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“Yes, continue,” my mother said, giving him the space he needed. Doesn’t seem like anyone is helping out Jules. Poor baby got her butt kicked by my mother big time. Yes I am grinning like mad. It’s not every day a girl gets to see her mom kick butt.


He smiled at her and went on, “We have a choice today, we can make the same mistake as mankind and view this as a threat, or we can embrace this and make good of it for the better of all involved in this war. So, my kin, what do you say?” There was silence for a while, and then some started to talk amongst themselves. Oh great this was not going to end well, I could just feel it in my bones.


“I agree with you, we need to embrace this and make good of it. But I fear that the half-breeds will lack the necessary skills and knowledge to take the right steps as fallen. And given the circumstances of the hellhound, she too needs to be evaluated,” a male said, walking out of the crowd and stopping in front of us. What the hell does that mean?


“I agree, it would be dangerous to all if we send out untrained or unskilled fallen. They need to be ready for this war,” Astin agreed.


“Hey, guys. Trust me when I say this, we already know how to kill demons, so don’t worry about that,” I said, looking at the two.


“Agreed, if we are forced to accept this, they need to be trained properly. Just like all our young ones, they will be assigned to a Custos and trained as an Apprendo,” Thonyn said behind me. I turned around.


“You have got to be freaking kidding me! I have taken more demons than you ever will,” I threw back at him.


“There is more than just killing. A Custos takes responsibility for more than just his or her own life, and they make decisions to ensure the safety of many. You think because you killed a few hundred demons you have the right to be called one? No, Kasadya, Custos are trained and honed to perfection. You and your friends will begin as Apprendos and earn your right to be a Custos,” Thonyn finished, smiling at me. Oh he is so dead.


“Th—” I started to say, but Chax all mighty cut me off.


“Agreed. Kasadya was already assigned to me; I will train her and Abby together. The rest of the half-breeds will need to be assigned,” Chax said. I was giving him the death glare. He was casually leaning against a beam, never even looking at me. His hair dropped a little over his face, but I was sure that he was keeping me in the corner of his eye.


“Are there any volunteers?” Vulcan asked, looking at the crowd.


“Oh me, me, I want one!” Nanini yelled, storming forward.


“Great, that leaves three more, anyone else?” Vulcan asked.


“I will take one,” a female said, walking out of the crowd.


“I will train my mate,” Amon pitched in, clearly not allowing another male to.


“And I will take the last,” my mother said, joining the so called fun. Apprendo? I mean really, these guys are freaking nuts.


“Good, now before we assign your Apprendos let’s get a final vote. So now that the new ones have a Custos and will be trained as Apprendos, what do you say fallen?” Vulcan asked the crowd.


“Aye,” said the first one, followed by many. Oh freaking great, I am back where I started two years ago.


With the last “Aye” Vulcan turned to look at the volunteer Custos and then at the half-breeds. He walked to Ben and held out his hand. Ben looked at him for a moment confused, but placed his hand in his. Vulcan closed his eyes for a while, then opened them. “Mila, this is your Apprendo.” Then he moved over to Ryan, “This will be yours, Freya,” he finished and finally ended up at Max who didn’t look impressed at all.


Turning around there was only one Custos left, and she was pissed off as hell. “Why do I get Godzilla? Come on, he is so going to ruin my mojo,” she complained, pleading with Vulcan. I couldn’t help it, regardless of my own pissed off mood, this was just hilarious, and so I started to laugh.


“I do not see the humour in this, Kas.” Max looked at me; I was cracking myself up with this. It’s payback time for all the grief he gave me when I trained him.


Trying to suppress his own laugh, Vulcan looked at Nanini. “Believe me when I say that this will be for the best. Have I ever given you wrong guidance?” he asked her.


Lifting her nose in the air and trying not to pout, she looked at him. “No, but he is so mean and a complete bully, how am I going to work with that?”


“It will come to you. Now that we are finished, I believe we can end of this morning and get in some sleep,” Vulcan finished. Only then did I notice that the sun was already climbing higher in the sky, it was a really long day. Funny how time flies in my world. One moment we’re just starting off the night in a club, the next the sun is high in the sky and we’re
back in Exsilium. Oh and a new version of Hell. Will I ever get past stage one?


“Where will they all stay?” Chax asked and for a moment I could swear I saw fear in his eyes. Can’t be, I must be more tired than I thought. I mean Chax De Luca fear something, nope never gonna happen. I looked at Vulcan, trying to think away this one.


“That is a good question, now let me think,” Vulcan said, moving around, his hand on his chin. Getting frustrated with his up and down moving I looked back at Chax. He was starting to get a green colour around his cheeks and really didn’t look well. What on earth was wrong with him? Nanini and Kali started snickering behind him, Lotan was shaking his head, but a small smile escaped when he tried to hide his face from us.


Vulcan stopped and looked up at him. “Chax, it would seem that once again you are the only one with enough space, best of luck.” He shifted out, and Chax’s face was left in dread. Okay, what the hell did I just miss here?


“Totally wicked! You guys are going to stay with us. The whole gang is at Chax’s place,” Nanini said, walking over to me and giving me a shoulder bump. With that little bit of info, I looked at Chax again to see that he was real close to puking.


“Chax, are you okay?” Amon asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Chax just stared at the ground, lost in another world.


“Ignore him.
Come on, let’s go say hi to some of the fallen and we can introduce your half-breeds,” Nanini said, taking my hand and shoving me into the crowd, which was now moving either towards us or away. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught two males carrying away an unconscious Jules.


Many fallen came to greet us, and some were really nice to the guys and me. Every time I could I would see Caim or someone trying to cheer up Chax, but he was still lost.


“Kasadya?” a beautiful voice said, and I turned to look into a handsome werewolf’s face.


“Hi, Seth, long time no see,” I greeted back, but as I took the first step to greet him Arianna stormed forward and blocked him off. Confused I looked at her and then Seth, and then my brain kicked in.


“Arianna, it’s good to see you, too,” I said holding my arms for her to take; she hesitated for a second but then greeted me, her eyes piercing daggers into me.


“I’m glad to see you’re safe,” she replied. Yeah, I just bet you are.


“Yes, thank you. Was a bumpy ride, but hell who’s complaining?” I replied, looking over her to see Seth’s concerned face. Yeah I got the picture. Seth didn’t wait and he is Arianna’s territory now, bummer. Well hell, there is more than just one guy around, right?


“Are you okay?” he asked from behind her.


“Yes, thank you. Luckily for me and Kali we ran into Amon and his gang, and well from there we just winged it,” I replied, keeping my distance so as not to piss of Arianna. Well at least I could throw away the hope that someone special was waiting for me. Arianna moved closer to him and we just stood there looking at each other.


“Kas, sorry guys, but can I borrow her?” my father asked, interrupting us. I was glad, this was just awkward.


“Okay, see you guys,” I said walking off with my dad. I was a little disappointed in what just happened. It was kind of nice thinking someone would be waiting for me, other than my parents.


“Your mother is drilling Chax and I don’t think he is going to survive this one,” my father said. Confused, I wondered what the hell was going on so I followed him to find my mom facing off with Chax in an argument.


“You will not fail me again, Chax! So help me, this time I will kill you,” she sneered into his face. This version of my mom was kind of freaking scary. Wow, she went from Mrs. Perfect to Mrs. Freaking Bad Ass. Mmm, now that I think of it, I really do prefer this version; I could work with this one.


He stood there looking at her. “Agreed,” he replied. Satisfied she turned around, her eyes landing on me.


“What in Heaven’s name are you wearing?” she went off. Oh freaking great here we go.


“It’s not that bad, Mother. It has a lot of positive aspects when it comes to fights,” I replied, rolling my eyes.


“Like what, flashing the demons to death?”


“No, as in charmed pretty well. There is no tearing and of course, claws glide away. Those type of aspects.”


“You will not wear that awful excuse for clothing.”


“The last time I checked I was what? Nineteen? I think I can choose my own clothes.”


“You will not.”


“I’m not getting into a fight with you over my choice of clothing. One would think that after not seeing me for two years, you would lay off the snarky comments and be happy I’m back.” We were in each other’s faces now, Chax and dad standing in the background.


“Okay you two, that’s enough. Chax take your new guests home and get some sleep,” Don said from behind me, so I turned to look at him, saved again.


“I would like to see Kali,” I said, my eyes going to Chax for his approval. Why I need approval I don’t know, but the last time I was an Apprendo he gave me hell. He stood there looking at me for a while, thinking it over I guess. Finally he nodded and turned to the rest of the gang.


“We will retire for the day and get some rest. Kasadya, you will return as quickly as possible to ensure you get enough sleep.” After he finished, he shifted out.


I looked at my mom and dad. “Okay, I will see you guys later.” I shifted to Maia’s home. Okay scrap that part of the new version mother; it’s not going to work. I found Amon and Melissa sitting in the lounge.


“How is she doing?” I asked.


“She is doing well, Kas. Her vital signs are back to normal and everything looks great. But she will need a long time to sleep it off; her body took one hell of a beating,” Melissa replied, leaning into Amon’s side.


“Yes, you need to give her time to fully heal. Such an experience drains the body of the energy it needs to move. In about two days she will be back to normal,” Maia added, walking into the room.


“I understand, I’m just glad she is okay,” I replied, knowing full well that rest is the biggest part of healing. I started to walk to her room; but stopped, turning around to look at them.


“Will you two be staying at Chax’s home?” I asked Amon.


“No, from what I hear it’s going to be something new for all of you. Melissa and I are going to stay at the compound. The humans were not allowed to enter Exsilium and I am sure they are very worried,” Amon replied.


“I will pack both yours and Kali’s stuff and have Amon take it to your new quarters,” Melissa added on.


“Can’t I stay with you guys?” I asked, dreading living with Chax.


Laughing, Amon looked at me. “I’m sorry, Kas, what Thonyn said was true. You were taken away too early in your training. Yes, you are a great warrior, but you need the extra knowledge and skills to help guide you in this war. If you were not taken, you would have identified Ballen for his true self and have known how dangerous he was. Stay with Chax and make good of this, don’t see it as a punishment, rather see it as a fresh start. It will never replace your time lost in Hell, but you will benefit from it for the years to come.” He smiled that damn smile of his. I hate it when they do that all powerful knowledge crap on me.

BOOK: Kasadya Hellhound Twisted
12.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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