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Authors: Noelle Hart

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Lethal Affair

BOOK: Lethal Affair
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Noelle Hart




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by Noelle Hart






Either the mirror was distorted or the
dress was too damn tight. A deflating sigh ran through Kylie
Lambert as she began to peel off the admittedly too snug, sizzling
red hot fabric overemphasizing her curves.

What are you doing?” came a
squeal from behind her. “It was made for you!”

Kylie flashed her roommate a scowl. “I
can't breathe let alone sit in this thing.”

Jolene Sparta, whip thin with a wild
mop of coppery curls, sprang off the bed and moved quickly to stop
Kylie in mid peel. Hands on her shoulders, she turned Kylie back
around to face the full length mirror. “Just give it a chance.”
Mischief flashed across her features. “The fabric is a Lycra blend
so it will move with you in just about any position. Let's try it
with the heels.” She dipped to the floor with athletic grace and
plucked up a pair of strappy red sandals. “Put these

It wasn't a request. Seeing
no-nonsense determination glitter in Jolene's hazel eyes, Kylie
testily snaffled up the extravagant shoes and grumbled, “There's no
Lycra in these, is there?”

The sultry dress smoothed back into
place, shoes slipped on with Cinderella-like precision, Kylie took
another critical look at herself in the mirror and couldn't decide
if she was looking at a magazine ad for Vogue or Hustler. She had
to admit, she did look smokin' hot. The woman reflected back at her
had worked hard at her fitness and it showed. Morning runs on the
trails through Beacon Hill Park had sculpted her rear end, toned
her thighs and firmed her calves. She had Jolene to thank for that,
her crack-the-whip morning runs forcing her to stick to a sometimes
grueling exercise regimen. And now it was Jolene's closet that was
challenging her.

Kylie yanked on the low bodice in a
useless attempt to show a little less cleavage.

Jolene's hand slapped hers down. “Stop
that. It's time he sees what he's missing. And stop making all
those faces. You'll develop premature wrinkles.” She extracted from
a jewelry box a pair of earrings. “Here. They're perfect with your

Kylie realized she was being
ungrateful and churlish. She whisked her poker-straight blonde hair
behind her ears, fastened the amethyst studs to her lobes and then
stepped back for the overall effect. The violet in her eyes
intensified, enhanced by the glittering gems. Cat eyes, Drew had
called them, and then joked that he hoped she'd never claw him. At
least she thought it had been a joke. Sometimes she couldn't tell
with Drew.

Jolene stood directly behind her.
“Look at you.” She shook her head. “I don't get it. You've been
dating this guy three months and all you've gotten is a little peck
on the cheek. Is he gay?”

Kylie froze, considering.

But then why would he be
taking you out?” Jolene continued. “Oh I know, he's a 40 year old

He's only 30.” Kylie
teetered across the room adjusting to three inch heels, grabbed her
Merlot and drained the glass. “Fortitude,” she said. “I could use a
little more.”

Jolene poured them both a half glass
and plunked down on the bed. “It's not natural. He should have
jumped your bones and then some by now. Are you sure he's

Kylie met her gaze with narrowed eyes.
“Fine. Have it your way. He's twisted. Weird. Abnormal. Happy

Jolene wasn't buying it. “Tonight's
the test, girly. If he doesn't make a move on you in that,” she
swirled her Merlot in the direction of Kylie's dress, “then he's
officially on my weirdo list.”

Reluctantly she realized Jolene may be
right. From the get-go she'd been powerfully attracted to Drew
Hammond, then developed serious doubts after three solid months of
dating and not so much as a smooch on the doorstep. Made a woman
doubt her own magnetism. These were modern times after all and she
had a right to expect some play time in the sack with another
consenting adult. But that was the problem right there. He wasn't
exactly consenting.

Their dates were mostly expensive
dinners and late night dance clubs where he prudently held her at
arms length. Adversely he gave off animal-like vibes that suggested
there was something just below the surface, waiting to pounce. Was
he being a gentleman, or was there something else going

Frustrated, Kylie allowed herself a
moment to fret. Then ruthlessly got a handle on things.

You're right. If this
doesn't do the trick then nothing will.”

Jolene arched an eyebrow. “What is it
you want from this so-called relationship anyway?”

As the doorbell rang, Kylie knew it
was time she asked herself that exact same question.




Drew Hammond rang the bell again and
muttered to himself. What was taking her so long to answer the

Strikingly handsome in casual yet
sophisticated attire, he posed, hands in pockets, for any neighbors
who might be doing a Gladys Kravitz and peeking out to see who was
calling on the girls. Always a good idea to project the right

The door remained closed and
he shuffled, his patience meter swaying precariously. He'd told her
he didn't like to be kept waiting, that it was one of his quirks.
Drew Hammond had many quirks. His world tilted a little and he
closed his eyes, willing back the unpleasant sensation. It was a
daily battle, this
he had to keep in check. His gut squirmed as his
hands formed fists in his pockets. He'd already had a challenging
day and didn't need this to top it off.

The door sprang open.

He realized that this was one of those
times when the cliché about the wait being worth it definitely did
not apply. At least not for him. His eyes glazed as mixed messages
assaulted his senses. The clingy dress accentuated each and every
curve; the cut and color literally screamed take me now loud and
clear. To his mind, it was something he could buy on a street

Kylie's come hither grin wavered as
she watched emotions slide over his features. She didn't like the
look of any of them. “You look... incredible.” She saw his lips
form the words, but his eyes were saying something else.

Oh dear,” she managed,
taking a step back.

He took a step in. “Sorry. Wasn't
expecting such a display.” Before he could bite his tongue,
“Where's your pole?”

Kylie's knees wobbled. This was so far
off the reaction she'd been after it was humiliating. “Did you just
insult me?”

If that's how you want to
take it. This isn't you Kylie. I can't take you out looking like
this.” He gave his watch a cursory glance. “We have time. Go and

His tone was strangely conversational,
a snippet of small talk, like, it's raining outside, you'd best get
an umbrella.

Kylie stared wordlessly for a full
five seconds, her mind processing. She cocked her head. “Am I some
kind of cover for you while you hide in the closet?”

A flash of anger spiked. “Is this what
you want?” He stepped in, lips crushing hers, tongue invading
hotly. He gripped her waist and pushed her against the wall, her
dress riding up. Hard body holding hers in place, one hand molded
her breast while the other gripped her buttock and

It was too much all at once. Rude and
sexy and so right and all wrong. Kylie's senses flared to life,
each cell of her body reacting and rebelling at the same

Too conflicting to wrap her mind

Stop!” She gave him a hard
shove and his quick release had her tumbling to the floor. She
glowered up at him, then scrambled to her feet – no easy feat in
the damn heels – pulling her dress back down over her

Kylie watched the angry passion fade.
He met her eyes and murmured, “Oh my God. Look what you made me

She bit back a harsh laugh. “Didn't
know you were such a drama queen, Drew.”

His eyes widened, a contradiction of
fire and ice. “You seduced me. That dress, those shoes. You're
wearing candy apple porn lipstick.”

Now she did laugh, a defense mechanism
as confusion crowded her mind. She shouldn't have forced the issue,
but now that she had, something had been off. A violent undertone
had quivered beneath his superficial response.

It goes with this get-up.
Which, by the way, was meant to do all this, but not like

Drew straightened his jacket. “You've
been a class act so far. This is out of character for you.” He
stepped in close but this time it was all sweetness and light.
“Kylie, you're a beautiful woman. Believe me, I want you, but
there's no need to whore yourself up for me. Now wait a minute,” as
she instinctively pulled away. “What I mean is, that kind of dress
does the job, and when the time is right I'll want you for my eyes
only. If my holding back has spooked you, then give me a chance to
explain why over dinner.” He glanced at his watch. “We're late now
but I'll call and push up the reservation. Go and make yourself
presentable as my date.”

Miffed, yet strangely curious, Kylie
wondered if this was the start of their demise as a couple before
they even became one. But she got it now. He was a man who prided
himself on appearances. When they were out they often ran into his
business associates – he was a rising star in a major accounting
firm for crying out loud - so it was only natural he would feel
embarrassed to be seen with a vamped up woman. It should have
occurred to her before she'd allowed her overzealous roomie to
insist that she lure out the hidden sexual side of her new man. And
had she! There was no doubt now as to his sexual

A deep breath calmed her nerves. “Want
a drink while you wait?”

I'll help myself.” He went
to a side table where they kept a few bottles, his hair, outfit,
shoes; all impeccable. Who was she to take him down to a level to
which he was so obviously well above?




Jolene scurried back to her room as
Kylie mounted the stairs, shoes in hand. When she passed her door
Jolene came out as though just having done so.

Kylie gave her a hard look. “You're
not fooling anyone. I know you saw the whole thing.”

Hey. He calls you a whore,
he calls me a whore. Who's dress is that anyway?”

Shhtt! He'll hear you!”
Kylie dragged her by the wrist to her own room and shut the

Jolene slumped on the bed watching
Kylie drop the red dress on the floor and rummage through her
closet. She came out holding a drab navy blue concoction in her
hand. She whirled around to face Jolene. “I heard that!”

I didn't say

You didn't have to.” She
raked her now fly-away hair. “I can understand that he's got a
reputation to keep intact but wow, that went from cold to hot and
back again in an instant.” She plunked down at the dressing table
and ruthlessly swiped away the offending red lipstick. “He wants a
class act, let's give him one.”

Jolene recognized trampled on feelings
when she saw them. “One thing's for sure, you can definitely get a
rise out of him.”

BOOK: Lethal Affair
11.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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