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Praise for Chase (Resisting Love #1)



"The instant you start reading you catch the intrigue and then it just continues! These two new authors write magic together! You don't want to miss out! ~Jessy from BookEnd 2 BookEnd"


Chase is gorgeous, brilliant, cocky, and a ladies’ man until he sees a girl at a party. All that snarkiness goes out the window for Chase to win the girl of his dreams. Taneesha from A Diary Of A Book Addict


Layla had it made; moving in with 3 SMOKING HOT boy is every girls dream come true.  Chase, Kade and James are soooo droolworthy.  Chase and Layla are a great dynamic.  Chase is so alpha male but Layla is just as strong.  Kade and James are nothing short of major HOTTNESS.  Nikki is the best friend that every girl needs and all of the hoes in the boys past (and some present) spice the story up in so many ways.  I can’t wait to read Kade and hope James and Ryder get their own story too! – Sophie from Bridger Bitches Book Blog


This book sucked me in, heart and soul, from beginning to end!! It's very well written and an extremely fast story and these authors are very good at capturing their readers and keeping us entertained!!! This is a MUST read ADULTS only book that will reel you in hook, line, and sinker!!! – Jenny from Black Words- White Pages


I loved the writing style of this book, it was so easy to read and had me hooked from the first chapter, and I couldn’t put it down as I wanted to know what happened next. I loved how for Layla and Chase everything is tied up and done within the one book; it’s a nice refreshing change than having it dragged out to a series. – Alice Priday, Best Books.



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Copyright © 2013 Dawn Martens and Chantal Fernando




Published June 2013




"Cover design © Arijana Kar
, Cover It! Designs"




Edited by Brandi Gilvaja and Arijana Kar




KADE is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Please do not take offence to the content, as it is FICTION.


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Table of contents


Dawn Acknowledgements


Chantal Acknowledgements




Chapter One


Chapter Two


Chapter Three


Chapter Four


Chapter Five


Chapter Six


Chapter Seven


Chapter Eight


Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten


Chapter Eleven


Chapter Twelve


Chapter Thirteen


Chapter Fourteen


Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Sixteen


Chapter Seventeen


Chapter Eighteen


Chapter Nineteen


Chapter Twenty


Chapter Twenty One


Chapter Twenty Two


Chapter Twenty Three


Chapter Twenty Four


Chapter Twenty Five


Chapter Twenty Six


Chapter Twenty Seven


Chapter Twenty Eight


Chapter Twenty Nine


Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty One


Chapter Thirty Two


Chapter Thirty Three


Chapter Thirty Four


Chapter Thirty Five


Chapter Thirty Six


Chapter Thirty Seven


Chapter Thirty Eight


Chapter Thirty Nine


Chapter Forty


Chapter Forty One


Chapter Forty Two


Chapter Forty Three


Chapter Forty Four


Chapter Forty Five


Chapter Forty Six


Chapter Forty Seven


Chapter Forty Eight




Coming Soon: Ryder


Coming Soon: James


Coming Soon: Derek


Savor You by Emily Snow


Three Hearts, One Soul by Bec Botefuhr


Wrong Kind of love by Amanda Heath



Dawn’s Acknowledgements


A huge thanks goes out to
Hayley Wilson
. For being not only a major cheerleader for us, but also for all the help. Uploading help. Beta Reading. Doing our formatting! You’ve helped make Kade even better, so so so thankful for your help!!!!! God knows where the fuck we’d be without you helping us out! Love you girl! Gonna enjoy some more Skype chats with you ;) Can you handle my ADHDness? Hehehe. Tell your hubby, it’s still on ;)

Bec Botefuhr
– I don’t know what more to say other than, thank you! You’ve been such an amazing help with everything! I consider you to be my Aussie bff ;)

Brandi Gilvaja
– Thank you so much for all the input and help with Kade and editing!! It means a lot! Heck, I remember for a long time we stopped being close, my fault, I fucked shit up. But thanks for coming back into my life and being awesome!

Nikki –
I can literally talk about anything with you. You let me be real. Myself. I couldn’t ask for better. Please visit me soon so you can eat poutine ;)

– Don’t know what I’d do without you. I think you are my most sane friend. Ha. You keep me grounded! You help me sort out my depressing and sad days, and always have great advice. Love ya babe!

Emily Snow
– For the amazing help with Beta Reading and helping to get our timeline matched up with Chase. Meant a lot to me that you took time and helped us out with the book!! Thank you!

Ari at Cover it Designs
– Thank you so much for the work on Kade’s cover! Again, you made it amazing! All of our awesome chats! And the amazing help you did with editing our book. You are the best!

My children
– You guys rock! Love you all so much!

My Husband Colin –
Love you to the moon and back babe, thanks for the inspiration for the Kade “twirl” scene.. hehehe

– again, this shit wouldn’t have happened without you! People keep saying we should have done this alone, but honestly, I don’t think so, if it wasn’t for you working with me, I never would have done this at all. You’re my best friend, and just plain awesome. Love ya!

Also gotta acknowledge
Kristen Ashley
– I swear I stalk this woman! But she’s fucking epic in all she does. Our random chats, me going nuts during our random chats, ha, but she puts up with it! Thank you for being you!

To the rest of my beta readers – you know who you are! Much love goes out to you!! Thank you!

– Thank you for all the help with beta reading and pointing out things that needed fixing! You rock.

– You rock, seriously, I love annoying the shit out of you.

– You’re amazing. Seriously, thanks for the uplifting chats. Thanks for always letting me vent about shit.

– Thanks, you know what for. Love chatting with you.

– You’re my new friend, and already I adore you

– Thanks for all the help! Appreciate it!!

Audrey, Christa, Sandi, Saoching, Abby, Emily, Annette, Melanie, Melanee, Ashley Marylou, and Cindy
– God I love you guys, seriously. Yes, ok, maybe sometimes y’all piss me off, but still, love ya’s!

There are so many more I talk to, Sorry, but if I mentioned you all, you’d never be able to get to the book ;) but you know I love you guys!! Thanks for being awesome.

And of course to the fans! Thanks so much for loving our books! Without you guys, well, we’d be losers ;)



Chantal’s Acknowledgements


A huge thank you to my husband and kids!

My three little men
- Words can’t express how much I love you. You will forever be my greatest accomplishments.

- Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. I could not ask for a better sister. We are going to have the best time
next year :P

P.s- I miss our no pants Thursdays!

- You haven’t really done anything, but I love and adore you anyways :P

Sasha Jaya-
You love me no matter what, and you are one of my favorite people in the world. Love you always.

Stephanie Knowles
- Once again, you are always there to offer support or opinions. You are the best. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into helping me out. <3

Angel Steel
- Thank you for
You answer my millions of questions and you are always there to offer your help. People like you are so rare, and we are so lucky to have you helping us.

Shelley Bunnell-
I love our chats and thank you for supporting me from the beginning. Thank you to Tsk Tsk What to Read for doing our Chase blog tour as well ;)

Ari at Cover it Designs
- You are amazing. Thank you for doing the Kade cover, but more than that, for being there for us and helping out anyway you can. I LOVE YOU.

Alice Priday
- Thank you for beta reading for Kade! You are amazing!

Bec Botefuhr
- A huge thank you for everything you have done for Dawn & I. You are the best.

Skye Burling- Briggs
- Thank you for the beta help and being a huge fan of the resisting love series.

Brandi Gilvaja
- Thank you for all the editing work you do for us!

All the other beta readers- Thank you soooooo much! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping us.

- What can I say woman! People don’t understand how we make this co-writing thing work, and it might sound weird to others, but it somehow works for us. Thanks a heap for everything- especially all the laughs along the way. Your craziness is contagious and I seriously want to come to Canada just so you can cook for me. I heart you.

To all the
! Thank you so very much. To everyone who messaged in, saying how much they loved Chase, you have no idea how happy it made us. You have all been so lovely, and I can’t thank you enough.

You can find us on facebook under “Author Chantal Fernando and Author Dawn Martens.”



I’m at my usual hunting grounds. It’s a typical weekend for me, drinks, dancing- and looking for a little action. People may call me many things, or think certain things about me. Maybe they're right, but I couldn’t care less. Men get to do it, why shouldn’t women? We have our needs, too. One day I'll settle down, but until then I don’t see why I can’t have some fun. You only live once, right? I’m dancing, getting lost in the music, when I look over and see someone’s eyes on me. He's just what I’m looking for tonight, just my type. Longish wavy blonde hair, pale blue eyes and very tall, maybe 6’2 or so, with a lean, toned build. Fuck, he's gorgeous. He looks a little like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. I know his type, and he's perfect for what I have in mind- a one night stand. No commitment, no drama, just a good time. He makes his way through the dancing bodies, his steps sure and purposeful. When he stops in front of me I almost forget to breathe. He really is something.
Fuck, Nikki, don’t start being shy now.
I shake my head, and give him a sultry smile. Time to get down to business.

“Hello there, handsome, wanna fuck?” I purr boldly.

His smile is cocky, knowing. “A girl who plays no games, I’m intrigued. Follow me.” He grabs my hand, making our way out of the club. We climb into his massive black car, a Hummer, I believe, and drive in silence to his house. I notice it’s a very nice house, modern, tasteful and very spacious.

He jumps out of his car and quickly makes his way over to my side, but I’ve already hopped out. He frowns, his eyebrows furrowed. “I would have opened the door for you.”

“That’s okay, handsome, but I’m a big girl. I can open my own door,” I say frankly.

“Before we go any further, I’m Kade,” he says, and then looks at me, expecting me to give him my name.

“I prefer to just call you handsome. We don’t need names tonight,” I answer him honestly.

“You’re not gonna tell me your name?” he asks disbelievingly.

“Nope, now are you gonna take me in there and fuck me or are we gonna stand here all night making small talk?”

He hesitates for a moment before pulling me towards him and crashing our mouths together. We fumble to the front door and he unlocks it in between kisses. I’m herded down a hall and into his bedroom. I take a quick glance around and see a massive four poster bed, a chest of drawers and four huge mirrored sliding doors. Well, that makes things a little more interesting.

We quickly undress ourselves, frantic to get into bed. I take in his body, which is amazing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen one like this outside of movies. He practically throws me on the bed and leans over me, pinning me down.

“You are so fucking hot,” he mumbles in between rough kisses.

He moves me up further on the bed, and goes to his bedside table to pull out a condom. He keeps his eyes connected to mine the whole time, even as he rips open the condom with his teeth. Once it’s on him, he leans back over me, and softly kisses my neck as he spreads my legs wider, and fills me. Holy fuck, his dick is huge. The whole time he is thrusting, he’s looking at me or kissing me. He never breaks our connection, and it doesn’t feel like any fucking I’ve ever had. This is different, more personal. We change positions and I get on top, but when he's about to finish he flips me onto my back. We come together, both panting when we're done. We wait for our breathing to even out, Kade keeping his arms wrapped around me, and rubbing circles on my stomach with his finger. I stare into the darkness of the room, not quite knowing what to think.

We fall asleep afterwards. Well, he does. I’m not staying the night, even though he asked me to. Staying the night involves a certain amount of intimacy. When I hear him softly snore, that’s my cue to leave. I sneak out of the bed, the room, and then the house. Calling a cab, I wait outside for a few minutes before they show. I glance at the house once more as the cab reverses, and I can’t help but feel a pang of regret.

Pushing the feeling away, I look forward.

BOOK: Kade
6.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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