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Part 5:

Peace and Security






























U.N. Building, New York City

     Jason stood at the front of the room. All 193 member states were present and some dozen other countries attended, as well. Jason, in his black suit, and power red necktie shuffled his papers on the podium before lifting his head before the nations in front of him.

     He folded his hands on the podium and smiled wide before starting into his speech.

     “Here in America, our founding forefathers knew the power of mathematics.  They designed the new world on the foundation of geometry. In that light, all of these recent events show us that constant division and subtraction can never add. Only a culture with more addition with only efficient enough division and subtraction can. We’ve battled each other only to continue to widen a chasm. Even in America. We thought this sort of uniting brought us together. But, we had developed a division among ourselves. Recently, this lead to a new civil war.”

     Jason flipped a page. He
thought about Vanessa and how much she would have enjoyed this moment – being a part of history, and a new revolution. “Our fighting on top of fighting has brought us to this. We’ve all lost close ones due to people being so dedicated to their personal beliefs that it took from what they perceived to be opposition. So, in this new world, as America still stands, I’m issuing a new take on our forefather’s constitution. Freedom will stand, but anything promoting division will now be considered unconstitutional. I saw this coming in the early 90s, and I made steps to keep America powerful enough to stand through this all. The committee and operations Tameka and I covertly instituted held this together despite the former institution’s tearing this great nation down with greed, power, and religion. Operation Subtle Luminosity brought down the Brendenhalls, and Operation War at Mt. Megiddo brought down the Megiddos. Now, I’m going to build a government you can trust. The only belief you’ll find you’ll need is in us. This is what was intended for humankind from the beginning: Instead of money, power and religion, there will be peace, unity and security.”

     A roar let out through the crowd as Jason marveled in the agreement of his peers. He had done it, brought everyone to a new initial agreement. This event was being televised worldwide. All eyes were on him, and he’d lead the people of earth into a new era.

     “We the people gather here, in this building, on the brink of better days. Just outside of this building, there’s a phrase from one of the former widely popular books of the former world. It’s a quote from Isaiah. It says on that wall, ‘They shall beat their swords into plowshares. And their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war, anymore.’ Folks, this day has finally arrived. Your former governments who didn’t have you in mind—who allowed themselves to be puppeted by secular causes—has now been brought to justice. Me, you, and all involved in this civil revolution, can now begin to reshape and rebuild from the previous poor design. Let’s rebuild from scratch. Let’s do this the right way. No money in politics. No personal agendas. Just, a view to make humankind better. What do ya say?”

Another applause filled the room for a minute or two. The world applauds the way we’ve risked ourselves and stood up to the former America. Now we have a new slate to work from. In the past, we were trillions of dollars in debt. We sentenced millions to a life of being poor and dying. We’ve imprisoned the innocent. We’ve taken advantage of the exclusively loyal. We’ve killed hundreds of thousands – sometimes in one shot. No more, folks. ‘We the people,’ now includes everyone.  All people and tongues. All races and nations. Everyone.”

Jason held up a new dollar bill. “This is the new currency of the world.” An applause rang out as Jason continued through the cheers. “This will be used everywhere. The new economy is in effect immediately. The American way is no longer just the United States’ way—it’s the human way—and this is how we’re going to do it.”

Jason turned towards each respective corner of the room where the leaders of the various nations sat. He smiled. “I’m going to lead this new world with the uniting phrase: Finally, we have reached the beginning of a worldwide journey to peace… and security.” He looked around and said more authoritatively, “Peace and security!”

At the end of the table, in the corner of the room the China spokesman stood up and said in his swift native accent, “Peace, and security.”

India, “Peace, and security.”

Britain, “Peace and security.”

Cuba, “Peace, and security.”

     This sentiment went on until each of the 193 member states vowed a movement towards a new peace and security plan for the world.

     Jason raised his hands. “A new era has been born. We look to build, from here on out.”

     The joy didn’t last too much longer, however.

     Elsewhere in the world, a little piece of paper floated aimlessly in the earth’s atmosphere. It had endured through rainy days, been pushed through the sky and had gotten stuck in vegetation for days at a time only to break loose and settle on a rock just outside of Virginia. That piece of paper landed peacefully after once being in the hands of a man who contributed to its sentiment. In Tameka’s scribbled handwriting, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 was faded on a damp fragile piece of paper, no longer a descendent of the world affairs. Now, it was finally a predecessor.



BOOK: Last War
3.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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