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Chapter Thirty Six


Today we're having a family gathering at the house. My parents are coming, along with Kade’s, and James is home, so it’s going to be great. Mum is the first to arrive, to help cook. We're all in the kitchen, getting supper prepared as everyone arrives. My dad isn’t here because he got called into work, but he's going to try and make it. Kade’s mum, Lucy, comes over to me and gives me a big hug. She looks gorgeous with her blonde hair pinned up and she's dressed down in a pair of jeans and a blouse.

“I knew you were going to be the one for my Kade,” she whispers to me, and I give her a smile in return. I take in Kade’s dad, Declan, for the first time. He is a handsome man, even at his age. He's tall and broad shouldered, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Declan greets me the same way Lucy does, with a warm, welcoming embrace. After a few seconds he breaks the hug, but still keeps me in his arms.

“Kade, you did well, son,” he says with a cheeky grin. “Steele men always have good taste.”

Lucy giggles at the compliment. Ashley walks in and my mood dampens slightly. I look over at Kade and glare at him. I had no idea he had invited her. As usual I'm the last to know. Lucy glances between Kade and me, taking in my sudden change in expression. She gives me a curious look and asks to speak with me privately. She invites my mum to come along with us.

We go out onto the patio and Lucy goes right in, “What’s going on with you and Ashley?”

I sigh. “It’s a long story. Kade doesn’t believe me, so you're obviously going to take his side,” I tell her frankly.

My mum steps in, “Nikki is many things, but she would never lie.”

“Come on, tell me what’s going on. I won’t judge,” Lucy adds.

“Tell her, Nikki,” my mum encourages.

I look at her, nod, then turn to Lucy, and spill all about the Ashley stuff. “You’re the one that gave her the fat lip and black eye?” I nod, and she shakes her head. “That girl has changed so much since Damon died.” Who is Damon? I don’t get a chance to ask before she continues, “Then that bitch of a mother passed away. What did Kade say about this?”

“Just that I like drama and he can’t believe Ashley would say the things she’s said to me,” I tell her, staring at the ground.

Lucy sighs, “He’s always had a soft spot for Ashley, can’t seem to find any fault in her. I don’t think he’s completely oblivious, but I guess in time he’ll see. Ashley can’t keep up her fake attitude around him forever. Eventually she’ll slip up. And I’ll feel for Kade. Even I’m upset, I’ve looked at Ashley like a daughter for years.”

She gives me a hug and we walk back into the house.

We go back into the kitchen, Lucy, mum, and I all putter around, getting everything set up and all the food served. There is so much food, there's going to be lots of leftovers, that’s for sure. My dad finally makes it, and is in the living room chatting animatedly with Kade’s dad. Mum calls out to everyone that dinner is ready, and everyone comes to the table. I sit by Kade, and his mum takes the other seat next to him, pointedly looking at Ashley, who looks pissed she didn’t get to sit by him. We’re all making small talk when mum pipes up.

“So, Kade, I want some grandbabies. When are you going to stop using the rubbers?” Fucking hell.

Everyone at the table bursts out laughing. Ashley just glares at everyone.

“I think I would like to get a ring on her finger before that happens,” Kade says, amused.

“Pfft, it's 2013, get with the times,” she says with a laugh. She really is nuts.

“Sorry, Lucy, mum is always like this.” I go on and tell everyone about the time mum came over, and Kade burst out of the room naked.

Lucy looks up at mum. “I love you,” she says bizarrely, out of nowhere, and then starts laughing again.

Glad my embarrassment amuses people. We chat some more, the food is great, and the company even greater. I ignore Ashley, and enjoy the time with my family.

After dinner we’re all cleaning up, and Ashley stalks over. “Hope you're enjoying this family thing while it lasts.” She goes to turn away, but makes one last parting shot before she does. “By the way, your mother is disgusting and has no class. What woman talks like that? Who would want her daughter to be unmarried and knocked up? She's trash.” I walk straight up to her. No one fucking says that shit about my mother.

I shove her into the wall and punch her right in the eye. She screams, and hands are instantly on my waist, pulling be back. I turn to look up, and it’s Kade. Everyone comes into the kitchen to see what's going on.

“That fucking bitch! No one fucking talks about my mother that way!” I’m shaking at this point. Before Kade says anything it’s Lucy that speaks up. “Ashley, you need to leave. I’m ashamed of you,” she says softly, but with strength in her tone. Ashley starts crying and runs out the door.

Kade is mad. He looks at me and demands, “Nikki, seriously, why the fuck can’t you two just get along?”

I don’t say anything, my mum does. “Kade, this isn’t Nikki’s fault, she was just sticking up for me.”

“No disrespect, Mrs. Heath, but Ashley is my best friend, and I can’t have my two girls constantly fighting.”

I shake my head, and walk off. I don’t need this right now. Everyone enjoys the rest of the day, trying to ignore the awkward vibe between Kade and me. When everyone heads home, I get a few sympathetic glances from my mother. Kade tries to talk to me, but I just have a shower and go to bed.

The next morning he acts like nothing happened.

Chapter Thirty Seven


Kade and I have officially been a couple for nine months. For someone that has never been in a long term relationship, he's scary good at it. We have our ups and downs, but we're getting there.

Kade and I have been talking lately about traveling to Canada for a visit. I have some family that lives in Alberta, plus, I want him to finally eat a poutine, and see what my life was like before I moved to Australia. So we decide to take off for a week. Luckily I'm on break from my internship, so I didn’t have to ask for time off.

We land at the Edmonton Airport and make our way to the nearest hotel. After we unpack, shower, and change, we head out to explore.

First stop is Dairy Queen.

“Basket of Poutine, please.” I say to the chick at the till.

“This shit better be good, or I swear I’ll make you eat seafood.” Yuck. Okay, I so hate seafood. That shit is just nasty.

We make our way to a table with our poutine. I pull out the ketchup and only pour it on my side of the poutine, just in case Kade doesn’t like it on there.

He puts his fork into the mess of yumminess and pulls out a forkful. He hesitates and sighs before he shoves it into his mouth. When he's done chewing, he puts his fork down. His face is carefully blank, so I have no idea how he's feeling.

“That is absolutely amazing!” he blurts out.

I start laughing, I thought he would say it was terrible! He doesn’t like it with ketchup though, I guess that's just me.




Canada isn’t so bad. Nikki takes me to the West Edmonton shopping mall. That place is massive, and we manage to get lost about six times. There's a map of the mall and everything, but we still get lost. We check out all of her favorite stores and we buy gifts for everyone back at home. After that, we hit this place called Galaxyland. I think it’s mainly for children, but we end up having a fucking blast going on roller coasters and other rides.

In the evening we head back to the hotel, grabbing some dinner on the way. We're both exhausted and can’t be bothered going out to a restaurant tonight. Another big day tomorrow, starting off at the Calgary zoo. We both have a quick shower and eat our dinner. Just before bed, I check my phone. Seventeen missed calls, all from Ashley. She knows I’m on holiday, so I have no idea what she wants. I decide to check the messages.


First one.
Hey, Kade, just checking to see if you made it there safe.

Second one
. Getting worried. At least send me a text.

Third one
. Ok seriously, Kade, call me.

. I swear if Nikki isn’t letting you call me, we’re gonna have a problem.


I don’t bother with the rest of the messages. I just send her a quick text.


K – Here safe, don’t worry, I’m on vacation I’ll see you when I get back.


She replies instantly.


A – Finally. Ok, glad you’re safe. Have fun.


She has never been this needy or clingy before. I’m starting to wonder if maybe Nikki is right about her having feelings for me, more than friendship. I brush the thought aside. Ashley knows how I feel about her. I love her like a sister. I'm starting to see changes in Ashley, though. I notice every time I talk to Nikki when Ashley’s around, she gets angry, or if I talk about Nikki, she throws a hissy fit. When Nikki and I have arguments, Ashley seems to dive right in bashing Nikki. I shake off my thoughts and get back to Nikki, who is passed out on the bed. I carefully remove her clothes, and set her in the bed properly and under the covers. I climb in beside her and snuggle.





I wake up when I feel the covers creep down, and a warm, wet mouth wraps around my dick. Best wakeup call ever. I don’t let her finish, she'd flip out if I did. Apparently come is disgusting, and it goes nowhere near her face. When she first told me that, I laughed and thought she was joking. One time I didn’t warn her, and some got in her mouth, she freaked out and ran to throw up. When she came out of the bathroom she started throwing everything she could lift at me. Still have a few of those bruises. I chuckle at the memory.

Nikki does a few more sucks and licks, then climbs up and kisses me good morning as she glides my dick inside her. It’s slow at first, and then she picks up the pace. Nikki is the only girl to ever ride me this way. She goes so hard she can barely breathe, and it’s sexy as fuck. After we are both more than satisfied, we shower together and get dressed.

Another day as a tourist.

We're on the flight home, and I’m looking forward to landing in Perth. Canada was great, we both had a wonderful holiday, but there really is no place like home. The plane ride sucks. It’s a fucking twenty four hour trip! Canada needs to move closer. I look over at Nikki who is sound asleep. I lay my head on her shoulder and eventually doze off.

Chapter Thirty Eight




We got home a few days ago from our trip. Something is bothering Kade today, so we decide to get out of the house for a bit. Hand in hand, we're walking along the beach, when I hear someone call his name.

“Kade, wait up.” Shit, it’s Ashley. There goes my day. How the flying fuck did she know we were here? Fucking stalker. I’m seriously going to do some searching. I swear to fuck she has a camera in the house.

“Hey, Ash, what’s up?” Kade says with a small grin, acting like it’s normal for her to pop up anywhere we go. Which I suppose it is.

“Nothing much, just thought I would take a walk on the beach. Care if I join you?” she asks, walking next to Kade.

“Yes,” I say at the same time Kade says “No.” Doesn’t she get tired of being a third wheel? Apparently not. Kade tells me over and over that they're just friends, but the way Ashley acts towards him, how can I be okay with that? And he always takes her side. I know I sound immature right now, but it is what it is. I think this is my breaking point. “Kade, I’m gonna head home,” I say, taking a step back.

“Nikki, we’ve been through this. She’s my friend. Don’t be like that,” Kade says, frustrated. Ashley looks like she is about to say something, so I glare at her and she takes a step back.

“So I’ve heard a million times, but she’s not my friend, Kade,” I say pointing to Ashley. “It’s fucking frustrating for me. She wants you, plain and simple. Everyone can see it but you!”

“So what, you’re telling me to choose my friend or my girlfriend? I won’t do that. I’m not that fucking type of man, Nikki!” Kade growls.

“Every time we’re out, she shows up. Whenever we’re together, she calls, and you take off. We’re not a god damn threesome, Kade! She comes first to you, and I’ve accepted that so far. But for once I want to be put first. And the man that I choose to be with will always put me first!” God, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

“I’ll see you at the house.” I walk off and he doesn’t try to stop me.

I take one last look over my shoulder, and I see Kade and Ashley hugging. This relationship was doomed from the start. He glances up and sees me staring, but doesn’t say anything. I shake my head at him and turn around. It looks like he 's about to come running after me, but Ashley pulls him back.

Fucking bitch.

I make it home, and start packing an overnight bag. I just need out of this house for a night or two. Maybe I’ll go visit Layla? Nah, I'll just go to my parents, I decide.

When I pull up into my parents’ driveway, my phone starts ringing. It’s Kade. I think about not answering, but I sigh and pick up. No point having him worried that I’m not safe.

“What?” I answer eloquently.

“Where the hell are you?” Kade yells.

“Not home. Obviously,” I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

“Nikki, get home. We need to have another talk,” he says calmly.

“What’s there to talk about? She always comes first, and she always will,” I say in a mock bored tone.


“No, Kade, it’s done. I’m not playing second fiddle anymore. Enjoy your so called friendship with Ashley,” I interrupt. I hang up before he says anything more. Instantly the phone starts ringing again so I hit ignore. Then he texts.


K: If you’re not home by tomorrow, I’m coming after you.


I grunt, and shove my phone in my bag.


BOOK: Kade
4.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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