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Pravus [3.50]

A Pravus Based Short Story




A short story based on Seithe


(Seithe is Book 1 of the Pravus series)





Copyright  2012 Author Poppet


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed by a newspaper, magazine or journal.


Ebook First Edition


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



This book is dedicated to Erin and Sali (happy birthday girls!)

and to the members of the Poppet Pushers.


Thank you girls for all your love and support




Chapter 1



Slamming my hand against the steering wheel I burst into tears.

That's just the last straw.

My hands are shaking, the windows are misting, and as I hold my phone up against the light of the headlights I have no signal.


This isn't happening to me.


Sniffing, trying really hard to be brave, I press the window down to judge how severe the downpour is. The car sounds like a tin can full of munching termites on speaker in here, and yep, sure as sugar-pops it's stormin' out there.

Damn it. Damn it all. This is such a horrific toad choker and now I have to get out the car and change my own damn wheel.

Where's a hero when you need one?

Wiping my eyes, my mascara already streaked from my outburst, I take a deep breath, shoving the door open and squealing non stop all the way to the back to get the jack and spare wheel.

Well now I'll look like a bedraggled orphan anyhow. No use cryin' over what ya can't change.

Good god ya'll this thing is so heavy! Huffing and puffing I manage to just tip the wheel over the edge of the trunk, dropping it on my perfect white stiletto and smudging black all over the patent finish. My toe is so sore I just leave the wheel lying there.

Crouching down I try ta wipe the mark off and it ain't budging for no one. I spent a small fortune on these, and now...

Sitting my ass in a puddle, I curl my arms over my knees and bawl my eyes out. It's just not fair. I'm telling ya there's a god out there who has it in for me.

My hair is straight as a pin and it takes me forevah ta get it done in the mornin', and just like that it's gonna be flat and awful.

Sniffing, I stare at the wheel, slick and dirty.

What a stupid system. They sure don't make cars for womenfolk. You have ta have muscles for this. I don't have muscles, I have a gun. I have a gun
I don't have muscles.

Maybe it'll help if I try and undo the wheel first?

Determined, I get up, almost crying again when I look at my purty pumps all messed up, stomping the two steps ta get that jack thing and the spanner thing.

Good lord above this thing is just as heavy as the wheel!

It's slippery now from the rain and I struggle with it with both hands, heaving the thing to the back wheel on the driver's side. Dropping it, I leave it there. It's probably broken now but hell that was heavy.

Sloshing on tiny tall heels, I get that four spoked spanner thing, and even that is heavy enough to knock a stud out cold.

Teetering back ta the wheel, I wrestle ta get the thing on the nut, and then I try turn it.

Oh my gosh, this just ain't happenin'. It's stuck! That little sucker ain't budging an inch.

Now what?

Now ya see, this is why every belle needs a brother. Ya'll shouldn't be having chilrun if you can't give ya lil angel a big brother ta call on. Though knowing momma and pop's, if I did have a brother he'd probably be a womanizing alcoholic hell bent on working for Jim or Jack just for the freebees. And he'd be a no damn good fool any old how.

Now if I could just get a signal on my phone I could call Sally and she could send that sweet son of hers ta come and help me.

Oh bless, there's a light!

Over here sweetheart!


Waving madly as the light gets closer, at the last minute I recognize it's a biker boy. Ah hell Sherry, he could be a serial killer and now yer just putting your stupid ass in danger.

As he slows I skid back 'round ta get my purse, fumbling through it ta get the Colt.

I'm not into sissy guns. When I pull the trigger I need that boy ta go down and stop coming, and I don't care if I end up chippin' a nail in the process. It's just a cute little 380 Mustang, I got it cos I just love mah horses. It fits just right in mah hand and I think a lady needs protection ya know?

There's a hundred shades of crazy drivin' around these days and lord above I'm not risking my virtue for a freak.

This ain't the Houston I grew up in, times have changed. And it's nuthin like mawmaw's place out in the sticks.

At least out there your biggest worry is a rattler, or losing your footin' and fallin' in the creek, but this is the big bad world and well I juss ain't takin' any chances.

Oh sweet Jaysus, he's a tall un. He's all wet from the rain and it's pouring hard enough to fill hell with the great flood, and that boy just swaggers like he's fresh in from the rodeo, all wide shoulders and long legs.

He nods to me, giving me a chaw chewing grin, “Howdy ma'am. You be needing a hand here?”

Oh sweet Jaysus this boy is fine. He's got eyes that sparkle  and ya just wanna melt. He's a charmin' son of a gun that's without a doubt.

Nodding, I feel like a damn fool hiding behind the door with the Colt in mah hand. Surely an evil man would look it, ya know? He wouldn't be this tall and heartbreaking, surely?

Smiling, I say all friendly like, “I'm such a ditz! I thought I could get the wheel off but it's done stuck. And I can hardly see a damn thang it's so dark, and the rain's just making it so slippery I can't get a grip.... and oh my lord I must look a mess!”

Unzipping his jacket, he holds it out to me, offering me his free hand, “It's awful nice to meecha, I'm Jo.”

Where are my manners! Momma would just tan my hide for bein' so rude.

Sherry. Sherry Archer. It's wunnerful ta make your acquaintance, Jo. I was just fixin' ta get a call out fer help.”

If you could just hold this, I'll get that wheel changed.”

Taking his jacket, I almost twist my wrist it's so heavy. When he lets it go I almost drop the thing. Hefting it up I hook it over my shoulder, following him back around, “Do I need ta get mah phone so ya'll have a light ta see?”

Nah, I should be fine. My brother will be coming this way any moment and I'll just get him to help if I need it.”

This is a real bad toad choker, ain't it?” I say ta make conversation.

Yes ma'am, it sure is.”

He bends down, the rain making his black leather pants stick to those long lean legs with bulging thighs, and straight away the rain goes right on through his white tee, and oh my gosh he's just enough to make a girl need a drink and a double helpin' of mud pie.

Wiping under my eyes, I probably look like I got mah makeup done by ole Alice Cooper ya know. I must look a tawdry mess.

Oh, so that's how you do it. He stuck that wedgey thing under the car and hooks that metal thing in and starts spinning it around, making it go up in like a diamond shape. He makes it all look so darn easy, and it's not. I know it's not!

Smiling at me, his arms all flexing and slicked, the muscles hopping all over and being totally distracting, he says while he's spinning that thing, “You have to be careful where you put the jack. There's a beam running under the car...”

He holds his hand up to me, “C'mere, let me show you.”

Holding to the paintwork on the door, I sit back on my heels, really wishing I wasn't wearing a skirt now. But a lady should look like a lady, I think anyhow.

Nodding, I nearly squeak when his hot hand grabs mine and he makes me touch the filthy underside of the car.

Feel that hard bump there?”

I nod, my dirty mind immediately thinking about hard bumps. Ya'll can't blame me for thinking such things cos this boy is just covered in hard muscle. The wet tee isn't helping me think about the bake sale. I'm thinking that my oh my this boy is dang fine!

You want to rest the jack on that ridge. If you put it too deep in you'll end up denting the floor of the car.”

Oh honey, I doubt I could it do it on my own anyhow. I couldn't even get that heavy thing up.”

He gives me the naughtiest grin I ever saw on anyone, letting me take my hand back.

Still smiling, he says in a deep drawl, “Don't try undo the nuts with the car up.”

I nod, knowing how bad this is sounding. I don't mean ta be thinking such dirty thoughts, it must be the rain messing with my brain.

Sherry, you have to leave the car on the ground to do that.”

Be still my heart, the way he says my name. I could just sit here and listen to him all night.

If you jack the car... up,” he gives me that bad boy smile again, “Then you're trying to undo a ton of resistance. If you loosen the nuts first, there's no resistance.” He looks up at the sky pouring down on us, then back at me with those sweet molasses eyes, “No matter how wet it is.”

I do declare I'm blushing.

The sound of a deep drone makes him twist and look behind us, “Here comes my brother now.”

Sitting, getting sopping wet next to him, I notice he's steaming when his brother's bike backlights him. He shuts his bike down but leaves the light on, and all I can see is the silhouette of another tall man with long legs and wide shoulders strolling to us.

Car trouble?” he says, and his voice is exactly the same. I swear on my pounding heart it is!

Yup,” says Jo, standing. “Sherry, this is my brother Seithe. Seithe, I'd like ya ta meet Sherry.”

I dunno why but I stand too and feel like I need ta give a lil curtsy, ya know, the way we did in the pageant when we were lil uns.

He takes my hand, “What a pleasure to meet you.” Then he gives it a kiss and my knees get a lil wobbly on my ass.

Dang and goshdarnit, he's not from around here. Oh my gosh, his accent is just to die fowah. His voice is all rough and gravelly, deep and throaty, it comes out of him like he's peeling silk stockings down ya legs with his teeth.

Howdy. Where all ya'll from?”

Jo answers, “I've lived in Texas going on ten years now, Seithe's just visiting.”

He smiles at his brother, and I promise on Uncle Chuck's grave they're twins! Two of them!

Seithe, hand me that wheel would ya.”

Seithe looks at me, nods politely, and follows his brother's example, unzipping his jacket and handing it to me. Lord above I'm not strong enough ta hold two of them! Wet leather is darn heavy. I wasn't raised bailing hail. Have you ever tried liftin' a bail of hay? Ya'll need a bulldozer those thangs are so heavy. I'm worried all this extra weight on my tiny shoulders is just gonna snap the heels on my stilettos.

It's one heck of a wet dream watching these two boys workin as a team, changing my wheel faster than ya'll can say who's yer daddy.

BOOK: Jowendrhan
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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