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Whatever he was doing to her back there had her trembling and her trembling gave my throbbing cock a wonderful massage.

"Now I'll just put my finger in a little way, sweetie."

She let out a muffled grunt and jumped, rubbing my cock deliciously against her wet, clenching insides. I hoped she would not jump about too much or I would be in trouble with the master.

"Heh, heh, she likes that, eh?” Imaran smirked, addressing me. “Don't worry, boy, I'll have her going real good in a minute, and you'll get a nice fuck out of her.” Then, in Rasha's ear, “You're ready for a bit more already, aren't you sweet thing? You're ready for my whole finger, you greedy girl."

Rasha grunted and lurched again, and I moaned as her cunt slid up and slipped down my slick, hard pole.

"Now for a little gentle finger fucking, eh darling? In, out, in out.."

She had stopped her sudden jumps and now just huddled close against me, shuddering and sighing in my ear as he thrust his finger in and out of her greased asshole.

"I'm going to slip my finger out of your ass now, darling. There. Now I know how that leaves you feeling empty, but don't you worry. I'm going to grease up my cock for you, and you'll be well filled in just a minute."

Rasha gave a little whimper at those words and her body quivered in my arms as Imaran took up the clay pot and poured an amber puddle of oil into his palm, then slid it up and down his thick rod of flesh, leaving it all shiny. He pressed in close, his chest against Rasha's back, pressing her closer to me, and her breathing turned to frightened panting by my ear.

"You think her cunt feels good boy? Wait ‘til the master lets you have a bit of ass. You've never felt anything so hot and tight. A bit difficult getting in at first, but well worth the effort, believe me."

Suddenly Rasha jolted in my arms. My cock sprang inside of her.

"Don't be so skittish, darling. That's just the tip of my cock saying hello to your sweet little pucker. Now, darling, you need to relax. It will be easier going for you. Ah, just rubbing the head of my prick against your tight hole makes me want to go off, all over your pretty backside. Now,” he said, his jovial voice turning into a grunt of concentration, “I'll give you just a little bit at first, nice and slow, ‘til you're used to the feeling of my prick stretching that snug little hole."

Rasha squealed and made a real effort to jump away, her cunt sliding so far up my cock that I almost slipped out of her before Imaran pushed her back down, enveloping my prick in her wet heat again as I sank up into her.

"You hold her down, boy, while I get up in her. She'll like it soon enough—just takes a bit of getting used to."

I closed on arm tighter about her waist and my other arm crossed up between her shoulder blades so my hand could clamp down on her smooth shoulder, bracing her hard to me, driving my cock in one more reaching inch.

"Here we go, darling. Just the tip, nice and gentle."

Rasha whimpered by my ear and went rigid in my arms.

"Oooh! That's nice darling,” Imaran groaned. “Your ass gripping me like that, so tight. Ah fuck! Now, girlie, you're going to get another inch or two. Nice and slow. Ah, God. That's right. Not too bad, is it darling? You see, I'm being gentle with you. Now a bit more. You'll soon have the whole length of me inside you. Ungh."

Imaran groaned as he sank his thick length into Rasha's ass. She panted and whimpered in my arms as I held her still for him. She was hardly moving at all now, but the sounds of her whimpers and Imaran's grunts, knowing he was sheathing his oiled cock in her ass, I could only just keep from shooting my hot cream in Rasha's embracing cunt. A heavy groan issued from Imaran's mouth.

"Ungh! There's a good girl. You've got my whole cock stuffed into that sweet hole. You're well filled up now, darling, my cock in your ass and that boy's prick in your cunt. I'm going to pull out now, for just a second, then ... ungh! Ah, ah, back in. Ah fuck."

Imaran began to slowly fuck Rasha's ass, and each time he drew back she eased a little away from me, and each time he plunged slowly in again he drove her up against me, and up my hard shaft a little way, so that when he eased back again she came down on me once more, slowly, subtly fucking me. I was sweating with the effort to put off my climax. Slowly, slowly, as Imaran fucked her, Rasha was softening in my arms, her startled whimpers dissolving to panting moans.

"There, you see, you like it already, don't you darling? You like the feeling of my big hard prick reaming that tight hole of yours. Now, boy, let her out of your arms."

When I did Imaran drew Rasha back from me, against him, and I watched her being fucked by him.

"Rasha, darling, pull up your little garment and let the master have a look at your tits."

Even with two cocks stuffed into her Rasha blushed at this order. But she obeyed. The little white thing she wore rose up in her hands, and I saw her taut belly, sheened with sweat, and then, oh, her tits. Pale. Round. Tipped with blushing pink.

"How do you like those tits, boy?"

"They're beautiful,” I said.

"Take them in your hand, boy, and suck them."

Imaran was still fucking into her from behind and those pale mounds of flesh rippled with his trusts, and the sight and her movement over me made my cock throb painfully. I put my hands to them. Oh! So soft! The skin so smooth. Gently, gently I squeezed them, watching the pink tips swell toward me, and I took one in my mouth. The flesh felt strange, and it swelled and hardened under my tongue, and when I rubbed my tongue a little harder over that tasty nub, Rasha moaned and writhed over me. Stirred, I began to suck excitedly, and her moans got louder, her writhing wilder.

"That's it boy, you're getting her nice and hot. Now suck the other one."

I took my lips from her breast with a slurp and put my mouth to her other tit, licking all over the pink tip, feeling the little nub harden under my tongue.

"Now, boy, lean back and relax."

I leaned back, sinking down on the big pillow, half-reclined under Rasha, between the master's shins. He had slid forward in his chair, and I saw his knees in front of me.

"Now, Rasha darling, take the master's cock in your mouth again. You're going to have one more climax tonight, and it will be with three cocks stuffed into you."

Rasha leaned forward, her soft breasts brushing against my cheeks. I heard the sucking and slurping sounds of her taking the master's cock into her mouth.

"That's a good girl, you suck that cock while I ream your sweet ass."

Imaran's gentle fucking gathered momentum and he began pounding into her, her body jostling over me, her cunt sliding up and down on my rod, her tits jiggling against my face.

"Suck those tits boy. Nurse on them like a hungry babe. I want to hear you slurping on those nipples."

Oh, how my cock ached as I squeezed those plump tits in my hands again and put my mouth to her rosy nipple, sucking hungrily, hearing her groan in response.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Suck that cock girl. Suck it!” Imaran cried in frenzied urgency.

Imaran was fucking harder and faster by the second, slamming his rod into her ass, his flesh slapping against hers again and again.

"Spread those legs wide, girlie. Rub that greedy little cunt of your against him. I want to know your pleasure. I want to hear your moans while I'm fucking you."

Imaran tilted Rasha's hips so more of her belly pressed to me, sliding and grinding against me as he pummeled her ass. Fuck I was going to lose it at any moment. Rasha began whimpering, almost crying and the smack smack smack of Imaran's hips against her ass was coming faster and louder and over it the soft slurping sounds of Rasha's wet mouth sliding up and down on the master's pole and the feel of Rasha's big nipple in my mouth. Then I heard the master.

"That's it, Rasha. Ummm. Yes. Let me fuck your mouth now, sweet, and in a moment you'll feel my hot seed filling your mouth. Um. Um. Fuck her harder, Imaran. Aw, yes. Yes."

The master's voice was husky and wavering and I knew it would be only a moment.

"Now, Zaccheus. Now you can let go. Let me hear you, boy. Moan your pleasure when you release."

Thank god. I let the painful tension in my body go, let myself really feel that slick cunt slipping up and down my cock, seeing her pink nipples jutting toward me from my hands, the hard nubs shiny with my spit. Oh god.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Imaran grunted as he thrust against her harder than ever, her slippery body jiggling and sliding over me, her keening moans rising, rising until she whimpered out her release, squealing it over the master's hard cock, still stuffed in her mouth. Her cunt seemed to grip my prick tighter as her whole body shuddered deliciously against mine.

Still Imaran was hammering away behind her, grunting with each brutal thrust. She was bumping up and down so magnificently, stroking my cock with her tight wet cunt. Then the pressure in my cock and belly built to bursting. My balls clenched up and I felt my release coming on. I pinched her nipples and she cried out and that was it. Aaaaaagh! I groaned out as my hot cream shot from my hard cock, squirting into her fabulous cunt.

As Rasha and I cried out the master and Imaran groaned, nearly in unison.

"Swallow, Rasha. Swallow the cream I pour into your mouth,” the master pleaded in a taut voice before he let out a bellowing groan.

Behind her Imaran's face was scrunched in concentration, his fingers dug into her hips as he thrust home thrice more in slow, deep, pounding thrusts, grunting out his climax. We all sat there, huddled together, panting with release and fatigue. Then the master cradled Rasha's face in his hands and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

"You did well tonight, sweet Rasha. Don't fear that any harm will come to you know that this thing is done. An easy life of pleasure lies ahead of you."

All of us, the master, the guards, Rasha and myself, adjourned to one of the master's great baths, and there all undressed. I had no garment to remove, and Rasha had only her sheer little chemise, which the master gently lifted from her himself. We all stepped into the bath, and at the master's bidding, we men took up perfumed soap and soft cloths and began to gently bathe sweet Rasha, so seemed nervous at first to have so many men naked about her, and to feel so many hands upon her, but who abandoned herself soon enough to lassitude under our tender, massaging touches. When she was clean, the master asked her to bathe him, and she seemed pleased to do it. The others of us cleaned ourselves, and when we were done, warm robes awaited us. Once cloaked, the master bid us goodnight, and took Rasha with him to his bedchamber.

The End

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Since her girlhood in a sunny coastal town in California, Varian Krylov has nurtured a love of words and a curiosity about the deep, dark forces at work in human nature, especially sexuality, and how they often paradoxically twine with our tenderest impulses. Her stories tend to explore the sometimes fine line between what arouses, and what frightens, what we're driven to, and what we're ashamed of. You can find more about her here.

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the sexual beast that dwells within every woman—taking her to heights of love and depths of depraved debauchery such as no woman has ever known.

Told with charm, wit, aching beauty and incandescent passion, The
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Warning: This title contains graphic language, sex, and elements of bdsm.

Excerpt From

Griego was busy. From the fireplace he took the grate pole—an iron rod about six feet long—and quickly suspended this from the center of the canopy of the bed so that it hung parallel over the tied Elena, yet it could teeter up and down. Then, seizing more rope, he tied one end to the pole, and led the other down and tied it to the two dildos in her ass and her pussy. He kept one hand on the free end of the pole so it didn't move until he was done, then he leaned down to look at Elena, who was by now almost oblivious to everything around her, sweat pouring off her face.

She wasn't oblivious to this, an old trick called the Spanish Donkey. When he pulled down on the end of the rod, the rope pulled up on the dildos and lifted her hips off the bed.

"Oh. My. GOD!"

Milk spurted four inches from her tits. Her hips were a foot off the bed, her legs hung slack, trembling, and the ropes holding her ankles went taut as fiddle strings.

"You're opening!” he yelled excitedly. The letters began to move on her skin, spinning lazily, sliding around as if agitated. “God of Abraham, you're opening!” He shook the rod slightly to vibrate the dildos. “Come out, you whore! You slut! Come on, you gorgeous cock-sucker!"

"No! No! Jesus Christ! Saints in Heaven!"

"You're opening even more!"

The letters swirled faster, making whirlwind patterns of fire, the Shin like a three-bladed knife, the Vauv like a drill the Ayin like a twisted man doing a demented dance.

"Griego no! It hurts! You're killing me!"

He dropped the rod. Elena pulled at her bonds like a mad woman and stretched enough slack to plant her feet on the mattress and pump her hips up at the doubly impaling dildos. She truly did look like a sexual animal, her hair in her face, biting her lips and then licking them, her breasts squirting milk that ran down her throat and stomach, which rolled and heaved with her movements.

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