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"Neron,” the master said softly with a slight quaver in his voice.

Neron dropped to his knees behind Rasha, and taking gentle hold of her ankles, guided her knees back on the pillow until her torso was a horizontal bridge over the floor and her thighs were vertical columns a foot or so apart. Startled Rasha raised her head from her task.

"Shhh, Rasha,” the master soothed her, “You know that Neron knows how to please you. Trust him to touch you gently now."

The girl calmed herself, and put her tongue and lips to the master once more. Behind her Neron lifted her skirt and folded it back, and put his hand to her. Even with the master's thickness deep in her mouth I heard her moan and whimper as Neron's hand moved between her thighs. Her hips twitched as he touched her, mewling like a kitten as she lapped at the master's pink pole.

"Hot and creamy as ever, sir,” Neron reported.

The master smiled and gave a silent nod, and Neron undid his breeches and brought forth his rod of flesh. The master put his palm beneath Rasha's chin and lifted her face, forcing her to abandon her task and meet his eyes.

"Rasha, dear, tell me. Has Neron pleased you tonight?"

Panting with her exertions and Neron's touches between her legs, Rasha gasped out a “Yes."

"There is more pleasure to be had, Rasha. But to know it, you must first endure a few moments of pain. Don't fear it too much, it's not so great and won't last long. Be still with me a moment, and it will be over soon."

The master guided Rasha to lay her cheek upon his thigh, and with one hand he caressed her smooth cheek, and with his other hand he held one of hers. Then Neron took hold of his stiff prick and pressed himself against her. His hand worked his cock up and down her wet creases for a moment, and Rasha moaned softly, her head in the master's lap. Then Neron's hand was still, and his hips went a little way forward and Rasha gasped and stiffened. When Neron pushed yet further forward she gave a little cry and her face went red and her eyes watered. The master went on gently petting her, watching her sweet face all the while. Neron drew a little back from her then slowly drove his hips up against her once more, and she gave a little whimper. With a look of effort on his face Neron seemed to hold himself in check, only slowly and gently hinging his hips against her, driving the girth and length of his manhood into the depths of her cunt, the hidden place where he had thrust his finger as he had licked her and made her cry out in pleasure a short while before. Gradually, now, as he worked his hips against her, Rasha's body softened and the hot flush in her cheeks ebbed away. The master lifted her face to look at him.

"There, Rasha, the worst is over. You're still tender, I know, but give yourself up to it, and soon the pleasure will overwhelm any pain."

With that the master rested his hands on the arm rests, leaving Rasha the choice of what to do as Neron pumped into her from behind—lay her cheek passively upon the master's thigh, or take him in her mouth once more to give him the pleasure of her kiss. She took the base of his cock in her hand and brought the lavender head to her lips, stretching her tongue out to swath it in her saliva, wetting the whole dome and making it shiny before pushing it into the pucker of her sweet, full lips. The master sighed as he watched her swallowing his cock, the guard thrusting into her, still gently but with increasing urgency.

Neron bent over her, pressing his chest and belly along her back, bringing his lips to her ear. Locked together that way, his hips humping against her, they looked more animal. He brought his hand around her waist, reaching beneath her to tease her little nub once more and she gave a whimper of pleasure.

"That's right, little one,” he groaned in her ear, “suck that cock for me while I fuck your juicy little cunt. I want to hear you squeal with pleasure while you feel my dick thrusting into your tight snatch, while you fuck that cock with your mouth."

Neron's face was so close to the master's cock that if Rasha had given him the chance he could have taken it in his own mouth. But she was greedily slurping and sucking the master's prick as Neron fingered her swollen bud and fucked into her from behind, grunting now with frenzied pleasure.

"Suck it girl! Suck that cock. Feel my hard dick up inside you. Feel my fingers. I'm pinching your soft little cunt lips, petting your tender little button.” It seemed Neron liked to talk when his mouth was not buried between a girl's thighs.

As she slid up and down on the master's pole little moans were seeping from her mouth as Neron fucked her and played with her cunt. Then, leaving the thick girth of the master's prick buried deep in her mouth her high whining cry squealed out of her. This excited Neron tremendously.

"That's my good girl! You're coming for me, aren't you?” he cried, thrusting against her harder and faster, humping at her with the desperate urgency of a dog on a bitch, his face all pink and sheened with sweat. Then he let out a growling, “Aaargh!” and slammed hard against her, held still, drew his hips slowly back, then pressed tight to her one last time, collapsing against Rasha with a tired groan. At last, after long, trembling moments, he planted a small kiss on her shoulder, then drew away from her, and stood, tucking away his wilting manhood and doing up his breeches.

Then Andreas stepped forward from the shadows, undoing his pants and kneeling down behind Rasha while the master looked on with an expression of sheer rapture. When he touched her Rasha started and seemed to tremble with fear, perhaps not of the pain any longer, but there was something unbearably shocking in being had by a second man. Andreas took hold of his cock and fed it into Rasha's cunt, filled already with Neron's seed. An expression of rapt pleasure transformed his face as his hips sank against her pale round ass. He grasped her hips in his hands and began thrusting into her eagerly. He did not talk, as Neron had talked, and he did not bend his body to hers and reach beneath her. But he forced her to tilt her hips a certain way, and when he next thrust into her she bucked and squealed and took her mouth from the master's prick and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Ssshh, sweet Rasha.” He smiled at her with a gentle expression. “It feels strange, I know. That exquisite pressure that's almost a kind of pain. But give yourself to it, and let us hear your moans and cries. Andreas has a way about him, and you'll see, without putting his fingers to you between your thighs, he'll rack your body with a pleasure sweeter than what you've felt tonight."

Rasha's expression seemed to have transformed from one of obedience to one of trust, and she calmed and bent to take him into her mouth once more, but he gently put her head aside and had her lay her cheek in his lap instead. As Andreas resumed his pulsing thrusts the master stroked Rasha's flowing tresses and with his thumb now and then caressed her cheek. Andreas steered her hips with his hand, forcing the tilt of her pelvis a little up, a little down, seemingly gauging the benefits of each angle achieved by the tenor of the girl's cries and moans. When she let out a high, sharp cry and her brow scrunched in shock, then concentration, but gave no hint of pain, he seemed to have found his way. Gripping her there he began thrusting into her, hard and fast. With each smack of his hips against her ass she let out another yelping moan, and that goaded him on, until he seemed to be fucking her terribly violently. But she did not shed a tear, or plead, even with her eyes, for mercy. Her eyes were shut tight and she seemed to be doing as the master had told her—giving herself up to it. Finally she opened her mouth wide and a single, endless cry burst from her, and every thrust of the guard's hard length into her soft wetness shook a new syllable of the cry from her until his voice joined hers and they exhausted their breath in a long duet of pleasure before he collapsed against her. He panted heavily as he lay atop her for a few long moments, then kissed her damp cheek and left as Neron had when his turn had finished. The master smiled as he lifted her face to his eyes.

"You've had your climax three times so far this night, sweet Rasha. You'll have one more, then your duties for this evening will be fulfilled."

She was gorgeous, glowing with a faint sheen of sweat on her pale smooth skin, her heavily lidded eyes bright, but she was plainly exhausted, and had no more strength than a damp rag. As I stood there gazing down on her, unable to comprehend all that she must have been feeling in that moment, the master turned to me.

"Still hard, Zaccheus?"


Again he put his palm to my groin, but this time left it there, watching the hot blush come up my face. He even gave my hard, aching prick a gentle squeeze through my breeches and I could not stifle an audible gasp. For a moment I feared I would spill my cream.

"Nice and hard. That's good, Zaccheus. You shall take her next."

I made no protest. I could not. Not only because to do so would be folly, but because I wanted to kneel behind her and do that thing to her more than I had ever wanted anything in all my years.

"Undress, Zaccheus. Everything off."

No one else had undressed. Even Rasha still wore her skirt, though it was hiding very little, and the sheer little garment that clung to those wonderful soft, round mounds of flesh with the dark, jutting tips. I did as the master had asked, stripping off my shirt and boots and breeches, until I stood naked beside him, my hard prick bobbing with every movement. I felt a child in a room of men. Not only was I years younger than the master and his guards, but they are all men of great size and strength, while I felt myself pale and small and soft by comparison.

"Now, Zaccheus,” the master said, a curious look in his eye, “I'm going to ask a question of you. I want you to answer me honestly. No matter what your answer, I shall be equally pleased with you. Do you promise to give a faithful answer?"

"Yes sir."

"Which would you prefer—to take lovely Rasha as you've seen Neron and Andreas take her? Or would you rather take her place, here at my feet, and be taken by Imaran, as the others took Rasha?"

My face went hot. Be taken as Rasha had been taken? Could such a thing be done to a man? And would the master really let a man suck and lick his prick as Rasha had? I did not really understand. But I knew that I wanted Rasha. I wanted to touch that smooth skin and soft hair, and my cock wanted to find and go into the mysterious depth between her legs.

"I would like to take Rasha, sir."

"Hmmm,” the master purred with a wistful look. I had the feeling that he had expected the other answer. “Very well. You shall have Rasha. But not as the others had her. Rasha, stand up.” Then, when she had risen from the pillow between his feet, the master pointed at it and said, “Sit there, Zaccheus."

I sat down upon the pillow, my back against the front of the master's chair, my shoulders between his knees.

"Mount him, Rasha, and take him inside of you."

Rasha came nervously forward, seemingly unsure how to go about mounting me, as the master had ordered her. Standing at my side she stepped one foot over my legs, and as she hovered over me for a moment I saw that her thighs were smeared with thick wetness seeping from her sweet soft place. She came down on her knees, spreading them wide on either side of me, pressing her belly to my chest as she tried to get into position. Then slowly she sank down, and I felt her warmth and wetness on the tip of my aching cock. I gasped.

"Wait one moment, Rasha."

She stopped where she was.


"Yes sir?"

"If you let your cock spurt in that girl's cunt before I tell you, I'll give you to the guards for the night. Do you understand?"

My heart seized in a spasm of fear, but with a little twinge of some other emotion. “I think so, sir."

"Good. Now, Rasha, take him in."

She sank down and my tip pressed against her, then she shifted a little, then a little a different way, then ohhh! The feeling of sinking in, of feeling the tip of my cock push into the tight wet grip of her body, then feeling her slide down to sheath my whole length inside of her! I panted hard, trying not to let go at that first instant, out of a vague fear of what the master meant about giving me to the guards for the night, and out of a very sharp fear of letting Rasha's wet heat slip away so quickly.

My hard prick was buried deep within her, twitching in there with the need to feel her move. But there was more. Our faces just inches apart, our eyes meeting one another. Her breath on my face, the smell of her hair and skin. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close against me, our chests and bellies pressed together. Her body was lax and warm. I heard her breathing.

Imaran, the third guard, stepped forward from the shadows. I don't think Rasha sensed him approach. Imaran stepped up close, then knelt just behind her, straddling my legs.

"You go on holding her, just like that, boy,” the huge guard said to me. At the sound of his voice so close Rasha's body startled and shuddered against mine.

"Do as Imaran asks, Zaccheus,” the master purred from behind me.

Imaran pressed in close behind Rasha, hiked up the back of her skirt and stuffed the gathers of white cloth into the waistband.

"Hold her tight, boy."

I tightened the circle of my arms about her waist. She began to squirm, perhaps not liking being held so close, or perhaps feeling afraid, pressed between my body and Imaran's. As she faintly struggled her body moved over mine, tormenting my aching cock with tiny accidental caresses of her tight wet heat. I stifled a moan.

"Now, Rasha,” the master said, “Imaran there is going to put his finger up your ass. Lubricate her nicely, first, Imaran."

The guard set a little clay pot on the ground next to him, pulled out the stopper, and dipped his finger in. His finger was shiny with oil when it appeared again for a moment before disappearing behind Rasha's back. Suddenly she went rigid in my arms.

"Oh, this is nothing, darling,” Imaran chuckled behind her. “I'm just rubbing you a bit to get you warmed up. No need to go all stiff like that just yet."

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