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7 - Lila

The flight went far too quickly, but that was because Kazu turned out to be incredibly interesting. The man had done more over the course of twenty years than anyone else I'd met. It wasn't a wonder at all why he wasn't married or at least dating. He didn't have time and was hard to impress.

We finally landed and rode to the Burj Khalifa in a limo. Kazu and Asher spoke about cars and various industries they'd invested in, and I did my best to listen and pick their brains. The car stopped and a valet opened the door for us.

"Sofia said she’ll meet us for dinner tomorrow, so we can all rest. The restaurant is at the far end of the hotel, and the reservation is under my name."

Kazu nodded and told us he needed to make a few calls. Asher took my hand and we headed to the elevators. "You were quiet on the ride over. You okay?"

"Yeah, I was trying to learn from both of you. I’m also very tired from the flight. You seem to have gotten some good sleep, though." I reached out and touched his chest as he crowded into my space in the elevator.

"I didn't sleep a wink." He leaned down and brushed his nose by mine.

"In sixteen hours? Liar." I stole a kiss and tugged him closer, wanting to steal his warmth.

"I didn't." He kissed me softly again. "I thought about you the whole time."

"What about me?" I licked at his lips as the door opened to our floor.

"How beautiful you are." He moved back, licking at his mouth and pulling me with him.

"You just kept thinking over and over that I was beautiful? Seems highly unlikely."

"Well, you were in various positions." He shrugged and unlocked the door.

"And was I in a ballroom dress in these positions?" I walked in, kicking off my shoes and reaching for him as he slammed the door and moved quickly toward me.

"No." He shifted, moving to the couch and sitting down. He scooted to the edge and beckoned me to join him.

"A nightgown?"

"No, baby." He reached out and slid his hands over my thighs, pushing my dress up until the front of my panties showed. He tugged them down and growled softly.

"What was I wearing?" I asked with as much innocence as I could muster.

"Nothing, Lila. You were wearing nothing." He gripped me tightly and leaned forward, brushing a kiss over my crotch before sliding his tongue over the top of it in slow circles.

I reached down and pushed him back, not in the mood for foreplay at all. "I think we’ve waited for long enough. We can skip foreplay this time, don’t you think?"

He worked on his slacks, releasing his large cock as quickly as he could. "I think you’re goddamned right."

8 – Epilogue

1 year later

Excitement rose in the pit of my stomach as I left the large jewelry store in the heart of Dubai. I wasn't willing to ask Lila to marry me just yet, but now I had the ring ready for when the time was right. It had been one hell of a year. She and I had worked hard together on the Japanese Onsen, and it was doing so well that we had opened a second one. A team of carefully chosen and trusted employees helped us to manage the place and hire the new masseuses.

We had spent six months in Dubai working on the Onsen and six months in L.A. The real estate market was doing better in the states, which gave me reason for celebration. Business was really good on both sides of the world, but I'd come to the conclusion that money didn't matter without someone to share it with.

Lila and I basically started living together as soon as she made the decision to invest in Dubai. Although there had been a few rough patches due to starting a new life on the other side of the world and building a business together, we came through it all with shining colors, and closer than ever.

Kazu and Sofia had been working hard alongside us and after a few months of late nights, they decided there was something between the two of them that needed exploring. They had gotten married and were pregnant by the end of their second month of marriage.

Lila was beyond thrilled at the news. Something tells me she might have had something to do with the union. Her professional matchmaking days might have been over, but at the center of who she was, she wanted love to exist, even if it were just for other people.


I stood in front of her original Onsen in the early morning heat, waiting for Lila to get out of the car. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top, but it was our off day. The Onsen had been a huge undertaking, but we managed it well together. Once a month we closed down the whole thing to have it deep cleaned and restored for any imbalances in our hot springs. The cleaners would be showing up in a couple of hours, so we had the place to ourselves.

"I still can't believe this is ours." She got out of the car with a huge smile on her pretty face. I'd never grow tired of exploring her with my eyes. She was more beautiful to me then than when we'd first met.

"Come on, let's go have a little fun before we have to get back to the penthouse."

"What were you talking about with Kazu on the way over?" She moved past me to unlock the building, but I took hold of her arm and pulled her close to me.

"You'd like to know, wouldn't you?" I kissed the tip of her nose and gazed down at her. Reaching up, I brushed her long dark hair back and laid a string of kisses over her cheeks and across her mouth.

"What's all this for?" Her voice softened.

"I just love you. I'm so glad you're mine." I kissed her softly, turning it into something a little more passionate as her tongue pressed against my lips. I let her in and sucked on what she offered me, her moans lusty as her tight little body pressed against mine.

"I love you more. Come on and let's do our inspections. I'm thinking a long shower together before lunch would be nice." She glanced over her shoulder and I realized that I would have given her the moon if she asked for it.

I needed to propose, to tell her that I wanted and needed her in my life for forever. Anything else would be a travesty, but I just wasn't sure if she was ready.

I was afraid to push her away with my overbearing need to move on to marriage and a family. We'd discussed it in bits and pieces over the last year, but never with the idea of a commitment soon to come.

I walked into the Onsen with her and paused to breathe in deeply. "It smells so clean and calming."

"It's the Jasmine that we put in the air filters. It's fantastic, right?" She smiled and turned to me. "Go through and check out the male locker rooms. I'll check the female and we'll meet on the other side."

"You know I like going in together." I lifted an eyebrow at her.

"I do too, but we'll never get out of here." She swatted my hands away as I reached for her.

"Fine, but make it quick." I walked into the male locker room and took my time ensuring that everything was as it should be. "Perfect."

I made it to the long hallway before she did, or so it seemed. I glanced behind me and had a sense of déjà vu roll over me. Our reunion a year ago had been very much like today. The make-up sex played in my head and my cock twitched in my slacks, forcing me to consider the options available to us for the hour we had.

I wanted to get my hands on her supple skin, even if that meant only giving her a massage. Anything to show her how I felt about her. I thought about the ring back at the penthouse and decided it was time. I would burst if I had to keep the ring a secret for too much longer.

I walked through the massage rooms, not seeing her, but unwilling to call out and break the serenity. A calm settled over me and I moved into the last room as she glanced over her shoulder. "Ah... Mr. Harrington. Clothes off and get on the table please. You can leave your underwear on if it makes you feel more comfortable."

My lips twitched into a smirk and I shook my head. “No. I'm not at all shy. My girlfriend would tell you that."

"That really sexy minx I've seen you with?" She picked up a jar of oil and let some drip onto her palm as a shiver ran through me.

"Yeah, she's the hottest thing in the world. Believe me... I've been everywhere and no one even compares." I pulled off my t-shirt and slipped out of my jeans and underwear before crawling up on the table. I stayed on my hands and knees as I glanced up at her. "You okay? Your breathing... it's sporadic and needy-sounding."

"I've missed you," she whispered, her game over for the moment. We hadn't seen each other for two weeks because of some business I had to take care of in California. My flight that morning had brought me back to her only moments before we were scheduled to be there. "Lay on your back."

I did as she told me to, stretching out and turning my head until I could lay eyes on her. "I missed you too, baby. Get up here and make love to me."

"Not yet." She moved to the bottom of the bed, sliding her hands over my feet and pressing in deeply.

I let out a groan and closed my eyes, enjoying every touch, every firm sensation as she moved across my body. She stopped as she reached the top of the bed.

"Thank you, baby." I reached up and touched the side of her face, wanting to tell her so many things and yet still unsure of her reaction. She'd learned to trust me over the last year and I knew that she was in love with me, but she needed space, or so I thought.

It had been such an incredible ride with her and there was no doubt in my mind that everything that was supposed to happen for us would in due time.

"You've been so patient with me," she whispered as she leaned down toward me. Her silky hair brushed over my chest and I groaned before leaning up and capturing her lips in a slow, deep and lingering kiss.

"I'll wait forever, Lila. I'm thrilled just being with you." I sat up and moved to stand in front of her, covered with aromatic oil, naked and unmoved by anything but her.

"You don't need to wait." She touched the side of my face and smiled as tears filled her eyes. "I'm ready. I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. I want to start a family, to grow our businesses and to live my life tucked against your side. Would you have me?"

I was shocked into silence as my heart swelled in my chest. "What are you saying, baby?"

She pulled something from her pocket and held it up as a soft chuckle accompanied her tears. "I've been waiting for you to ask, but you haven't... so I figured I would."

I glanced down at the silver ring between her fingers and couldn't believe what was happening. Was she proposing to me? And here I’d been waiting to propose to her.

"Will you marry me?" She took a step toward me, and I pulled her in tightly as tears filled my own eyes. Over the last year I'd changed significantly, becoming more the man I’d always dreamt of being, a transition I owed all to her.

"Yes. I want you forever. "

I was the man she made me.

I was completely hers.

The End

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BOOK: Love me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 5)
8.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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