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BOOK: Ivy and the Cop (Power Play)
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“To protect and serve,” she murmured, shivering at his touch. He’d always had that affect on her.

“That’s all I ever wanted to do.” He sighed, but didn’t let go of her hand. “So how’s school?”

“Good. I’ve got a four-point in my major. Although organic chemistry is kicking my ass.” She made a face, not wanting to think about going back to
the University of Michigan in the fall. She’d have her nursing degree after just one more grueling year of school. “How’s policing? Get to shoot any bad guys?”

“Good.” He smiled, that wry, half-smile, so very familiar. God she loved his smile.
“I’m a rookie cop in a small town. Not too many bad guys to worry about. A few cats stuck in trees. Lots of paperwork mostly.”

“And occasional escaped convicts,” she reminded him.

“Ha. Once in a lifetime sort of thing, I’m sure.”

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in uniform,” she mused, reaching out to touch the cold metal of his badge glinting in the light from the dash. It wasn’t quite true—she’d seen him once the first summer she’d been back, standing outside of Tim Horton’s like a stereotype come to life, his thumbs hooked in his belt, talking to old Mrs. Connor, and the pain that had jabbed her chest had been so great, she refused to go into town for the rest of her vacation.

“Oh yeah?”

“It’s… kind of sexy,” she admitted, following the crisp, clean lines of his uniform collar with her finger.

?” He raised his eyebrows in surprise as she reached the top button of his uniform shirt, finding the first dark curls of chest hair. “I thought you didn’t like the idea of me being on the force. I mean, isn’t that why we…”

“Well, yeah, in reali
ty.” She shrugged, feeling heat creeping into her cheeks. “But in fantasy…”

he prompted as she stroked a fingernail lightly over his bobbing Adam’s apple.

What would you do if I tried to grab your…” Ivy’s other hand moved slowly toward Patrick’s side. “…gun?”

He grabbed both of her hands in his,
the look on his face serious, encircling her wrists. “Arrest you.”

“Would you handcuff me?”
She teased, twisting her hands, but he held her fast, an exciting prospect.

His eyes narrowed as she struggled.

Ivy leaned in closer, close enough to feel the heat of his body, smell his distinctly masculine scent. Then she got closer still, putting her lips to the shell of his ear, whispering,
“Would you bend me over the hood? Rough me up a little?”

His response was
a very hoarse, “Yes.”

“Officer Paxton
, is that a gun in your pocket or…”

He kissed her with surprising, sudden force, his mouth opening hers, not asking, demanding, forcing her to give him her tongue, his grip on her wrists tightening as the kiss grew deeper. Ivy couldn’t help herself. She melted into him, let him grab her and pull her over the gearshift like a rag doll, trapping her between him and the steering wheel, two impossibly hard, unforgiving, unrelenting objects.

“Patrick,” she gasped, finding herself unable to breathe. “I… wait…”

Cool summer air flowed over her as he shoved open the driver’s side door, dragging her with him
, carrying her like an afterthought, and before she knew it they were on the hood of the cruiser with all the room in the world, Ivy sitting on the edge, Patrick leaning into their desperate kiss, his big hands all over her, everywhere at once.

There was no question about what either of them wanted, what was going to happen out there on that dark, dirt road. Ivy wrapped her legs around his waist like
she always had, her hand slipping behind his neck, forcing him to slant his mouth across hers, tongues probing deeply. But Patrick wasn’t about to let her have the upper hand. He grabbed her ass in his hands, pulling her in tight between his thighs, teasing her with a preview of the thick length of his cock, hard as steel in his uniform trousers, before turning her over on the hood.

“Patrick!” she protested, but he either didn’t hear her or ignored her plea. She had regretted her fashion choice earlier in the evening, but she was grateful for it now as he lifted her skirt up and yanked her panties down, giving him easy access.

“You like cops now, huh?” he asked, grabbing both her arms and twisting them behind her back. She yelped in surprise, although it didn’t really hurt. “You got a little fantasy about getting fucked by a cop?”

She whimpered, looking over her shoulder, trying to see what he was doing, but it was too dark to tell. Then she felt the cold circle of steel on her wrists as he handcuffed her hands behind her back. A shiver of fear went through her, but then he was spreading her with his palms, lifting her ass up so high her belly wasn’t even touching the hood of the car as he buried his face in her pussy.

“Ohhh fuck, it’s so smooth,” he moaned against her flesh and she smiled at his reaction. That was something new since they’d been together last, before she’d gone off to college and he joined the force. “Oh god, Ivy, your pussy tastes so fucking good!”

She was putty in his hands, her body his, completely his, and she knew the ache between her thighs would be alleviated only by the soft, relentless pressure of her old lover’s skillful tongue. Patrick knew her buttons, all of them, sliding his hands up her waist, shoving her shirt up so he could cup her breasts through her bra, thumb each nipple, while his tongue drove her mad, sliding up and down her wet slit, teasing, exploring, ignoring the throbbing nub of her clit.

“Oh please,” she begged him, rolling her hips side to side, trying to zero in, but he wasn’t having any of it. He slipped his tongue into her instead, sucking at her juices—she heard him swallowing, moaning softly—more focused on his own pleasure than hers, taking his time, exploring her anew. And she couldn’t do anything but let him. But, of course, that was the point.

She cried out whenever his tongue
touched her clit, teasing long enough to take her up just a notch, then he was off exploring the soft, smoothness of her flesh again, over the swell of her pussy lips, into the bend of her thigh, even up to the crack of her ass.

“No!” she gasped when he licked her

“You never would let
me do that…” Patrick chuckled and she felt the prickly stubble on his cheek against her thighs, making her shiver. “Did anyone else ever get to fuck your ass, Ivy?”

She moaned softly against the hood, shaking her head, knowing he couldn’t see her in the darkness. “Noooo.”

“Good.” Patrick stood and she heard the distinct sound of his belt being unbuckled.
Oh god, no
, she thought, her ass clenching.
He wouldn’t… he wouldn’t dare…

No!” she cried, feeling the head of his cock sliding against her wet cleft, searching in the dark. “Oh please, not my ass…”

“I should.” Patrick slapped the head of his cock against her asshole and she cried out when she felt him press it there, opening her just a little, just enough to hurt.
She whimpered, squirming on the hood, unable to get away, and she sighed in momentary relief as his cock slipped south, finding a softer, more pliable hole to penetrate. She heard him gasp when he was buried in her pussy and he grabbed her wrists, using the handcuff chain for leverage, getting himself another centimeter, maybe two, inside of her.

“Oh! God! Oh
              ! God!” She cried out as he started to fuck her, pounding into her, the sound of his thighs, forcing hers wide, slamming against the rocker panel of the cruiser. Ivy’s pussy ached for release, her clit throbbing, and the feel of him taking her, fucking her, driving deep into her again and again, made her crazy with lust.

Patrick let go of the handcuffs and grabbed onto her hips, shifting his weight into her more fully, forcing himself even deeper, so deep it almost hurt. He slammed into her with brute force, grunting with every thrust. He was punishing her, she knew, and maybe she deserved it. She was certainly willing
to take it—that was clear to both of them. Ivy squirmed and whimpered and begged him for mercy, but her pussy accepted every bit of the abuse and asked for more.

“How do you like being fucked
by a cop, huh?” Patrick slapped her ass for good measure, making her yelp. “Tell me, Ivy. Tell me!”

“Ooooohhh fuck!” She moaned, spreading wider for his thrusts. “Yes! Yes! Patrick, yes!”

“Tell me!” he insisted, using her hips to roll her. He grabbed her shoulders, knowing she couldn’t do anything, with her hands still behind her back, pulling her up, trapping his cock, still wet and hot from fucking her, between them. “Tell me, Ivy.”

“I want it,” she whispered into his ear, feeling his heart beating hard in his chest, pressed against hers, his uniform buttons biting at her belly and breasts. Her shirt was up, bra undone, skirt shoved up to her waist.
“I want

“Oh Ivy.” He held onto her tight, his face burie
d in her hair, breathing deeply, finally confessing, “God. I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” she panted, wishing she could reach down and touch his cock, put him back inside of her. She wanted him so much she was shaking. Instead, she rocked her hips, forcing his cock between her swollen pussy lips, makin
g them both moan with pleasure, trying to show him just how much she’d missed him. “Please, Patrick. Put it in me. Fuck me.
I want you

“Oh god, sweetheart,” he murmured, his arms tightening around her. She felt him fumbling behind her back, heard a click, and then she was free, the handcuffs falling to the hood with a clink. “Show me.”

She didn’t even take the time to rub her aching, chaffed wrists before she had him in her hand, stroking him between her legs, making him groan and thrust. And then she was on her knees in the dirt, gravel biting her kneecaps, and she didn’t care about that either. She eagerly licked and sucked her juices off the spongy, swollen head of his cock, so hungry for him, and Patrick grabbed her hair to keep her greediness from spoiling their fun too soon.

“Come here.” He lifted her back onto the hood,
this time putting her on her back and spreading her legs wide, his glorious tongue finding just the right spot. Ivy arched against him, hand buried in his dark hair, guiding him home. Patrick drank her in, his expert mouth knowing just the right pressure and pace to apply to take her to her destination.

Ivy was flying.

“Oh baby,” she whispered, closing her eyes and pressing her hips toward his eager mouth. “Oh baby, sweet baby, make me come! Make me come in your mouth!”

He was,
his tongue making perfect, delicious circles against her quivering clit, and she gave herself to him completely, gave into her orgasm, letting it shake them both. She cried out, her pleasure a near-scream, piercing the night, her thighs trembling, her whole body quivering with her climax as Patrick gathered her to him. And still it wasn’t enough.

“Take me,” she whispered, reaching down to find him, guide him. “Fuck me. Oh Patrick, please, please, I have to have you inside of me.”

He groaned at her words, at her urgency, meeting it with his own. Patrick kissed her, the taste of her juices in his mouth so heady, she thought she might pass out, but he was holding her, sliding himself inside of her with a slow, almost painful, piercing heat.

Oh Jesus, baby,” Patrick whispered and she felt him shaking between her thighs. Ivy wrapped her arms and legs around him, clinging tight. “You feel so good.”

she urged, meeting his thrust with her own. “Yes, yes. Do it. Fuck me!”

He gave in,
taking her right there on the hood of his cruiser in the middle of the night, both of them giving in to their animal lust. And still, he remembered, reaching down and rubbing her still-aching clit with his thumb as they rocked together, driving her toward another climax with every thrust. She gave into him, to her overwhelming feelings for him, to her own body’s betrayal—how could she deny it?

“Ivy, oh! Fuck! I’m gonna come!”
His pelvis slammed into hers, shaking the whole car, and Ivy whimpered into his ear, loving that his thumb never stopped moving on her clit, urging her toward another orgasm, always giving her more.

“Do it!” she begged, burying her face in his neck, feeling the bite of his gun belt against her thighs and he groaned and shuddered and arched against her. “Oh yes! Patrick, yes! I’m gonna come all over your cock!”

And she did, her pussy milking him with every quivering spasm. Patrick emptied himself into her with long, shuddering thrusts, his hands moving to her ass, pulling her into the saddle of his hips until their flesh moved as one. Ivy wouldn’t let him go. She kissed his neck, his jaw line, his ear, his cheek, finally finding his mouth, drawing his tongue in with hers like a bee seeking honey.

“Oh Patrick, I missed you so much,” she whispered, squeezing him between her thighs. “So very much.”

“Fuck!” He swore, slowly withdrawing, and she whimpered, watching him tuck and zip. “Someone’s coming.”

Ivy had forgotten where they were. She’d forgotten everything but him.
Sliding off the hood of the car, she glanced down the road, seeing the twin pinpricks of an approaching vehicle. She started straightening and tucking too, giggling when Patrick grabbed his handcuffs off the hood.

BOOK: Ivy and the Cop (Power Play)
9.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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