How to Howl at the Moon

BOOK: How to Howl at the Moon
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hanks to my beta readers
Jay Northcote, RJ Scott
, Jamie Fessenden,
Nico Sels
.  Your
comments helped make this a better book and I’m grateful!

As always, thanks to my husband
and best friend Robert. When I said ‘
?’ he said ‘dogs!’
and he was right. Thanks, hon, for making a dog lover of me and for being my co-par
ent to Lola, Lucy, and Livy,
three bulldogs whose personalities helped me write this book.

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Eli Easton

Before I Wake

Blame it on the Mistletoe

Unwrapping Hank


For “Unwrapping Hank”

“Queen of the sexual tension, she makes us wait for the love scenes

. When the sex arrives it’s always hot and deliciously satisfying and in my opinion all t
he more sizzling for the delay.

Sinfully Sexy Book Review

“Easton masters effective and persuasive writing, her style natural and smooth. Dialogue is realistic, the story doesn’t linger inside people’s heads for too long, and the narrative grabs you until you find yourself turning pages, unwilling to stop until the very last line.”

Joyfully Jay

“I love Eli Easton’s books and this one is just the right book to sit with the Christmas tree and lose yourself in
. F
unny, endearing, happy, loving
and it left me smiling like an idiot.”

RJ Scott

For “
The Mating of Michael

, Rainbow Award
Winner for Best Contemporary Gay Romance 2014

“Hot, sexy, and emotional…. DAMN, Eli Easton just NAILED this one and she nailed it HARD!!”

My Fiction Nook

“I couldn’t put this story down. The characters were richly developed, and the story was well thought out and enjoyable.”

Swept Away By Romance

“The story just plucks at every darn heart string and leaves you with a huge smile on your face, after you’ve gotten done crying, of course.”
The Kimichan Experience

For “
Blame it on the Mistletoe”, M/M Goodreads Group award winner

“I got hooked on the story and could not keep that goofy smile off my face.
” –
Head Out of the Oven Blog

You go to work and when your boss asks how your four day holiday weekend was you open your Nook and show her this cover and tell her you read the BEST, the CUTEST, the SWEETEST, the most ADORABLE story and if you can stop giggling and get the damn “It’s Cheese!” grin off your face you tell, no insist that she read this book…NOW!!!”
The Risque Readhead Reads

“This is a wonderful little gem of a holiday story. I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with these beautiful boys.”


“The genuine fondness, admiration, and eventually love that these two feel for each other really jump off the page. I was hooked from beginning to end”

Mrs. Condit and Friends






Published by
Pinkerton Road

Pennsylvania, USA

First edition, Feb, 2015

[email protected]


How to Howl at the Moon

© 2015 Eli Easton

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by Angsty G,
© 2015
Eli Easton

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Suspicious Smells


’ you, the woman was a paragon! A saint! An angel come to Earth!” The old bulldog’s cheeks quivered with emotion. The sadness in his big brown eyes was nearly irresistible. “She fed me for ten years, handed me the choicest morsels from her own plate!”

Sheriff Lance Beaufort grounded his feet more firmly on the floor beneath the diner’s table, calling upon his patience. “I’m sure she was a wonderful woman.”

Gus blinked bleary eyes at him. “Oh, she was! I slept at the foot of her bed every night. We were never apart, except a few times a week when her daughter would take her to church, and even then she always brought me home something special to make up for it. A box of fresh peanut butter treats, perhaps. Or a slice of cake from the church potluck.”

“I know it’s a terrible loss,” Lance said.

He did know, intellectually. But he didn’t really understand. He’d never bonded with a human himself, and certainly he’d never had to survive the death of someone he was bonded to. He signaled Daisy for more coffee, ready to move the conversation along. Normally his mother transitioned the new arrivals, but she’d had a birthing to attend this morning.

“Now, Gus, we need to talk about your situation here in Mad Creek.”

“But I don’t know what to do! I never had to work a day in my life. Mother always took
care of me. And now there’s… there’s rent. And food! I should hate to starve.”

BOOK: How to Howl at the Moon
7.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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