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hell,” Kane growled the words, the echo heard through the room and deep in her core
where her womb spasmed with need. “You taste so fucking good.”

pulled the other cup of her bra down just as aggressively as the first,
releasing her other breast while he pinched her nipple, sending fiery shards of
pain ricocheting from her nipple to her clit.

remembered this about him, remembered how he took what he wanted, making sure
to pleasure her along the way, but he never disguised the hunger, the need, and
he wasn’t gentle. But Lucie didn’t want gentle. She wanted Kane – the
dominating, controlling man who made her body burn and her senses reel with the
ferocity that spiraled through her just from his touch.

reached around her, his fingers fumbling with the clasp of her bra while he
sucked her completely into his molten hot mouth, before easing back, his teeth
gently nipping her painfully erect nipple, sending additional rockets of fiery sensation
through her body.

her bra was finally removed, he took a step back, admiring what he had
revealed. And yes, Lucie could see the approval in his stormy gray eyes, and it
only intensified her need.

off the rest of your clothes.” The words were a demand that left no room for
argument. Without haste, Lucie found her fingers fumbling on the button of her
slacks just as Kane began to do the same on his own, only he didn’t seem to be
having any issues.

it took her longer than him, only a few seconds slipped by before they were
both standing completely naked in the steamy bathroom, and Lucie couldn’t stop
herself from ogling the intensely sexy lines of his body. His chest was broad,
each plane of muscle outlined, deliciously defined, as were each ripple of
muscle on his stomach. Lucie wanted to spend a few hours outlining those individual
slabs with her fingers and her tongue.

was beautiful.

took her hand, breaking her concentration on his magnificent physique, pulling
her into the shower/bath combo before closing the flimsy curtain. The next
thing she knew, she was sliding across the slippery tub, her body colliding
with his beneath the warm, pelting spray that did nothing to soothe her already
overheated skin.

tilted her head up, using just one finger beneath her chin, his eyes focused on
her mouth as he swiped his thumb over her bottom lip before locking his gaze
with hers again. “I’ve dreamed about your mouth on me. I want to feel your lips
on my cock, sucking me.”

seductive, raspy pitch of his voice made the words sound even more erotic than
they should have. Lucie didn’t bother to tell him that he’d spoken almost those
same words the last time she’d been in his arms, but they had been in his
kitchen, not the intimate confines of the shower.

baby.” Kane exhaled sharply, pulling her mouth to his, thrusting his tongue
past her lips, forcing her to fall into him so she wouldn’t fall to the floor.
His touch was overwhelming, but his kiss was all consuming.

he slid his hands into her hair, pulling her head back and breaking the kiss,
she stared up into those stormy gray eyes.

my cock, Lucie. On your knees, baby,” he growled. “I want to feel that sweet
mouth on my dick.”

innocent, inexperienced side of her said she should be offended by his crude
words, not turned on like she was. They’d been down this road before, only Kane
didn’t seem to remember it. She did. Vividly. And truth be told, Lucie wanted
to do anything to please him. His dominance appealed to her on a very basic
level, and she found she was willing to do exactly as he said.

was demanding, more so than she could have ever imagined, but Lucie felt safe
with him. He wouldn’t force her, she knew that from experience. He somehow
managed to make her want the same things he did just with the deep rumble of
his voice and the scorching heat in his eyes. Whatever power he had over her
was enough to trigger a maelstrom of energy, bright enough and hot enough to consume
her with its intensity.

lowered herself to her knees, trailing her fingers across the smooth, hairless
planes of his chest, letting them slide over the contoured ridges of his abdomen
until she was eye level with his beautiful erection. She was eager to touch
him, to taste him, to prove in her mind that what had happened all those years
ago wasn’t a fantasy, but a reality that had rocked her to her very core.

wasn’t like she had much experience in the bedroom, or showers as it were, but
based on what she did know, Kane was by far the largest man she’d ever been
with and his cock was in direct proportion with his massive size. Even as she
tried, Lucie was unable to encompass the wide shaft with her fingers, but she settled
on gently stroking him as best she could, memorizing the velvet covered steel
that pulsed in her hands.

up at him, she didn’t know what she’d see, but the expression on his face
hadn’t been it. Maybe heat or desire, but not that look of sheer and utter
disbelief as though he couldn’t believe they were doing this any more than she could.

eyes met hers instantly, breaking the vulnerability she had witnessed in his
gaze when he twined his fingers in her hair, pulling her to him until the wide crest
of his cock brushed her lips. He was hot in her mouth, his fingers rough on her
scalp, and she welcomed the sensations because they eased the pain in her knees
from being on the hard porcelain of the bathtub.

with Kane was like being close to a wild, untamed animal. She didn’t know what
to expect from him, although she knew from experience, the pleasure would be extraordinary.
His firm demands and his rough touch spoke to a part of her that she hadn’t
known existed. A part of her that ached for him; needed him.

Lucie.” Kane groaned as she sucked him in deep, sliding her tongue around the
engorged head, then down the underside as he thrust his hips, forcing his thick
shaft deeper into her mouth.

was going to gag, she couldn’t help it. He was too large, too thick, but she
knew it was what he wanted, for her to take all of him. Since that one night,
Lucie had reflected back on the time she’d gone to her knees in his kitchen,
the way he’d thrust hard and fast into her mouth, groaning his pleasure as he
used her just like he was doing now.

longed to taste his saltiness, smell the musky scent of his sex, feel the warm,
velvet of his cock in her mouth as she eagerly tried to bring him as much pleasure
as possible. With eager anticipation, Lucie gave herself over to him, allowing
him to push deep, sucking him, licking him, consuming him. Being on her knees
was a wickedly hot fantasy that she had never had another opportunity to relive
since him.

fucking good, baby.”

term of endearment he used had her heart thumping painfully hard in her chest.
He’d called her that before, and she wondered if he said as much to all of the
women he was with. She hoped not, but with Kane, she knew there had been many
women. Many before her and several after.

Her name on his lips spurred her on, forcing her to stop thinking about the
pain in her knees or other women he’d been with, making her grip the base of
his cock firmly with her hand, slowly stroking him as she continued to pull him
into her mouth.

all of me, Lucie,” Kane commanded, his hand in her hair pulling tighter.

he tilted her head back, gripping his own cock and guiding himself deeper, she
fought to breathe through her nose, trying desperately not to gag as he pushed deeper
than she thought possible.


forced himself deep into her throat, retreated before pushing in again while
Lucie watched the desperate hungry expression on his face. He repeated the
movements several times before his thigh muscles bunched beneath her hands, and
his body stilled. She was met with his salty, warm taste flooding her mouth as
he held himself still. Swallowing every last drop, Lucie closed her eyes and
relished the fact that she had just made him come with her mouth.

Chapter Four

*** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ ***


could barely stand on his own two feet.

had robbed him of all his senses, stealing every ounce of his control as she
eagerly consumed his cock. The way she gave herself over, eagerly taking him
into the liquid fire depths of her mouth as he forced himself deeper had nearly
shattered his mind. It wasn’t just the feel of her as she deep throated him, or
those soft moans that had sent sparks shooting up and down his spine. Her trust
in him had been humbling, stripping him of all restraint until he was shooting
fast and hard down her throat.

her to her feet now, he pressed her into the tiled wall, trying to gain his equilibrium
because she had tilted his world on its axis, his body and mind floating. Kane
had known it would be that way with her, never expecting anything less than mind
numbing bliss, but the other feelings she stirred inside of him were foreign.

the beginning, Kane had known he wasn’t going to use Lucie’s body the way he
used most of his lovers, giving and receiving only pleasure, but he hadn’t expected
the sort of intimacy he felt with her either.

was something much deeper, more intimate, than he had ever expected. Just to think
that he didn’t remember anything about their first time together still pissed
him off. Even if he could blame the booze for his loss of control that night,
Kane would give anything to remember what it had felt like.

down into her rich mocha brown eyes, he cupped her chin, wanting to see the need
because he knew it was there. She’d eagerly consumed him, giving everything and
not asking for anything in return. Now he wanted to give her everything. To
pleasure her and make her feel the same emotional churn that he was wrought

briefly debated on whether he should fall to his knees and worship her pussy in
order to sate her immediate needs, but Kane thought better of it. The shower
was too small for what he intended to do, so for now, he’d have to settle on
building her need.

a step back, he cupped her face in his hands before pressing his forehead to hers.
“You undo me,” he whispered, caught off guard by his own admission. Before she
realized just how much power she had gained over him, Kane took another step
back, ordering her to turn around so that her back was to him.

for the shampoo bottle sitting on the edge of the tub, Kane filled his palm and
proceeded to lather the thick, long strands of her hair, massaging her scalp as
he did and feeling his body stir to life when she began to moan again.


Lucie answered, sounding a little dazed and confused as her body fell back
against his.

he was finished with her hair, he moved on to her body, using his fingers to
learn every graceful curve, every luscious valley of her spectacular body. He
took his time exploring her with his fingers, memorizing her smooth, wet skin,
inch by inch.

he finished teasing her, he quickly washed himself, his cock hardening yet
again as he stroked it while Lucie watched. By the time he was done, the water
was getting cold, so he turned it off and threw open the shower curtain.

he asked, glancing around the enclosed space.

the cabinet,” Lucie replied, taking a step back from him. Her voice was husky
with arousal and it only made his cock swell, painfully erect once again. He
wasn’t even sure how that was possible, but Kane wasn’t going to question it.

opened the cabinet above the toilet and grabbed two towels, tossing one onto
the closed toilet seat before he turned back to her and offered his assistance.
He admired the rosy pink of her skin from the hot water that had rained down on
them. He inhaled the fresh scent of strawberries from her shampoo and was more
than ready to lick her to see if she tasted as sweet.

he had her dry, he wrapped the towel around her before retrieving the other and
drying himself in a rush. Kane was ready to continue making those memories he’d
been deprived of the first time he had gotten his hands on her. His cock was
fully engaged again and ready to go, but he fully intended to ravish her in
other ways first.

her hand, he pulled her out of the bathroom and back down the hall to the
living room. They’d make it to her bedroom before the night was through, but
for now, he wasn’t going to rush things. Her bed likely would prove to be too
much of a temptation, and quite frankly, he’d fantasized a number of times
about doing wicked things to her in the only other room in her apartment that
he’d ever been in.

her to him when they were standing in the small space, he unhooked the tab of
the towel that was holding it firmly in place over her breasts. To his surprise
she didn’t try to hold on to it, rather letting it fall to the floor.

pretty.” Her skin was flawlessly smooth, a sexy golden brown and so soft to the
touch. Using the backs of his fingers, he slid them down the long, sleek column
of her neck, over her collar bone and then down her arm.

BOOK: Learning to Trust: Sweet Temptation
11.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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