Lawful Domination [Uniform Fetish 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (7 page)

BOOK: Lawful Domination [Uniform Fetish 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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She expected them to pounce on her like ravenous wolves once given permission—and part of her wanted them to. But neither man touched her, their massive, shadowed silhouettes standing guard over her. She felt so small and delicate next to these men when she normally felt like an oaf next to her petite best friend, Tammy.

Stephanie did as told, continuing the slow striptease. To use both hands she had to lie flat on her back. “What if someone comes in?”

“Door’s secure,” said Grayson. Occasionally, his hand would tighten on her thigh where it rested, his fingers dangerously close to her throbbing pussy. When he’d tugged her down, her skirt rode up high and he now took up residence between her legs. If it wasn’t for the subtle lighting, he’d have been able to see the lace of her panties if he looked between them.

Once her blouse was fully open, exposing her pink lace bra, Dom moved in. “You have beautiful tits, Stephanie.” He pulled one cup down, revealing her tightened nipple. Her breath caught as he leaned close enough to suck her areola into his hot, wet mouth. She couldn’t help but close her eyes, her lips parted as her panting deepened. God, was she ever repressed. Every pull from his mouth sent a wildfire of sensation scattering through her body. She needed to be touched, to be fucked.
A one-night stand.

It boggled her mind that two men were willing to share. She still couldn’t get over Tammy’s luck, but it appeared ménage sex was not as uncommon as she thought. It was titillating having two virile males shower her with attention—two sets of hands, two mouths, and two hard cocks.

“She’s going to be easier to train than I expected,” said Grayson, his words only a distant echo as she savored Dom’s wicked mouth on her breast. He fondled the other one, the lace scraping her nipple.

Grayson stepped back briefly, reaching under her body and snagging the edge of her panties. He tugged them off and slid them down her legs. She lifted her head to see what he was doing.

“Relax,” said Dom, trailing sweet kisses up her chest to her neck.

Grayson spread her thighs wide, her skirt now bunched around her waist. She could feel the cool air against her soaking folds and the stiff material of his pants brushing her sensitive skin.

She wanted to know what he was doing. He hadn’t touched her, so he must be staring at her most intimate part. She felt self-conscious, wondering if he approved of her pussy. Luckily, she’d taken care of herself in the shower this morning, shaving her legs and trimming the thin strip she kept above her clit. She supposed she had these two cops on the back of her brain, hoping to run into them again.

But she was distracted when Dom slid his hand under her head, forcing her to look at him. He took her breath away. There was slight stubble on his face, and she could see his dirty-blond brush cut now that his hat had fallen off. “You’re gorgeous,” he said. She watched his lips as he spoke, so thick and perfect. Stephanie wasn’t expecting him to kiss her, but he did. When she’d imagined a casual encounter, kissing was never part of the equation. The sex would be about release with no emotional connection to tempt her.

Dominic just changed all the rules.

He used his hand to bring her head up a slight degree, molding his lips to hers. His tongue quickly sought entrance, deepening the kiss. She couldn’t resist. Her entire world spiraled out of control, pulling her into an erotic web she soon became entangled in. Grayson painted a trail along her inner thigh with a finger, making her flinch. Hundreds of butterflies danced in her womb, threatening to break free any moment.

She needed to cry out when he touched her swollen clit, but Dom’s mouth was aggressive and demanding, kissing her hard. When Grayson’s mouth came down over her pussy, she arched her spine up and took out her frustration on Dom. She kissed him back with equal fervor, reaching around his broad shoulders to hold him close. Her heels dropped to the ceramic floor one at a time. This was actually happening to her. Two men were sharing her willing body. Two hot cops.

Grayson feasted on her cunt, suckling, licking, and fucking her with his tongue. She was overwhelmed with all the new, delicious sensations wracking her body. She’d had a few boyfriends in her life, but none of them could bring her to orgasm themselves. It was only her battery-operated toy that managed to get her over the edge. But she had barely started with the cops and her body already thrummed, inching closer to that coveted peak.

One more swipe of his flattened tongue and he pulled away. She felt bereft, needing more when she knew how close she was to orgasm.

“Gray, don’t stop.”

Chapter Six


Nobody called him Gray, not since Naomi. The word impacted him like a punch to the gut, garnering his full attention. Not only did the little siren look like his late wife, they also had so many personal characteristics in common. All the old memories and pain surfaced when she was around. It was a push and pull within him—an intense desire to be near Stephanie and the fear she’d replace the woman he’d once loved.

“That’s enough for today,” said Grayson. Dom also pulled back from her body, sitting straight.

She kept her eyes closed and shook her head. “No, that’s not enough.”

“What is it that you want from us, Ms. Vasquez?”

“Sex. Guiltless sex.”

He mulled her words over in his mind. Sex was never guiltless for him. He’d been with countless women since he was twenty-five and lost his wife, but each time made him feel like he was betraying Naomi. He couldn’t emotionally commit to any woman. Didn’t want to. He found domination and control helped him deal with casual encounters. It ensured intimacy stayed out of the picture.

“You want to be fucked?” he asked. She looked at him now, wide eyed and wanton. “That’s not one of your rights.”

“What kind of cop are you?”

“You have the right to suck my dick.”

She nearly choked on her own spit. He had to hold back a chuckle. “Seriously!”

Dom kissed her lips. He wondered how that would feel, to kiss Stephanie’s full, cherry-red lips. But he hadn’t kissed a woman in nine years. “He’s teasing, sweet thing,” said Dom. “Tell us what you need.”

“Cock,” she blurted.

He loved the flush on her cheeks after she spoke. She said what was on her mind but still had the innocence of a schoolgirl. There was something about the beautiful brunette that piqued his interest, and it wasn’t just because of her similarity to Naomi. She enamored him to the point it terrified him.

“Have you ever had two men, little girl?” Grayson had been ready to bring her to the station before things went too far, but how could he resist when she practically begged? Her pussy was tight and sweet. He could have suckled her plump lips and sensitive little bud all day long.

She shook her head.

His cock ached behind his zipper, harder than he’d ever remembered. She made him feel like a man. As a cop, his reasoning was flawed because all he could focus on was Stephanie’s spread thighs and heaving chest. Grayson unbuckled his gun belt and carefully laid it beside her prone body, the metal buckles clattering against the wood. He set his officer’s hat atop it.

She was a banquet and he didn’t know where to start. He wanted to sample every inch of her body, from the smooth line of her neck down to her pink-painted toes.

He released his cock. As soon as it was free, he groaned in relief. Grayson pulled her farther down until her pussy was flush with the edge of the table. He rubbed the head of his cock in her overflow of juices, up and down her slit. She was so swollen, so wet, so eager to be fucked. He never imagined he would have the girl he’d fantasized over for months lying beneath him, begging for his cock.

“Give it to me,” she demanded.

“I’m not used to taking orders,” he said. She didn’t see the uniform, only him. People were intimidated around him, including women. When not in uniform, his size was still a factor. Stephanie had the nerve to grow bold and now became demanding. It was refreshing.

“You said I had the right to your dick.” She wriggled, grinding against his firm length. Dom watched him, awaiting instruction. They’d done this before—shared a woman. But somehow this was different. Stephanie changed everything.

“That’s not what I said, sweetheart. No one has the right to my dick except me.”

“We need to get her back, Grayson,” said Dom. He continually ran his fingers through her hair, entranced by the beauty. Her breasts were exposed, jiggling softly as she writhed on the table. Grayson knew Dom was itching to settle down the past couple years. The way he looked at Stephanie convinced him that Dom saw the future in her eyes. It was nice to see such drive in his friend, but it also terrified him. He’d avoided change for so long, scared to move on with his own life.

“There’s plenty of time. Isn’t there, Steph?” He had the urge to take his time with her, to explore her body properly. Normally, he was only interested in asserting control, sating his primal desires, and nothing more.


He couldn’t hold back any longer himself. Grayson had a feeling this wouldn’t be the casual encounter they’d all anticipated it would be. But he still grabbed his cock and aimed it between her open legs. As the crest of his cock penetrated her tight walls, he tossed his head back and exhaled in a growl. This moment was a long time coming. He secured her hips in his hands, holding her tight as he slowly impaled her with his erection, careful to ease in.

Dom reached down her stomach and teased her clit as Grayson filled her, inch by inch. She kissed Dom’s neck, grabbing at his collar.

“Take it off,” she murmured.

He could feel her tightening around him, her pussy pulsing with the rapid beat of her heart. When he looked down at her, a wide range of emotion took him by surprise. As much as he wanted to forget the past, it seemed determined to haunt him.


* * * *


Grayson had the thickest cock she’d ever taken, by far. She didn’t realize a man could be so well endowed. At first, she doubted he’d be able to fill her to the hilt, but her overflow of natural fluid assisted him in gliding in effortlessly. He succeeded at squelching the deep itch inside her, his cock caressing every cell in her cunt. It was delicious, but she needed more, needed friction. Would he have the stamina she imagined or would he disappoint her?

Stephanie’s two dream cops claimed her body. They were all trapped in a room, committing every kind of sin.
A one-night stand.
It was such a basic concept, seemingly infallible. But she wanted to keep them, to own them, to be the only woman to enjoy their hard-earned muscles. When Dominic kissed her the world went away. She was a princess in a fairy tale, loved and cherished.

When Stephanie was a girl, her mother was forced to work long hours to support her on one income. Those many evenings alone were spent daydreaming about faraway places and men who would die for her, who would travel any distance to be by her side. Unfortunately, reality was a stark contrast. She’d learned long ago that men were bastards, only concerned with themselves and their cocks. Her last boyfriend had broken her heart, if it had even been whole to start with. She wasn’t sure. He’d cheated on her with a woman he met at a bar and kept the relationship a secret until she found out on her own.

The betrayal was incomparable, a blow to her confidence that couldn’t be undone. Thanks to her friend, Tammy, she’d healed somewhat, but was still leery of long-term relationships. Love was like Russian roulette, and she couldn’t handle another painful breakup.

Stephanie had to learn to enjoy the moment. She only just turned twenty-six. She could pick up the pieces tomorrow, but this was her chance to live out a fantasy. Dom obliged her, unbuttoning his stiff uniform shirt. She was hungry for him, eager to see the hard muscles she could feel through the navy-blue material. He tugged it open but didn’t undress. His pecs were toned and she could see the upper portion of washboard abs. She wanted to lick her way down his body and exercise her
to suck his dick.

“You have strong hips, Steph. I’ve held back long enough. I know you can handle me,” said Grayson. He proceeded to thrust in and out of her pussy. Each time he’d reenter her body, she felt so full of cock she could scarcely breathe. She reached out to feel Dom’s skin against her palm. His chest was smooth and warm. She slid her entire arm into his open shirt and around his toned back as he hovered over her.

“Kiss me again,” she said. There was something magical in his kiss. Each one felt like a promise, even though she wasn’t naïve enough to believe it.

“Mine,” he said. His lips came down over hers. First, a gentle brush as he smoothed one hand over her breast. He was a skilled lover, taking his time, giving attention to detail. He’d paint circles around her nipple until it was so taut she felt she’d burst. Only then would he take the peak in his mouth, soothing it with his tongue.

Grayson was pure masculinity. He was in full uniform, fucking her with his monster cock. There were so many pleasure points being stimulated simultaneously. It was surreal. She could feel his balls slap her inner thighs with each down thrust, her body becoming slick with clean sweat. Sex had never been like this before. It was as if she was experiencing it for the first time.

“Come, Stephanie!” said Grayson. His thrusts became more urgent, his cock swelling inside her. She doubted a human could reach orgasm on command, but his gruff voice did wicked things to her body. The pressure inside her reached a boiling point. It was right there waiting to explode, but she seemed stuck in limbo. It was beyond frustrating, making her insatiable.

She kissed Dom, ripping at his clothes like a mad woman. “Oh, God!” she cried out. Why couldn’t she come?

“Hold her arms. Apparently, she does need to learn how to behave.”

Dom did as he was asked and pinned her arms at her sides. He entwined his fingers with hers, so she didn’t feel like a prisoner. “What’s wrong, baby girl? Relax, let it happen.”

BOOK: Lawful Domination [Uniform Fetish 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
8.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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