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“Oh-kay,” I wheezed out and she finally stepped back allowing me to grab for air. Damn, I had created a monster. Smiling at her triumph, she walked over to the chair and planted herself in it waiting for me to start singing.


Rubbing my throat, I got up and sat down on the bed. How the hell would she take it? “Today, Kas,” she snapped, her eyes never leaving mine.


“A present from Ballen. He said it was a death charm,” I spilled and watched as her eyes went wide.


“A death charm?” she asked, her face going paler, and her eyes going big.


“Yes, designed to choke you until finally it cuts its way through your neck, taking your head,” I explained and at the words taking your head she closed her eyes and dropped her head. We sat there in silence for a long while, just accepting our new problem.


“How long do I have?”


“He said about six months, but it won’t happen. I have already made a bargain with him. He will release the charm and everyone will be at war again.”


“You know I won’t allow it
I will not place Exsilium or anyone else in danger. I can’t, Kas, just let it go.”


“No, I won’t. We have survived too many things just to be defeated like this. I will think of something.”


“Kas, have you never heard of the term to deal with the devil? No matter what you try, he will win and you will fail. I am accepting it, and I want you to accept it, too.”


“You know me well enough that no demon will ever beat me, not even a prince. I need you to trust me and help me to beat him at his game,”
I replied, folding my arms across my chest and putting on my serious face.


“What did he ask in return to remove the charm?”


Crap. “Don’t worry about it.”


“If you don’t want to be choked to death again, I suggest you tell me.”


No way in hell. “No.”


She moved to stand, her eyes switching over to death mode, and just before she stormed me …


“He wants the four blood relics as payment,” I blurted out.


Silence followed.


“Have you completely lost you’re freaking mind?! How can you even think of such a thing?!” Yeah, knew this was coming, took her long enough.


“I said I would think of something, I just need you to trust me, can you?”


“This is not about trust, this is about what he is planning to do with them. Heaven alone knows why he wants them, but I know that it will be very wrong and very bad to give them to him. Kas, you might even end the world by just doing it.”


“I know, but I won’t allow him to have them. I just need time to think of a plan of action.”


She sat there, thinking about it, and then nodded. “But when things go bad, you know what I want you to do, right?” she asked, forcing me to make a silent promise.


“Yes, I do.”













hapter 7




“Ah hell, let’s ditch this place and go work on Chax’s nerves,” I said, smiling at Kali to lighten the mood.


“Now that’s the best thing you have said all night,” she replied, smiling. “I am going to love seeing this house of doom you were talking about.” She walked over to me and took my hand.


I shifted us to the living area and we were greeted with a song on full blast. “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was as hot as me,” sang crazy Nanini, jamming to it. Gotta love this girl, sometimes.


“Oh that is so disturbing on so many levels,” Kali said to me. I nodded, agreeing with her about the sight before us. Nanini was throwing her butt and doing some moves, and she didn’t even notice someone had shifted in. Crazy girl.


Walking over to get her attention, she turned just in time and jumped me. “Oh, Kas, you’re back. I missed you. These freaking males are driving me insane,” she complained.


Laughing, I hugged her. “Yeah I just bet they’re
driving you nuts,” I agreed to her insane statement. I can just imagine what the guys had to go through last night. Most likely Max ended up the main target.


“Oh, hi Kali. How are you feeling?” Nanini greeted Kali.


“Super thanks. So the boys giving you trouble?” Kali greeted back with a huge smile.


“Yeah, just wait and see. We now have two freaking Chax versions running around. Did I mention that I really don’t like Godzilla,” Nanini complained on.


“Godzilla?” Kali asked, confused, and looked at me.


“Nanini gave Max another name. Apparently he thinks having a little Custos is not working for him,” I replied, walking over to the iPod station to turn down the noise. Yeah, I can barely hear them with all this racket.


“You wouldn’t believe what he did last night; I was so pissed at him. I was trying to teach him how to consume light bombs and he wouldn’t co-operate. I tell you, Kas, this is not working for me,” Nanini continued on, pacing the room with her adrenalin.


“Now, Nanini, tell them the real story,” Caim said, walking into the living area.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about, it was training in my eyes,” Nanini answered, her innocent look taking place, with a pouting mouth to pull it off. Both Kali and I lifted our eyebrows at that. Oh boy.


“She tricked him outside, told him she wanted to show him something and then started to blast him over and over again. By the time we figured out where all the noise was coming from, Max was fighting for his life,” Caim explained.


I looked at Nanini, shocked that her crazy little mind would be so devious. “Hey, he was doing fine until the others came storming out. And Chax was like ‘Nanini, stop’, and Lada was the only one that didn’t complain. I tried telling them that he caught on and was absorbing the lights bombs, but no, no one listens to me,” Nanini quickly explained, trying to get the best of this.


“What exactly do you mean absorbing your lights bombs?” Kali asked, suddenly intrigued.


“Oh, that’s the best part. A hellhound’s wings can absorb other magic. It just takes a while for the hellhound to learn how to use their wings to absorb it, but he got it,” Nanini explained, giving me a devil smile. Oh she planned it all right. Crazy freaking fae girl.


“Fascinating, can you show us?” Kali continued, and I whipped my head to her, there was currently just one hellhound present and she wasn’t going to be experimented on. “Now, Kas, you are the one that is always telling us to push the limits to see what our bodies can take and what not. This will be the best moment to try it,” Kali said, smiling at me.


“Oh no, sorry just recovered from a fae barbeque, definitely not looking for another one. Tell you what, let’s get Max and he can show us?” I quickly defused the situation.


“There is one chance of that, and that’s never,” Max replied also joining us. He gave Nanini the death glare, promising retaliation on his part.


“Come on, Max, this is huge. Imagine if we are able to find out how your wings absorb it and maybe try and utilize it on others. This will be for the future of all fallen,” Kali pushed on. Max looked at her, and then at me.


“No, sorry. Not doing it,” I replied at his insinuating look. “And anyway, I don’t know how to, seeing that apparently you do, it would be best for an expert to demonstrate.” When I finished, I gave him my little devil smile.


“That will have to wait for later, we have Hellhouse duty. I suggest you all get ready and in comfortable clothes it will be a long morning,” Chax said. I turned to find him leaning against the wall at the entrance. He looked me up and down, probably checking if I was healed, then his eyes landed on Kali. “I am glad to see you recovered and healed,” he said to Kali.


“Um … thanks,” she replied, looking at me confused.


“Vulcan has assigned you to Caim as Apprendo. Unfortunately your Custos was taken in the attacks,” Chax continued, his eyes never leaving her. And he was starting to freak out both of us. “Caim, take them to the Hellhouse. I will take Kali to Corra and we will join you.” Suddenly dread filled me; freaking hell, I hope Ballen’s charm doesn’t have a bad effect with Corra. Or that she chooses it to infuse with.


“I think Kali already had enough surprises. We can take her later, it’s not like we would be leaving Exsilium,” I suggested to him. Holy hell, what are we going to do? He looked at me for a few seconds, contemplating my suggestion, and then nodded. Turning around, he walked off. I turned to look at Kali and saw her catching on to my concern. Her eyes were sad, very sad. I’ll get that freaking demon to remove the thing even if I have to torture him.


“Oh no, not Hellhouse duty!” Nanini complained, dropping to a chair and hanging her head.


“Come on, Nanini, you know the sooner we get to it the sooner we get out if it,” Caim replied with a little grin and walked off.


“Did we miss something?” I asked, looking at Nanini.


She lifted her head and stared at us. “Let’s just say that no fight in the world would be able to prepare you for what’s going to happen in a few minutes. Best of luck to you guys,” she explained and shifted out. What? Confused, I looked at Kali and Max, who were left just as bewildered as me.


“You guys, I don’t think I like this. Demon fights I can do anytime, but this doesn’t add up,” I said to them.


“Agreed, this doesn’t make sense, but as she explained we will soon find out what’s so bad,” Max said, joining the rest.


“Well we better get other clothes on. Come on, Melissa brought your clothes with mine. They’re in my room,” I said to Kali and gestured for her to follow me. As we walked up the stairs Lotan, Lada, and Abby got to greet and meet Kali. When we introduced her to Abby, she was delighted to find out that there was another harpy in the house, and the two of them wanted to exchange harpy secrets. But luckily I reasoned with them to leave it until later. Half an hour later, we were cleaned and in comfortable clothes waiting in the living area for Chax’s orders.


When I looked at the group, all the new guys were looking at all the old guys, they looked awful. Caim had a very serious face, Chax’s face was worse than ever, and I think he was praying. Lada and Lotan gave each other’s hands little squeezes and it looked like they were trying to encourage the other, and Nanini? Well she was running around in a circle, looking green around the face, Abby just keeping her eyes on her. Well this is interesting, wonder what could be so bad?


“Let’s get this over with,” Chax finally said and
took a hold of his necklace. I quickly grabbed Kali’s hand, knowing full well what that gesture meant. We were force shifted to the Hellhouse where we landed in the grub spot.


We were assaulted with screams, fights, hello’s, and whatever a bunch of kids could bring at us. A group of little girls attacked Chax and Caim, who had to keep from landing on their butts. “Chax, Caim!” they squealed and laughed, grabbing hold of them. One little girl went straight for Lada’s arms, jumping into the air to make sure she was before the one behind her. Lotan had a bunch of boys attacking him with balls, and Nanini had the time of her life. Picking up a little girl she started flying around in the grub spot, laughter breaking out from the little girl’s excitement.


Me, and the rest, were bombarded by the remaining children. “What’s your name?” a little girl asked. “Are you a vampire?” a boy asked. “Can you throw fire?” Came the questions and we had a tough time trying to answer them all.


“Kasadya, you all would need to go with it,” Chax yelled before the group of kids forced him outside into the hall
His face was masked with that serious look, but a small smile spread over his mouth just before he disappeared. Oh my freaking soul, I had no idea what to do. “Go fallen!”

BOOK: Kasadya Hellhound Twisted
4.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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