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ripped open behind her. Blaze kissed her shoulder then whispered. “Are you
okay, Mandy? You still want to do this?”

She chewed
her bottom lip and nodded.
Might as well live out my fantasy. Who knows if
I’ll get another chance.

Zane stroked
the side of her face. “This is all about your pleasure. If you experience any
pain, tell us, and we’ll stop. Okay?”

“Okay,” she
whispered. Before tonight, she never would have thought guys could be as
concerned about her pleasure as they were their own.

Blaze buried
himself inside her pussy. She moaned with every long, slow stroke. Zane left
the bed, but his brother cradled her into him, holding her, teasing her. Never
before had she felt cared for during sex.

condom package ripped open. Zane lay in front of her as his brother pulled out.
He rolled her on top of him, his erection pressing against her heat. She’d
missed the feeling of a cock filling her and eased onto him, taking him deep
inside. She gasped as her pussy clenched around his shaft. Need cascaded
through her body. How had she gotten so lucky?

Sitting up,
she rocked her hips across his groin. He grasped her waist and quickened her
movements, hitting her G-spot with every thrust.
She lost control,
could no longer hang on, her next release drawing near.

reached around her to caress her breasts. He worked them in his hands and
pinched her sensitive nipples. Nibbling the back of her neck, he sent her over
the edge. She bucked against his brother, riding Zane along with the waves of

against his chest, she fought for oxygen, struggling to calm her pounding
heart. She’d just experienced the best sex ever.

Zane brushed
her hair away from her face. “Are you ready for more? Do you think you can
handle both of us?”

“I….” She
hesitated, still scared to delve into this new territory. Except for the extra
male, she hadn’t experienced anything unfamiliar. Okay, so the orgasms were out
of this world. But to have both inside her…? “Be gentle, okay?”

massaged the cheeks of her ass, bringing her a sense of calm in the electrified
situation. “Always. If it hurts, just say so.”

Sucking in a lungful of air, she swayed over Zane. Warm moisture dripped down
the crack of her ass. Blaze massaged the ring of muscle at her entrance then
slipped a finger inside. “Easy now. Relax.”

concentrated on Zane, his lustful smile barely visible in the dim moonlight
shining through her windows. God, why hadn’t they approached her sooner? All
this time she’d wanted an experience like this, and they’d been in the same

The bed
jiggled as Blaze settled behind her. A new force pressed against her ass.
Bigger. Harder. Steadying her breathing, she tried to ignore the sharp pinch of
Blaze’s intrusion. He took his time, pushing in little by little, allowing her
time to adjust.

With a deep
grunt, he pressed his hips against her ass. “How are you doing, Mandy?”

yes. So full.
She moved against them both, taking their cocks inside her at
the same time. So much pressure. Pleasure. Intoxicating fulfillment.

She burst in
an explosion of ecstasy, gripping Zane’s shoulders as she cried out. “Oh. My.

The brothers
took control, driving into her until they, too, released.

She lay,
spent, on Zane’s chest, as Blaze wiped her off. If she died at that moment, she
would die happy. Zane wrapped an arm around her and kissed her forehead. “Thank
you for trusting us.”

She smiled,
some of her focus returning. “My pleasure.” Literally. She would never settle
for the mediocre lovers she’d had in the past. From now on, it was all or
nothing. And these brothers had given her everything.

Blaze lay
beside her, draping his own possessive arm across her back. “Ours, too.
Hopefully we can do it again.”

“Yes,” she
sighed. Exhausted, she closed her eyes, snuggling into the crook of Zane’s
neck. After tonight, Halloween would never be the same.


“Excuse me,
Miss. Hello?”

flicked her eyes open and gasped. She’d fallen asleep at the counter.

Zane stared
at her. Not the Zane who’d brought her unbelievable pleasure along with his
brother, but the customer. It had all been a dream.

“Are you
okay?” he asked.

She rubbed
her eyes. “Yeah, sorry. I must have dozed off. Did you find what you were
looking for?”

“We’re the
ones who are sorry. We kept you here late.” He set his costumes down and laid
his hands on the counter. “It’s Mandy, right?”

She nodded,
still trying to shake away the drowsiness.

Mandy.” He leaned forward. “We haven’t quite found everything we’re looking

“No?” she
squeaked out. She couldn’t help but stare at his lips, remembering how he had
used them to bring her so much pleasure in her fantasy.

“Uh-uh. See,
Blaze and I are going to a party tonight and we don’t have a date.”

His brother
approached the counter. “And we were hoping you’d be our date. Our costumes go
together, like the perfect threesome.”

Her pussy
clenched at the thought and her cheeks warmed.
A date with both of them?
She squeezed her thighs together.

“That is, if
you’re not too tired,” Zane added.

A rush of
adrenaline flooded her body, washing away all of her fatigue. “I…I’d love to. I
just have to close up the store.”

Blaze grinned like a kid in a candy store. “Anything we can do to help?”

She shook
her head. “No, it’s okay. I’ll ring you through then meet you outside in a few.

“You just
made my night.” Placing his hand on hers, Zane brushed his thumb over her skin.
“Though I’m hoping it gets even better.”

He winked,
sending a shiver down her spine. Would her fantasy come true tonight? Only one
way to find out. She hurried through her closing procedures, anxious to join
Blaze and Zane outside.

grabbing her jacket, she locked up the store. In the parking lot, the two
customers from her most erotic fantasy waited for her. And if tonight was
anything like her dream, it would be the best night of her life.




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BOOK: Jessica E. Subject
8.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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