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Jessica E. Subject

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Mandy handed
the bag of costumes to her old high school math teacher and his wife with a
smile. “Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. Have fun at your party.”

After they
left, she glanced at her watch. Ten minutes until closing time, then she
planned to go home and crash on her bed rather than attend one of the multitude
of Halloween parties her friends and older customers had invited her to.
Tomorrow, costumes had to be marked down and the Christmas and other holiday
decorations brought out. Store sales from October had more than quadrupled from
last year, but tonight she’d celebrate by catching up on her sleep. In the
morning, on top of everything else, she had to place an ad in the paper to find
more staff.

She slipped
out from behind the counter to straighten the costume aisle after little kids
had decimated her neat display only hours ago. She’d been so swamped, she
hadn’t had the chance to reorganize it again.

The door
chimed. She glanced up, stifling a groan over the last minute shoppers. But the
sight of the two men walking in left her unable to do anything but stare. One
was tall, broad, and dark, while the other was blond and built like a track
star—long lean, and all muscle. They couldn’t be more opposite, yet both made
her heart pound. She’d seen them around town before, but had always been afraid
to engage in an actual conversation with them. What did she have to offer
anyway? All of her time was dedicated to her party supply store.

The taller
of the two raised an eyebrow. “Sorry to bother you when you’re about to close,
but we’re looking for costumes, and well…. We haven’t had much luck.”

He was
well mannered? She didn’t see that combination very
often. Most males she considered drop-dead gorgeous knew they were hot and made
sure everyone they encountered knew it, too. His mother taught him well. She
stood and brushed her hands down the front of her starship commander’s dress,
hoping she didn’t look like too much of a geek in front of him.

The blond
ran a hand through his thick, wavy hair. “I doubt she’s going to have anything
left, Zane. No one does on Halloween night. We should have started looking before

“No!” She
covered her mouth. She hadn’t meant to yell. They stared, as if waiting for her
to continue, and she lowered her hands. “I’m sure I can help you find what
you’re looking for. And I’ll give you fifty percent off.”
Shit, that sounded
desperate for a sale.
Really, she wanted to keep them in the store a little
bit longer. They would make excellent heroes in her future fantasies.

chuckled. “Sure, let’s see what you’ve got. My brother and I are going to a
sci-fi themed party. Do you have anything that falls under that description?”

Could have fooled her. But she
wasn’t about to argue. And they were into sci-fi, like her. “Sure. We have your
movie costumes. Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar….”

He shook his
head. “I don’t know. What do you think, Blaze?”

“Those have
been done,” the other brother said. “Anything else?”

She gave
them a quick glance over to gauge their sizes. Her cheeks warmed as she caught
sight of the bulge in Zane’s pants. A wave of desire swept over her. She
inhaled deeply. They were only customers and hadn’t given any indication they
wanted more than costumes.

It had been
so long since she’d even seen a man’s cock, dedicating all of her time to the
store. She needed to get out and live again. She needed to get laid.

With a sigh,
she spun around. Best not to think of that now. She had customers to serve. Two
very hot guys who wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Men didn’t notice
plain women like her. It was a fact of life. Her life, anyway.

approached the rack of large men’s costumes. The men were at least that size,
and she had quite a few left. Males didn’t dress up as much as they wanted
their woman to dress up for them. Yet in her extremely short dress, she didn’t
seem to attract the attention of one single male.

Plucking a
couple of the expensive Transformers costumes off the rack, she held them out
to the two men. “What do you think of these?”

Zane rubbed
his chin. “I don’t think so. Too many parts.” He started rifling through the
selections and motioned to his brother. “Help me look.”

Mandy rushed
over to the door and locked it. It was closing time anyway, and she wanted to
devote all of her attention to the hot customers already in the store. If she
got to know them better, she wouldn’t be afraid to talk to them at the grocery
store. And maybe, just maybe, one of the guys would ask her out.
In my

A hand
clamped on her shoulder. She screamed and spun around to face two aliens. Or
Zane and Blaze dressed as extraterrestrial warriors.

“Holy shit,
you scared me.” Her heart had never beat so fast.

wrapped his arm around her and drew her into his side. “Sorry, honey, but it
was pretty funny.”

Did he actually mean her? “Found
something you like?”

“We saw
something we liked as soon as we entered the store,” Zane said, reaching for
her hand. He placed his lips on her knuckles then flipped her hand over and
kissed her wrist all the way up to the inside of her elbow.

Her nipples
pebbled against her dress.
What the hell was going on?
As much as she’d
love to know what it was like to experience either of these men dressed up as
aliens—or not dressed as aliens for that matter—even both at the same time—they
were strangers. She had to get to know a guy before jumping in the sack with
him. Though the images of writhing, naked bodies running through her mind, of
what it would be like to have a ménage, left her weak in the knees.

straightened her shoulders and tucked away those thoughts. Best not to get
ahead of herself or hope for the impossible. “Mind telling me what’s going on?”

Blaze pulled
her closer, whispering in her ear. “We want you. But first, tell us your name.”

She froze.
She didn’t know these two aside from seeing them on the streets and in the
grocery store. What did they really want with her? Would they hurt her? Or
worse? “It’s, um…. M-Mandy, but…you’re kidding with me, right?”

kidding,” Zane said, suddenly behind her. He set his hand on her waist, and
held himself against her. “Ever been with two guys before?”

His hard
cock pressed through both their clothing to rest in the crack of her ass. She
whimpered. Oh God, they were serious. She actually had the chance to live out
her favorite fantasy, one she recreated often by using her toys before she went
to sleep. One she never thought possible.

She spun
away from him, her cheeks burning. “No, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”
Zane asked, though he backed away. “Do you have a boyfriend? A husband?”

She shook
her head. “No. It’s just….” She yearned for Zane to be behind her again, to
feel his warmth, his dick.
Holy shit, I really do want this.

brushed his hand along her cheek. “We won’t hurt you. We just want to bring you
pleasure. I can already smell your arousal.”

She squeezed
her thighs together. Was it that obvious?

He leaned in
and joined his lips to hers. With gentle prodding, he deepened the kiss. She
moaned into his mouth, desire zinging through her body.

Zane moved
behind her again, caressing her breasts as he laid kisses along the back of her
neck. Her toes curled. Enjoying their touch was so wrong, but she couldn’t find
the words to object. All doubt flitted away as primal need took over.

fingered the hem of her skirt. He lifted it and ran his hands along her thighs.
So gentle. Backing away, he and Zane raised the dress up and over her head then
tossed it to the floor. They caressed her body with their large hands and warm,
moist tongues.
Fuck, it’s actually happening!
Two men had come into her
store, seduced her, and would take her. Right in front of the window.

She pushed
Blaze away. “Not here. Not for everyone to see.” Although some adults would
appreciate the view, she wasn’t an exhibitionist and didn’t need the local
newspaper splashing naked pictures of her onto the front page like a tabloid.

But where to
take these two? The back room provided little comfort, but did she trust them
enough to take them upstairs to her loft? She rubbed her hands down her arms.
If she didn’t decide soon, she’d need their two bodies just to thaw her out.

“Do either
of you have condoms?”

Zane wrapped
his cloak around her, holding her in his arms. “We don’t, but I can go get some
if you want.”

solves it.
She had
some in her bedroom. They’d been a gift from her friends when she moved in.
She’d never had any reason to test them out. Until now. “Upstairs. I have some

good.” He scooped her into his arms, his cape covering enough of her to go
outside. “Which way?”

down this row.” She gripped his neck, excitement buzzing through her. “There’s
a door to the left. Stairs are just outside. I live in the loft above the
store.” The shop door would lock behind them.

With her in
his arms, Zane bounded out the door and up the metal steps, Blaze close behind
them. She fumbled to enter the code to her lock and they all burst through the
doorway. Zane shuffled his way around her furniture then laid her down on her
bed. How he found it in the dim light, she had no idea.

Warm hands
glided across her skin, lighting up every single nerve ending. Her boots were
removed. Then her panties. She moaned, overwhelmed by sensation. She couldn’t
tell which brother lay where, but they were naked on either side of her. Their
eager cocks pressed against her thighs. One brother guided her chin until she
faced him.

He pressed
his lips to hers and plundered her mouth, his tongue sweeping inside. She
groaned into his kiss, hungry for more. His brother sucked on her nipple,
heightening her arousal.
Holy shit.
She was actually having a ménage
with two hot brothers. She thrust her hips off the bed, desperate to be fucked.

Zane slipped
a hand between her thighs, drawing along her
But she wanted him closer, inside her. He skimmed his fingers between the lips
of her pussy, filling her with charged tension. She cried out, turning away
from him. “Yes, that’s so good.”

He drifted
down to the foot of the bed, spreading her legs open. And Blaze inched farther
up, capturing her mouth. His tongue tangled with hers in an erotic dance. From
one man to another, they left her breathless, unable to think clearly.

Zane laved
her pussy, his skilled tongue grazing along her folds, pressing against her
clit. She squealed, gripping the sheets. She hadn’t expected the intense
pressure of impending orgasm when both men had yet to penetrate her.

“Where are
those condoms?” Blaze whispered.

A new rush
of desire rocketed through her veins. The guys were actually going to fuck her.
She swallowed, hesitant yet anxious for the ménage to escalate. “The nightstand
right beside you. Top drawer.”

How was this
going to work? Would they take her at the same time? Take turns? She’d never
been with two men at the same time before. Would she be able to handle them?

Zane plunged
his fingers into her sex. She bucked against him, her head spinning. Going
without intercourse for so long had turned her wanton the moment it was
offered. She couldn’t wait to feel their cocks inside her.

He circled
her swollen clit while gliding his fingers in and out. She quivered, the
pressure building inside her. If he kept up his assault, she’d orgasm before
being fucked by either one.

“That’s it,
honey. You’re so close. I can feel it.” Zane quickened his motions. “Come for
me, Mandy.”

He withdrew
his fingers and slid them down to her anus, circling her tight hole. She
writhed against the pressure of the new torment. Blaze returned beside her,
sucking and massaging her breasts. Together, the men made her feel desirable.

In a frenzy
of simultaneous explosions, she cried out, gripping the bed. Her release swept
over her in intense waves. Neither man let up, prolonging her pleasure until
the orgasm finally subsided.

Closing her
eyes, she lay back, panting. It had been way too long since her last fuck. And
she whimpered for more.

The brothers
spread out beside her. She reached out to grab their velvet cocks.
Their dicks would be a challenge to fit inside her because of their
girth. But she’d try. She didn’t want to stop.

Zane leaned
over her, capturing her mouth. She tasted herself on his lips, enjoying the
decadent flavor. Proof he had just given her the best orgasm of her life.

Behind her,
Blaze fingered her pussy, her asshole, spreading lube all over. He must have
found it in her drawer along with the condoms.

BOOK: Jessica E. Subject
4.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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