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The mine fields, as explained, were rigged with lightning bombs, with love from our elemental fae’s. One step and you got zapped like a bug on an insect light. Yip, two rounds of extra crispy. Nanini and I are going to have a talk when I get out of this. Her sick ideas need to end today, or the rest of the fallen world won’t make it. “Kas, what now?” Abby asked next to me, her eyes looking over the field. Hell, I had no freaking idea.


“Remember the cave, Kasadya!” Chax yelled above me. Looking up, I gave him the biggest smile I could muster. That’s right, nobody said anything about shifting. All right, when I do kick his butt I will remember this one and keep two shots back.


I was up and grabbed Abby, shifting to the safe zone. Landing with grace we turned around and looked at the crazy hellhound that just stood there mouth gaping, so I did the best thing and blew him a kiss. Now we had to move double time because he also knew that he could shift. “Come on, Abby, get in there,” I said to Abby and pushed her into Hades Haze.


“Which way?” she whispered to me. Right, take control Chax said, so let’s see what the hell I can do now.


“This way,” I replied and took the left turn into the haze. According to Chax, we had to get through the haze, which was either confusing or filled with more fallen to attack us. Slowly and quietly we moved from one wall to another, until we turned right straight into the crazy hellhound whose eyes were still flashing.


“Well what do we have here?” he said, smiling and moving forward with a fast pace. Crap, I hate my freaking life.


“Run, Abby, and get the hell out of this thing!” I yelled at her, storming forward to meet the attack. As we reached each other, his fist was the first thing to come at me. I ducked and moved forward, grabbing his back and bringing up my knee straight into his torso.


Bending over from the blow, I moved fast and elbowed his back with brutal force. His face hit the ground below me, dust kicking up from the landing. Oh yeah, I might not be crazy—yet—but I could still kick butt. I ran the way I knew Abby had gone, and turning the corner I found her fighting off another fallen. For once, the twenty or
so fallen around was not my biggest concern. Nope,
it was the hellhound I’d just decked back there that was pushing me to get the hell off this course.


From what Amon told me, when we go all Hellhound Born there is almost nothing that could stop us from the one goal we were made to do. Kill. I moved fast, punching the fallen vampire to the ground the moment he circled. Grabbing Abby’s arm, I pushed forward. “Where’s the other hellhound?” she asked, concerned.


“Somewhere behind us, but I pissed him off royally so I take it his goal for the day just changed. We need to get out of this course now or this is not going to end well,” I explained to her, her eyes going big with panic.


Finally, we reached the end, and I pushed her forward just to come to an abrupt stop. “Wait!” I instructed her
Oh yeah I forgot, freaking flames everywhere. In front of us the devil’s breath was scorching hot from all the fire.


“I don’t … think I … can do this, Kas,” Abby stuttered next to me. I looked at her and found her eyes full of tears. Crap, that’s all I need.


“Were getting out of here,” I replied and hoped to hell she followed my lead.


From behind us, the crazy hellhound burst out of the haze. One look at his completely red eyes, had me grabbing Abby’s arm and pushing off the ground with my wings. Just as we reached a reasonable height we were attacked by fire fae above us. “I’ll draw them away; you get your butt to the finish line!” I yelled at her, throwing her away from me. I watched as her brain finally kicked in and she started flying on her own. A fire bomb hit my back, sending me spiralling downwards; my wings already taking so much had a lot of trouble saving my butt. Eventually I stabilized in the air and turned around to face the attackers, whom were missing in action. Instead the crazy hellhound was heading straight for me. Okay, now how to get this guy off my butt.


“Kasadya!” I heard Chax yell, but didn’t pay a lot attention. I needed a plan of action or I might be dinner today. Taking a last look at the now on me crazy hellhound, I used my only option. I closed my wings and dived for him. When I reached him, I grabbed him and held on for dear life.


“Arhg!” he yelled, pissed at me. As we tumbled downwards at a free drop, I was holding and punching him in the face as much as I could, and getting a few shots back from him. With my back to the ground, my wings picked up that the ground was closing in and I did a quick turn to make sure he was the one below me.


Watching the ground closing in, I closed my eyes to what I knew was waiting. One hell of a thump, followed by fire. Well at least the crazy hellhound would have to deal with it, too. Bang!
We hit the ground with him taking the impact with his back. His breath slamming out of him, I rolled away from him quickly and folded my wings around me. Suddenly I was engulfed in flames and the temperature around me was scorching. Crap, this hurts like hell. Finally the flames retreated, and I moved quickly. With my wings taking all the punches they were down and scorched, so I ran as fast as I could to the finish line, flames shooting up around me.


With a last jump and a blast of fire right in my face, I landed on the finish line and rolled away from the heat, my breath slamming in and out of me. I wasn’t regenerating fast enough and I’d lost all the feeling in my wings, which had never happened before. I sat up and grabbed one, frightened to death that I had pushed them too far. The flesh between the bones was burned off and hanging around like a piece of cloth ripped into tiny bits. Oh no, what have I done? Hitting a small panic, I grabbed the other one. Yip fried, too. I just freaking hope Maia or someone can heal them. I looked up and saw the crazy hellhound still stuck in the fire, screaming like mad. His wings had been burned badly, too and I could see he was losing strength. Oh crap no.


I flew up and started to scream. “You have to stop! You must stop now!” I yelled at the fire fae standing around. When they looked at me in confusion, I screamed, “He is going Hellhound Born!” At those words, all of them stopped at once.


Dragging my wings behind me, I walked closer
to him, where he laid on the ground almost completely burnt to death. “Are you okay?” I asked, bending down to turn him around. His eyes were closed so I couldn’t see if they were still flickering or now permanently red.


“Kasadya, what’s going on?” Chax asked as he reached my side. I looked up at him, with his head bent down, he created that heaven look of hair falling around his face and his green eyes sparkled through them.


“His eyes, they were flicking between brown and red, and then somewhere in there he started losing control and we ended up trying to survive him. I had no choice Chax. He was getting out of control,” I answered looking over the male, who by the look of it was out cold.


“Get Maia now!” Chax yelled.


“And bring the half breed fae with her,” Caim yelled, too.


“Kasadya, look at me,” Chax said so I looked up at him, his eyes going wide.


“I’m okay, just a bit crispy. But is he going to be all right?” I asked concerned over the male’s health, but at the same time fearing to see what would happen if he really became hellhound born.


Chax looked at me and then at the male.“It is difficult, some can return in time but some … just don’t have the will power,” Chax replied. I looked at him, contemplating what he’d just said. Will I have the will power to stay sane?


“Oh dear Lord,” Maia’s voice sounded next to me and I moved out of the way for her to attend to him. Trying to get up, I felt my strength finally fading and I sank to the ground.


“Kasadya!” Chax yelled and then I felt someone pick me up. “Where is the half breed fae!?” He looked down at me, and it was nice to see this side of him; concerned yet still in control and giving orders. His green eyes sparkled with both anger and something else.


“Oh no, not Kas again. For Heaven’s sake, can’t you keep out of such fights,” Melissa’s voice came through the haze I was travelling into.


I turned my eyes and saw her concerned face hanging over me. “Now that wouldn’t be my thing, Melissa,” I finished and felt the haze take over me. Crap I hate passing out, the void and the darkness that comes with it. But worst of all the fear of what awaits me when I wake up.















hapter 6






“You should have taken notice of it,” I heard Chax say.


“Easy for you to say! Look at your own hellhound, she is close to the edge herself,” another female voice said. Oh goodie I was waking up to a fight, how appropriate. Well who said a day couldn’t get any better? My head was pounding like mad, and my throat was burning from thirst. Trying to get their attention, I attempted to speak, but nothing came out. So I turned to moaning, hell what does a girl have to do to get some attention.


“Hey there,” Max said close to me. I opened my eyes and shut them immediately, because it felt like acid was thrown into them. “Easy, your body is still in the regeneration process. Take it slow when you open your eyes,” Max explained. Well hell, what happened to the fast healing fae abilities?


“Why is it taking so long?” I managed to ask him.


“Because you messed yourself up real bad, Kas. Why the hell didn’t you stop the fight?” Max threw back at me. Crap, why didn’t I? I could have just called it off and explained that the male was out of control. Hell alone knows how my brain cells work.


“Yeah, yeah I know,” I replied.


“Hello, Kas, how are you feeling?” Melissa asked next. Again I tried to open my eyes, and this time I could see the blur of a face. Blinking to try and clear my view, I slowly started to see her face clearer, and a very mad Max face behind her. Oh boy. “How are the eyes?” she asked again.


“They sting a little, but the blur is starting to clear up,” I replied, looking around the room. In the corner I could see another bed, and focusing in I saw Kali still fast asleep. “How is she?” I asked Melissa, forgetting about my own pain.


Turning to look at her, she said, “She is doing a lot better, she should be up and walking by tomorrow morning.”


“Want to tell me what the hell went down out there?” Max pitched in, and I tried to avoid the urge to roll my eyes at him. “Did you know that you had 3
degree burns all over you?”


“No, but I am feeling it, so back off,” I growled at him. Why the males in my life always have to try and eat me alive I don’t know.


“Kas, Max has a point. You have been injured very badly. Why on earth didn’t you just stop or shift out of it?” Melissa complained.


“Because she doesn’t think,” Chax replied before I had the chance. Oh great, now Chax, too.


“Hey, I wasn’t the one going all psycho out there. I had a situation and I made my choices,” I threw back at them.
With each move it felt like a thousand needles where being pushed into my skin. My throat burned really bad, but my eyes were the cause of the worst pain.


“Bad ones,” Max and Chax said simultaneously.


I sat up with force and had to grab the bed to steady myself. “Okay that’s it, back off now. Yes, I made a crappy decision but I also completed the damn course!” Chax was giving me the look like always and this time Max was joining him. Oh for Heaven’s sake. I tried to stand but lost my balance, and Max quickly grabbed me before I fell.


“Kas, you’re still too weak you need to lie down,” he said, pushing me down gently.


“You will be spending the night with Kali and Maia. We will come and fetch you first thing in the morning,” Chax explained, as he turned and walked out. For a moment I kept looking at the spot where he had been standing. He was confusing me, one moment he showed some sign of caring, the next he was the old, cold Chax. Melissa smiled and joined him, leaving me and Max in the room. Looming over me, I looked at him and gave him my pissed off face, how dare he?

BOOK: Kasadya Hellhound Twisted
10.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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