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he put one hand on her shoulder, the other on her head and pushed her to her
knees, Lucie lowered herself willingly, keeping her eyes trained on his
throbbing erection.

gripped his cock in one hand, guiding it toward her mouth and Lucie fought the
panic that surged up from somewhere deep inside of her. She wanted him, and
this was her chance.

your mouth,” Kane growled and Lucie looked up at him unexpectedly. His tone was
aggressive, laced with what sounded like anger mixed with passion, and the desire
that she detected in his beautiful gray eyes was intense.

laced her scalp as Kane gripped her hair more forcefully, pushing the swollen
head of his cock against her lips until she opened her mouth, taking him
inside, trying her best to surround him with her whole mouth.

was larger than she expected, although she wasn’t quite sure what she had
expected. The grip on her hair was both painful and sensual all at the same
time. When he began pushing in deeper before retreating, over and over, Lucie
instinctively wrapped her lips around him.

never done this before. In fact, Lucie had never been with a man before Kane.
Not like this anyway. There had been one man in her past that she had slept
with, but that was so long ago, she felt like this was the first time.
Considering her past experience was with her high school boyfriend, she knew
that was nothing compared to being with Kane.

me,” Kane growled and his tone reflected more of a demand than a request. “Wrap
your lips around my dick, Lucie.”

did as he told her, trying to accommodate his size as well as keep up with the
forceful way he was thrusting into her mouth. He was more aggressive than she
expected, but Lucie wanted to please him, so she continued to try and take more
of him. When his hands fisted in her hair, holding her perfectly still, Lucie
almost panicked.

your hands on my thighs and don’t move them,” Kane demanded.

once again did as he instructed and the instant her hands were on his powerful
thighs, Kane gripped her hair even harder and began shoving deeper into her
mouth as she tried to keep from gagging.

it, Lucie. Let me fuck that beautiful mouth. Take all of me. Awww, damn that’s

words sounded like encouragement, and Lucie could feel the tension increase in
his legs as he pushed harder, deeper, faster. When she felt the broad head of
his penis hit the back of her throat, she did panic, but Kane held her still,
pulling out of her mouth.

need to fuck you, Lucie.” His grip in her hair didn’t lessen, and she found
herself having to rise to her feet to keep from crying out in pain.

off your clothes,” he ordered and Lucie started to do as he said. She hadn’t
expected it to be like this, but the terse words stirred something deep inside
of her. He was turning her on, and she was torn between confusion and desire.

she managed to unbutton her slacks, but before she could get them halfway down
her legs, Kane was turning her until she was facing the counter, his hand
pushing her down until her breasts were crushed against the granite countertop.
Without warning, Kane slammed into her from behind, and she cried out as pain crashed
through her.

Kane’s voice sounded closer to her ear, and for a second he wasn’t the
demanding, take charge man she’d just been introduced to. “Baby, your pussy
feels so damn good. I’ve dreamed about fucking you just like this.”

body tensed at his words, a desperate hunger filling her as she ached for him
to continue. Despite the fact that his demands were making her nervous, her
body still wanted him.

warmth of his body disappeared from her back, his hands gripping her hips
painfully tight before he began slamming into her over and over.

didn’t know what was happening to her, but her body tightened, a sharp, sudden tingle
erupted deep in her core, and she was moaning his name over and over. Her
orgasm slammed into her, making her shake as he continued to fuck her deeper,
harder, over and over until finally, long minutes later, Kane shouted her name
as he came deep inside of her.

Chapter Seven

*** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ ***


was leaning over Lucie as she stared up at him. The story she just told him
shattered his soul. To know he had treated her so crudely their very first time
made his gut tighten. No wonder she had kept such a monumental secret from him.
He was lucky she even talked to him ever again.

so sorry,” he whispered.

hands came up to cup his face, and she stunned him with a smile. “It wasn’t a bad
thing, Kane. And that’s not why I didn’t tell you.”


don’t understand.”

my head, it all made sense,” she began, running her hand through his hair and
sending a chill down his spine. “I wasn’t trying to keep Haley from you. I was
trying to protect you. I didn’t want to burden you because I knew what happened
between us wouldn’t have happened if you were sober. It was my fault... And you
didn’t remember, so –”

cut her off, pressing his fingers against her lips. “Don’t say it. It takes two,
Lucie and I was just as much a part of that night as you were. You can’t even
begin to imagine how many times I wanted to take you just like that,” Kane
said, closing his eyes briefly. “I would have done it differently, I promise.”

He would’ve
never been so rough on her during their first time. He knew he wasn’t a gentle
lover, and he didn’t make excuses for himself, but he would’ve never put
himself first the way he apparently did that night. He could blame it on the
alcohol, he knew, but it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. He was
responsible for his own actions and what he did was inexcusable.

never should’ve kept her from you,” Lucie whispered in the dark. “I didn’t mean
to hurt either one of you.”

heard her sob, felt the tear that brushed his finger as it slid down her cheek
and into her hair, making his heart seize in his chest. A million times he had
imagined how this conversation would go, but never once had he dreamed it would
be like this.

do you say we start over?” he asked, knowing it wasn’t entirely possible
because they already had an amazing daughter together and he wouldn’t change
that even if he could.


and Haley go to Hawaii with me. One week, Lucie. Let’s spend that one week
getting to know each other.”

dim light from the rising sun penetrated the room, and Kane could faintly make
out her face. Lucie was looking at him, considering what he was asking of her.
Not that he blamed her if she said no, but he hoped and prayed she wouldn’t. 

he added before pressing his lips to hers.

right,” she finally said, long seconds later. “We’ll go with you.”

would’ve fist pumped the air, but instead, he chose to kiss her. Hard.

back, he smiled down on her. “We have to be at the airport by eight.”




moved toward the gate, carrying Haley in one arm and her car seat in the other
while Lucie trailed behind them pulling one of her carry on suitcases that
contained mostly things for Haley. They nearly had to sprint to their gate, and
for once, Kane didn’t mind that he was running behind.

he would’ve been pissed and stressed at the fact that he was risking missing
his plane, but due to the circumstances, he could only smile. Apparently, it
took a lot longer to pack a child and her mother for a weeklong trip than it
did to pack for himself.

The instant
he told Lucie what time their flight left, she had practically tossed him out
of bed and onto the floor. Obviously she needed more than just an hour notice,
so he had given her two and here they were, almost running through the
terminal. Since they were in first class, Kane wasn’t all that worried about
whether they were at the gate thirty minutes before the flight left, but now they
only had about fifteen minutes to spare, so he was forcing Lucie to keep up.

the time they were seated, Haley busy with her coloring book and crayons, Lucie
looked a little frazzled.

ok?” Kane asked, sliding his hand into hers. Since Haley insisted on sitting by
the window, Kane had been lucky to have Lucie beside him.

will be,” she muttered, thrusting her hand through her hair and glancing over
at him sideways.

wrong?” She was obviously not doing nearly as well as she was pretending.

hate flying,” she admitted, looking straight ahead at the seat in front of her.

turned to face Lucie, tipping her chin so that she looked at him. “It’ll be
ok,” he whispered, not wanting Haley to hear him. “Thank you.”

what?” she laughed, sounding almost hysterical.

gripped her fingers tightly, pulling her hand into his lap. “For coming with

what Lucie told him earlier that morning, Kane considered himself lucky that
she even gave him the time of day. Knowing what she had gone through the very
first time they were together, he had vowed to make it all up to her, and he
was starting with this trip. It was time for him to show Lucie just how special
she actually was to him.




didn’t like flying. That wasn’t a secret. However, she honestly expected Haley
to be the one on the verge of tears, not her. But, for her little girl’s sake,
Lucie was sucking it up, being strong. There was nothing to worry about, she
knew. Statistics showed that there was a greater chance of being in a car wreck
than in a plane crash.

hated statistics. They didn’t help to alleviate any of her tension, so she
didn’t know why she even bothered to recite them.

Kane’s hand, attempting to absorb his strength, she tried to divert her thoughts
to something more productive. Ever since she agreed to go to Hawaii with him,
she’d been in a rush. Considering she had no idea how quickly she had to get
ready, it was a good thing he finally told her when he did. Somehow, she still
wasn’t sure how they had made it to their plane on time.

captain’s voice came over the intercom and Lucie damn near came out of her
chair. When Kane pulled her hand back into his lap, his thumb gently sweeping
back and forth over her palm, she managed to relax. Slightly.

minutes later, they were in the air without a single hiccup in the takeoff. Too
bad they still had to do this one more time. Kane hadn’t mentioned it until
they were signing in at the airline counter, but they had to change planes in
Los Angeles and do this all over again. Her stomach was queasy just thinking
about it.

Haley said, grabbing the sleeve of her t-shirt and pulling gently. “Can I watch
a movie?”

course, honey,” Lucie replied, grateful for something to do.

still for several hours was going to be a difficult task for her, and likely impossible
for Haley, but she was hoping they could get through it. At that point, they’d get
to spend five glorious days in Maui and Lucie was secretly looking forward to
some relaxing time on the beach. After what had happened this morning between
her and Kane, she needed a little time to absorb everything anyway.

him the events of the first night they were together had been easier than she
anticipated, but seeing his own reaction to it had been harder. She’d been with
Kane twice now in the last few days, and she detected that strong, alpha
presence and the hunger that he barely managed to contain. Considering what
they had gone through that very first time, she expected it. What she didn’t expect
was the guilt in his eyes when he looked at her. He hadn’t hurt her. Not by a
long shot. Yet looking into those intense gray eyes, she wouldn’t have known
that. As much as she tried to reassure him, she knew Kane wasn’t going easy on
himself. What could she say? “Please, I like it rough”? No, that probably
wouldn’t go over terribly well, even if it were the truth.

only hoped that he didn’t withdraw from her now that she had told him. Lucie
was all for making love, the mating of souls and all that, but there were times
when down and dirty was the only way to go. In fact, she craved that from Kane.
For the last few years, she’d imagined so many scenarios, each of them leaving
her hot and bothered and in desperate need of a release that never seemed to

Well, now she had the opportunity to experience everything she’d ever dreamed
of. As long as Kane didn’t go all perfect gentleman on her.

Chapter Eight

*** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ ***


was so proud of his girls. Yes, that’s what he had been considering them for
the past twelve hours during the flights and the layover in L.A. Both Haley and
Lucie had done tremendously well for such a long trip, but now as they entered
the posh condominium facing the beach, he was grateful they would have five full
days of relaxation.

BOOK: Learning to Trust: Sweet Temptation
3.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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