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“Don’t flatter yourself,” Avery grumbled.

Ken turned around and leaned on the shower wall as Avery used the same cloth to wash his body. Tempted to help, Ken resisted and enjoyed the show. His attraction was impossible to deny so he didn’t try to stop his erection. Half-concealing it under the guise of washing, he moved into the water as Avery did.

“Really? You’ll take any dick you can get?” Avery turned around.

Soap-free, he opened the shower door and stepped out. Ken pouted and did a final rinse before he turned off the water and joined his ex. “Don’t like my body anymore?”

“That’s not it.” Avery towel-dried quickly and helped Ken with his back and good arm. Ken bent over and patted himself, taking his time. When he straightened, Avery slid the sling on Ken’s bad arm.

“You’d make a good nurse,” Ken teased.

Avery shook his head. “You’re a piece of work.”

Ken turned and rubbed his ass along Avery’s cock. “You’re too good. Strong willed. I think we deserve it. For old time’s sake.”

“You think you’re doing me a big favor?” Avery pushed Ken to face the sink.

Bracing himself with his good hand, Ken bent over and smiled at his reflection in the mirror then glanced up at Avery’s gorgeous body. He wanted it! Ken wanted to kiss his sexy ex badly, but that’d never fly. It might break the sexual haze.

Avery opened a drawer, and Ken closed his eyes. There was no one else he trusted like Avery. No other lover measured up. It wasn’t just the size of his cock. Avery took his time and drove Ken crazy. The cool sensation of the lube made it real for Ken as Avery worked it over and inside Ken’s ass. It’d been so long.

While Ken relaxed his ass, his cock ached. “Don’t go slow.”

“Don’t tell me how to fuck you,” Avery said in Ken’s ear.

Moaning, Ken loved how safe he felt with this man. Avery slid on protection, and Ken licked his lips in anticipation. The long cock slid between his cheeks, and Ken held still. His lover was a tease. Finally, Avery slid slowly inside Ken’s body.

“No smart-ass remark now?” Avery leaned his chest to Ken’s back and wrapped one arm around his chest.

“Fuck me. It’s been so long.” Ken forced himself to look in the mirror.

Avery’s other hand grasped Ken’s cock. “Don’t rush it, then.”

Ken’s knees almost gave in as Avery jerked his cock. “I won’t last.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’ll enjoy it.” Avery gave Ken every inch and made sure he felt it.

Wiggling his hips, Ken backed up slightly to be sure he had it all. Avery pinched Ken’s nipples, one and then the other. His insides quivered as Avery pulled out then filled Ken’s body again. The exquisite game repeated faster as Avery worked Ken’s cock.

Lost in a haze of passion, Ken thrust into Avery’s hand. “Please, harder.”

Avery changed tactics drastically and pounded Ken’s ass while working his cock like a teenager jerking off before he’d get caught.

“Like it?” Avery nipped then kissed Ken’s neck.

Ken rocked his hips back. “God, yes. I can’t…”

Ken’s release built so fast he gasped and shook. If his arm weren’t tight in a sling, he’d have hurt himself bracing on the sink more. But Avery had him. Ken leaned back and felt the security of Avery’s hard body. Avery jerked Ken’s cock until he came in a shudder. The raw relief hit him, but the throbbing cock up his ass promised more fun.

Avery pulled Ken back harder on that big dick. The pleasure changed, but Ken didn’t fight for a second. He relaxed as much as he could to let Avery have his way. He loved how Avery varied the angle, hitting the sweet spots then tormenting him with a change. Faster then so much slower, Avery fucked as if it were a dance. He always went for the big finish. Ken wanted to scream.

“You like it?” Avery asked.

“Yes. Come! Come for me,” Ken said.

Avery licked up Ken’s neck as he pressed deep and used short quick thrusts. Ken groaned, and Avery tensed. Grunting, Avery held Ken tight as he climaxed. Ken felt the change in his lover’s body. Avery had great control, and Ken appreciated it. Some men would want more of a display or a kinkier approach. Somehow, Avery was always Ken’s standard of a real lover. The best.

Craning his neck, Ken kissed Avery’s mouth and hoped he’d return it. Avery tugged on Ken’s nipple and slid his tongue into Ken’s mouth. Ken wanted to turn around, but he liked the full feeling and the kissing.

In a second, things changed. Avery eased out of Ken’s body and dumped the protection in the garbage can. He stepped away and wiped his mouth. “Don’t tempt me, Ken.”

Avery left the bathroom, and Ken stared at himself in the mirror. All he wanted to do was tempt Avery, but if they crossed too many old lines, it could ruin everything. He’d tried in the past but always stopped short of destroying their connection.

* * * *

“You really should’ve stayed home and rested,” Avery said as they walked in the club.

“I could’ve driven myself if you’d have taken me to get my car. We’ll get it on the way back. I need to get to rehearsal.” Ken walked straight backstage as Avery headed for the bar.

“Fine but you’re staying with me until you can get your pants on and open the pill bottle alone,” Avery called after him.

Bev walked out from her office and strolled to the bar. “Rough night?”

“He insisted on coming in to oversee rehearsal.” Avery was early so he had plenty of time to prep his side of things. He sat and poured himself a soda. “Want something.”

“No, I’m good. He’s staying with you without complaint?” she asked

“He doesn’t have a choice, but he does complain. He’s right handed so he’s having trouble doing a lot of basic things with only his left hand. Dressing himself, showering, and I don’t want to think about him trying to cook one handed.” Avery sipped his drink.

“Ken doesn’t cook.” She laughed.

Avery waved dismissively in the direction of the rehearsal room. “I know, but you know what I mean. He’ll light a candle and set his place on fire. I told him to rest today. He slept like the dead last night.”

“Helped him in the shower?” she asked.

“Don’t start. That’s why you left him with me. I don’t want him slipping and hurting himself worse. He’ll heal if he takes it easy. At least, he’s taking the pain pills. I wish they’d given me some.” Avery didn’t want the temptation lying next to him in bed night after night.

“So you two showered together?” Bev tapped her long, fake nails along the black lacquer bar.

“We used to date. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked. Hell, I still see him naked nightly.” Avery nodded toward the stage.

“Okay. Well, you’re a good friend. He’ll appreciate it when he’s recovered. Is he okay on the pain meds?” she asked.

“Seems to be. I’ll swing by on the way home and let him drive his car so I’m not driving him around like a damn chauffeur.” Avery drank his soda as if there were rum in it.

“If this is stirring up old stuff between you two, you can leave him at my place.” Bev sighed. “I can put off going up to Reno until next week. He should be okay by then.”

Avery felt bad making her change her plans when he’d just screwed his ex-boyfriend up against the sink and loved it. They weren’t talking about it, but the chemistry said it all. It shouldn’t happen again, but Avery wanted it. Maybe, they’d be fuck buddies until they died and that’d be enough.

“Avery, did Ken make you crazy already?” Bev asked.

“Yes and no. He’ll be fine at my place. Don’t change your plans. He needs a little help and to take it easy. The guy is stubborn, but he won’t go on stage until he’s back up to par. Maybe, someday he’ll stop stripping.” Avery wished more than believed it’d happen.

“I know. If I push the issue, he’ll throw a fit. He’s in great shape and dances well. I could use him managing the club when I’m traveling. I’m looking at a club in San Fran.” She went around the bar and poured herself a glass of wine.

“Maybe, if you tell him you need him as a manager, he’d actually think about it. Especially if there was a raise involved.” Avery saw some light at the end of the tunnel.

“But if I make the offer for him to manage the club and he refuses then I’ll have to hire someone or he’ll think it was a pity job. One day, he’ll be ready and want that job, but I can’t fire someone to give the job to him. I’ve put it off trying to get him to take it. He takes over when I’m gone. Both of you step up and manage things when I’m away. You always were a good team. Maybe, you two will finally get back together,” she said with a smile.

“Don’t get your hopes up. After all this time, that’s a wild idea.” Avery hated to lie, but he couldn’t tell her they’d screwed around.

“You’re both still single. You date, and he hooks up with random man candy, but you both end up single again. Every new dancer who pays attention asks if you two are a couple. The bickering is the unavoidable sexual tension.” Bev smiled as she swirled the wine in her glass.

“If there were any chance in hell of Ken and me getting back together, he’d have to want me more than all the man candy out there. He’d need to think I’m the hottest guy in the world and not be looking to trade up. You said it. He’s a dreamer and I’m real…not a fantasy.” Avery was okay with his imperfections and Ken’s, but both of them had to be on the same page or a relationship couldn’t work

“Maybe, this fall will help him see he’s not some magically perfect man who deserves a dream lover. Reality is better.” Bev grinned. “I know I sell a fantasy, but I swear Ken’s the only one who totally drank the Kool-Aid.”

When she talked about Ken like that it, Avery had to suppress a twinge of defensiveness. The dreamer who enjoyed life on a different level had been a fun boyfriend until Avery hadn’t lived up to the dream. “He needs a dose of reality, but he’ll never be practical.”

“That’s why we love him.” Bev finished her wine then set the glass in the bin for washing. “As a friend. We love him as a friend.”

“Exactly. Don’t worry, I’ll handle him. Go back to whatever you need to do. We’ll handle the club while you’re in Reno and San Fran. When you’re ready to get him to manage here, I’ll support you.” Avery refilled his soda.

“I know you will. If anyone can help prod him, it’s you.” She grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to her office.


Chapter Three




One day at work and he was worn out. Ken had insisted on showering alone today, and now, carefully stepped out of the shower. With his left hand, he grabbed the towel and blotted over his body. When he tried to move his right arm, it ached. He had to take his pain pill, but he hated how tired it made him feel.

Maybe, he should’ve stayed home and rested yesterday. Or maybe, he shouldn’t have screwed around with Avery. Either way, the day before had taken its toll, and his sleep had been restless. He hated lying flat on his back, but it was the only position that didn’t hurt.

Finally mostly dry, Ken grabbed a pair of boxers and stepped into them. He tugged them up his legs, but his right arm bumped the shower door.

“Fuck! Damn it,” Ken cursed.

“You okay?” Avery called.

“Yeah. I gotta do it myself.” Ken paused in the struggle and leaned on the sink. He wiped the steam from the mirror and looked at himself.

He still saw the young, hot guy who planned to take the world by storm. A dancing star of Broadway or Hollywood. Men and women would adore him…

His life was nothing like that. Not that he hated his life, but he was a perfectionist. It was all or nothing, and he’d never measure up now.

Trying again, he managed to get the boxers all the way up and over his hips. There were more pieces of clothing, but did he really need them? He ran a comb through his hair and decided that was good enough. Avery didn’t care what he looked like. They’d seen each other naked enough times that it didn’t change things, but Avery’s body had held up well and the boxers wouldn’t hide any reaction Ken had to that smug smart ass.

He jumped when there was a tap on the door. “Did you fall in?”

“No, just takes longer to do stuff.” Ken grabbed the sling then opened the door.

“Asking for help isn’t a crime.” Avery took the sling and helped Ken into it. “Casual day at home sounds good. I’m off.”

“I’m supposed to work.” Ken had time before going to Big D’s. It wasn’t even noon yet.

“You can’t dance with that thing on. The guys can rehearse on their own for a few days. Bev is still in town today.” Avery headed to the kitchen. “Breakfast? I’ve got fresh bagels.”

“I don’t need a carb explosion when I’m not dancing.” Ken frowned.

“It won’t kill you to take a day off. Eat junk and watch TV. You’re not a trophy husband.” Avery smirked as he dropped a bagel in the toaster. “Cream cheese?”

Ken shrugged. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“You think I’m enjoying taking care of you? Working together, being friends and coworkers all these years is one thing. We’d found a balance. Trust with a bit of distance. Weird but it worked. Now, you’re nearly naked in my house. Apparently, the chemistry isn’t totally dead between us, yet you think you’re going to be on the next episode of Glee or something. No carbs.” Avery laughed.

“Staying in shape isn’t a crime.” Ken poured himself coffee. It was getting easier using his left hand.

“No, but you can be fit and not strut around like a prince. The truth is we’ll all need help at some point. You’re not getting younger, and you don’t have a rich boyfriend to pay for servants or nurses.” Avery smeared cream cheese on the bagels.

“I can take care of myself. I’m getting better. A couple days and I’ll be back to normal.” Ken sat at the table. “Thank you for the help.”

Avery set the bagels down and sat across from Ken. “That’s better. Now, try taking a day off to rest. You don’t need to drive to the club just to watch things. The bar is covered, and there isn’t any big issue going on. We can order a pizza.”

Ken ate and stared at Avery as he checked his messages on his smart phone. On one hand, a day off sounded relaxing. But being alone all day with Avery? “What will we do?”

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