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Authors: Rebekka Wilkinson

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Jenna's Promise

BOOK: Jenna's Promise
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Jenna’s Promise

Rebekka Wilkinson

Copyright 2013 by Rebekka Wilkinson

All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance the characters or settings may have to any people or places is entirely coincidental. This material is intended for mature audiences.


It was a Friday afternoon and Jenna had been looking forward to tonight all day. Scott, her husband, had promised her a wonderful romantic night and she couldn’t wait. He had been working quite a bit of overtime for the last couple of months due to some deadlines approaching, so Jenna’s time with him had been very limited during that time.

Scott had promised her that he would make it all up to her when the project was over and today was that day. She had marked it on the calendar the day he promised her and she had been counting down the days since then. She was so horny that she was going crazy and she knew she was going to make sure Scott fucked her silly several times before the night was over.

Scott and Jenna’s sex life was nothing short of spectacular overall but it had definitely taken a hit from him being so tired over the last few months. It wasn’t as if they didn’t have sex at all but Jenna found herself relying on her vibrator more times than not in order to get off.

Jenna had always loved sex and made sure it was a priority in her life and Scott was the same, so when they met and married, it was truly a match made in Heaven when it came to their sex life. If one of them wasn’t asking for sex, the other was. It was a virtual sex fest around their house and it was the way they liked it. Neither of them ever complained since they both were oversexed but they never had to look elsewhere for their relief.

But in the last few months, their sex life definitely suffered. Scott usually got home late from the office and by the time he was ready for bed he was wiped out and definitely not interested in sex, so Jenna was frustrated to say the least. They still had their time on the weekend to get “reacquainted” but as far as Jenna was concerned that was nowhere near enough action for her.

It wasn’t as if Jenna was asking to have sex swinging from the chandelier, although she would consider it if it was offered, but rather she just needed to get off on a nice big fat cock every few days and once a week was not cutting it. So the time had arrived and Jenna was more than ready. Scott had promised her a night to remember and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

Scott had called earlier in the day and told Jenna that he was taking care of everything and that she was not to do anything. He informed her that he was going to make her dinner and they would have their alone time enjoying each other’s company.

She had spent the day daydreaming of everything that was going to happen that night. Everything that Scott was going to do to her and everything that she was going to do to him and she was in a constant state of horniness. She made sure that everything was perfect for the impending night of sexual abandonment. She cleaned the house early and got their bedroom ready by strewing candles throughout the room, sprinkling rose petals on the bed, making sure her iPhone was charged and ready to play her favorite playlist, “Songs To Fuck To”.

She loved that she was brazen about such things but she had almost gotten caught a couple of times when people had borrowed her phone. One time, her neighbor Shannon, had actually seen the playlist while looking through the tunes on her phone and given Jenna a devilish smile.

Jenna and Shannon were best friends and spent most of their free time with each other, especially lately since Scott had been working so much. Shannon was married to Scott but he was out of town the majority of time due to his job, which left Shannon alone.

Ever since Jenna and Shannon had met they had become the best of friends. They were very open with each other, so when Shannon asked Jenna about the playlist later, Jenna told her that whenever she came across a song that she thought would be hot to listen to during sex then she would add it to that playlist. Shannon thought that was the greatest thing and asked Jenna if she would share it with her. Jenna had no issue with that and promptly shared it with her on the condition that whenever Shannon found a new song that fit she had to share it with Jenna. It actually became sort of a game between the two to see who could find the newest song that would set the pace for their sex sessions with their respective partners.

Jenna had arranged the songs to be upbeat and fast, she wanted tonight to be hard, fast and animalistic. She didn’t want to make love tonight, she wanted to be fucked. She got wet just thinking about it and wanted to take care of things right then and there but thought it would be better if she waited. She wanted to cum all over Scott’s cock and not all over her vibrator like she had come accustomed to. Plus she needed to make sure other things were taken care of as well before Scott got home.

After making sure everything was perfect at home, she grabbed her purse and ran out the door. She was making a beeline to the mall. She had a Victoria’s secret gift card that she had been saving for an occasion just like this. She took her time and picked out just the right outfit. She ultimately chose a black sheer babydoll that did nothing to hide what Jenna had. She knew it would have the desired effect that she needed from Scott, so after paying for it she headed home to finish getting ready.

The rest of the afternoon went by without incident but Jenna couldn’t help but to continue to watch the clock. As the time grew near for Scott to get home, it seemed to come to a crawl.

Scott finally arrived home and Jenna greeted him at the door with a cold beer and a steamy passionate kiss. She made sure he knew she was very happy to have him home, just about wrapping herself around him just inside the front door. Breaking her kiss she said, “Damn, I’m so horny right now. You’re lucky that I want the full romantic experience or I would be raping you right now.”

“Well if you want to just go upstairs instead, I can accommodate you there.” Scott replied.

“Nooooooooooo. Not on your life. You promised me romance and I want it all.” Jenna said.

Scott chuckled as he broke away and started heading towards the kitchen with the groceries that he had come in with. “How does steak sound for dinner?” he asked.

“Wonderful!” Jenna replied.

Scott unpacked the groceries and headed outside to start the barbecue. Meanwhile, Jenna had selected a nice bottle of wine and was just about to open it when the doorbell rang. Walking over and opening the door she found Shannon standing on the front porch with her own bottle of wine in hand.

“Hey neighbor. Want to drown some misery with me?” Shannon asked holding up the bottle.

“What do you mean? What misery are you talking about?” Jenna asked.

“Well Dan was supposed to be home this evening and I had a wonderful evening planned for us since we haven’t seen each other in a few weeks but he just called and said his flight was cancelled and he won’t be back until tomorrow sometime.” Shannon replied.

Jenna was mortified. She couldn’t think of what to say. She envisioned her plans for the evening quickly going down the drain but at the same time her best friend was in need of some cheering up. “Uhhhhh sure, come on in.” she quickly said while stepping to the side to let her in.

Shannon strolled in and headed for the kitchen to get the corkscrew and a couple of wine glasses. As she entered the kitchen she saw Scott coming in from the backyard and said, “Oh hi Scott, I thought you would be working. Are you still working overtime?”

“Hey Shannon! As a matter of fact, I just finished up the project today and I’m working on making up my absence to Jen….” Just as he was saying this he saw Jenna coming in behind Shannon trying to get his attention by waving her arms without Shannon seeing her. Scott looked over at Jenna and then back to Shannon.

Shannon turned and saw Jenna’s attempt to hide the fact that she was trying to keep Scott from saying anything and she said, “Oh my god – I’m interrupting your night, aren’t I?”

“Don’t be silly.” Jenna said.

“Well I’m not going to intrude. I’ll just let you two get back to your little celebration and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Shannon said as she started to head towards the front door.

Jenna stopped her before she could get out of the kitchen and said, “Shannon, don’t go. How about this? You join us for dinner and drinks and Scott and I can celebrate a little later after you’ve gone home?”

“Thanks Jenna but I’m fine really.” Shannon continued to protest as she tried slipping past Jenna.

“No you don’t. You aren’t going anywhere.” Jenna replied stopping her from getting by. Jenna then looked at Scott and gave him a look of needing help.

“Hey Shannon, don’t go. Really – we have extra food and we always have plenty of wine. Join us for dinner at least and then you can leave if you still want to.” Scott broke in.

Shannon stopped and looked back over and Scott and then at Jenna. “Ok if you insist but right after dinner, I’m outta here so you guys can have some alone time.”

“Great!” replied Jenna as she took the bottle of wine from Shannon. “We might as well get started with what you brought over.” as she walked over to the counter and grabbed the corkscrew and started opening the bottle. Pouring all three of them a healthy glass of wine, Jenna handed both Shannon and Scott a glass then took hers and toasted, “To a very relaxing night.” and held up her glass for the others to do the same. Reaching out their glasses they all heard the familiar clink of the glass and then took a drink.

Scott finished barbecuing the steaks while Jenna and Shannon made a salad and some baked potatoes. And by the time dinner was ready, they were well into their second bottle of wine. They enjoyed the cool summer night outside eating their dinner as well as some good conversation.

When everyone had finished eating, Scott began to clear away the dishes and took them inside. Shannon started to help when Scott said, “Don’t do that. I have this all taken care of. You two just sit there and I’ll have this done shortly.”

As Scott took everything inside, Jenna noticed that they were out of wine and said, “I’ll be right back. I’m just going to grab the bottle for a refill.” and then headed inside.

As Jenna made her way over to the bottle of wine, Scott caught her from behind and wrapped his arms around her and asked, “So are you ready for our celebration yet?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh god am I.” Jenna replied. “But I don’t feel right letting Shannon just go home to an empty house just yet.”

“I thought you were raring to go? You were the one ready to rape me when I walked in the door?”

“I am ready baby, but we have all night to scratch that itch. I just know if it were me without you that I wouldn’t want to go home alone to an empty house.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right. But how are you going to convince her to stay?”

“I think I have an idea but I’m going to need your help. Just go with my idea ok?”


Walking back out with a new bottle of wine, Jenna showed Shannon and was just about to pour her another glass when Shannon put a hand over her glass and said, “I don’t think I should. I’ve had my share already and feeling pretty tipsy. Plus I really need to get going so that the two of you can have some time to yourselves.”

“Oh come on Shannon, the night is still young. We have plenty of time to ourselves later. Have another glass with us.” Jenna said. “As a matter of fact, Scott and I were just talking about jumping in the hot tub for a little bit and wanted to know if you wanted to join us?”

Shannon started to protest when Jenna looked over at Scott. Scott knew this was his cue and said, “Yeah Shannon, just for a little while. We just opened a new bottle and can use the help finishing it off and we would love for you to stay just a little while longer.”

Shannon was apprehensive but when Scott said they wanted her to stay she figured what the hell and said, “Ok, I could use some stress relief anyway, but just for a short while. I’ll just go grab my suit and meet you guys back here in a few minutes.”

“Perfect.” Jenna said.

When Shannon was gone Jenna turned to Scott and said, “Thank you baby. It means a lot to me that you helped convince Shannon and for that I’m going to give you a very special treat later.”

Scott’s cock twitched upon hearing this and he walked over to Jenna and took her in his arms and began to kiss her passionately.

Feeling Scott move in close to her, Jenna felt his cock hardening through his jeans. She broke the kiss and said, “Fuck baby. You really need to put that away or I won’t be held responsible for what I will do with it no matter who is around.”

Scott laughed at that and said, “To be honest with you, I don’t think I’ll be able to control it if we are all getting in the hot tub. You know I love your body and knowing that Shannon is going to be in with us has already gotten me going.”

At that Jenna gave him a punch to the arm and said, “You horny bastard. You dreaming about Shannon again? I know you love her tits and I see you peeking at her ass whenever you think no one is looking.”

BOOK: Jenna's Promise
12.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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