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Immortal Awakening

An Immortal Heart Novel



Magen McMinimy


© 2014 by Magen McMinimy

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Like with all my books, I have to thank my fans and my family, this series has taken off and I have you all to thank for it. The support you all provide is pivotal and makes me a better writer and inspires me to keep writing about these characters.

Edited by: Chelsea Brimer via
Cynthia Shepp Editing

Cover by: Rene of
Phycel Design



Sometimes, a single choice can bring Hell to your door.

The consequences of Makyle’s decisions have reached beyond the Underworld to touch the one woman he’s always vowed to protect. With just a drop of his blood, Samira has found herself linked to the Immortal Ruler. When Makyle starts haunting her dreams and the physical manifestation of his torture reaches out to nearly cripple her, she calls the only person she believes can help—Uriah.

Once in the Light Lands, Samira finds herself thrust into the lives of the warriors as they gear up to save one of their own. However, a trip to the Underworld brings unseen danger as Samira’s past comes to light, the Dark Fae seize opportunities to further their agenda, and the remaining Immortal Four look to take back what is theirs.

Follow the warriors as they fight for family, love, and loyalty in the fifth installment of the Immortal Heart Series.



Time froze as she was pulled from her lamp. The cozy, warm comfort of the gold walls and plush, purple silk of her home were replaced with the dark landscape of the Underworld. The imposing black castle of the Immortal Rulers stood proud before her.

“What do you wish, Master?” Samira asked. Her chin was dipped in a sign of respect she didn’t feel for the caster before her. Kadar would have been attractive if not for the pure evil that radiated through his dark gaze. He was weak by Fae standards—his magic was fueled only by her power. It was because of her he was able to breech not only limbo, but also the domain of the Immortal Four.

She could still hear Kadar’s laugh—the cool, sinister sound of a maniacal man about to make a very stupid decision.

“I want the Underworld,” he shouted. “And I wish for you to get it for me.”

“Master?” she questioned, not sure she truly understood what he was demanding of her.

“You will take out the brothers, and you will obtain my seat as ruler of the Underworld or die trying.”

Samira’s gaze shifted to the massive castle, then back to Kadar. His deep, chocolate eyes glimmered with a crazed hunger for power as his shaggy, black hair whipped in the warm breeze that flowed through the realm.

“As you wish, Master.”

“That’s a bad plan.” A deep, arrogant voice sounded from above as one of the Immortal Rulers came to land near them.

Samira’s eyes widened as she whipped around to take in the Ruler before her. His massive, armored, dark, titanium-colored wings folded, and the tips disappeared behind his thickly muscled thighs. Her gaze raked the god before her. His muscled arms folded over his broad, chiseled chest, and his diamond eyes were narrowed on her. She couldn’t deny that he was both gorgeous and terrifying at the same time.

“Kadar,” Makyle drew out the caster’s name almost as if reprimanding a child, “you weren’t on our list for some time, and then just a few hours ago, you popped to the top. That must have been when you decided on this ridiculous plan.”

Samira’s gaze drifted between the two men. It was clear that if Kadar took on the Ruler, he would lose… as would she.

Kadar sneered. “I have a genie on my side.”

Samira felt herself shrink as Makyle’s gaze landed on her.

“I see. And you expect that she will defeat me and my brothers after me?”

Kadar laughed; it was the sound of a crazy man. “What are you waiting for, slave? Show him his death.”

Samira dipped her chin and stepped towards the man she knew would take her soul. A quick blink of her eyes and a thin, but deadly, gilded sword appeared in her hand. With a flick of her wrist, she weaved the gleaming tip through the air.

“It’s an unfair life you live, genie,” Makyle noted as he conjured his own sword.

It was unfair; she had always known that. It was why she spent most of her life hiding her true Fae blood. As she stopped in her forward advance, she took one last look at the magnificent man before her. She would die at the hands of a god, and all she hoped was that he would find a place in the high levels of his domain for her. He would rid her of her magic. It was all that had defined her over the past thirty years, and while she reveled in the magnificence of it, she would give it away for her freedom. For an afterlife where she would no longer bend to the will of a madman.

With her body relaxed and fluid, she took the first strike. Metal clashed with metal as she fought to carry out the final wish she would be called upon to fulfill.




Chapter One


Samira sat with her knees pulled to her chest. Uriah had deposited her into a room he called The Hole. Her eyes drifted over the bachelor pad of a living room. It was the first time she’d been in the Light Castle, and it was nothing like she had expected. It was lived-in and full of life. It had been dark when they stepped through the portal, but she felt the call of her home world—the brush of magic and life that was everything Fae.

She’d heard that the world had been frozen for nearly a year—ten months or something. She didn’t know any of the details, and truly, they didn’t matter. What mattered right now was severing the tie between her and Makyle. The damn Immortal Ruler was ruining her freaking life.

She sighed; she was such a bitch sometimes. Makyle was right, though she would never admit it to the arrogant Ruler. That didn’t change the fact that when he said hate was a poisonous emotion, he had been so very right. Unfortunately, she felt few other emotions over the past years. She hated the loss of her magic; she hated the loss of her true freedom; and she hated Makyle for taking it from her. Samira had prayed for death, and he had denied her  it.

Memories flooded her consciousness. The details would never fade. The way his sword pierced her flesh and the intensity when their eyes locked while she struggled for her final breath. The diamond glow of his irises as his consciousness merged with hers, and he lived each and every cruel wish she had been forced to grant. She felt his judgment upon her, and she had no doubt that her soul would find its final resting place in the mid-levels of the Underworld. Samira had smiled. It didn’t matter to her where she ended up as long as she was given freedom from her master.

However Makyle hesitated, and as he pulled the sword from her flesh and caught her falling body in his strong arms, she knew something different awaited her. His hand pressed against the gaping wound above her breast, and his lips fell to her neck where his teeth pierced her skin and he drained her of the magic that had led her to him. The wound closed as he deposited her on the ground and made quick work of Kadar.

Another Ruler appeared next to him, taking the glowing ball that was Kadar’s black soul. That’s where it all became a little hazy for her. She woke in the human realm with Makyle standing warily over her.

“You must be Samira?”

Samira’s gaze lifted, and the memories faded as she gazed at the very pretty, dark-haired beauty, who watched her intently. “I am… and you are?”

The woman strode forward and extended her hand.

Samira smiled softly as she took it in hers and shook it. Her head tilted as she studied the woman. “Was the handshake for my sake, since I’m basically human now, or is it simply habit for you?”

“A bit of both. I’m Isabelle, but everyone calls me Izzy.”

“Ah, I see the resemblance. You’re Marie’s sister.”

Izzy smiled. “She should be down shortly; Makiah is a bit fussy. But seeing as how you know something about Makyle, I was feeling less than patient. You know where he is?”

Samira’s golden eyes narrowed slightly. She knew that Izzy had some sort of connection to Makyle. The problem was, she was here for them to help her sever the link that had formed. She wasn’t here to help stage some sort of insane rescue. Samira knew he was in his brothers’ domain, and there was no way in hell she was going to be dragged back there to fight them for Makyle. While she held resentment and anger towards the Immortal Ruler, she had accepted what her life was. The human world wasn’t all bad.

“He is in his domain,” she answered evasively. “That’s not why I called Uriah. I need his help severing the tie between Makyle and myself. I have no desire to feel anything from him.”

Izzy cocked a brow. “I see. So, you don’t plan on helping me find him?”

“He is in the lower levels of the Underworld. He knew there would repercussions for stealing the child.”

“And still he chose to do what was right. I spoke with Uriah. I know Makyle is being tortured as we speak, and for some reason he is linked to you. Now, let me be clear when I say that Makyle is my family, and I won’t leave him to rot.”

Samira smirked, and Izzy felt a rush of ire.

“What happens to Makyle is none of my concern.”

Izzy grinned, and her blue eyes sparked with an eerie glow.

“Sweetheart,” Bain warned, as he stepped into the room to see the two women in a death stare.

Izzy hesitated before looking to the gorgeous blond-haired warrior who was everything to her.

Bain shook his head as he approached, and laid his palms on her shoulders. “I know you’re worried, but your magic is overflowing, and threatening someone you want help from isn’t going to convince them.”

Izzy tilted her head at him, the softness of her features pleading and tugging at his heart. “I wasn’t going to threaten her. You should know me better than that, Bain.”

He smiled and dropped his lips to hers, kissing her briefly before whispering, “I know that when it comes to your family, there are few lines you won’t cross.”

Izzy sighed and looked back to the pretty redhead who seemed to be studying them cautiously.

“I wouldn’t hurt you, but I will let you know that in this Palace we are all family, and Makyle has been welcomed among us. There is little
won’t do to help him. If you don’t want to go on a rescue mission, that’s your call. However, if you want our help, you will tell me everything you know that will help me save him.”

Samira’s gaze drifted between the warrior and the feisty woman. “Bain is obviously your mate, so what is Makyle to you?”

“He’s my mentor… he’s like a father to me, and I want to save him as he has done for me on more than one occasion.”

Samira looked back to Bain, who peered at her with narrowed eyes.

She chuckled. “Yes, I know who you all are. Don’t worry about why I know your names. I also know that you are Royal.”

“Was,” Bain corrected.

Samira dipped her chin. “Even the Fae who reside in the Human World were saddened by your sister’s death. I am sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you. It should help you to understand why this situation weighs heavily on us all. We want to see Makyle safe.”

Samira sighed. “I understand that, but there is nothing you can do to help him. Only the blood of the Immortal Four can breach the Underworld.”

Uriah entered with Makiah in his arms and Marie at his side. Marie rushed forward and wrapped her arms around Samira. “Are you okay?”

BOOK: Immortal Awakening: Immortal Heart
13.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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