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Authors: Nessa Connor

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Made For Him

BOOK: Made For Him

Made For Him

Nessa Connor

Published by Nessa Connor, 2015.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. August 18, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Nessa Connor.

Written by Nessa Connor.

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essalyn was elbow deep in Mod Podge and wallpaper scraps as she finished the dresser for the staging warehouse. The X Ambassadors were blaring from the radio on the floor and her hips swayed in time as she checked for air bubbles in her work.

Tanner stood in the studio doorway watching her. Jessa was definitely someone who attracted his attention... his and every other red-blooded male in a hundred mile radius. Anytime she was around his head went completely blank for thirty seconds before he regained control of himself.

He watched her sway her hips in an absentminded way, the fringe of her cutoff denim shorts moving in the breeze against her long, sun-kissed legs. Her tank top clung to her curves and hugged the swell of her breasts, giving him just enough of a view to know that her body would blow his mind when he got her naked.

'When?' He questioned himself. 'Awfully sure of yourself, aren'tcha, champ?' Tanner shook his head. Apparently his subconscious already had plans. So what if he had designs to get her into his bed?  Even if he didn't get to keep her, he wondered what the odds were of getting her into the dungeon for a session or two. The idea intrigued him greatly.

Tanner wasn't the kind of man to air all his secrets with just anyone. Sure, those in the community knew who he was for one reason or another, whether they knew his name from his construction business and affiliation with Coleman Industries or from his finely honed skills in the kink clubs. Those chosen to join him in his own dungeon didn't take him lightly when he stepped through the door.

He had to fight the urge to cross the floor and take down her long strawberry blonde hair from the haphazard bun she often threw it into while she worked. He liked it best when it was down. It hung low on her back in loose curls that swung when she moved.

Tanner had been the one to hire her into the company six months ago as part of Coleman Industries’ full service home building program. Jessalyn was the best interior designer he had worked with. He had grown up in the trade working at his father's side until he took over the company a year ago, at 31, after his father retired and moved to The Outer Banks.

After all of her success it was hard to fathom that Tanner had actually wavered on hiring her. She walked in wearing a sleek dress suit with a cobalt blue shirt that accented the color of her eyes and a resume that would have made anyone drool when they read it.

It wasn't that he had doubted her skill set. She was one of the best in the industry. It was the shining green eyes and those shapely legs that made him hesitate. Tanner hated to mix work and pleasure. Employer/employee relations were generally a very bad idea. The power exchange at work shouldn't morph into the power exchange in the bedroom without some serious thought.

Tanner had done a lot of thinking lately.

He had taken a chance on her when he hired her. There was something inside of her that he could see, that rare potential to turn into something phenomenally impressive that promised success.

Jessa turned around and gasped when she saw Tanner standing there watching her. She blushed a little and prayed he hadn't seen her dancing around while she was supposed to be working. She hadn't even heard him come up behind her.

"You surprised me. Hey, Tanner, what's going on?” Jessalyn wiped her hands with a wet old beach towel.

"Just wanted to check on the furniture rehab and see when you wanted to go out to the Carson place. I guess things are ahead of schedule and you could get in there and start your stuff whenever you have time." Tanner felt himself mentally reeling in his hormones as he always had when the business man in him took over.

Being around Jessa was like being swallowed by a fire. The increasing heat and the longer he stayed made him want to let her engulf him. As her boss, he knew he should keep things professional, but as a dominant man all he wanted was to seduce her and then bask in her submission.

"Are you heading there now?" Jessa asked, tossing the towel down onto the newspaper laden floor. She noticed the keys to the Silverado hanging loosely from his middle finger.

"Where?" Tanner had drifted off in thought and lost the gist of the conversation.

"The Carson house." Jessa raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, yeah. Just to check around and make sure the crew got everything done. Eddie's been having some problems with the new tile guy and after the problems at the Willis house I want to make sure everyone has their damn ducks in a row." Tanner kicked his boot against the door frame.

"Mind if I come with you?" Arms clean, she adjusted her belt and ran a hand over her hair, pulling out the elastic and causing a fiery landslide of raucous waves and curls down her back.

Tanner felt his body respond to her shift from worker to temptress in under sixty seconds flat. His heart and cock couldn't handle it when she pulled that stunt. It sent both into overdrive.

"Fine by me," he told her and waited for her to finish cleaning up the workspace.

Ten minutes later she was inches from him in the truck, smelling like adhesive and gingersnaps.


ulling up to the newly rehabbed house, they decided it looked good from the outside. The landscaping was on point and the stone path was completed.

"I love the colors out here," Jessa sighed, hopping down from the truck before Tanner had a chance to turn it off. She was in the middle of the flower bed and then off into the house before he got out of the truck. He loved her enthusiasm.

When he entered the house after inspecting the roof and landscape, he found her on the living room floor with her sketch pad balanced on her knee drawing out a two-story tile and stone fireplace and adding detailed furnishings to the room.

"Not sure the Carson's had any intention of adding a grand fireplace," Tanner leaned on the wall behind her, watching the sketch come to life in charcoal and lead.

"Maybe not yet, but once they see how it will act as an anchor in the room and tie it all together they'll demand you put it in." Jessa didn't look up from her work as she answered him.

"You think you can talk them into a $20,000 project like that?" Tanner raised his eyebrows doubtfully.

Jessa looked up at him with a mischievous expression on her face "Do you know me at all, Tanner?"

Tanner knelt down next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Maybe I need to get to know you a bit better,” he suggested softly.

Jessa's gaze locked on his silvery green eyes. She hesitated as the urge to kiss Tanner's soft lips filled her mind. Her eyes darted back to her sketch in an attempt to mask the temptation she was feeling.

"Oh?" She asked, adding unneeded shading to the chimney.

'Tanner Coleman is not flirting with you right now,'
she told herself sternly, trying to snap herself out of it.

"Have dinner with me tomorrow, Jessalyn." It wasn't quite a question the way he spoke it.

Could she have been wrong? Apparently so.

"Really?" She asked, letting herself look up at him.

"Yes, I'd like to get to know you better. I think you and I should have a stronger relationship. You never know, maybe you'll even have a good time," The sound of that laugh had always made the muscles in her stomach tense up in arousal.

'How much better would be determined by how she handled their evening together,'
Tanner thought.

"Okay. Yeah, sure" Jessalyn wiped charcoal from her fingers, leaving black streaks on her jeans.

When she stood up Tanner straightened. They were a breath away from kissing when Tanner's cell phone started ringing.

He could have thrown it into the cement mixer.

"Hello." He answered slightly more sternly that he intended.

Jessa went out to the truck to wait while he finished up with his phone call with what sounded like the lumber yard. When Tanner came out and joined her he seemed to be deep in thought.

Pulling into the office lot Tanner got out and opened the door for her.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow night at seven." Tanner locked the truck and Jessa pulled out her keys.

"Sounds good to me. I'll see you then." She smiled and waved as she headed to her car.

When she got home she flopped down on her sectional and let the tension of the day melt from her muscles. She couldn't believe she had a date tomorrow night with Tanner Coleman... her boss. He was quite possibly the most attractive man she’d ever had the pleasure of being around.

The next evening when she was getting ready, digging through her closet trying to pick out something that would be sexy but not too sexy, teasing but not overly revealing and not over the top, she realized she didn't know where they were going.

“How am I supposed to decide what to wear if I don't know where I'm going?” She furrowed her brow and chewed on the inside of her cheek while evaluating her dresses. A date was definitely a dress occasion. Working in construction and design, she had a few dresses but not very many opportunities to wear them. She hated to admit that she didn't make time for dating.

After her last relationship ended right before she took the job at Coleman, she hadn't looked into finding anyone else. Focusing on her job seemed like the right move, especially when she had been given a chance at one of the top construction and home building companies in the state.

There was one thing that was true no matter how much she wanted to deny it. She missed sex. Sex with a strong man who made her feel that anything he would do would be exactly what she needed, someone who would take care of her and let her bask in the glow of romance and earth shattering orgasms, someone who brought out her desire to give the same to him.

That was where her last relationship had failed. Brantley had treated her well. He tried to be adventurous in the bedroom but the furthest it had ever gone was him tying her to the bed with silk scarves once before he announced she wanted too much from him. She needed someone who could give her what she longed for.

Tanner had the strength, the all-male personality, the demeanor that demanded her respect. Her mind wandered to what he would be like in the bedroom. With her luck he was probably one of those one-position-only-with-the-lights-out kind of guys.

Jessalyn sighed at the thought of all of that gorgeous dark hair and the hard body going to waste unseen in the dark. She wanted to feel all of it, explore the curve of his muscles and feel the tightness of them under her touch. She wanted him to pin her to the wall and take her to levels she had only dreamed of.

She decided on a royal blue dress with lace sleeves and kept her hair down with soft curls. Making it look sleek was a true test of patience and determination.

Her doorbell chimed like church bells at five to seven and she grabbed her purse, checking her hair one last time as she headed to the door.

When she opened it Tanner stood there in an all black suit. His dark good looks were in full force tonight.

"Good evening," He produced a single giant sunflower with its bright sunny petals spread wide.

"Good evening. Wow, that is stunning and the flower is pretty, too," she winked at him and accepted the sunflower, inviting him in while she put it in water.

"Not quite as radiant as you tonight. Spin once for me." Tanner twirled his finger and watched as she obliged him. The skirt of her dress twirled out as she gave him a quick spin, revealing more of her legs than he had previously seen. He immediately wanted more of her.

Tanner felt himself lengthening in his trousers and took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. ‘Stunning’ was all he could think of when he looked at her. He liked to pride himself on his way with words but he always came up short when it came to Jessalyn.

"Thank you, Tanner." She nearly blushed.

"Are you ready to go?" He adjusted his jacket.

"Yes." Setting the sunflower in the middle of her table and smiling at how homey it made the room feel, she followed him out to his car. She was glad they weren't taking one of the trucks. Getting into a high four-wheel-drive pickup in heels and a dress would have presented a slight problem.

Tanner opened the passenger door of his ebony Aston Martin.

"I'm feeling very Bond in this," Jessalyn smirked at him as he got in.

"I like to take my toy out for a spin now and then... special occasions, you know."

"Should I feel as flattered as I do?" Jessalyn asked.

"Yes. Yes, you should." he smiled and turned the engine over.

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