It's Hell To Choose (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 9)

BOOK: It's Hell To Choose (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 9)
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Authors Notes

What? You are reading AFTER the credits?


To Stephen Russell

May you recuperate

quickly and

not lose

your mind as you

get better!


IT’S HELL TO CHOOSE - The Kurtherian Gambit 09


Bree Buras

Tom Dickerson

Dorene Johnson

Lisa Mitchell

Heather Paul

Scott Paul

Diane Velasquez


Kat Lind

Thank you to the following Special Consultants


Jeff Morris - Asst Professor Cyber-Warfare

Stephen Russell - Ideas & Suggestions

This book is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Sometimes both.

Copyright (c) 2016 Michael T. Anderle

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(June/July 2016)


Paris, France


“If they don’t stop aiming cameras at me, I’m not going to be responsible for the damages.” Bethany Anne murmured to Michael under her breath.


The two of them were walking along Avenue de Champs-Elysees after taking a stroll through Bethany Anne’s Mecca - the Christian Louboutin St Honore’ store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore’.
They were standing in the line waiting to enter the store like everyone else when a couple of those waiting realized who she was. A couple of covert phone camera pictures had occurred and then the social sphere got busy.
A couple of camera ‘journalists’ from the gossip magazines came in and started taking pictures, some annoyingly so.


Michael noticed that a few were taking shots from an incredible distance using very long telephoto lenses. He pulled out his phone and quickly typed a note to Tabitha and put it away.


He would have a report from her within the next few hours he suspected, certainly by tomorrow. If there was something to hack and delete, he felt comfortable it would be gone.


If not, he would know more.


Within a few minutes, the manager of the store came around the corner and up to the two of them. He discreetly tried to ask Bethany Anne to step ahead of everyone and come inside.


She absolutely refused, which frustrated the stores manager. Finally, security got involved and explained to Bethany Anne she was causing a small security issue with the traffic and unexpected paparazzi taking pictures outside on the sidewalk.


Waving the manager closer, she pursed her lips and whispered into his ear. The manager nodded once and then walked away to disappear into the store for a minute.


Michael smiled to himself as he continued his visual scan. Eric and John were each half a block away, also keeping their eyes out, but knew that Michael would die before allowing anyone to get to Bethany Anne.


That was good enough for them.


A moment later, the manager stepped out of the store and started handing unique cards that were each signed by him to every one of the people in the line at that time. He bypassed Bethany Anne and continued down the line. When he came back up, he nodded to Bethany Anne and the two were taken inside.


Once this step was accomplished, the manager stepped back outside and explained to each of the customers these cards were good for the purchase of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. This was in appreciation for allowing Bethany Anne to step ahead of them, or they could surrender the cards for a $3,000 gift to three charities that focused on helping the families of those hurt or killed in the recent terrorist attacks.


Michael didn’t need any special abilities to hear the raucous cheering going on when those in line found out they held a card for a pair of shoes in their hands.


He watched Bethany Anne, and the only reaction she had was a slight blushing and ducking of her head.


He knew at that moment that not only was she the right pick to help clean up the UnknownWorld, but she was also the right woman for him.


If he could just woo her.

Seattle, Washington - USA


“Are you telling me,” a gruff voice shouted from the phone, “that we have unexplainable tech that can lift stuff up to the moon and God only knows what else and you brains over in R&D can’t even tell me HOW!”


The five men flinched when they heard the slam of a hand on a desk erupt from the conference room speaker.


He continued berating them, “I just had an awful, no let me change that, a scathing conversation with a senior senator in charge of military appropriations. It becomes a pretty one-sided conversation when the CEO of a company the size of ours is not only caught unawares of new technology, but our radar emplacements and security satellites can’t even spot the son-of-a-bitches!”


“But sir!” Jeovanni “Jeo” Deteusche spoke out, “How are we supposed to detect a revolutionary new drive system or even detect these containers when they have a coating on them that reduces their radar signature to something the size…” Jeo had been ignoring his bosses’ vigorous head shaking. Having been with the company for a little over a year, Jeo was fed up with the politics, the bullshit R&D priorities, and the snide comments from people who had been ‘in’ the system for over a decade.


This company, he had decided, wasn’t about protecting his country. It was about fleecing the people of the country out of their money in taxes to keep the conglomerate going. They used the constant threat of the Russians or Chinese coming up with new technology in order to maintain the influx of hand-over-fist budget money.


Jeo could imagine just how upset the senator had been when he had figured out, that despite the ludicrous amount of funding, their tech was officially second-class.


By a large margin.


Jeo had been sitting in this room with these other four scientists for the last half hour and had been fuming. He hadn’t wanted to go into defense in the first place, but R&D positions in his areas of interest in advanced metals use and theoretical metal production in low gravity weren't something that enticed too many companies.


Unfortunately, that meant that he had only a few job options despite coming out of one of the highest rated engineering universities. He could have stayed in academia and moved up the professorial track, but he wanted to apply the technology. Not just develop the concepts, sell the licensing, and move on.


He wanted to be a part of a team that was building the next stage of space exploration.


Two minutes ago, before he started what he knew would be his last conversation as an employee of this company, he placed a small little phrase on his Twitter account. One that wasn’t directly connected to him, so he had no idea how they had figured it out.


He shrugged mentally; it wasn’t his to wonder why, but to just type out the twelve characters and then start the last ‘hoorah!’ he would accomplish as a member of the R&D team. He looked at his social account and smiled at the little phrase. It only said:





“Penn, do we have room up there for a few more containers?” a voice asked Michael Penn from the wall, catching his attention.


Penn looked over at the monitor where he saw Bobcat looking at him.
A grinning William and Marcus were peering over Bobcat’s shoulder into the video camera from over 200,000 miles away.


Damn. He was doomed. There could only be one reason those three individuals were grinning at him like three Cheshire Cats from their lair back on earth.


They were about to set him up.


Penn took a moment to compose his thoughts and finally replied, “Is it too late to resign?”
Their raucous laughter and glee traveled through the etheric link and out his speakers, echoing down the length of his container and clearly audible to everyone in the next container.


Coach stuck his head through the opening, and the movement caught Penn’s attention. When he looked over, Coach asked, “What shit are we about to receive?”, then finished his question with a grin. Penn noticed that ReaLea and Bree had their heads stuck out from behind Coach and were also smiling.


Penn rolled his eyes and turned back to Bobcat on screen, “I take that is a no?”


“Well,” Bobcat replied, “I suppose I could ask Coach to grab your items from your cubicle and show you the door?”


Penn heard the snickers from his team. Penn grumped, “Damned difficult to walk back to Earth, you arse!” Bobcat smiled at him. “So, lay it on me. How many are we talking?” Penn asked.


“Oh, only about ten,” Bobcat started, and Penn felt his tension begin to release slightly, “… to the second power,” Bobcat finally finished.


Even the Coach’s crew didn’t have a comment to that. “You want us,” Penn pointed to himself and the offscreen group, “to pull together a hundred new containers up here?” Penn was trying to sound calm and collected and NOT allow the squeak into his voice that was threatening to call his manhood into question.


Bobcat looked over his shoulder as Marcus piped in, “I was for sending up a hundred and thirty, but the General wants thirty for a base in Australia.” Bobcat nodded his agreement as he turned back to the screen.

BOOK: It's Hell To Choose (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 9)
6.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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