Love is Only a Whisper (Whisper Series)

BOOK: Love is Only a Whisper (Whisper Series)
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Book One of the Whisper Series


Love is Only a Whisper


Nicole Travis has loved Brent Sinclair most of her
life and was certain that he felt the same. But on the night of his parents’
anniversary celebration, she learned that Brent had married another woman.
Devastated she fell into the arms of another the man.

From the moment billionaire Ashton Campbell Sinclair IV
saw Nicole Travis his ironclad control betrayed him.  Through the years, he’d
kept his distance because she belonged to another man, his younger brother. But
now things had changed. His mind no longer recognized that she was off-limits
and his heart refused to obey the command.

When circumstances caused Nicole to turn to him for
comfort, his desire exploded into overwhelming passion. While members of his
family strived to keep them apart, he was determined to make her his forever.

Love is Only a Whisper


Book One of the Whisper Series

By Renee Wynn


Published by Revel Publishing LLC


This is a book of fiction. Names, characters, places and
incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used
fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or events or
locales is entirely coincidental.

The reproduction or utilization of this work in any form or
in any part by any means electronic, photocopying or other means available now
or in the future is forbidden. All rights are reserve and copyright are held by
Revel Publishing LLC.


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In the memory of
my father, Dock Rucker and mother, Anna Phillips Sample. My heart still aches
for your presence.


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Chapter Two

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About the Author

Whisper My Name ~ Excerpt ~ Book Two

Chapter One


Standing in the gazebo on the Sinclair estate, Nicole Travis
stared at the man she’d loved since she was fifteen years old. He was now a stranger. Her brain kept repeating the words he’d just told her…he was married.
A burning sensation scorched the muscle in her heart. The distant sound of music and
laughter from within the house made her nauseous. What was there to be happy
about? Tonight his parents were celebrating their 40
wedding anniversary
but also the marriage of their youngest son, the man she loved, to a woman they picked for him. Melissa Delaney, who
came from a long history of politics, money and social grace.

She swallowed hard and then inhaled deeply. She would be
damned if she’d give in to despair circling her soul.

The stillness of the night enveloped her while the happy
occupants inside the mansion created a festive mood, oblivious to what was
going on outside. It was ironic. The gaiety of it all couldn’t erase the thick film of pain resonating inside of the gazebo. Her eyes ran over him, embedding his features
into her brain. He should’ve been her husband. She’d waited for him most of
her life, but now the dream was no more. She silently berated herself. She had been such a fool.

She pressed a finger at her temple trying to slow down a nagging headache that was spiraling toward a migraine.

“Nicole, are you okay?” he asked in a strained voice.

Did he ask her that? Hell no, she wasn’t okay and he knew it. Pain
cascaded through her heart cutting deep groves into every compartment as it looked
for a place of escape.

Brent Sinclair, with
his curly blond-hair, beautiful blue eyes and contagious laugh now belonged to
another woman. All those years waiting for him to finally notice how much she
loved him never materialized.

“What happened to us,

Confusion marred his face. “What?”

“I’m twenty-three …” She held back the scream that battled
to escape. “Were you just biding your time until a better offer came

He looked at her as if
she had lost her mind. “Nicole, you had a crush on me. I never gave you the
impression I wanted to marry you. Our relationship was based on friendship.”

What about the kiss at her eighteenth birthday party? It hadn’t been his usual peck on the cheek but a real kiss. She knew he loved her. Didn’t he? Had it been all her imagination? Yes, she wanted more but assumed it was out of respect that he held back.

“Why did you marry her?”

“Don’t do this, not to
me or to yourself.” He moved closer and took her hands. “Nicole, you’re a
beautiful girl. One day you’ll meet the man of your dreams. I’m just not him.”

Her heart bled.

“You’re young, vibrant and full of life. Take your time. It will come naturally.” He shook his head. “ My life was mapped out a long time ago.”

“Don’t patronize me,”
she snapped.

“Life isn’t always what you expect it to be,” he said firmly. “There’s been an understanding between the Delaney family and mine for
a long time. Melissa and I both knew we would eventually get married. It was
just a matter of time.”

“You were sleeping with
her all this time,” she said matter-of-factly.

Brent dropped her hands. “Melissa and I have an adult relationship.”

“So this is about sex?” She might be inexperienced but she
wasn’t stupid.

“Let it go, Nicole.”

“I can’t.”

“You and I are…more
like sister and brother.”

“I never thought of you as a brother and you know it.”

He paused for moment. “I never wanted anything to ruin
the bond we shared.”

“Does Melissa know you slept around?”

His eyes held shock.

She almost laughed. “I knew you had
your share of women.”


“I wasn’t naïve to the fact that you were a man with

“I never took advantage of anyone. They always knew the

“Was Melissa standing in the wings waiting for you to make a choice?” she sneered.

“I was a single man and committed to no one. It was never my intention to hurt you. I’ll always be your friend.”

“Friend? You know damn well I thought we would get married.”

“Nicole, you’re making this difficult. I care about you. Your first kiss was with me. I didn’t realize you would think it was something more.”

She swallowed the lump
in her throat. “Do you love her, Brent?”

“Love?” He ran a hand through his hair, causing the ends to stand up. “I’ve never experienced it and probably wouldn’t recognize if it came knocking.” He shrugged. “My mother can be a handful but I believe she and my father love each other.” He laughed. “At least they tolerate each other. Nicole, I’ve been with women, quite a few, but I never wanted a serious relationship. I like Melissa and that’s enough for me.

“What about what she wants?”

“I have a desire to run for political office. With her family ties to the U.S. Supreme Court, she’s an asset. She’ll make a perfect wife and she knows that.”

“Perfect wife? A
political marriage…is that all it is?”

“My marriage is real,”
he said, firmly.

Devastation waged a battle with her mind to destroy. She fought against it. She wanted to wail at the injustice of it all. Tears lodged at the corners of her eyes but she refused to give into the silent voice of misery. “I waited. But for what? For you to marry another woman?”

He wrapped her into his arms, placing her head under his chin. Rubbing a hand gently across her hair, he bestowed a soft kiss there. His arms tightened, bringing her closer. His warmth was like a cocoon and she found comfort in it. She drew in a deep breath, and inhaled his scent laced with the special brand of spicy cologne he always used. It tantalized her senses, propelling her into a place of euphoria. But it didn’t last.

The flutters in her heart had her burrowing deeply into his chest, causing a low moan of release.

“Shh, Nicole, I promise one day you’ll meet a man whose is
worthy of you. I’m just not that man.”

Without thinking, her arms tightened around him. She didn’t want to let go. Then she leaned back and looked deeply into his eyes. “From the first time I met you…I felt special.”

“You are.” His fingers glided across her cheek. “You were always beautiful. But now you’re exquisite.” He was silent for a long moment. Looking at her strangely, he frowned. “You’ve matured into a very desirable woman. Any man would be proud to call you his.”

“Except you.”

His fingers ran threw her hair with gentle strokes. Then he moved a finger slowly across her lips. “My sweet and innocent, Nicole,” he murmured and gave her a small smile. It was sad but beautiful.

This was the end for them and she didn’t know if she would be able to survive the pain.

His eyes roamed over her face, its warmth caressing every inch. Then suddenly, he squinted and bewilderment sharpened his features. He blinked as if clearing his vision. He pulled her closer. The flutters in her stomach caused her breathing to be difficult.

Brent’s light, blue eyes held an awareness that made her heart skip a beat. At that moment everything shifted. She waited. A smoldering hue of sexual tension hovered. His eyes held her captive.

In a daze, his head descended with slow motion, claiming ownership. She allowed it. Their tongues entangled into a sensual dance. She moaned at the sensation. He groaned and she held on absorbing the heat that flared between them. The kiss deepened, turning heat into a blaze.

She was lost in a whirlwind of emotions. She wanted to mold her body to his and become one. Nicole arms held him tightly because if she didn’t she would have fallen. At that moment, in her mind, they were the only two people who existed.

“What the hell is going on in here?” A cold harsh voice cut
through the haze surrounding them. They hastily pulled apart. Nicole turned to
the opening of the gazebo and silently cursed. The cold piercing stare directed
at her from the intruder was filled with retribution.

Nicole didn’t try to avoid the shooting daggers. She took short breaths and lifted her head high. Disgust outlined his face. But she recognized something more, outrage. A flicker of guilt hit her but she stiffened her shoulders and didn’t waver under his assault. She refused to be ashamed of her feelings for Brent.

He strolled toward them with purpose in each step. Nicole braced herself. She was determined not to let him see how his mere presence caused her equilibrium to tilt off balance. His deep blue eyes raked her body with distain, finally settling on her lips. Self-consciously, she ran her tongue over them feeling the puffiness.

Color stained his jawline. “Shit!” he shouted.

Nicole glared at him. Now what? He now stood so close she could reach out and touch him. With eyes glued to her, he moved even closer and invaded her personal space. Then he turned to Brent. Uncomfortable, she stepped back to create distance. At her movement, he swiveled and captured her eyes once again. Staring deep into his depths, she couldn’t move. Inwardly she struggled for release, but he wouldn’t let go of his hold. It was powerful and mesmerizing. They were now two opponents in battle and she was determined to be the victor. Finally, he turned away from her and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Silently, she scanned his body. He was dressed in a tailored black tux. The bowtie had come undone and hung haphazardly around his neck. The jacket was unbuttoned, along with a couple of buttons on a starched white shirt. The fine hairs on the top of his hands, which were clenched on his hips, were smooth as silk. His long fingers looked strong and she wondered how it would feel to have them run along her body. Shocked at her thoughts, heat warmed her face and neck. Hell, what was wrong with her? Here she was she standing beside Brent, the one she loved, lusting after another man. Confused, she shifted on her feet.

“Nicole, leave now.” His hard voice commanded.

She bristled. “Brent and I were talking.”

“Really? Is kissing called talking now?”

She bit her lip to keep a nasty retort from escaping, instead murmured a few choice words under her breath. His cold blue eyes narrowed and issued a silent warning. She didn’t care he heard her and proved it by lifting her brows and glaring back.

BOOK: Love is Only a Whisper (Whisper Series)
7.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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