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Just a Taste of Me [Wolf Creek Pack 2]

BOOK: Just a Taste of Me [Wolf Creek Pack 2]
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Pack 2






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This book is dedicated to my new sister-in-law. Thank you for listening to all of my crazy story ideas, letting me go on and on about my writing, and letting me be the aunt to the world’s most perfect baby. Welcome to the family.






Pack 2



Copyright © 2009






Chapter 1


Reece stared in disdain over the crowd gathered in the dimly lit bar as he fingered the beer bottle in his hand. He really didn’t want to be here, but he couldn’t figure out any other place that he really wanted to be either.

The bar itself wasn’t so bad as far as bars went. The music was loud, the beer cold, and the individual wooden booths offered some semblance of privacy. Reece could just see a couple of pool tables past the back of the wooden bench seat across from him.

Still, there was something in the air tonight, something that was making him feel very edgy, but damned if he could figure out what it was. It was making him feel restless and irritable, not a good thing for one of his kind to be.

Reece signaled the waitress, holding up his beer. Maybe he just needed to get drunk and find a nice piece of ass to fuck for the night. Lifting his head, he gazed out at the crowd, perusing all of the women there for their fitfulness.

He liked sex, the rougher, the better. It kind of cut down on who he could have sex with. His partner needed to be strong enough to sustain his forceful appetites, the dominant aggression he couldn’t keep at bay when he had his dick deep in some woman’s pussy.

His eyes briefly settled on a slender woman standing next to the bar before dismissing her and moving on. She had been interesting at first, attractive even, but for some reason she just didn’t hold Reece’s attention for more than a moment.

No, he was looking for something else, something—fuck! He wasn’t looking for that! A small man had just walked through the door. Reece was confused as to why he even noticed, but damned if the man didn’t make Reece’s cock stand up and shout its interest.

The man was unlike anything that Reece would ever have looked at, so small Reece almost missed him. He had to be at least a foot shorter than Reece and nearly a hundred pounds lighter. Much too small and fragile for the kind of sex Reece enjoyed.

And he was male. Reece had never been interested in men before so why was this one captivating him so much? Oh sure, Reece could look at a man and appreciate his looks, but he had never
with a man sexually.

So, why couldn’t he pull his eyes away from this man? What was it about the little man that held Reece so captivated? Was it his collar-length, curly, honey-blond hair? His pale green eyes? It certainly couldn’t be the small delicate body hidden under the baggy jeans and dark green sweatshirt he was wearing. Could it?

Reece moved his eyes away, forcing himself to keep looking for his night’s prey but his eyes kept coming back to the little man, time and time again, almost against his will. There was just something about him that fascinated Reece.

As Reece watched, the man leaned over the bar and talked to the bartender, turning his head to look where the bartender pointed before nodding and walking in the same direction. Reece felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when the bartender smiled at the dark haired man dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt who was standing at the bar, then gestured after the little man with his head.

The man in the slacks snickered and then followed after the little man. Reece knew instantly that the man who had captivated his attention was in trouble. Something serious was about to go down, and the intriguing man was going to be right in the middle of it.

Just the thought made the wolf in Reece rebel. He could feel his hands starting to clench, his claws coming out as he growled low in his throat. Reece got up from his seat and began making his way towards the bathroom, the direction both men had gone.

The closer Reece got to the bathroom, the stronger the faint scent became that he had first picked up where the man had walked. It was heady, making him almost dizzy. It was sweet, but tangy at the same time and totally intoxicating.

As Reece pushed open the door of the men’s restroom, he could hear a frightened squeak, a lot of heavy breathing, and the sounds of a struggle. His eyes immediately went to the far stall. He knew he should just turn and walk away. This wasn’t any of his business.

The last time he had stuck his nose in a situation like this, he had paid for it. He was still paying for it. What did he care if someone was assaulting the little human? And he could now tell that the man was a human. He could smell it. It was wrapped up in that intoxicating scent that seemed to shoot straight down to his hard cock.

As he stepped closer, Reece could see the small man struggle against the man from the bar. Reece’s canines dropped down as he leapt across the room and grabbed the larger man by the back of his neck, tossing him across the room.

He crouched down in a defensive stance in front of the smaller man, his hands curling as his claws extended. No one was more surprised than Reece when a deep aggressive growl came from his throat. “Mine!”

“I saw him first.” The other man’s claws extended as he challenged Reece. “He’s not been claimed which makes him fair game.”

Reece knew what that meant and it filled him with a savage rage unlike anything that he could ever remember feeling. The man before him was claiming the frightened man behind him as a blood donor. Essentially, the
was correct. The smaller man had not been claimed, which did mean that he was fair game for anyone.

However, that didn’t mean Reece was going to let it happen. Reaching behind him, Reece grabbed the small man, ignoring his frightened cries, and pulled him up against his body. Reece took just a moment to gaze into the man’s frightened green eyes before grabbing the man’s hair and tilting his head to one side.

Reece tried to resist what he was about to do, but some force, some power stronger than him, made him lean in, slowly licking the soft skin between the man’s neck and shoulder before sinking his canines deep into the man’s soft flesh.

Reece groaned the moment the human’s sweet blood reached him, closing his eyes in ecstasy. It was heaven, nirvana, and the richest ambrosia he had ever tasted all rolled into one sweet taste.

As Reece swallowed down the human’s life’s essence, he suddenly noticed how soft the man felt, how well he fit into his arms, the fragrant aroma of his silky hair, his pale skin. He reached around with his free hand and grabbed the man’s hip, pulling him closer into the apex of his thighs, pressing the man’s smaller body against his aching erection.

He wanted nothing more than to strip the little human from his clothes and thrust his hard cock deep into his warmth, but the scent of the other man still lingered in the small room, reminding Reece that they were not alone.

Reluctantly withdrawing his canines and licking across the bite mark to close it, Reece raised his head and looked down at the man in his arms. Large pale green eyes the color of a summer meadow stared back at him. They were a bit dazed, filled with fear.

Reece moved his hand slightly from the back of the man’s neck to stroke his thumb down his soft cheek, trying to reassure him. Then his eyes dropped to his lips, his luscious pale lips that begged to be kissed.

Oh, Reece wanted to kiss those lips even more than he wanted his next breath, but he had something he knew he had to take care of first. Picking the small man up in his arms, Reece held his face to the crook of his neck.

Reece reached up with one claw and sliced into the soft skin of his neck before holding the man’s head back to his skin. “Drink,” he demanded, holding the man tighter against the cut in his neck when the man began to struggle. The man shook his head frantically as he turned his head to look up at him. Reece opened his mouth, letting his canines drop into view. “Now!”

He closed his mouth, smiling his approval, when the man opened his mouth and quickly licked the side of his neck and began swallowing his blood. He knew that the little man was just doing what he thought would save his life. He had no idea that his life was about to change in ways he couldn’t even imagine.

“Enough!” Reece said fiercely a moment later, causing the man to look up at him in surprise. “Lick it closed.”

The second that the man’s tongue swept over the bite wound on his neck, Reece decided that he was going to feel that tongue on his cock before the night was through. A human he might be, but that didn’t mean that Reece wouldn’t be enjoying him in some manner.

He pulled the man against him, tucking him into the side of his body as he turned back to glare at the
standing outside of the small stall. “Mine!” he growled.

“Well, shit! If you wanted first choice, you didn’t have to bond with him. I would have given you a shot. Now, you’re fucked, buddy,” the man replied as he turned on his heels and left the room.

Yep, he was fucked
, Reece realized as he turned back to face the trembling man in his arms. By exchanging blood with him, he had bonded with the human, binding them together for the rest of their lives. Now what was he supposed to do with him?

“I’m Reece, Quilliam
What’s your name?” Reece asked gravely.

“K—Ke—Keeley,” the man stammered.

“Why are you here?”

“I—I didn’t m—m—mean to. I’ll go, swear. I’ll never come back. I won’t tell anyone.”

Reece raised his hand to softly caress the side of Keeley’s face. “No, Keeley, it’s too late for that, much too late.” He wasn’t surprised when Keeley started to struggle, pulling away even as he started pummeling Reece’s chest with his fists.

Grabbing the back of Keeley’s neck, Reece did the only thing he could, the one thing he had been thinking about since he had laid eyes on the man. He lowered his lips to Keeley’s, capturing them before Keeley could stop him.

Oh, Keeley was so sweet. He tasted like the sweetest, most succulent thing Reece had ever tasted. Reece could go on kissing Keeley for the rest of his life. He stroked his tongue over Keeley’s lips, feeling him resist for just a moment before opening his mouth and allowing him entrance.

One hesitant brush of Keeley’s tongue against his and Reece knew he was in trouble. He had to have more. Reece’s kiss was urgent and ravenous as his tongue explored the recesses of Keeley’s mouth.

Reece felt a deep growl of approval escape his mouth as Keeley’s hands moved up to clench in his shirt, holding Reece’s lips to his as he pressed his body tightly against Reece’s. It appeased the wolf in Reece to know that his new little mate wasn’t immune to him.

Hearing a commotion outside the bathroom door, Reece reluctantly lifted his head to look down at Keeley. He was amused by the stunned look on his face. He was pretty sure that if he let go of Keeley, he would fall to the floor.

“Do you understand what’s happened here, Keeley?” Reece asked quietly.


* * * *


Keeley stared up at the big man that held him in his arms wondering how he had ended up in the twilight zone. He had just wanted to use the bathroom. Now he had been attacked, bitten, drank some strange guy’s blood, and been kissed.

But oh, what a kiss it had been. Just the thought of the man’s lips on his again had Keeley’s toes curling. He had been kissed more than a few times in his life but never like that. It had made him want to rip the man’s clothes off and lick him from head to toe and then start all over again.


Keeley raised his eyes to the man’s coal black ones. “What?”

“Do you understand what just happened here?” Reece asked again.

“You kissed me.” Seemed pretty clear cut to him. He leaned back a little as Reece chuckled. He could feel the rumble in the chest pressed against his.

“There’s more to it than that, Keeley, a lot more.”

“If I tell you, will you kiss me again?” Keeley whispered.

He watched, fascinated, as the man’s dark eyebrow went up in surprise. “You liked me kissing you?” the man asked.

“Oh yeah, that was hot!” Keeley groaned, his eyes dropping down to the man’s lips.

“Are you—do you like men?”

Keeley’s eyes shot back up to meet the man’s curious ones. “Yeah,” he replied hesitantly, his eyebrows drawing together in a frown. “Don’t you?”


Keeley immediately felt like the floor had dropped out from beneath him. Reece didn’t like men? Then why in the hell had he kissed him? Was Reece just playing with him? It wouldn’t be the first time someone had pretended to like Keeley only to turn around and beat the crap out of him for being gay. He doubted it would be the last time either.

Dropping his arms from the man’s shirt, Keeley tried to step back only to be stopped by the strong arms wrapped around him. Keeley tried to push them away from his body, but Reece didn’t seem to want that. Reece just tightened his arms even more.

“Please let me go.”

“I can’t do that, Keeley.”

Keeley dropped his head forward in resignation as he stopped struggling. Just fucking perfect! The man that held him was too big for him to fight off. There was no way Keeley could win against him. Closing his eyes, Keeley took a deep breath and braced himself for the beating he was sure to come. “Fine, just get it over with.”


* * * *


Reece stared down at Keeley’s bent head in confusion. He could smell the fear and desolation rolling off of him. It suddenly dawned on Reece that Keeley was waiting for him to start hitting him.

“Keeley,” he said quietly, surprised at how much anger was filling him at how easily Keeley was accepting such violence against himself, “I would never hurt you.”

“Then let me go,” Keeley whispered, almost begging, as he looked back up at Reece.

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not? What do you want from me?” Keeley asked quickly as he reached into his front pocket and pulled a wad of cash out, holding it up to Reece. “Here, this is all I have, I swear.”

BOOK: Just a Taste of Me [Wolf Creek Pack 2]
6.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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