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She’s got a nice little cooze.” Gritty’s fingers—she knew it was him, his voice was on the other side of her—were short and stubby, just as she imagined he was, and probably his little dick, too. They probed between her pussy lips, searching.

No tits, though.” Smooth grabbed them again, twisting, pulling so hard she could feel instant bruises forming. “Might as well cut the damned things off and start over.” Gritty laughed, a dark snort and chortle, his fingers still probing between her thighs.

What do you think, girlie?” The heat of his body felt huge beside her, overpowering, and she felt more than heard a gentle
beside her cheek. “Wanna just lose the baby tits and start over again?”

She felt a scream rising from her throat as he scraped the blade-end of a knife gently over her cheek, back and forth, and fought hard against it. There was no one to hear her, she knew, and screaming would just give them what they wanted. She held as still as she could as he drew the knife’s edge over her skin, petting her with it, as if he were trying to shave off the soft, downy peach fuzz covering her flesh. When he reached her breasts, he stopped, and Lindsey held her breath, trembling, willing herself not to panic.

“Answer me.” His voice remained calm—deadly calm, that same smooth tone.

Please.” Lindsey moaned and tried to make her chest concave as the tip of the knife pressed between them. She felt something wet running down her belly and it was a moment before she realized it was her own blood. Panic rose again, long before she felt the burning pain at the site of the knife-tip grazing her skin, and she knew she was losing it. “I don’t know you! I just want to go home, now, okay? I need to… I have to go home and sleep now.”

Smooth’s chuckle was as smooth as his voice.
“You can sleep all you want, sweetheart… when I’m done with you.”

I need to go to the moon.

The voice in her head was already distant and she looked up, as if she weren't blindfolded, searching for a glimpse of it through the blackness. She knew the moon would just be rising, and in her mind's eye, she focused there, feeling herself going, going
… gone.

Daddy, I fell down.

Her little girl self was cowering somewhere, but she didn’t show it. Inside, she was filled with those hitching, uncontrollable sobs, and she saw her father’s face, his eyes soft with concern, kissing her to knee to try and make it better. She was afraid of the medicine, afraid of the band-aid, afraid of the pain.

Close your eyes and go to the moon, Lindsey, like we do at night before you go to sleep
, and it won’t hurt so much.

she did. She pulled back, away from herself, floating somewhere above it all. And she could see them, somehow she could see it all, the looming shadows moving around her as she strained against the ropes, strung up and helpless. She wanted to scream, but she knew no one would come. No one would believe her. No one ever did. There was no one to protect her and there never would be. There was nothing to do except float, somewhere above it all, watching as they beat her, and when she didn’t respond to that, tearing the limbs from branches and using those to bloody her back and legs.

Shit, man, what’s wrong with her?” Gritty smacked her hard across the face, rocking her head back, but Lindsey didn’t make a sound. She was far above it, a roar like the sound of the F-16s flying overhead filling her ears, the pain just a dream.

Is she dead?” That was Brian’s voice, shaking, scared. Lindsey wanted to call to him, tell him it was okay, she was okay, but words wouldn’t form in her swollen mouth.

Get her down.” Smooth sounded disgusted, very unsatisfied.

The ropes stopped holding her and she collapsed into the dirt like a child’s doll. There was a voice in her head, forming words, just one:
Run! Run! Run!
But her body wouldn’t cooperate. In her mind, she was running, sprinting down the path, over logs, ignoring the sting of branches against her face, but still she could see herself, limbs bloody and folded beneath her in the dirt as the shadows loomed again.

Okay, kid, saddle up.”

What?” Brian’s voice was still shaking and Lindsey wanted to comfort him, but she still couldn’t move.

You heard me! Get on that bitch and ride her!”


Lindsey didn’t know what was happening, but gentle hands turned her, the dirt incredibly cool and even soothing against her stinging back and behind. She felt herself coming back into her body and she fought it, but couldn’t.

Brian’s voice trembled in her ear as he leaned over her, fumbling with the buckle on his jeans. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… ”

Something flopped between her legs, and she realized he was trying to jam himself into her soft.

“What’s the matter with you, fuckhead?” Smooth snorted. “Can’t get a fucking hard-on?”


It’s okay.” Lindsey reached down and found him, limp and wilting in her hand, and she began to stroke him. Her touch was practiced, expert, her thumb rubbing the sensitive glans as she whispered into Brian’s ear all the things she knew men loved to hear.

That’s it, baby. I want that hard dick in my wet little cunt. I’m so hot for you. Feel that wet pussy? You want to sink your cock in that hot little hole?”

Ohhh fuck.” Brian shook his head, denying it, but his cock was hardening in her hand.

She really
like it!” Gritty’s voice was too close—he was on the ground beside her—and she shrank from the sound.

Brian whispered,
“Lindsey, I’m so sorry… ”

Come on,” she whispered back, aiming his now-full erection between her legs. “Fuck me. Give them a good show.”

Yeah, that’s it… ” Smooth’s voice was almost a whisper, too, somewhere over her. She could imagine him licking his lips, rubbing his crotch while he watched, getting ready to get it out to stroke it to the live porn show in front of him. “Fuck that cunt!”

She tried to block them out, but she was back in her body now, feeling the length of Brian’s cock moving in her, the gentle grunting, his breath coming faster against her ear. The weight of him reminded her how broken she felt, but the pain was, at least, something to concentrate on, and she wondered how bad it really was.

“Suck this, you little whore!” It was Gritty’s voice, and she had been right about his short, fat dick. He shoved it between her bruised and swollen lips, and she opened more from self-protection than anything else, letting him slide it back toward her throat. It wasn’t long enough to choke her, and for that she was grateful.

Get up on your knees, kid,” Smooth directed. “I wanna watch those baby titties bounce.”

Brian shifted his weight, and Lindsey would have sighed in relief if she hadn’t had a cock pumping in and out of her mouth. She didn’t like how exposed and vulnerable she felt, though, without Brian on top of her, and it wasn’t long before Smooth was pinching her nipples and twisting her flesh in his fingers, making her cry out around the thrust of the determined dick in her mouth.

“Ahhh, god,” Brian moaned between her thighs, his hips pumping faster. Her blindfold had slipped, and she could see him beneath it, his face screwed up, lips pursed, and if she didn’t know it was in pleasure, she might have thought he was in great pain. She also glimpsed her clothes beside her, a flash of white and red, and she closed her fist over them while he fucked her, waiting for it to be over.

Yeah! Yeah!” Smooth was getting all excited, slapping her tits, pinching her nipples, making her squirm in the dirt. “Make a mess, kid. Come all over the little slut!” Then came the distinctive feel of a hand shuttling up and down the length of a cock against her tits, and since there was one in her mouth and another in her pussy, she knew this dick must belong to Smooth. He groaned and thrust over her, never letting up in his torture to her breasts. “Uh! Uh! Oh, yeah! Like this, kid! Ohhh yeah! Drown her little baby tits in it!”

Brian moaned and slid out from between her legs, letting loose with hot jets of cum that splashed in wet trails over her belly and cunt. The sight of both of them coming at once must have been too much for Gritty, who began to come in Lindsey’s mouth. She spit it out, gagging, and he groaned, aiming his short, spurting cock toward her belly and tits along with the rest of them, covering her with their cum.

I thought you wanted to fuck her,” Brian panted, still sounding so genuinely confused that Lindsey didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I wouldn’t fuck that shit if you paid me a million dollars.” The knee in her side made her gasp, and the pain was so incredible she wondered if he’d broken her rib.

Still, Lindsey knew there wasn’t much time. Their cocks were wet and growing limp, and this might be her only chance before the real meanness beg
an. And she knew it was coming—it was just a matter of time. The feel of the clothes balled in her fist, the little short shorts and tube top, is what got her moving. Brian was fumbling with his jeans between her legs and she rolled to her side—toward Gritty, not Smooth—and bolted.

Fuck!” Smooth hadn’t expected her to be so fast, she knew from the surprise in his voice, but she was, in spite of the pain, incredibly quick. She pulled the blindfold off, throwing it behind her as she ran down the path. Her lungs ached and the ground bit at her feet, but she didn’t pay any attention. They were behind her, coming for her, and she had to keep going.

Going somewhere, hot stuff?” He grabbed her hair, yanking it hard and stopping her short. Gritty panted up behind him, and Lindsey turned her face up toward them both, on her knees now, panting with her effort to get away.

Smooth was just as smooth as she’d imagined, older, his tanned, lined face twisted into a sneer. His hair was bleach blonde and spiked, though, not the dark she’d imagined, and he looked strangely like he was wearing a halo as she stared up at him. Gritty bent over, panting, hands resting on his knobby, hairy knees. His pants were completely off, and his belly hung almost low enough to hide his softening dick.

“Not done with you, yet.” Smooth had his jeans on, but they were still undone, and he brought her face toward his crotch, rubbing it there, the teeth of his zipper raking her lips, making her wince.

I saw you both.” It was all she said before she brought her head down and then up hard into his crotch, thanking god for all those years of learning how to head-butt a soccer ball. Smooth went down in a hissing, writhing heap, and she was gone again, off running, finally, for real this time and not in her mind, her body finally cooperating.

She didn’t stop until she reached the edge of the path, glancing behind her to make sure they weren’t following. Then she pulled her clothes quickly on, although she knew they didn’t cover the mess she was. Thank god it was nearly dark, now, and she limped home as the moon started to rise, an orange blaze over her shoulder.

She didn’t make a garden stop to change back into her regular clothes. Instead, she tried to sneak quietly up the back stairs to her room. Her mother’s car was gone, but her stepfather’s was in the driveway, and that meant she would have to be extra careful.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she shut her door behind her and leaned against it, closing her eyes. Everything hurt—it even hurt to breathe—but she was home, safe in her own room. That, at least—

“You little slut.”

Lindsey’s eyes flew open at the sound of his voice. Her stepfather was sitting on her bed, and the sight of her journals open in a heap around him made her stomach sink to her knees. They had been hidden in the wall, behind a loose piece of paneling. She thought they would never find them

If your mother saw these, you know what would happen.”

If she could have taken a step back, she would have, but the door was solid behind her, barring the way. He was coming for her, towering over her, and she shrank down into a ball on the floor, covering her head with her arms.

“We’re going to burn them.” He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up, and Lindsey flashed back to the woods and fought the urge to scream. “And you are never… ” He shook her, holding her shoulders now, his fingers digging into the tender, broken flesh of her back. “… ever,
going to do something like that again!”

Something inside of her broke open, spilling out in hot waves as she stared at him.
“What? What did I do?”

He shook her, his face inches from hers, teeth clenched so tightly it was hard to understand him through the sneer.
“You know just what you did, you teasing little whore!”

It wasn’t me!” Lindsey shook her head, incredulous. “It was you!

You asked for it.” He dropped his hands from her and went over to the bed and started throwing her journals into a box. He was going to burn them, as if he could rid himself of her and everything that had happened, sweep it away and pretend it never existed.

BOOK: Hussy
10.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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