her hair. He blew out a choppy breath.

“God… I thought I was going to lose you, Dawn. When I saw Benrabi on top of you … I was more scared

than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“I was fine, luv. I was worried about you and the guys heading into a trap. I had to do something.”

Dawn touched Sam’s face and tipped his chin so she could look him in his eyes. She winced at the fear

that lingered in his beautiful grey eyes. She traced the grim line of his lips with the tip of a very dirty

finger. He kissed it.

“You were more than fine, sweetheart.” Sam nibbled her finger. “You were a fucking Amazon

warrior.”“Amazon, luv? I might need to grow a foot or two to meet that description.”

“My Amazon warrior.” He sucked her finger into his mouth.

“Sam… my finger’s dirty. Don’t kiss it,” she scolded.

He let her finger slip from his mouth and husked, “I don’t fucking care. I want to strip you down

and then touch and kiss every inch of you, but I’ll wait until you’ve been cleared by a doctor. Until then,

your finger”—he kissed it again—“your lips”—he kissed her mouth—“your face”—he peppered kisses

over her face—“are all mine.”

Sam tucked her head on his shoulder. “Little warrior, I said it earlier and it’s worth repeating…

I’m so damn proud of what you did tonight. So honored you’re my woman. But the next time we go

into battle, we’re sticking to each other like glue, that way I won’t get five years scared off my life.”

“Luv, did you mean what you said earlier?” She raised her head and held his gleaming silver

gaze with hers.

“What’s that, baby?” he asked.

“Are you quitting the CIA and coming to work for Ren?” She held her breath. It was what she

wanted, but she’d never force him to leave the CIA if he wanted to stay.

“Yeah. I meant it. If Ren will have me, and he’s hinted he would. You okay with that?”

“Yes.” She brushed a kiss over his lips. “Very okay.” She teased him with another light kiss.

Sam stopped walking toward the medic’s van and opened his mouth. She took the invitation

and kissed him more fully, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He returned the kiss, eating at her mouth

gently, showing her his love, his need for her.

Dawn pulled away and placed little kisses along his jaw line. “I love you, Sam Crocker. And when

you go all Neanderthal on me, I’ll forgive you since I know you’re protecting me because you love me.

Just as I’ll protect you, because I love you. We Amazon warriors don’t let anyone mess with our men.”

“Fuck me, I’m so lucky.” He looked at her, a twisted grin on his face and an expression in his eyes

that made her heart melt and her eyes tear. “I love you, Dawn Wilson, my little cat, my little warrior.

You’re gonna marry me—soon—and I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure you never walk into

trouble alone again.”

Dawn cradled his face between her palms and whispered against his lips. “Such a good partner

you are, Sam Crocker, my Marine.”


Later that night, Ren and Keely’s rental

Sam sat with Dawn cuddled on his lap on a couch in the great room. The patio doors were

open and the early morning breeze off the ocean felt good. Ren, Keely and Conn were also present.

The five of them had just finished eating a late night or early morning, depending on how you looked

at it, meal. The gals had thrown the food together after the Dutch military, the Aruban police, and the

Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Aruban base had left after a short debriefing.

No one had been to sleep yet. But Sam doubted any of them would have been able to sleep.

The adrenaline had yet to wear off for any of them.

Keely sitting on Ren’s lap was telling Sam and Dawn about what had gone on in the house while

Sam had gone after Dawn. “So, when Ren spotted MacLean on the video feed, he turned to me and


“I did not growl.” Ren idly played with his wife’s blonde curls.

“Yes, you did,” Keely insisted.

“Ah, Ren, you did,” Conn said, his lips twisted into a grin.

Ren glared at Conn. “Whose side are you on?”

“Keely’s—‘cause you growled,” Conn said. “Well, it might have been a snarl. Same difference.”

Keely shot Conn a grin. “Thanks, Conn. Anywho —where in the frick-fracking hell did I leave

off?” She frowned at her husband who laughed and kissed the tip of her scrunched nose.

Sam laughed then prompted, “Ren saw MacLean on the feed and he growled at you.”

“Oh, yeah.” Keely gave Sam’s a thumbs up. “I’m so tired I don’t know why I’m still awake.” She

yawned then laid her head on her husband’s shoulder. “Anywho. Ren told me forcefully to stay put.

Said that he and Conn could handle the frick-fracking riff-raff. Well, he used other words, most of them

some form of the f-word or another, but you get the idea.”

Dawn giggled. Sam kissed the top of her head which was nestled on his chest. She was a sweet,

warm armful and he was a lucky bastard.

“So, did you stay put?” Dawn asked.

“No, she did not,” snarled Ren. “She waited a few minutes and followed us.”

“And it was a good thing she did,” Conn said. He looked over at him and Dawn. “She saved me

a serious injury by taking out a guy who’d come up on my back while I was occupied with another

fucker.” He sent a Keely a grateful look.

Ren kissed his wife’s forehead and cuddled her more tightly against his body. “Yeah, she can be

useful.” Keely pinched his forearm. “Okay, you’re a great asset, though I could’ve done without all your

shouted encouragement while I beat on MacLean.”

“Hey, I was doing some shouting of my own, Ren,” Conn said. “That had to be one of the best

beat-downs I’ve seen in a long while—well, for a Navy man.”

Sam laughed and winked at Conn. “Yeah, Dawn and I came in on the end of that fight. Shit,

boss, you could’ve made the cut in my and Conn’s Marine spec ops unit.”

Ren growled and threw a couch pillow at Sam who protected Dawn from getting hit by batting

it away.“Sorry, Dawn,” Ren said. “Wasn’t trying to hit you. Just that jarhead you’re using as a chair.”

Dawn giggled like a little kid. Sam couldn’t resist stealing a kiss and absorbing the joy coming

from her into his very soul.

After the kiss, Dawn laid her head back on his chest and turned toward the others who had

been silent and highly interested observers. “So, what’s going to happen with MacLean and Benrabi?”

She yawned. “Keely and I were slaving over a hot microwave while you men were talking to the


“MacLean is in the brig on one of the U.S. Naval ships until the DIA can send someone to take

him back to the States where he’ll be held until he’s tried as a traitor. He’ll never see the light of day

again,” Ren said.

“Don’t you Yanks still have the death penalty for traitors?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah. He’s gonna die eventually,” Sam said, a lot of satisfaction in his voice.

“And Benrabi?” Dawn shivered and Sam rubbed her back, soothing her.

“The Dutch have him in custody while several countries are fighting over extraditing him,” Ren

said. “We can link him to Daesh, or ISIS as it is more commonly known. He’s wanted for some terrorist

acts he was the architect of. He may be going to France. But the United States is also trying to connect

him to the explosion on a naval base in Texas. Keely’s making that case for Homeland Security.”

Keely glowered. “Benrabi’s going down, and he’ll do it in the United States or my name isn’t

Keely Walsh-Maddox.”

“My father can help. I’m sure MI6 has intel you can use,” Dawn offered. She looked up at Sam.

“We can ask him personally when Sam and I fly to England so he can meet my parents.”

we get married first,” Sam said. “I’m not taking any chances he won’t accept me as a


“Sam-m-m,” Dawn drawled.

“Marriage first. Parents after.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I don’t want to wait.”

Ren coughed and Keely shushed him. Conn just smiled. Sam didn’t care that he sounded

impatient, but if Dawn wasn’t on board, well—

“Oh all right, but—” Dawn caressed the side of his face. “Let’s try marriage first. Honeymoon,

second. Then meet my parents.”

“Deal. What a good partner you are,” he said against her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” She teased the seam of his mouth with the tip of her tongue.

“Impossible,” Sam murmured. “But I’m open to being convinced.”

~The End~

About the Author

A Hoosier born and raised, Monette still lives in the heartland near Indianapolis, Indiana. Married to her

college sweetheart and soul mate, she has one son.

After many years of practicing law, Monette found that all the clients, opposing counsel, and the problems

she handled ignited the need to write fiction. So she started writing – first, romantic suspense/thrillers,

then adding a touch of paranormal and scifi and, eventually, a sexier side (as Rae Morgan).

Monette (and Rae) loves to hear from her fans. E-mail her at:

[email protected]

Visit her at:





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BOOK: Hot as Hell
7.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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