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The air moved in the room, and I felt Chax shift out. Breathing hard, I tried to look for a way out of here. To hell with this, he could kill me for all I cared, but this, never again. I changed back to normal and dragged myself towards the door. After a long while I finally reached it. But getting to the handle was a problem. I lifted myself as high as I could but I couldn’t reach it. The air shifted and I knew he was back.


I didn’t turn to look at him, I just dropped my hand and looked at the door. I almost had it. “You just threw away your chance of being healed,” he hissed behind me. Like I give a crap! I heard him storm towards me; I was yanked up by my arms, pain shooting into my spine. I closed my arms again, keeping my bare chest out of his view.


“Just freaking kill me!” I yelled at him. I was flipped over his shoulder.


“That would be too easy for you. You will bear today’s loss,” he sneered and turned with me. Walking away from the door, he continued through the other one in the room. I watched as we walked into another room, as he stepped in with me I lifted my head look at it.


“No!” I screamed at him and hit him with my fists. He just continued on and walked into the cell, dropping me on the bed. I landed hard and almost on the floor. I grabbed the bed just in time to prevent that.


I watched in horror as he simply turned and walked out of the cell, leaving me alone in a dungeon version of a room and cell. He closed the door behind him and I was left in darkness. Only my hard breathing sounded in the room. I laid my face on the mattress, which wasn’t even covered with something. Well, it’s pretty clear to me I am officially back in Hell. Not the real one, but I feared it was way worse one then the real one.


The events at the cave ran through my mind, and I started to cry again. How could things have gone so wrong? How could Kali have betrayed me like that? No, Chax is mistaken. Kali would never have done that to me. We had been through so much, it was impossible. I remember her crying when Draco released her. No, he was wrong! I remember her hatred for Ballen, there is no way in hell she is part of his fallen.


She just shifted out to take the relics to him to free herself, I told myself. Then she will come back and clear everything up. Yeah, that’s it. My conscious cried liar at me, doubt started to replace my judgment. And what about the relics power to destroy the wall?


I thought about that for a while, trying to figure out how they could possibly be that dangerous. God created the wall, with his blood and words he sealed them in. How could objects related to Jesus destroy that? And right there it came to me, “That Christ’s words should be obeyed as if they were His own,” and Jesus shared his blood, so that would mean with the objects they could destroy what He created. I choked on that realization.


Millions are going to die because of me.
Millions. What would remain when all of
them were free? Vivid images created by my own imagination slammed into me; children running and screaming from them, then children lying dead on the ground, blood surrounding them. I broke into tears again; I just destroyed the world with my stupid plan. Oh dear God forgive me, I pleaded. But I didn’t deserve his mercy, nor his forgiveness. Because of me the world is at its end. I cried myself to sleep, my heart broken over so many things, but most of all, for everyone I have failed.


I woke to loud voices and lifted my head to see Uriel and Maia enter the cell. In the background, beyond the door, I could hear an argument going on. “It’s okay, Kas, I’m going to heal you,” Maia said, bending down on the floor next to me. Uriel stood at her back, staring at me. I watched them without a word. I felt Maia’s magic run down my back, the healing process starting.


“You have no choice!” a male bellowed beyond the door.


“I will not do it!” Chax bellowed back. My eyes searched the door for an explanation for the fight.


“We have a war coming, we need this done now,” a male said again and it sounded a lot like Michael.


“I will not force this, my decision is final,” Chax replied to him. I looked at Uriel searching for some indication, but she merely stood there in silence and watched me. I felt my spine pop back into place, pain shooting into me from the effort, but I bit it down. My throat was still burning from my crying and screaming.


“She must complete her task; it’s not up to you to decide. Our Sire has spoken!” This time I could tell that this was Raphael. Silence followed, giving the situation an even more epic feeling.


“Kas, don’t worry. All will be well,” Maia tried to ease me.


I looked at her. “You don’t need to do that, Maia. I know I deserve everything. Because of me the demons have their weapon and Ryan is gone,” I whispered at her. She stopped and looked down at me, her eyes shocked at my statement.


“You will not fail now. Your final battle has just begun, Kasadya, and you will conquer it,” Uriel finally spoke. My eyes drifted up to her, and I am sure she saw that I didn’t really believe a word she just said. Jules is right, I should be destroyed. I only create more problems, not even the fact that I can cure demons is enough for my right to live. “You will not think like that,” Uriel said.


Finally I felt the pain disappearing from my back and looked over at Maia. “Come on, I brought some clothes,” she said, instructing me to sit up. With much effort I slowly got back up again. I might be healed, but I have no energy left from the fight. She and Uriel pulled a T-shirt over my head, finally covering my exposed body, and then stood back to look at me.


“Uriel?” someone asked from behind the door.


“We are done,” she replied, not turning around.


I watched as the door opened and Vulcan stepped in, his eyes watching me intently, and finally it rested on the cuffs around my wrist. He closed his eyes in pain, as if he knew all too well what they were and what their purpose was. He slowly walked over to me and bent down, picking me up in his arms. “It’s going to be okay, Kas,” he tried to reassure me, but I knew it would not be okay. Even if the cuff is removed, I would still have to live with what I have done.


He turned around and walked out of the cell towards the room Chax so delightfully imprisoned me in. As we stepped into the light, I saw that all the archangels were there, as well as Astin and Chax. Chax was leaning on a table, his back towards us. Good, I don’t think I would survive his eyes, not so soon. Vulcan slowly walked over to a couch and gently placed me on it. Stepping away from me, Maia covered me with a blanket. I looked at the patterns on it. Small dragons flying around chasing each other.


“Chax,” Michael said to him. I didn’t look up; I didn’t want to see his eyes. I just wanted to hide away from them. Silence followed and I could feel the air charged with angst. “You must do this,” Michael continued. I heard Chax release a breath and walk over to stand next to me, but I didn’t look up.


“Kasadya,” Chax said and the first tear fell from my eyes. “Look at me,” he instructed. I blew out a nervous breath and lifted my head to look at him.


He towered over me, his eyes still the same. “Today you will become a hellhound born,” he stated and my fear of him kicked in double time. Tears now ran freely from me, but I didn’t sob. I knew I was going to die, I just didn’t think he would do it this way. I looked down at the blanket again, my heart breaking at the thought.


“Chax,” Raphael growled.


“For a phoenix to rise, it must first die,” Chax said. The words flowed through my brain, but I didn’t understand what he was saying.


“Kasadya,” Uriel pressed. I looked up at her, standing next to Vulcan and Maia, but I didn’t say anything. She nodded towards Chax who was still standing next to me. What the hell, just get it over with, I thought to myself.


My eyes drifted from her to Chax’s face. He was looking at me intently, waiting for me to say something. “You need to kill me. It’s okay, I know,” I stated. He
closed his eyes and I could see he was pissed off at my words. What? Did he want me to beg for my life? I would rather die. My eyes dropped to the cuffs, and I slowly reached for one, feeling the charm flow into my fingers. “It’s to make it easier, isn’t it?” I stated matter of factly. While on me, I would be under his control.


He could just order me to kneel and make it easier. “It’s to help you,” he grunted, walking away from me. Help me? Yeah, okay, that’s another way to put it. A tear fell and splashed on my hand, so I released the cuff and looked at Michael.


“Can we do it now and get it over with?” I asked. His eyes looked hurt with my request, but I was tired and sick of all of this. He looked at someone and I followed his eyes. Chax was standing there, looking at me with a haunted expression on his face.


“I am not going to kill you,” he said, his eyes resting on Vulcan. Confused at his words, I also looked at Vulcan waiting for an explanation. Vulcan shook his head and watched Chax. Looking between the two of them, I could see they were having a silent fight or something, Chax’s eyes reflecting his anger.


“Just get it over with. We have a war on our doorstep, and we need her,” Astin said at my back, and I could hear he was fed up with this as much as I was.


Chax let out a deep breath, and fixed his eyes on me. “You won’t die, because your charm will be taking over your emotions and bringing you to heal,” he stated. My heart did a double up at those words. They found my charm. With that revelation, my nerves kicked in double time. I felt my legs shaking under the blanket.


Holy crap, I have a charm! I was more afraid than relieved, this is the part I was dreading, the part that I understood was where someone else would have some sort of control over me. But even worse than this is the part where I would have to become someone’s mate. My own life will now be infused with someone else and I would have to continue on with this other person. As a matter of fact, I would cease to exist. “For a phoenix to rise, it must first die.” Now I get that part. I won’t be me anymore; I would be someone else, because of someone else.






       About the Author



Karen lives in Cape Town,
South Africa. She shares her life with her husband, two sons and daughter.  If she isn't reading, she is writing. Her preferred genres are Paranormal and Urban fantasy.

Karen specializes in payroll and HRIS systems analysis and development. At the age of 21 Karen's professional success reached its highest platform, an outstanding achievement at such a young age.


Kasayda: Hellhound Awakened was her debut novel.




















BOOK: Kasadya Hellhound Twisted
12.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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