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How to Build a Fire: And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew

BOOK: How to Build a Fire: And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew
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Bried, Erin.
How to build a fire : and other handy things your grandfather knew /
Erin Bried.
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Title Page
Meet the Grandfathers
1 • Pioneering
Grow Up:
How to plant a tree
Aim True:
How to split firewood
Stay Warm:
How to build a fire
Stay Afloat:
How to paddle a canoe
Get Hooked:
How to catch a freshwater fish
Get Roped:
How to tie a bowline knot
Know Your Kingdom:
How to read animal tracks
2 • Fixing
Get Screwed:
How to assemble a good tool kit
Get Hammered:
How to drive a nail
Make Room:
How to hang drywall
Make Your Mark:
How to paint a room
Get Naked:
How to Strip Wooden Furniture
Tidy Up:
How to clean your house
Tame Your Turf:
How to mow a lawn
Roll Out:
How to change a flat tire
Get Greasy:
How to change the oil
Talk Shop:
How to communicate with a mechanic
Hit the Road:
How to pack a car
3 • Leading
Soldier On:
How to be brave
Bring Home the Bacon:
How to support your family
Switch Hats:
How to leave work at work
Dry Tears:
How to comfort a loved one
Do the Right Thing:
How to be a role model
Be Critical:
How to think about politics
Keep Safe:
How to protect your home
Cope Well:
How to handle bad news
Pull Yourself Up:
How to bounce back after failure
Give Everything:
How to work hard
4 • Prospering
Power Up:
How to buy a suit
Earn More:
How to get a raise
Pocket Cash:
How to save money
Work Well:
How to navigate office politics
Command a Room:
How to give a speech
Aim High:
How to set goals
Go Places:
How to buy a car
Find Shelter:
How to buy a house
Set Your Terms:
How to negotiate a better deal
Keep Your Shirt:
How to make a friendly wager
5 • Thriving
Get Smooth:
How to get the perfect shave
Go Grizzly:
How to grow a beard
Curl Up:
How to wax a mustache
Look Trim:
How to get a haircut
Drive ’em Wild:
How to wear cologne
Be Proud:
How to find self-confidence
Stay Cool:
How to control your temper
Do It:
How to find self-discipline
6 • Bonding
Get a Grip:
How to shake hands
Meet Up:
How to introduce people
Pal Around:
How to be a good friend
Jump In:
How to join a pickup game
Circle Up:
How to ask for help
Stay Mum:
How to know when to keep quiet
Say Sorry:
How to apologize
Lead the Pack:
How to teach your dog to sit and stay
7 • Playing
Tee Up:
How to drive a golf ball
Go Long:
How to throw a perfect spiral
Grease Palms:
How to break in a baseball mitt
Sink It:
How to shoot a free throw
Stick It:
How to shoot pool
Make Aces:
How to hit a tennis serve
Play Fair:
How to be a good sport
Cheer On:
How to be a good fan
Make a Splash:
How to do a backflip
Control Your Balls:
How to play bocce
8 • Dressing
Be Dapper:
How to tie four tie knots
Mind the Details:
How to wear cuff links
Top It Off:
How to wear a hat
Look Sharp:
How to dress for a date
Clean Up:
How to do laundry
Go to Press:
How to iron a shirt
Thread the Needle:
How to sew a button
Put Your Best Foot Forward:
How to shine shoes
9 • Loving
Channel Romeo:
How to write a love letter
Go Courting:
How to plan a date
Win Hearts:
How to buy flowers
Be a Gentleman:
How to be chivalrous
Find the One:
How to know when to take the plunge
Make Love Last:
How to kindle romance
Rockabye Baby:
How to hold a newborn
Scoop Poop:
How to change a diaper
Tuck In:
How to banish monsters under the bed
10 • Cooking
Be Butch:
How to buy meat
Get Fired Up:
How to grill a steak
Smoke It:
How to make beef jerky
Head the Table:
How to carve a roasted bird
Live Strong:
How to eat healthy
Meet Joe:
How to make a good cup of coffee
Pump Iron:
How to season a cast-iron skillet
Give Sweet Rewards:
How to make ice cream
Pour a Draft:
How to make root beer
11 • Hosting
Celebrate Good Times:
How to throw a party
Mix It Up:
How to tend bar
Clink Glasses:
How to make a toast
Come Again:
How to be a gracious guest
Get Laughs:
How to tell a clean joke
Blow Hard:
How to play the harmonica
Puff Up:
How to smoke a pipe
Spot It:
How to play draw dominoes
Take the Lead:
How to gently guide your dance partner (without saying a word)
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BOOK: How to Build a Fire: And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew
6.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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