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Lost Princess

BOOK: Lost Princess
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Sandy Holden

“A wonderful historical erotic romp, seriously sexy.”

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About The Author

 Chapter One

I was scared, but somehow the entire situation had become unreal, as if it wasn’t really I doing these things. It was almost dreamlike. Maybe it was my brain’s way of letting me act despite the fact I was doing something unheard of—I was fighting like a man. And not only was I a female who had a weapon and was about to use it, I was aiming it near someone even most men would avoid fighting if at all possible.

Callista was further away. She was not as brave as I was, or maybe she was less stupid. Either way, I had told her to run, and now…now I needed to distract Max in order to give her time to get away. Never mind that we didn’t know where we were getting away to, exactly, or how we would reach there without capture now that we’d been spotted, but at least it would be less dire than the situation we were in presently.

We were in the old city of Blithe. Nothing was left of it but ruins—stones here and there that suggested walls mostly, but there were some structures that were nearly intact—only lacking a wall or two. I’d thought it would be safe because it was considered haunted by those unfortunate souls who had died here when the ground had shaken without warning and the stones comprising their homes had rained down on their heads.

I didn’t believe it was haunted, so I’d thought we’d be safe. But perhaps I’d been wrong. Maybe the ghosts were disturbed, and that was why I felt a chill running down my spine. I had certainly been wrong when I thought it would keep Max away. I’d thought he’d most likely have more to fear from ghosts than I, having created more of them by killing.

Max was edging closer as I pulled back the string of the bow. I was terribly out of practice, not having been allowed to practice since I’d come to the castle. But I didn’t actually want to hit anything or anyone. I wasn’t that bloodthirsty. I simply wanted to keep Max’s attention on me and allow Callista to make a run for it. It was only fair since I’d talked her into this idiocy in the first place.

I knew that once I let this arrow fly I had sealed my fate—or I think I knew it. As I said, my mind felt fuzzy and disconnected from the horror of the situation. If I had been thinking clearly, I’d have given myself up immediately and thrown myself on his mercy. I couldn’t see how I’d escape, so what did I hope to gain? But I didn’t give myself up. I straightened my arm against the pull of the bow and let the arrow fly.

I felt an odd surge of pleasure and pride as the arrow hit the stone not two feet from where Max stood. He turned to look at me, or at least in my direction since I wasn’t sure he could see me, hidden in the half-ruined building as I was. At the same time as he turned, he crouched and pulled out his own bow, an arrow seeming to fly into place. But instead of shooting it, he looked again to where Callista was now making a break for it. I put another bow in the notch, furious that he hadn’t come after me but was still after Callista. I had shot at him! I’d thought he’d come after me just on principle. Instead he seemed to melt back into the shadows of the early morning and soon was out of sight.

My heart pounded as I realized if I couldn’t see him he could be anywhere. I wanted to back further into my little sanctuary, but there was still Callista to think about. My poor cousin who had followed me and my mad advice. So I crept around the building on the far side of where I’d seen Max last and tried to circle around to come at him from another angle.

I didn’t get far when I heard Callista’s voice, “Katrina? You’d better come out. He’s got me.“I don’t know if it was bravery or stupidity, but I didn’t, for even one second, consider running away and leaving her. I lifted my hands so the bow was loose in one hand, and my other hand far from the quiver of arrows. I stepped out into the light, not at all sure an arrow or throwing knife might not end my life right then. I took a couple of steps so I was completely visible in what had once been a kind of town square. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Devlin had his hand around Callista’s upper arm. Stupid me. I hadn’t even realized Devlin was here.

I swallowed and let the bow fall from my hand. Devlin watched me with a smirk on his face. He didn’t really look as angry as Max had looked and part of me was extremely glad it was Devlin who had caught Callista and not Max. I wouldn’t put it past Max to kill her as easily as capture her.

As I had this thought, Devlin let Callista go and she ran to me, throwing her arms around me. “I’m sorry!” Callista said breathlessly. “I was scared, and so when I saw Devlin I ran to him.” She shot a look over her shoulder. “I was so afraid of the Regent.” Her voice dropped on the last word as if she dared not say it aloud.

She took my hands where I stood staring at her like a statue. She had given herself up? Didn’t she understand what he would do to us?

Callista was half a head shorter than I, and she was tall for a woman. I was a freak, a giant. As tall as many men, I was not considered marriageable because of my height and what people called my
suspect behavior
. This was usually said in whispers, although I don’t know why since I heard it anyway. Perhaps that was the point. Callista saw my disbelieving look at her and tried to comfort me. “It will be all right, you’ll see,” Callista said. “We gave up, right? No harm done?”

Again I was almost speechless in shock at her naiveté. Did she actually believe that, or was she trying to imagine a scenario where neither of us was harmed? Part of me wanted to laugh, but I was afraid that if I did laugh it would come out as a hysterical howl. Instead I said quietly, “Callista, you gave yourself up.” The fear that had been far away and dreamlike earlier was becoming sharply real. “I shot at him.“Callista opened her mouth once, then shut it and opened it again. I felt the urge to let the fear have me and scream with hysterical laughter at her fish-like gaping.

“Maybe…” she finally said, “he won’t mind?“Now my voice was not quiet; it was high and frightened. “Mind? He’s going to skin me alive.” And as I said it, I wondered if I was just using the phrase as an expression of the harm he would no doubt do me, or if I was serious. Did people actually skin others while still alive? If anyone ever would do that, it would be the Regent Maximus.

I heard movement behind me and swung around to see Max striding towards me purposely. My heart stuttered in my chest and for the first time in my short life (only 18 years! Too young to die!) I felt faint.

He stopped before us, a tall man with dark hair and a sharply angled face. Callista immediately fell to her knees in front of him as if she was a puppet and someone had cut all her strings. “My lord! I’m sorry! Please, please, don’t hurt us.“I reflected dimly that I should kneel as well and beg as if my life depended on it, which of course it did. But I couldn’t seem to move. Or, more correctly, I felt that if I moved at all I would succumb to the madness that was tugging at me. So I stood, unspeaking and tall in front of him, my eyes wide and my breathing fast.

He barely glanced at me before signaling for his twin, Devlin, to come. Devlin had been watching us all this time, but I think it was Callista he was watching, not me. He limped over as directed and gave his brother a questioning look, his face still looking mildly amused.

“Take her,” he said, nodding at Callista, still down close to the ground as if fearing a blow. “Take her and deal with her as you see fit.” Devlin nodded his understanding and touched Callista on her shoulder where her sleek blond hair was coming out of its ties on her head. “Come along, my lady,” he said. He ignored Max’s snort at the title.

Callista looked up at him, her teary face absolutely beautiful. She nodded at him gratefully and rose to follow him away, back to the horses he and Max had ridden to follow us here. She gave me several backward glances as she went, looking frightened to be leaving me with the Regent.

Max watched her go and finally, slowly, turned to me. “You have exceeded even my expectations of your behavior. Shall I kill you now? Leave your body here among the ghosts for the animals to feed upon? Shall I do it quickly to spare you pain or slowly in order to vent my extreme anger?”

I swallowed to try to moisten my mouth and throat enough so I might speak. “As you wish, my lord” I said with all the dignity I had, tattered though it was. I suppose I figured that if I were going to die anyway, there was no need to go out begging.

He looked at me for a long time. My legs began to quiver as I tried to remain strong for what was undoubtedly my last seconds here on earth. As he drew his knife from his belt I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the strike, and I also said a prayer that he would make it quick and that the God I knew would take my soul from this place.

The strike didn’t come, and I opened my eyes warily, afraid he was waiting for just this action to commence his torture. He hadn’t moved, frozen in place with the knife in his hand. Slowly he put it back in its sheath. His eyes, always cold looking with their gray-blue color, seemed to become even colder. “Perhaps execution? Tomorrow at dawn with the rest of the thieves and killers?“I stared at him, unable to answer.

He came to some kind of a decision and took my arm roughly in his hand, pulling me unceremoniously towards his horse. Devlin had already left, Callista seated in front of him on the horse. I tripped and stumbled alongside the Regent as he pulled me along. I was certain he had simply decided to prolong my agony, my waiting for death. Or perhaps he thought it too great an honor for me to be killed by the Regent himself.

BOOK: Lost Princess
11.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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