Left Behind (Ghosts Of War Book 4) (5 page)

BOOK: Left Behind (Ghosts Of War Book 4)
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Mikhail and Dmitry simply could not stop watching the images shown on the main screen. The younger member of the Russian crew has been able to share the video input with both habitats but nobody spoke.

As instructed before the expert system continued to highlight the damaged structures of the Chinese ship, comparing with known data in order to estimate its chances to recover. Finally the last message came out, dissipating any last doubt. It was over.

Somebody start to cheer, others to cry and laughing at the same time. The nightmare was over, the last presence of the Chinese collective wiped away from the solar system. The noise on the radio channel was indescribable.

«Well, this will be one Hell of a report to write.»

Mikhail found its secret reserve of vodka, a steel flask with the insignia of the Russian fleet.

«I know that you guys straight from academy do not drink while on service, but somebody has to do  it. Those mad European ghosts need a last toast to their damned souls.»

Dmitry found two clean glasses, accepted his shot of vodka and stood to attention.

«As the youngest member of the crew, it's my duty to call the toast. For the crew of the EUSS “Roma”, death and honor!»

«Death and honor.»

A choir with the same words erupted from the speakers, the final salute for Scatena and its crew echoed for a while.

Mikhail get up and recovered its flask.

«Now, we have seen the last of the war and history is ready to go on record. You got me, son?»

«Of course, boss.»

«Well, move your skinny ass. We have a lot of work to do and a thousand people to help. Let's move!»               






At the end of a four-issues series just write “thank you” is not enough. I’m lucky to have such a team at my side and I’m glad to have the choice to enjoy their talents in such a long journey of mine. Every story needs an editor to be completed in a professional way, that’s a basic point in this business. I’ve found a very good friend and very talented author, Mr.
Davide Mana
. He’s a fan of the SF narrative, he’s a fine writer and he’s got a keen eye for details. That leaves little room for mistakes, still I’ve found ways to sneak some in my tales. Don’t blame him, mine is the name on the cover.

Speaking about covers, the truth is that it’s something that sells books or ebooks big time. Doing a good cover involves technical skills, understanding of how a good product have to look like and that intangible set of talents that concur to the “artist” term definition. Ms.
Elena Betti
got all that and much more. She can work with very basic information and short time, it’s amazing how she manages to do that with natural ease. In my opinion, it’s a kind of magic and I suspect her to be some kind of enchantress.

This eBook is dedicated to my family. 

Thank you very much for reading this story of mine, as a writer I can only hope that you’ve actually enjoyed it. As an independent author I need all the help I can get to reach a larger audience, so please consider writing a review on Amazon. For any request and/or information please write to:

[email protected]

All right, this eBook is over. What about another one, a tale of sword and sorcery, full of action and humor?


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Bride of the Swamp God, by Davide Mana


The first eBook of the Aculeo and Amunet series




BOOK: Left Behind (Ghosts Of War Book 4)
11.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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