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“Yes, and my actions in all these years have proven that over and over. Every fallen is in my heart every second of the day. It is because of them that I push so hard to ensure we win this war. Not one day has passed in my life that I did not offer myself to the cause, even after the loss of my brother and the death of my sister. I served all fallen and mankind with everything that I am, not once asking for something in return. But it saddens me to look at my fellow fallen and see them make the same mistakes mankind has made. You say that Amon’s mate is a demon, why? Did you come to that conclusion only because she is different from you?” Chax asked her.


I was shocked at his words. Chax can be a real ass, and his training sucks big time, but his words made an impact on me. It’s nice to see that side of him once in a while. Makes me wonder who the real Chax is, the one he hides from everyone else.


“What else can she be? She is no fallen!” Jules threw back at him. I looked at her, and was completely pissed off. Didn’t she listen to one word he just said?


“She is no demon, she is a half-breed fae,” Chax answered. At that, the crowd went crazy, gasps and comments being thrown all over the place. I looked at them, ready for an attack. The noise was deafening, and the tension was building, too.


“There is no such thing!” someone yelled from the crowd, and I moved to make a defensive stand, trying to protect my friends from this. If someone so much as stepped out of bounds, I am going hellhound on them.


“An abomination!” another yelled.


“He speaks the truth, I have seen a half-breed tonight with my own eyes, they exist,” Vulcan said over the crowd, silencing them.


“Then you must agree with us, Dominus Vulcan, that this is a danger to all of us,” Thonyn said.


“No, I don’t. If there is one lesson I have learned in the past few years, it is that life has a way of adapting itself to survive. You think of this as a bad thing, but what if this is the next step in evolution, what if this was the future?” Vulcan asked him, and Thonyn went blood red at that.


“How did they come into existence?” someone from the crowd asked. Oh crap its slum dog time.


Chax turned to look at me, and I picked up on the clue. I straightened myself and addressed the crowd, “One of my human friends was injured badly in a demon fight. In order to save his life, I fed him my blood and he changed into a half-breed fallen. The rest were the same; only when their lives were in danger did we give them our blood,” I stated. The crowd went quiet, you could drop a needle and hear it fall.


“The deserter!” one yelled.


“More, there is more than one!” Jules yelled behind me.


“You have doomed us all!” another yelled. Okay, here we go, give me your best!


“Humans don’t fight demons!” Thonyn yelled behind me and I turned to look at him.


“Oh, they do. There are humans out there fighting just like all of you. Regardless of the fact that they don’t have our abilities, they are still trying to save this world. Not all humans tuck tail and run away. Mankind’s history is filled with people who went beyond the call of duty. They share the same cause as us!” I yelled at him. How dare he say that?


“They are cowards, they run. We have seen it over and over!” Jules pitched in.


“No they don’t! Tell me why do you serve?” I asked, looking at both of them.


“It is our duty to serve, our penance for our betrayal,” she replied, her face full of disgust.


“So, you do this to get a ticket into Heaven?” I asked, smiling at her. Her face was about to explode, but she didn’t answer me, so I turned to the crowd.


“Do you serve because you want to gain access to Heaven? Or do you serve because you want to, because it is in your heart to?” I challenged them, and silence greeted me. The few
eyes that had shown aggression now looked to the earth, shamed at the conclusion of my challenge. They serve themselves, for their own cause. They are not here because their hearts tell them that this is the right thing to do.


“These humans are out there every day, fighting to eliminate the demons, and they do this because they want to. They do this because it was their free willed choice to do it. You speak about honour and love, yet all of you are only doing this for yourselves!” I was pissed off, talk about hypocrites!


“Not all serve for that reason; there are some of us that serve for a peaceful existence, to look at children and know they are safe from demons. To walk on Earth and hear the sounds of the night without the poison of demons, to see love and not lust,” a man’s voice came from behind me. I turned to see who it was, and found Astin and a huge group of his fallen standing behind us.


“Astin, what are you doing here?” Jules asked, but he ignored her and walked up to me with Annabelle at his side.


“Welcome back, hellhound. I see you brought us a present,” he said, greeting me in the fallen way, our hands bracing the arms of the other.


“Is it true, did you create half-breeds with your blood?” Annabelle asked, greeting me as well.


“Yes,” I answered, a little thrown off balance with their greeting. Why were they not going ballistic like the rest? Her eyes lit up with excitement, and she looked at the new fallen standing with us.


“Amon, is that you?” Astin asked, walking over to Amon.


“You know me, wouldn’t miss a fight with the council,” Amon replied and greeted Astin.


“You are intruding a fallen gathering, please leave,” Thonyn said. He is such a douchebag.


Astin looked at Thonyn and smiled. “Yes, I know. As a fallen it is my right, and to see your faces brings me much delight. Now, hellhound, why don’t you show us our new future.” He looked at me. I glanced at Max and the others, not sure if that would be a good thing.


“It’s okay, Kasadya,” Chax encouraged and nodded to me. These were my friends, my family, by exposing them like this I could bring down the wrath of the fallen. What if they attacked us? We’re good, but we would need a miracle to survive all of them. Could I place them in such danger? How was I going to protect them? From what I have seen, the fallen don’t do well with new things. I stood there looking at my friends, my heart broken and displaced. I knew what was going to happen if we did this, I couldn’t take that chance with them.


“Kasadya, I will not let harm come to them. I promise you,” Chax whispered in my ear. He was standing at my side. I turned to look at him; his eyes showed confidence, confidence I did not have in my fellow fallen. For some strange reason I believed him. I returned my eyes to Max, Ben and Ryan, and nodded to them. Max was the first to transform, spreading his wings wide and high. Then Ryan joined him, followed by Ben. Again the freaking gasping and stuff broke out in the crowd, the loudest coming from Jules and Thonyn.


“It’s a miracle,” Annabelle said next to me, and shocked me into silence. What the?


“It is no miracle!” Jules yelled again, kicking me back into pissed off mode. Annabelle lifted her head, and looked up at Jules. Her green eyes sparkled with the fury she was containing, but there was sadness, too.


“To you, Jules, it would appear to be a problem. But to me, the last of my kind, it is a miracle. If only we found this before the dragons were extinct, before …” she trailed off, tears running down her face. OMG she was the last one, and dragons? I’d never heard anyone speak of dragons before, but they wouldn’t because they don’t exist anymore. And I also know why she called it a miracle. Maybe we can’t have pure griffon fallen, but we can have half-breed ones. Astin came to soothe her, kissing her on the cheek.


“You will let our kin be destroyed by a demon lover?” Jules asked again, and at that I turned to look at her.


“What the hell are you taking about now?” I threw at her. She turned her poisonous eyes on me, and I could see the delight in them. This was her counter attack; she is going to use me to win this debate.


“I am talking about you, Kasadya Levourne. You deserted Exsilium because of your punishment and joined the demons against us. Chax reported this himself, when you turned away and walked off with a demon.” When she finished, her face was full of triumph. At that, I looked at Chax.
Oh you’re gonna hear it when we get out of this buster.


“I did not choose demons above fallen.
Kali Caponito and myself were shifted into Hell against our will. A nightmare demon used a charm placed in the Hellhouse by traitorous fallen to trance her and make her shift into Hell. I shifted with her, trying to get her out of it. We ended up in Hell, where I had to fight demon after demon to save both our lives. I couldn’t ask Chax for help in the club, because they kept Kali as prisoner.”


“It is true, I found her in Hell fighting against others. She was supposed to fight me, but in return freed me from my captivity. She is no traitor,” Caim said, moving to stand next to me.


“She just fooled you, Caim. Making you think she was a captive like you. A demon cannot enter Exsilium to place a charm in our houses. And there is no such thing as a traitor fallen working with demons, except for her,” Jules went on, and yip I did the stupid thing again.


I moved with super speed and transformed in the middle of it. Reaching her, I grabbed her by her shirt and picked her up, slamming her down to the ground hard, her breath rushing out of her.


“I am no demon lover,” I growled at her. “If you accuse me again, I will kill you.” She looked at me, totally shocked, and then someone grabbed my wings, and I froze. Crap I didn’t concentrate on my wings signals, crap!


“If you don’t take your hands off her right now, I will personally take your head for it!” a woman yelled from my left. I looked at her and was completely shocked.


“Release her, if you want to live,” she said moving toward us, swords drawn and scaring the hell out of me.


The one holding my wings released them and moved away. I just stayed still, too freaking scared to make a move. Because the face looking at me was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.


“Mother?” I whispered.


“Release her, Kas,” she said, stopping in front of me. I let go immediately and backed off, trying to save myself from my own mother. Power was jumping off her, but what was slamming into me was her anger. She was really mad. Her face was still a mask of perfection, but her eyes spoke of death.


Jules got up and dusted off the ground that was on her Prada whatever pants, and looked at my mother. “Thank you. This traitor will die for her insole—” Jules tried to finish, but my mother hit her with such force a sonic boom sounded. Jules flew through the air and landed yards away from us. Dust slammed up around her body, as she lay limp and unconscious. The crowd and I stood there in silence and shock. It was a huge blow, one only a vampire could make because of their ability.


“The one that touches or calls my daughter a traitor again will die by my hands!” my mother yelled, glaring at the crowd. Everyone was silent and some even took a few steps back. Holy hell she was a sight! I could see that she was containing her anger, her face never revealed it, but her eyes gave it away.


“Nice work, honey,” my father said, moving around her and grabbing me in a death hug.


“Thank the Heavens you’re okay, my Filiola.” My father continued kissing my cheeks and hugging me, but I just looked at my mother. Wow I am so glad I didn’t go all the way in our fights. Man she would have handed me my ass on a plate. My father noticed that I wasn’t really paying attention to his affection and released me, stepping back to look me over. I just kept my eyes on my mother, who was looking at us.


My mother stared at me in silence, checking me out from head to toe, and then walked over and hugged me. “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she whispered into my ear. Stunned, I hugged her back. I stood there trying to remember the last time my mom hugged me like this, and came up empty. Releasing me and stepping back, she took hold of my father’s hand and the two of them looked at me, smiles on their faces. Okay, this is just freaky.


“Um, should we continue?” Vulcan asked from behind us. We snapped out of it, glancing over at him.


BOOK: Kasadya Hellhound Twisted
7.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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