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How to Save a Life

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How to Save a Life
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4 years ago

Little did I know, that one single, solitary phone call would change the course of my entire life, alter my outlook on the world, and how I perceived things. I wanted to disengage myself from everyday mundane activities to just wallow in my self-infused misery. To let the guilt consume me.

Why did it have to happen?

The day started off as any other normal Monday morning. I was awoken by the tiny little human that thought it was hilarious to act like a monkey and climb up on the end of her mother’s and my bed. The light from the hallway filtered in as she shoved open the bedroom door, and I heard the patter of her feet as she ran across the floor. I could just picture her placing her little size eight foot on the first spindle of our footboard and hoisting herself onto the mattress, then having to push her mass of curly ringlets out of her face with her pudgy, little hand. Giggles ensued as she crawled up in between my wife’s and my resting, prone form. I had to feign sleep, because if she didn’t get to do this next part, it would result in tears. But not just any tears, alligator tears, the ones that could turn on and off like a switch, it was just better not to deal with an enormous meltdown.

Inching her way up towards my face, I waited for when she would take those little hands, smash my cheeks together and smack a big sloppy good morning kiss on my lips, and then a massive tickle fight would take place. It was our morning routine, one that she looked forward to every morning. Ok in all seriousness, I did as well. She thought it was the best thing being able to wake up daddy in the mornings.

Right before she got to the best part, Erin, my wife had to spoil our fun. “Hannah would you stop it already?" she screamed at our precious three year old daughter, which had her halting in place.

Throwing the blankets off of my body, I sat up in bed to at least get my good morning hug from my little princess.

Grasping her tightly in my embrace, I gave her a kiss atop of her strawberry blonde hair, a color she inherited from her mother. Those beautiful baby blues looked up at me with unshed tears gathering in the creases of her eyes. “It’s ok princess. Why don’t you go potty and put your clothes on that we picked out last night, yeah?" I said lightly, trying to diffuse the situation, and get her mind off of it before the meltdown occurred. She smiled so brightly, it revealed the little gap in between her baby teeth and shook her head up and down.

I helped her off the bed, and she ran off to get dressed and ready for school. Scrubbing my fingers in my unkempt hair, I turned to look at my wife, who had turned on her side away from me and obviously went back to sleep. I sighed wondering if and when things would ever get better between the two of us. We were high school sweethearts, but I’ve felt us drift apart for quite some time now.

I normally took Hannah to preschool on my way to work, but today it would be different. I had to go into work early to open up my father’s mechanic shop, since he had to take my ma to a doctor’s appointment, first thing this morning.

I was the head mechanic for Jameson Auto, owned by my father Michael Jameson Sr. so it was my responsibility to step up to the plate. Jameson Auto was the most reputable auto mechanic in Wentzville, a suburb just outside of St. Louis.

I enjoyed working with my father, some people didn’t have the luxury of saying that. But my parents were amazing people, and I honestly couldn’t see working anywhere else. Erin wasn’t too thrilled being married to an auto mechanic, but when it was in your blood and you enjoyed doing it, you went with it. I began tinkering with cars at an extremely young age, taking apart my bicycles and putting them back together again.

When I was sixteen, my father bought me basically a shell of a 1966 Ford Mustang; you thought I’d hit the lottery. I was ecstatic to be able to build my first car from the ground up. Dad and I would spend our weekends rummaging through the salvage yards, looking for parts to use for my car. It fascinated me how mechanical things worked, so it was also a learning experience as well as bonding between father and son. We continuously worked on it until it was in prime condition, well for a totally restored muscle car. It was painted a cherry red, and you could see your reflection in the hood whenever she was freshly washed and waxed. I was going to keep that car forever, until it ran to the ground, then I would rebuild it all over again.

I was able to keep my Mustang for six glorious years, until I heard the words, ‘I’m pregnant.’ I sold my old favorite girl so I could be a daddy to my new favorite princess. I still miss that car to this day, but it was a sacrifice that I didn’t resent or regret making. I would always make sure Hannah had the world, she would always come first to anything and anyone, including Erin.

After having Hannah, Erin suffered major depression. At first it was just a mild case of postpartum depression, but within a few weeks it escalated to full blown and out of control. Things would get better whenever she took her medicine, but when she didn’t, I often came home to a messy house and Hannah screaming her head off while in her swing, or forgotten food on the stove. It took me threatening divorce and taking Hannah away for her to finally get help and stick to her medication regimen.

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